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What Becomes of the Broken Hearted

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This story is No. 4 in the series "Watcher Woes". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Daniel's memory is unlocked with a little help from "Fish Face".

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Stargate > Non-BtVS/AtS Stories > Crossover: HighlanderVivianCaidinFR1332,341022,6688 Feb 098 Feb 09Yes

Chapter 3


Not having been given a choice, Daniel’s consciousness was forced to the side as the sea monster delved into his mind.

* 605 Before the Common Era, Babylon *

Along with two of his servants and two of his bodyguards, Belteschazzar had been captured by the army and brought to the city of Babylon. In order to spare their Master a fate worse than death, one of his bodyguards, the one named Daniel, claimed he was Belteschazzar. And all of his servants pretended that their Master was, in fact, Daniel.

Belteschazzar listened, hands clasped over his ears, tears streaming down his face as his loyal servant, Daniel, screamed and pleaded as he was castrated in Belteschazzar’s place.

Spared the horrific fate of spending his life as a eunuch, for the most part, Belteschazzar remained low key in the palace as a slave to the Emperor Nebuchadnezzar. He stayed with his servants and bodyguards for the most part. He even attended to the one who had stood in his place and offered compassion and support as he watched his friend Daniel suffer and die a painful death due to the castration.

From then on, Belteschazzar had been known as Daniel.

Yes, this was the most beautiful city in the known world, but Daniel had become jaded by the cruelty of the Babylonians. His time was spent tending the Hanging Gardens and being available in the solarium whenever the Emperor was in residence.

One day, he was watering the plants in the gardens when suddenly he was struck by a blinding pain in his head. Dropping the water coffer, Daniel clutched his head and fell to his knees.

His remaining bodyguard witnessed his collapse and rushed to his side.

“{Master!}” he hissed in a low whisper in their native tongue as he crouched at Daniel’s side, “{Are you alright?}”

Inhaling shakily, Daniel frowned as he clutched the other man's arm, “{No, I am not fine,}” he whispered back as he rocked back and forth trying to rid his body of the pain. “{Do not call me Master or we will be in trouble, Azarias,}” he admonished his friend.

“{Here let me help you,}” the older man said as he helped Daniel to rise to his feet. He then helped Daniel to the low stone bench in the gardens and lowered Daniel onto it. He knelt in front of Daniel, “{Shall I get you anything?}”

“{Water? That would be nice, thank you,}” Daniel said as he lay on his side on the bench. Another bout of pain gripped him and he groaned.

Suddenly, images began to flash in rapid succession… he saw the beautiful gardens destroyed, the temple razed to the ground and the city destroyed.

“{Oh, God, am I cursed?}” Daniel mumbled as nausea rose up from the depths of his stomach. He stood and wobbled more than walked to the slop basin to be sick.


…Back to Life…

After that long thread of memory, past remembrances were sifted through by the creature and life passed in an eye blink so fast that one moment could not be captured.

Daniel was strapped down and leaning back in a chair that was bolted to the floor. The sea monster stood at the head of the chair and clutched Daniel’s head in his clawed hands.

“Remember Omorca,” the monster commanded of him.

Daniel struggled violently to break away from the trance as the unblocked subconscious tried to take over, but he was unable to break the strength of the creature’s mind.

“Omorca…” Daniel said in a monotone voice, “In that place was Omorca… Came forth of Heavenly egg… No!” he resisted as he struggled more.

The sea creature pushed more of the whitish gold energy into him.

“She walked among us by day… Retreating at night to sleep in the sea… She is of the Onuses…” Daniel screamed and began to struggle even more as he was being mind raped.

The creature pushed more energy into him.

Daniel screamed once more, “Oh, God! Belus came to Babylon… to Omorca… and cut her down! He killed her…” he screamed once more and it trailed off into a sob.

The monster pulled away from Daniel and backed up to the wall of the cave.

“Belus…” the creature growled angrily.

“Was a Goa’uld,” Daniel said with a pained look on his face as he struggled to get out of the bindings.

“He murdered my mate…” the sea creature said then wailed long and loud for his lost mate.

“I’m sorry…” Daniel said as he tried to turn his head to get a look at the creature.

The fully unblocked subconscious mind of Daniel snarled at the creature and struggled against the bindings of the hated chair.

The creature growled and rushed to Daniel’s chair once more. Silver and purple light emanated from his hands as he clasped Daniel’s head in his clawed hands once more to make him forget.


…Back to Reality…

Three soldiers stood on the beach, guns at the ready as they saw their unconscious friend cradled in the arms of a large creature as it walked out of the sea.

It gave a warning growl as it placed Daniel Jackson on the ground at their feet.

“We mean you no harm,” Captain Samantha Carter said as she watched the creature in curiosity. “Perhaps we can become…”

“In time… perhaps,” the creature said as it rose to stand. It looked over at the tall brown haired man and said, “What fate… Shau’ri?”

“We don’t know,” Colonel Jack O’Neill replied with a confused tone of voice.

“Perhaps… in time… Daniel will find,” it said as it turned back to the water.

Teal’c looked down at Daniel then at the creature as it dove into the waves and disappeared under the sea. He crouched down and lifted the smaller man up into a fireman carry as Sam turned toward the DHD and began to dial home.

“I bet this is a long damn story,” Jack said as he watched the perimeter.

“I bet,” Sam said noncommittally.

“Maybe he can tell it to us over Sushi,” Jack said as he heard the whoosh of the established wormhole.

“Maybe,” Sam said as she watched Teal’c carried the unconscious Daniel through to Earth after he punched the code for the GDO.

The End

You have reached the end of "What Becomes of the Broken Hearted". This story is complete.

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