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Don't You Care?

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Summary: YAHF. A Beary different costume

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Cartoons > Care BearsmatthewFR713433171,7274 Feb 094 Feb 09Yes
Summary: YAHF. A Beary different costume

Disclaimer: Joss made one, American Greetings made the other. I’d love to own either, but I don’t.

Willow rushed back upstairs after Buffy’s remark. Boys go nonverbal? No, she couldn’t, she absolutely couldn’t. She changed quickly and came back down just in time to see Xander come in the door and hear Buffy greet him.

“Wait till you see Willo…” Buffy’s voice trailed off in disappointment as she saw what Willow was wearing.

Xander grinned. Talk about classics.

“Hey, Will, nice one. You’ve gotta love the old favourites. C’mon, let’s go satisfy Herr Snyder.”


As Ethan’s spell spread from his shop, chaos reigned over Sunnydale, fake demons and monsters becoming real for the night. Assorted pirates, astronauts, and Jedi added to the mix. On one street corner, though, something very different came into being.

Spike laughed as he strolled down the street, reveling in the destruction all around him. He had snacked on a hockey player a little while back, but he was still feeling a bit peckish. Glancing around, he saw a small child hiding behind a bush.

“Come on out little boy, I won’t hurt you. I’m just going to eat you.” The little boy’s frantic scramble was no match for Spike’s preternatural speed, but as the vampire’s fangs closed on the child’s neck, he heard a high pitched shout which caused him to look up.

“Hey! That’s not very nice.”

Spike stared in amazement at the five foot tall yellow and white bear which had appeared before him, an outraged look on its unusually expressive face. He grinned – maybe a spot of violence would help him work up an appetite.

“Well, mate, looks like it’s time for a bit of a tussle. What’s your name, so I know what to put on the gravestone?”

The bear looked straight at him, completely unworried.

“The name’s Funshine, and there’s not going to be a fight.”

“Oh yeah? We’ll see about that.”

As Spike leaped for the bear, the symbol on its stomach started to glow. As the sunlight dissolved him, he heard a single shout from the fuzzy beast.

“Care Bear Stare!”


Author’s note: Gotta love organic belly lasers.

The End

You have reached the end of "Don't You Care?". This story is complete.

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