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Cousins ( The IBOD Edition)

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Summary: Unusual circumstances lead to Xander meeting his cousin. Continuation of another author's idea. details inside.

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Harry Potter > GeneralIrnBruOrDeathFR1832,8370459,5364 Feb 0923 Apr 09No

Before and After

Before and After


Harry couldn’t remember much of the before. He knew there had been a before, he could remember a small dark space that was his. A big, loud man with heavy fists and a skinny shrieking woman. But they were just pictures in his mind, they didn’t mean anything to him.

His now was much better. He lived in a big house with his Xander, Sev and their Thorn. He had his very own room, with his very own bed which he only had to share with Hiss and Growl. His Xander would take him down to the workshop in the garden and teach Harry all about making things with wood, the soothing voice and steady of the noise of the tools lying heavy in the sawdust laden wind would invariably send Harry of to sleep. Where he would dream about flying in strong arms.

His Sev would read to Harry about magic and flying beasts. Tell him stories about a beautiful princess with red hair and green eyes who was stolen away from her knight by a dastardly Potter. And how the knight had to go on a quest to defeat a nasty snake man and rescue the Princess’ son from both the snake man and an Old coot - which was some kind of twinkle creature that could melt people’s eyes with its magic robes. Sometimes when no one was looking Sev-baby would make Hiss and Growl dance through the air for Harry, but only if Harry asked really nicely.

Thorn would take Harry out into the garden with its high hedge, keeping away from Sev’s garden for the icky things he made in the cellar. And then Harry would have loads of fun as she would send him flying high into the air; or they would spin round and round until they both ended up giggling on the ground. All the while with Harry safe in Thorn’s arms. Thorn gave the best hugs in Harry’s opinion. She didn’t smell of sunlight and wood like Xander. Nor were they as rare as Sev’s accompanied with a ruffle of his hair. Thorn’s cuddles were almost too tight, because Thorn was a Slay-her and stronger than either Sev or Xander, and she would wrap Harry tight in her arms and let him play with her pretty hair as he nuzzled her neck.

Yes indeed, Harry’s now was much better than his before.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Cousins ( The IBOD Edition)" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 23 Apr 09.

StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking