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Summary: W/Spike. X-Over with Hackers. Willow moves to New York and makes interesting new friends.

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disclaimer : I own nothing.
A/N : The end sucks so I won't post it until I do another one.



I can’t believe those strangers that dare to call themselves my parents decided to move away from Sunnydale in the middle of my senior year! I mean, I always imagined that I would go to Prom with Oz, my now ex-boyfriend since my parents decided to move. And what about my friends?! What am I going to do without Xander, my best pal since childhood, and Buffy, by first friend of the feminine type, and Giles, who I consider as my true father? How am I going to survive? Of course, I should be grateful to be away from the Hellmouth, the most dangerous place on hearth. But I love dealing with surpenatural beings and being research girl and I’m going to miss everything… everything except hacking computers. That I won’t miss because I’m not going to give it up.

My friends from Sunnydale think they know everything about sweet innocent little Willow. They know I can hack into Sunnydale’s most protected systems. But that doesn’t count. Police and security officers are dumb in this city and they wouldn’t recognize a hacker even if it bites them. They don’t know that I am actually The Witch, one of the Elite, one that takes part in the category of ‘best hackers of the world’, one of the most wanted hackers researched by the government. That’s the only secret I’ve kept from them… And I’m damn proud of it!

I won’t give up witchcraft either. The arts have helped me more than I could have imagined in the hacking departement. Impressive, I know. Who would have thought spells actually works on the net?

New York city. What the hell am I going to do here? I bet it’s going to be boring. And I don’t even want to think about what’s going to happen in this new school. It’s not like I’m the most sociable person on earth. Like I know teenagers, they will probably play a nasty trick on me. If they do… boy are they in for a surprise! I’m not going to let myself be walked on like in Sunnydale High School. No way! New York city is going to meet the new Willow. Hopefully, my parents are going to get bored here and we’re going to get back to where I belong.

New York is so boring.
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