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Stakes and Wands

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Summary: Xander finds out that he has a cousin in another world. There he saves his cousin and heads to DC to work for NCIS. Shortly afterwords Cordelia and fang boy joins him. Mentions Mpreg.

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Harry Potter > Xander-Centered > Theme: Real Family
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RosefighterFR1522,07934614,1623 Feb 098 Feb 09No

Chapter 2

Title: Stakes and Wands
Author: Rosefighter
Beta: BloodPhoenix
Disclaimer: I’m not a guy and I’m not British so there is no way that I’m Joss, Bellisario or Rowling. So I don’t own Harry Potter, NCIS or Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Mentions of Mpreg.


Xander sighed as he balanced a still sleeping Harry on his hip. After the healing he had been given, Harry had fallen asleep. After getting the list of potions that Harry had needed he’d headed to the hotel for the night. When he’d woken up this morning, he had changed Harry into new clothes, and headed out. The employee at the front desk said that his contractor called and had said that his house would be completely renovated by the end of the week.

Finally the elevator stopped and he left. Walking down the hall, he entered the door marked forensics. Skating around all the high-tech equipment he slid open the glass door to enter the potions lab. Looking around he pointed his wand at the couch. Once it was enlarged, he carefully placed Harry on it and covered him up with a red blanket from his bag.

“Are you Alexander Black-Potter?” asked a woman walking in.

“Call me Xander, and this is Harry,” said Xander enlarging a black wolf plushy, and putting it in Harry’s sleeping arms.

“I’m Abby, the forensic scientist,” said Abby cooing at the sight of Harry.

“Nice to meet you Abby, love the tattoo. Are there any active cases right now?” asked Xander moving around the lab.

“So you are the new potions bat,” said a man stepping in.

“Alexander ‘Xander’ Black-Potter,” said Xander holding out his hand.

“Anthony DiNozzo, I go by Tony, out of curiosity how old are you?” asked Tony handing Abby a Caf-Pow.

“21, this is Harry, he’s my cousin,” said Xander as he pulled out several empty bottles.

Suddenly Harry woke up in a panicked state. Xander instantly sat down on the couch and pulled Harry into his lap trying to calm him down. When Harry didn’t start calming down, he pulled out a flask and had Harry take a sip. After a few seconds Harry calmed down, his tears disappearing.

“Are you ok Harry?” asked Xander rubbing circles on Harry’s back.

“I’m fine, who are they?” asked Harry before he hid his face into Xander’s chest.

“That’s Abby and Tony. You were sleeping really hard so I didn’t want to wake you. I’m sorry if it scared you,” said Xander running his hands though Harry’s hair, making it even messier.

“So you are the new Potions Master?” asked an older man walking in.

“Boss, this is Xander Black-Potter, and Harry. Harry, Xander this is Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs,” said Tony smiling slightly.

“Gibbs, be nice,” said Abby noticing how Harry had flinched when Gibbs had entered.

“Don’t you two have stuff to do?” asked Gibbs looking at the two.

“Right boss,” said Abby and Tony before they left.

--LA, Buffy verse—

“So who are Xander’s parents then?” asked Angel looking at the papers Haley left.

“According to this…this is impossible,” said Spike staring in shock.

“What? Oh my God,” said Cordelia after she took the paper from Spike’s hands.

“What?” asked Angel confused.

“According to this the Carrier was Regulus Black, and the Father was Antony Potter,” said Cordelia still in shock.

--DC in Harry verse—

“Harry, you can call me Gibbs,” said Gibbs holding out a hand to Harry, who was still in Xander’s lap.

“Please, sir, I didn’t mean to make you mad,” said Harry flinching away from the hand.

“I’m not mad, Harry,” said Gibbs.

“Boss, the director wants to see Xander personally,” said Abby sticking her head in.

“Ok, Abby. Xander have you had Harry examined?” asked Gibbs still not getting up.

“Yesterday at the hospital, his file is in the backpack. Harry, I need you to stay with boss man, ok? I’m not abandoning you,” said Xander carefully extracting himself from Harry and handing him the wolf plushy.

“Ok,” said Harry cuddling the wolf.

“Harry would you like to meet my friend Ducky?” asked Gibbs as Xander left the room.

--With Xander—

“Madame Director,” said Xander walking into her office.

“I’m sure you’re wondering why NCIS hired a Potions Master?” asked Jenny looking up at him.

“Yes, ma’am, though I’m not complaining,” said Xander smoothing out his red button up.

“Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs, asked for us to hire one. He said that after all the different potions that they have to send off for, he’d rather have someone make them. It also makes it possible to have you check for potions instead of having to wait two to six days on a result,” said Jenny, sifting through papers.

“I have to bring up my ward, Harry Potter. I just got custody of him from his Aunt and Uncle on his mother’s side. They abused him, to the point that the boy will have supreme repercussions. According to the healer, Harry will have to be on a regiment of potions for several months. Not only that, he’ll need to see one every week, to help stabilize his magic,” said Xander running a hand through his hair.

--With Harry—

Harry’s gaze darted across the room taking in everything. Gibbs sighed as he looked for his best friend and medical examiner, Dr. Mallard, aka Ducky. Gibbs wished the man would show up for his own piece of mind. The way Harry looked made him expect that Harry had been abused very recently. According to the file he’d pulled on Xander, he’d barely gotten custody before he started NCIS.

“Hello Jethro, who is this?” asked Ducky walking in.

“This Ducky, is Harry Potter, he’s our new Potions Master’s cousin. I was wondering if you could give him a check up,” said Gibbs as Ducky put a kettle of water to boil.

“Hello Harry, I’m Doctor Mallard, but please call me Ducky. Is it ok if Jethro picks you up and places you on a table?” asked Ducky, checking the paper work on his desk.

“I guess,” said Harry turning towards Gibbs, clutching his wolf closer to him.


An: Ok a lot of you where wonder why or how the US Gov. knew about magic. Well, unlike their European counterparts, the US magical community is open to its government. All government offices know about magic. If they are muggles they swear an oath, similar to a wizard oath, to not talk about what they know.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Stakes and Wands" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 8 Feb 09.

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