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Midnight Hour

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Summary: "You said that five years ago you fell through a portal into our world and can't find a way home." Fic-For-All with Kitty Norville and Buffy.

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Literature > OtherProCannonFodderFR796,9473317,6405 Feb 0929 Jul 09No

The Dream II

."The Slayer In Me 2: Revenge of the Master, opens next week and the seventh caller wins two tickets. Matt, take care of that. Okay, back to Chuck on line three. You still there, Chuck?"

"Ya, go ahead, Kitty."

"Alright, the problem that I see with your argument is this: you're assuming that the UFC and other major sports leagues don't already have some method for screening their athletes."

"Most sports have some sort of drug testing, but I don't think that getting a boost from drinking vampire ichor would show up in those."

"Even if that's true, Chuck, do you have any idea how dangerous it would be to drain a vampire?"

"What? Oh no, getting the blood's easy. You can find vampires selling it themselves on Craig's List."

"Wait a minute... Are you serious?"

"Oh ya, log on there. You'll see lots of auctions. Some offering their blood, some offering to take yours."

"I'm stunned. I would have never imagined..."

"There are even regular people on there offering money to werewolves and vampires to come and change them. Crazy stuff."

"Unbelievable. People, listen to me. I'm your friend. Don't involve yourself in this world if you have a choice. It's not glamorous. It is a dangerous, scary existence, always looking over your shoulder for a larger predator to come along. I can't believe anyone would willingly want a vampire to sire them or agree to be bitten by a werewolf."

"It happens, It's crazy. But anyway, Kitty, I guess my point is that age catches up to all of us and if you can fudge a little bit, then why not? There's nothing in any rulebook I know of forbidding it."

"I think it's a lot more sane to just stay away from this stuff altogether. Back to your original question. I honestly don't have a clue what possible negative side effects there would be. I think you're crazy if you pursue it at all and I hope you don't.
Did we get a winner, Matt? Cool, who's next? Really? Margie from Australia, is that you?"

"It's me, yes. I can't find Buffy's cel number and the Huffy family isn't listed."

"They're in California for the premier and the tour for her second book. I'll give you her number off the air. Is everything alright? Are you and Dean okay?"

"What, oh it's nothing like that. I don't even know if it's anything at all but I had another dream with her in it and wanted to warn her in case it comes true again."

"Let me guess, demon attack? That seems to be in style lately."

"No, but it was strange alright. Buffy was napping alongside the newborn, little Alex and then she looked up and it was like she was frightened or something."

"Okay, I don't know what to think of that."

"That's not all. There was a young woman with a knife that had slit the throat of a deer and was filling a bowl with its blood. And then later, a group of young people were doing some sort of ritual around a tombstone. The tombstone had Buffy's name on it."

"Matt, call Buffy on the private line, right now. Margie, hang on. Um... okay everyone, were going to replay our taped interview with Carlo, the vampire gigolo, while we figure this out and then I'll be back."

The End?

You have reached the end of "Midnight Hour" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 29 Jul 09.

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