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What Becomes of the Broken Hearted

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This story is No. 4 in the series "Watcher Woes". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Daniel's memory is unlocked with a little help from "Fish Face".

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Stargate > Non-BtVS/AtS Stories > Crossover: HighlanderVivianCaidinFR1332,341022,6698 Feb 098 Feb 09Yes

Chapter 2

...It’s a Tricky Thing, Memory...

"Why?" Daniel frowned as he looked up at the creature. "Why this?"

The monster moved over to him, "You are oldest. You know Babylon. What fate Omorca?"

"Oldest?!" Daniel protested, "I'm not the oldest, that's Teal'c!"

The monster roared loudly and grabbed him by the arms, lifting him up into the air.

"You are oldest! What fate Omorca?!" it exclaimed.

“I’m not the oldest… that’s Teal’c!” Daniel protested once more, louder.

The creature roared in his face, “What fate Omorca!”

"Okay... I'll bite, Who's Omorca?" Daniel asked with a frustrated sigh as he was beginning to become impatient.

"My MATE!"

"Oh yay," Daniel said sarcastically, " Omorca went to Babylon? On Earth? "

"Yes, you have knowledge," the creature said with what passed as a frown on his face.

"Of Babylon? Only a little bit," he responded with a frown as he turned away from the hot, fishy breath of the sea creature.

"The knowledge in your mind," the creature said.

"You're asking me to remember something that happened at least two thousand years ago. That's before I was born. How could I possibly know what happened to your mate?" he growled.

"You deceive," the monster said with an angry growl.

"Why would I do that?!" Daniel snapped as he rolled his eyes.

Unnoticed by Daniel, a whitish-gold light entered Daniel's body where the creature touched him.

Instantly, Daniel calmed as he was sent into a trance.

"What Fate?!" the monster questioned.

"Babylon," Daniel said in a monotone voice.

"Belus..." the monster growled and bared his teeth as he said the word.

"Not Belus... Berosus... priest to the god Bel..." he continued in that hypnotized trance, "He lived at the same time as Megas Alexanros."

Daniel blinked, shook his head, and tried to resist the hypnotic trance in which the creature put him. "No!" he protested as he looked up at the large sea creature.

"You serve Goa'uld," the creature said.

"No," Daniel frowned, "I lost my wife... my mate to the Goa'uld. I hate them!"

The sea creature growled and squeezed Daniel painfully, "You will tell me of Babylon."

"Most of our history is buried in time," Daniel protested with a pain filled grunt, "You're asking the impossible!"

"You are afraid," the creature said as he loosened his grip slightly.

"No," Daniel hedged, yes he was afraid. He was afraid of this creature killing him and he was afraid to learn what his past had to reveal.

"You are afraid to remember," the creature sounded sure of himself then turned to growl in Daniel's face, "Omorca was afraid."

"On Earth?" Daniel said as he looked up into the glassy, shark-like eyes of the sea creature.

The creature gave what passed as a nod for his race. "Omorca feared Belus," the sea creature said at the end of a wailing growl.

"Belus..." Daniel echoed reflectively, then turned to the creature, "You mean Berosus?"

The creature remained silent as it glared at Daniel

"At least give me some more information," Daniel said in frustration, "You can't expect me to remember every book I've ever read in the last thirteen years!"

"You serve Goa'uld!" the creature bellowed.

"No!" Daniel exclaimed as he felt the crushing grip once more.

"Omorca could not prevent fate of Humans," the creature sounded almost sad.

"Is that why Omorca came to earth? To fight the Goa'uld?"

Another nod.

"Then my people owe her," Daniel said as he struggled in the clutches of the creature.

"She failed!" the creature roared and squeezed even more.

"No, there was an uprising in Egypt!" Daniel exclaimed after a pain filled scream he glared defiant blue eyes at the creature.

"Goa'uld are with you," the sea creature said.

"You think Teal'c...?" Daniel stopped as realization dawned, "No... He joined us AGAINST the Goa'uld. Our civilization rivals the Goa'uld thanks to Omorca. We are Free! We fight against the Goa’uld!"

"The knowledge is here," the creature said as the whitish-yellow light pulsed into Daniel once more.
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