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Stakes and Wands

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Summary: Xander finds out that he has a cousin in another world. There he saves his cousin and heads to DC to work for NCIS. Shortly afterwords Cordelia and fang boy joins him. Mentions Mpreg.

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Chapter One

Title: Stakes and Wands
Author: Rosefighter
Disclaimer: I’m not a guy and I’m not British so there is no way that I’m Joss, Belisario or Rowling. So I don’t own Harry Potter, NCIS or Buffy the Vampire Slayer.


Xander stared at Haley, in shock. She had just told him that He had a cousin who was abused. What shocked him more was that said cousin was a wizard and he was supposed to stop a Dark Lord. Xander stared at Haley, trying to process everything.

“Xander, listen to me. When you were born, the Dark Lord was already targeting the Potter family. As a last ditch attempt to save your life, your parents sent you here to this dimension. You where adopted by the Harris’,” said Haley looking sadly at Xander.

“Then what is my name?” asked Xander cocking an eyebrow.

“Your full name is Alexander Harrison Black-Potter. Your cousin’s name is Harry James Potter. He is eight years old, lives in the cupboard under the stairs,” said Haley as more people rushed around them at the airport.

“I’ll need some sort of papers, to be able to get him,” said Xander sighing.

“You’ll find everything you need in this bag, and here,” said Haley handing over a bag and then touching a finger to his forehead.

Xander gasp as he learned everything about Harry’s world, including how to use his own magic. Once it was done, Xander reached into his bag to pull out a sheaf of papers and his wand. Sighing he turned to Haley.

“Tell Cordelia where I’m going, and that I’m sorry I’m not able to say goodbye,” said Xander sadly.

“Wish Granted.”

-Harry’s World-

Xander leaned heavily against the lamp post trying to get his equilibrium back. Once he was sure he was steady on his feet he walked down Privet Drive. As he passed the houses he couldn’t help but think how Stepford this place looked. Finally he walked up the steps of number 4. There he knocked lightly on the door.

“Can I help you?” asked a horse looking woman opening the door.

“Yes, I’m here on official business,” said Xander smiling and stepping through the door.

“Would you like some tea?” asked the lady leading him into the living room.

“Actually, I’m here for your nephew, my cousin,” said Xander still with a polite smile.

“Your, one of those freaks! Get out of my house!” screeched the lady stepping backwards.

“These papers, grant me full guardianship over one Harry James Potter. I will be taking him,” said Xander waving the papers before stunning the lady.

Looking around, Xander didn’t see any sign of his cousin at all. Finally he walked out and saw the padlock on the cupboard. Swearing he alohamora the lock and gasped at what he saw. A boy that couldn’t be over the age of six was curled up on a small cot. Every bone in his body seemed to stick out. On top of that Xander was sure the poor boy’s right arm was broken at the way his bone was sticking up.

“Please,” begged Harry not even looking at him.

“Easy, Harry, I’m your cousin, and we are leaving here,” said Xander carefully picking up the hurting child.

“I thought Aunt Petunia was the last of my relatives,” said Harry looking curiously at Xander.

“Nope, I’m Alexander Harrison Black-Potter, but I go by Xander,” said Xander as he walked out of the house.

“Where are we going to go?” asked Harry sniffling.

“Washington D.C., I just got a job there,” said Xander pulling out his wand and creating a portkey out of a broken coffee cup.

“Ok,” said Harry shivering slightly.

“Ready? Ok, Cordelia is Queen,” said Xander before the portkey transported them away.

--In LA, Buffy verse—

“What do you mean he’s gone?” asked Cordelia glaring at Haley.

“He was never originally from here. He’s from a different world where there is a secret society of magic. He’s a wizard, that’s what made him a demon magnet here,” said Haley simply.

“What about his cousin?” asked Angel growling.

“If Xander hadn’t gone and saved him, it would have been a harsh life for him. Not only would he of been abused but he would never learn about magic until he was eleven. Suddenly becoming a Celebrity, the boy would pass up the chance at a true friendship, over a false one. After the death of a classmate, and his godfather, the boy would be forced to kill, destroying a good chunk of his soul. After that at the age of 16 he would be thrown into the foulest prison on earth to live on two months later he dies,” said Haley frowning.

“He’s going to need help,” said Cordelia, hands on her hips.

--In Washington DC, Harry Potter verse—

Xander sighed as he watched the Medi-wizard examine his cousin. The man, Healer Jordan Blake, had already healed all of Harry’s wounds and had the boy take countless potions for his various illnesses. On the upside, in Xander’s opinion, he was able to correct Harry’s eyes.

“I’m sorry, Master Black-Potter, but it is impossible to remove the scar. It’s become part of his soul now,” said Jordan.

“Thanks anyway,” said Xander as the man got back to his examination.

--NCIS offices—

“Gibbs, when is this Potions Master suppose to get here?” asked Abby bouncing on her feet.

“Not until tomorrow, Abbs,” said Gibbs, looking up from his computer.

“I’m surprised that you where allowed allowed to hire who you wanted, boss,” said Anthony DiNozzo as he pulled on his jacket.

“He was the most qualified and had the best recommendations. He graduated from Salem, with not only a 4.0 gpa, his High School Diploma, and his mastery at the age of 18,” said Gibbs, as he got up to leave also.

AN: Ok, this just came up on a whim. I’m not sure exactly which way this is going. I do know that Xander will be paired up with a male Harry Potter character. Yes, Cordelia and either Angel or Spike will be joining them. I know Cordelia is going to end up with a guy character but I’m not sure who. I’m not placing anyone with Harry I get to at least his third year, and he will go to Hogwarts.

Well that’s all I got for now.

Ja Ne.
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