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Not your Knight

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This story is No. 1 in the series "New Moon Rising". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: Sometimes if feels like something more, more than just sex and the need to be with someone just to fill a void.

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Anita Blake > Faith-Centered > Pairing: Other(Past Donor)lckybrFR1811,079093,3366 Feb 096 Feb 09Yes
note: This is from Faith's Perspective...almost.

Disclaimer: BTVS characters (Faith)belong to Joss Whedon, AB characters (Haven) are all Laurell K. Hamilton, i don't make anything from this i am only borrowing.

Not Your Knight
Not the Knight

You saw him for the first time on a job. He had a big mouth and a cocky attitude and it was everything you couldn’t stand in a guy.

He had no respect for no one.

At first he only had eyes for Blake, but seeing as she was chalk full of power and all these mystical beasties you can understand, hell when you first saw her it crossed your mind too. But of course she reminded you too much of B, minus the white horse…and the fact that she had no problem killing humans, she lived for the fight like you did once…

Now it was fight or die.

It was still fun, you had to love it if you wanted to live.

When the hunt stopped being fun and started being a job Slayers tended to die.

That was not a road that you were going to take, not after breaking out of prison, living with a bunch of hormonal girls for months, fighting the ultimate fight getting dumped, shot and cramps…Nope.

So when you saw him, it wasn’t a good day and he was being a loud fuck immediately thinking because of the leather and skin that you were just another piece of ass.

And then you handed him his.

Blake liked you then, sometimes you stop to wonder how she made it onto your list of friends but she doesn’t judge and you don’t either…it works…

His name is a prayer on your lips…

So no…he didn’t catch your eye the first meeting…and the second meeting you managed to bust his lip and he broke your rib…It wasn’t until the bad guys managed to get an up on you and he rode in on his not so white horse like a knight in bloody armor that the respect came.

Your hips might be bruised with his finger prints

He was a good fighter, a dirty fighter but still a good fighter, you could respect that. And then Robin left…He left with a younger you, all dark hair and dimples, not a good fighter at all, naive…

That’s what you would have looked like if you had both parents and a truck load of money.

He was there when you broke down.

Not crying, come on that’s for wimps…You trashed his car, his house, his office…the things he left at your place you set them on fire.

And it felt good.

But then you were alone and you realize he will never be there to hold you or smile at you and he might have been the nicest guy you ever had but of course as a guy he would leave you.

Bad girls don’t deserve happy endings.

You went to the circus because being at home was too depressing. Valentina was there and even though she makes other people uncomfortable you find her amusing and often times you two are found together, he is the only one who doesn’t find it odd.


He was mad, sarcastic, just plain unpleasant and you wanted to beat the shit out of him, tear his manhood off and feed it to him but somehow his lips landed on yours and your hands were tearing at his shirt.

He wasn’t gentle.

You didn’t want gentle.

It was angry and passionate and the things he said…

The things he said

Even you would blush.

There were rug burns on her skin, bruises on your thighs, but each thrust of his hips made you arch your back and beg for more.

Please, Haven…please

And when it was over and he was still inside you the tears came. It was all too much, like the world finally came crashing down to rain on you in little pieces.
He didn’t ask for details or try to cheer you up…

But he fucked you until it hurt and that in its self took some of the emotional pain away…

He ran his hands down your sides, tracing patterns against smooth skin

You weren’t a couple, there was no hand holding or sweet looks. The snarky comments continued, the fighting continued…the sex continued…

For some reason you tell him about your childhood…it was raining and you were both laying there…So you tell him about your Ma...about your first watcher…about the imaginary friend you had when you were five. And he listens, and it’s fine.

The sex continues…

The fighting continues…

The comments are more playful than biting…

Blake doesn’t understand it, B doesn’t like him but she understands…or at least tries too…

And life goes on…

Sometimes you both sleep with other people, but most of the time you come back to each other…He is the greatest sex you’ve ever had.

Sometimes if feels like something more, more than just sex and the need to be with someone just to fill a void.

But you don’t tell him that.

Six months into this…thing that going on he tells you about his parents…The reason why he became a thug…He had a sister; she was six when she died and he was ten.

Drive by…wrong place wrong time. He was supposed to pick her up from a friend’s house…but he left her waiting on the street corner in front of the liquor store…

He tracked them down…did research…it was the start.

His hair is softer than it looks

After a year and a half some of your clothes stay at his place…you stop having sex with other guys…

He calls you his Slayer…it doesn’t make you blush like a school girl.

There are still no loving touches, and pet names.

The sex is still great.

He trails kisses up your spine

And then you get sick…You think maybe you’re dying, Slayer’s don’t get sick, you can’t remember ever catching a cold, and now your head hurts and you’re tired and lunch won’t stay down anymore.

You lose some weight, everyone is worried but you hate the doctor so you don’t go until B and Red forcefully drag you out of the apartment.

You knew it would be bad.

Slayers don’t get sick, you must be dying

It would be ironic, killed by a cold.

He runs his hands over your stomach

Slayer’s don’t get sick.

He kisses your rounded belly

But they could get pregnant.

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The End

You have reached the end of "Not your Knight". This story is complete.

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