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Rent Controlled

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Summary: I’ve often wondered how Dennis reacted to any new tenants in the apartment. I thought I’d do some one shots and explore the possibilities. An attempt at the February site challenge.

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Multiple Crossings > Other BtVS/AtS CharactersDuchessFR131571091,2815 Feb 095 Feb 09Yes
Title: Rent Controlled

Summary: I’ve often wondered how Dennis reacted to any new tenants in the apartment. I thought I’d do some one shots and explore the possibilities.

Disclaimer #1: I don’t own anything to do with Angel the show or any characters in it. The disclaimer for the crossover can be found at the end of this little ficlet.

Author’s note: This is in response to the February site challenge posted by SheWhoMustBeObeyed. “Cordelia” and “Fred” should be ashamed of themselves for leaving Dennis out of their challenge! Now his feelings are hurt and it’s all their fault, especially Cordelia’s. He thought she cared about him, at least a little, the poor transparent guy. ;)

~ * ~

After Cordelia’s things were removed from the apartment, Dennis went into mourning. He also threw temper tantrums and scared off several tenants in a row and now, filled with confidence from his past successes, fully intended to continue to make a nuisance of himself.

An woman of Irish decent moved into her new apartment in L.A. and right away realized something was off about the place when she walked into a cold spot. Not having enough money on hand at the moment to look elsewhere and tired of living in slums, she decided to ignore it. Her cousin Francis had mentioned the apartment as being a great place and was surprised it was available, it made her wonder what happened to his friend who’d once lived here.

Then things started to be moved from where she’d left them, just slightly, but enough to notice. At first her paranoia had her thinking someone was coming in and searching the place, but then remembered the cold spots that she still ran into now and then. So she decided to set up surveillance to test her theory.

One day while she was out she “borrowed” some equipment from a dealer in such things and so was able to disguise some miniature cameras into a new jewelry box for the bedroom and a hand bag she left lying strategically on the coffee table in the living room. When she got back to the apartment, she set them around the place to watch what happened. What those cameras picked up had her hissing with annoyance.

Half a day later she walked into the apartment and stopped in the center of the living room and stood with her feet apart, as if bracing for a fight. Looking suspiciously around the room a moment, she announced, “I don’t know who or what ye are and I don’t really care. This is just a temporary situation for me and I’ll be movin’ elsewhere once certain people’s tempers have cooled, so I’ll make you this deal; leave me and my things the hell alone and I won’t get nasty with ye.”

The source of her ire apparently decided that was its cue to step up its act and began to make some of her precious snow globes fly around the room.

Her voice gets colder, “The last time I was in a place that was haunted, the ghost got me pissed, so I moved out and went and bought myself an RPG 4. When I came back I stood across the way and blew the place up. I’m not waitin’ around to get pissed this time. I’ve already acquired the weapon and it’s aimed at this apartment. I’ve modified it to fire on a timer, so even if you take me out I’ll still destroy your little home. “

The things flying about in the air all come down slowly and were placed carefully back where he picked them up from.

Fiona smiled sweetly, “Do I take that to mean we have a deal?”

The pad of paper on the end table is picked up into the air, along with a pen and the word “Yes” is written on it.


By the time Fiona Glennane moved out, Dennis had learned a lot more than he ever wanted to know about weapons and explosives.

~ * ~

Disclaimer #2: I don't own anything at all to do with "Burn Notice" either, but I LOVE the characters! *vbg*

The End

You have reached the end of "Rent Controlled". This story is complete.

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