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Primo Red

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Summary: "I wonder what magic tastes like?" he said to himself as he crept closer. The big vampire that Jean-Claude and Anita locked into a coffin, finds himself in a whole new land with a completely different type of vampire.

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Anita Blake > Willow-CenteredProCannonFodderFR1836,4160113,7464 Feb 0925 Feb 09No

The Hunt

Standard Disclaimer: They=(Joss+LKH) own=(BTVS+ABVH) and I=(Own+Earn)nothing. Let me know if I should continue this, it's just something rolling about in my head.

They put him in a coffin. He was still reeling from being bonded to Jean-Claude through his whore's blood. He would not let his real mistress, the Dragon, go without a fight. She had made him all of those years ago. He knew that She didn't have to come back to the farm after she was turned, but she did. She came back as soon as she was strong enough and slaughtered the owners and the guards and even some of the bastard gladiators that had taken liberties when she was helpless. But she was not helpless anymore.

When she held out her hand to me, my life became something worth living, he thought. When she destroyed the cage that they had lived in for years, she destroyed the worthless parts of him that had always held him down in life. She destroyed the place where they both were abused, where they were meat for anyone strong enough to take whatever they wanted, whatever humanity that they wanted from them, where he became little more than an animal.

He was first prime of the seventh legion, he was a great man. No one crossed him without feeling his weight and that of his loyal legionnaires shortly thereafter. His share was the first share cut from loot, his piece was the finest of the women that the officers hadn't taken for themselves. Then that damn senator accused him of raping his daughter. He hadn't even touched the spoiled child. The senator had a nephew in his cohort, not a remarkable man or soldier, but one that wanted to be first prime. One of his own shield carriers was paid off to testify against him and he was stripped of all rank, his legion tattoo burned off of his arm, and he was made a slave, ridiculed in front of his own legion. He was sold to a trainer to make him a gladiator, to live or die only for the amusement of the rich. That was until his angel came back for him, then he had sweet justice on them all. He bathed in the senator's blood and feasted on his daughter and his nephew. His angel had tied the traitorous shield carrier to a tree that he then lit on fire. He fell in love with her as they rutted on the ground in front of the burning man. He would not be stolen from her service. HE WOULD NOT!

He could hear them putting the silver chains on the coffin to both keep him in and keep her from contacting him. No matter what they branded him, he was no traitor. He would have justice. His whole life seemed to be in pursuit of it, why not again. If they thought that they could make him a slave again...I'll kill them all, he thought as he beat on the lid.
After the first few days he was worried. Since she had sired him, he had never gone this long without her in his mind. It was Jean-Claude's power that touched him when he woke for the night. "I will not be trapped into serving some sex vampire, I am a WARRIOR!" he vowed and beat on the lid again as he did every night, with no result.

After the second week, he was frantic. He prayed to her, he prayed to anyone that might yet save him from this fate. He had killed enough men throughout the ages in Mars and Jupiter's names. He prayed to them to send him back to his salvation, his angel, his queen. He gashed his arm with a fang and spent some of the valuable blood on the oath. He beat on the lid for a long time.
When he woke at the beginning of the third week, he was resigned that he would just kill himself as soon as he was able. Religion was for fools that thought there was an explanation for the tragedies that they suffered. Praying was useless. He was doomed to be some plaything, to be a cow for the whore, or worst of all, be forced into the bed of Belle's two toys. He would not suffer that, he wouldn't. He beat on the moved a little. He became perfectly still and listened. He wondered if they unlocked the chains during the day and Jean-Claude hadn't even thought him worth it to be there when he opened the lid. He pushed on it, but there was some obstruction. Dirt started sliding in to the coffin? THEY BURIED ME! "I WILL KILL YOU ALL!" he roared and thrust himself upwards, the mass of earth closing around him and trying to hold him in his grave until he finally broke the surface and clawed his way out of the grave.

He wasn't in the caverns. It was a cemetery. The air was moist and there was fog on the ground. "Where in Hades did they bring me?" he said to himself. He started walking out to a nearby street. He noticed that all of the tombstones were very old, too old for this to be anyway near St. Louis. He kept moving til he found a newspaper box. In the window it said London Daily Mirror. He stopped and stared at it for a long while.

A soft scream in the distance caught his attention and he ran to investigate it and maybe find some answers. As he went down the alleyway, he tried to contact his sire or even Jean-Claude but it was as if no one was connected to him anymore. He couldn't feel the blood bond that he had accidentally forged with the whore only weeks ago.

As he rounded the corner into a back courtyard, he saw a shapeshifter with his face contorted attacking a real life English bobby. He grabbed the animal and immediately felt that it wasn't any kind of shifter, it was a type of vampire that he had never seen before. The vampire, a little bald fellow made his face look normal and started to act innocent. Especially after noticing the man that had grabbed him was holding him off of the ground with one hand.

"Holy Christmas, yer a big one," he said as he extended his hand like he wasn't being held in the air by his shirt. "The name's Shelly." The cop was trying to crawl away as they talked.

Primo set him down and went over to the officer and helped him up. He immediately rolled his mind and told him to forget that he had ever seen these faces or been in this alley. He sent the man running off to continue his patrol and walked back to Shelly and picked him up again and slammed him into the wall. "Are you stupid?" he yelled into his face. "The Council forbids anything to do with the authorities. This is London, right? Where's the Master of the City, where's Titus?" Each question was punctuated with a shake.

"Wait a minute, wait...What are you, mate?" he asked and when Primo snarled showing fang, Shelly was awestruck. "Teach me how to do the mind thing, eh?"

Primo shook him again and said, "You have five seconds to answer my questions."

"No I'm not. - What Council? - Yes it's dear olde London. - What's a Master of the City? Like the Mayor maybe? - And who's Titus? Never heard of the chap." He spit out the answers in four seconds and was quite pleased with himself.

Primo sat him back down and studied him. To his senses, he felt more like a shifter at a distance, but when he was close enough it was all vampire. He didn't even have the fangs when he had a normal face. Suddenly having an idea, he reached out and held the man still as he powered his energy into his eyes. The little vampire rolled immediately and Primo was amazed when he felt the blood bond snap into place without any oath or blood for that matter. He scoured Shelly's mind for all that he could find out and came to the conclusion that he was a long way from home. "Go back to the crypt, I will find you there before sunrise," he commanded.

"Yes, Master. Cheers and all that," the dapper vampire said as he took off running towards the cemetery.

Primo was very pleased. This might not be a bad dimension or whatever hell this is after-all, he thought as he decided to walk around a bit and maybe find dinner.
As he was strolling through an area called Whitechapel he noticed a doubledecker bus with only one rider on it, a redheaded girl sitting at the end of the top level. He was about to follow a Middle Eastern couple that looked promising when the redhead illuminated her finger to look at a brochure or a map or something. "Magic," he said, knowing that she must be a witch from the information he had taken from Shelly's mind.

He followed the bus as it made it's way down the street, twice he had to use his powered speed down an alley to keep near it. The bus stopped and the girl got off and walked into a quiet little neighborhood park and sat on a bench by a little garden. He couldn't see what she was reading but she definitely was using her finger for a light source when she thought no one was watching. "I wonder what magic tastes like?" he said to himself as he crept closer.

"I can feel you sneaking around back there, so if you're thinking about mugging me, I'd have to..umm, advise against it," her soft voice called out.

"I am no mugger, my lady," he said as he straightened up from the stance he was prowling in. He watched her eyes go wide as she turned her head to look at him. He was not a small man by any definition and especially at night in the shadows, he probably looked like a giant.

She looked away at some unseen distraction and said,"Look, I know you're a big guy and if you're not a mugger or anything, though I thought I felt a hint of bad intent from you...but you should really just go on your way." Her attention was clearly on something at the other end of the park.

Primo tried to listen for a clue but could hear nothing but her heartbeat and the city's usual noise. He was afraid to let his shields down as she might have some ability to feel it and he didn't want to scare her off or have to kill her. They were so much more fun if they lived for awhile, he thought. "What is your name?"

"I'm trying to warn you that you really should just go somewhere else! I'm not having a good day and whatever you thought you were going to do when you came over here, it's not going to happen." She glared at him.

At least she does not sense me as a vampire, he thought. Looking down the park, now he could hear them, there were at least three more of the animal vampires talking as they walked this way. "Why are you not having a good day?" he asked. When she didn't answer he glanced at her and found that she was staring at him. "What?"

"What are you?" she questioned as she stood from the bench and backed a step away. The vamps, there were only three of them, had spotted them and were walking closer.

"About to be your savior, it appears." He started walking to meet the newcomers and noticed that she stood her ground and watched. He could feel that she had called some power to her hand, some force or energy that made the hair on his arms stand up.

"'lo, it's Andre the giant, back from the grave," one of the males said as the trio spread out around him and assumed that the redhead was harmless.

"He is a big one," the blond vampress in the ratty clothes said with lewd sneer.

"Aie! Smokestack, what's yer..."

The other male froze as Primo grabbed his face and instantly rolled him, getting the blood oath again. The other two were startled for a second, but then attacked. They are rather lively little animals, he mused as he dodged their strikes for a moment of play before bringing his experience to bear and crushing their attacks and rolling them both in short order.
"Gordie, Jim, Bev, go get the redhead. Do not kill her," he commanded and after they chorused their yes, masters, they charged off at the witch.

The girl backed up a step, but never ran. She called out "Incendia!" with a wave of her hand, the closest two vampires, the two males burst into flames and screeched as they died.

Primo backed into the trees and was attempting to come around behind her as Bev launched her attack.

"Impetus!" the witch yelled as she pushed her hand palm-outwards at the remaining vamp. The impact of the spell slammed into the vampire and she went flying in the opposite direction. The redhead started to move towards the sidewalk, trying to watch all sides for the missing big guy. She pulled her cell phone out and hit a speed dial. She kept turning to keep from being blindsided and said, "Giles, I think we have a problem."

Primo was on the roof of a old historic pub, according to a plaque he had seen on the way up, and watched as a silver car pulled up to the corner. Two young women and an older man got out of the car and looked around as the redhead came over from where she had been waiting, at the all-nite cafe across the street from the park.

"The sun will be coming up soon, Master," the vampress said, a little worse for wear after her flight.

"Do you know any of those people?" He could just read her mind, but these animals were a mental mess of brutality and it would just be easier for him if he didn't have to. Can any of these people help me back to my angel, was the real question he wanted answered.

"The two girls are part of the new slayer plague that popped up last year," she answered. "The red witch, if she's the famous one, the real slayer's friend, then her name is Willow Rosenberg and she's s'posed to be some real top shelf power." .

"Willow Rosenberg...fascinating."
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