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Knight of Odin

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Summary: Alexander Winchester died during childbirth. Or did he? Now twenty-two years later all of the pawns are finally in place and it's time for the Powers That Be to move their Knight. But for which side will he play? White or Black?

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Chapter One: Growing Up Balanced: Part One

Knight of Odin


AN: I’m glad that everyone was intrigued and enjoyed the prologue. I wasn’t trying to confuse anyone…and I hadn’t realized the situation wasn’t clear enough. So I shall explain:

1.) Both Heaven and Hell want Xander on their side, (the reason why will be explained later, it is part of the plot that will be unveiled)

2.) Azazel (Hell) has something (the “Eye”) that only Xander can use (will be explained as story progresses).

3.) Azazel and Dina negotiate a truce to share in Xander’s upbringing so that when Xander is given the Eye he can truly choose sides. I plan on later posting a side-story of the negotiations between them, but it reveals too much plot to post it now, or as a chapter.

A note on the possessions: We know that Angels can possess people just as Demons do, (i.e. Castiel in Season 4), so yes Dina is possessing Jessica Harris. For the purpose of plot, I am saying that the man that the YED is for the most part possessing in Supernatural is in fact Tony Harris. So whenever the Winchesters run into the YED, they are in fact running into Tony Harris’ body.

Someone questioned where I got the angels. They are “real” angels in the hierarchy of Heaven:

Dina – Angel of Learning

Harachel – Angel of Knowledge

Metatron – Archangel of Thought

Disclaimer: Supernatural belongs to E.K. and other such people. Buffy belongs to J.W. and other such people. Religion belongs to nobody, and I warp the tenets of several faiths for my own plot purposes.

Chapter One: Growing Up Balanced: Part One

November 2, 1983- Xander 2 yrs, 2 months

Alexander Harris rubbed his eyes with his tiny fists and yawned loudly. His mother and father were already in the kitchen, his mother making him breakfast, his father reading the morning paper. His raggedy, yellow blanket trailed across the tiled kitchen floor as two-year-old Alexander climbed into his booster seat.

“Good morning, Sweetie!” his mother said bending down and kissing the top of his head as she placed his favorite Curious George plastic plate in front of him with his breakfast on it. Alexander picked up his matching Curious George fork and stirred his eggs unenthusiastically.

“Morning, Mommy, Daddy.” He said with a wide yawn. His father folded his paper neatly and set it aside as he rose from his seat and looked down at Alexander. Alexander looked up at his father, eyes wide; he had always been an imposing figure in his life, but not in a bad way. His father was so tall, and strong and protective.

“Bye Alexander.” His father said shrugging into his long, wool trench coat. Alexander never understood why his father had such a jacket; it never got that cold in California. But his father was always traveling for business, so maybe he went to really cold places.

“Bye Daddy! Bring me stuff.” Alexander said a wide smile on his little cherub face. Azazel smirked down at the child he was raising and nodded.

“Sure son,” Looking up, and into Dina’s eyes, Azazel was surprised by the lack of condemnation he saw. There was no way Dina didn’t know what he was going to do today. He would be quite busy, going around the country fulfilling a promise made ten years ago. Soon his carefully laid plans would begin to unfold.

“Careful.” His ‘wife’ said a stern note to her voice. Tipping his hat to the angel, the demon nodded.

“Always, darling.”


August 18, 1986 - Xander Age: 5 yrs 1 month

Xander raced up the front walk to his house as fast as his little legs would carry him. Opening the door he began to shout excitedly.

"Mommy! Mommy!" His mother appeared in the kitchen doorway, a worried frown marring her features.

"What's the matter Alex honey?" his mom said kneeling down next to her son. Xander shook his head and smile at her.

"Nofing, mommy. I have two most bestest friends now." Xander stated proudly. Dina smiled down at her son.

"Oh really? What are their names?"

"Jesse and Willow. And my name is Xander now."

"Oh is it?" his mother said, hands on her hips. Xander nodded. "And why is that?"

"Cause that's what Willow calls me mommy." Xander said as if it were the most obvious answer in the world.

" about your friends can call you Xander, but your daddy and I get to call you Alex?" Xander beamed up at his mother and nodded.

"Is daddy coming home tonight?" Xander asked excitedly. He couldn't wait to tell his father about his new friends.

"He should be honey." For the past two weeks Azazel had been out doing demon things. Of course as Tony Harris he was on a business trip, and would be returning this evening. Whether or not Azazel would return home was another matter. Dina gave pause at her thoughts; she truly considered this suburban Californian house a home.

She actually considered Azazel her husband and Alexander her son. Not that she and Azazel were husband and wife in the carnal sense; that would never happen. But she honestly cared for the demon, cared that he returned home to her and their son in one piece, even knowing that his safe return meant the destruction or death of innocent lives. She should have been more disturbed by their arrangement, and she had been, years ago.

But something had shifted and Dina didn’t know when that had happened or what that meant for the greater scheme of the balance between Heaven and Hell. Immediately Dina forced those thoughts back, she had been around the humans too long; she felt their cursed pride tempting her mind to think that what she did or did not accept with this treaty with Hell mattered in the long run.

Ushering her son into the kitchen for his afternoon snack of cookies and milk, as well as to help him with any homework, though as a pre-schooler she doubted there would be much besides perhaps coloring a picture, Dina considered what her son had told her. Two friends. One he would lose to the dark and one to the light.

Jesse McNally was to lead a dark life, after a life of hardships, abuse and one world-shattering transformation. He would tempt her son; tempt him to give up his humanity. Just as Willow Rosenberg would lead a life of light and justice. She would grow to be a perfect conduit for the earth goddesses, and in that quest for closeness to the goddesses, she would abandon Alex. Dina heaved a sigh as her son greedily gobbled up the cookies given him.

He would lose his friends, but not for many years. And even then, the paths were hazy, cloudy with the choices of humans and with the choice that Xander would ultimately have to make himself.


April 26, 1990 - Xander Age 8 yrs, 9 months

"Dad!" Xander huffed turning around to encourage his father to get a move on. It was their annual father/son camping trip, and Xander was anxious to get to base camp. His father chuckled as he caught up to his hyper son.

"Alex, reaching the camp grounds is part of the experience." Xander rolled his eyes. His father was all about the 'experiences of life'. Sometimes he wondered if his dad was really traveling salesmen and not some Zen Buddhist or something.

"And I'd like to have this experience before I'm old and grey." Xander said with a frown. Azazel smiled down at the boy he was nurturing. He still refused to admit that Alex meant any more to him than his newest pet project, at least aloud. But he knew he was lying to himself. What he hated more than the fact that he loved Alex was the look Dina gave him every time he showed that love to his son.

"I have a surprise for you this year." Xander's eyes lit up and he bounced on the balls of his feet.

"Oh! Oh! What??"

"This year, I'm going to teach you to hunt." Azazel whispered conspiratorially. Xander jumped up and down, pumping his fist.

"Yes! Really?"

"Of course, every man should know how to survive in the world." As well as every resident of Sunnydale, Azazel added in his head. As per the agreement between Heaven and Hell nine years ago, Azazel and Dina were raising Alex on top of the Hellmouth. Its influence kept the town of Sunnydale sheltered in a way that was not possible in any other city. It also afforded them a way to introduce Alex to the mystical and supernatural world easily, both raising their own soldier for their cause.

"I agree. So what are we going to be hunting? Bear? Mountain lion?" Xander began. Azazel laughed and shook his head,

"No, I thought we'd start with bunnies and squirrels before eventually working our way up to deer." Xander immediately deflated, a soft pout pulling at his lips.

"Really? But...but what about the manliness?"

"All men start small." Azazel said, his arm dropping on Xander's shoulder as he led the boy forward in their hike. "Besides, there are no bears or mountain lions in the state park." Azazel laughed at the disappointed look on his son's face. "Did you seriously think I'd take you somewhere you weren't ready to go?"

"Never." Xander said understanding that there was something else underneath his father's words, some other meaning that he wasn't getting. He didn't know why he had answered as he did, but he saw that his father was pleased at his response.

"That's my boy. Now, let's go make camp."


March 10th, 1997 – “The Harvest”

Xander fumbled with his key as he tried to unlock his front door, stay silent, and process the evening’s events all at the same time. It was impossible. He was too numb to remember how a key worked, and what it was used for in a door. The door opened on its own and his mother was standing there, in nightgown and robe, a worried look etched onto her face.

"Alex? What's wrong honey? Why are you coming home at nearly two in the morning?" Xander looked up at his mother. There was no anger, no condemnation, only concern. And that was the straw that broke his camels already bloody back. The tears began to pour down his face in constant streams as he concentrated on maintaining his breathing. "Oh Alex..." his mother whispered, quickly gathering him into her arms and holding him tight against her soft form.

"He's dead mom." he whispered into her shoulder. She continued to rub circles along his back, as she drew him into the house and shut and locked the front door. His father was standing in the kitchen, a glass of water in his hand.

"What's the matter Jess?" His father asked, though Xander could have sworn that from the look on his father's face, he already knew.

"Jesse, Tony." She answered as if that explained everything. And apparently it did. His father simply nodded; a grim set to his face.

"What happened?" If Xander had been thinking clearly he would have been a hell of a lot more confused, and would have questioned his parents’ seemingly strange behavior. As it was, he was glad that they weren't prying too much. He didn't think he could explain the whole creatures of the night are real bit to them right now.

"Uh, there" Xander finally settled on. "He's ashes." That much was true. "There's nothing left mom, and it's all my fault."

"Oh no, honey. It was an accident."

"How can you say that! You weren't there, you don't know what happened!" Xander said furiously pulling back from his mother. She was still gazing at him with her soft, loving eyes.

"Because, if you truly meant him harm, you would not be so upset at his death. And I know you Alexander Harris. You would never intentionally kill anyone."

"I'd kill the bitch that did that to him...if Buffy hadn't already." Xander said angrily before he could think about what he had said.

"What?" His father said perking up. "Buffy?"

"She's new in town. And...she didn't kill her...she caught her, and turned her in..." Xander said catching on to what he had stated earlier, and hoping his parents didn't ask too many questions. To his great relief they didn't, merely sent him up to bed, with his mother promising to tuck him in and permission to skip school in the morning. Once he was securely sequestered upstairs, Azazel turned to Dina, a sharp gleam in his eye.

"The Slayer Dina."

"I know...this is...unexpected."

"Really? I thought Heaven knew everything." Dina gave him a sharp glare.

"You know that is not true. Or Alexander would serve no purpose." Shaking her head, she brought the conversation back to the topic at hand. "This does change things. We will have to watch him more closely."

"Are you suggesting that I did not train him well enough?" Azazel said affronted. Dina rolled her eyes.

"He is trained to survive the Hellmouth Azazel. Not nightly demon hunting with the Slayer."

"Slayers work alone."

"Yes stop him then." She said, her eyes trailing upstairs where her distraught son awaited her. "This is one of the turning points Azazel. He will make his, I believe he made his choice when he saw his friend as a vampire."

"Heaven wins this round then."

"No, this is merely the beginning. The war hasn't even begun."


April 7th, 1997 – “The Pack”

Xander couldn't explain what was happening. One minute he was helping Lance from the class bully's and the next he was sitting in the passenger seat of his own mind. It was the strangest feeling he had ever experienced. He couldn't quite explain it. He was feeling, seeing, hearing, and smelling things that he had never previously perceived and it was overwhelming.

His body was wandering around the streets of Sunnydale, looking for her pack. And how disturbing was it that his body was being taken over by a female? Shaking that thought off, he continued to observe what was happening around him, looking for an opportunity to try and fight for his body back. Something across the street had the Hyena Primal in him raising her hairs in alarm. She was sensing another predator, one far more dangerous than she, and she wanted the possible threat to her pack identified.

Looking across the street, Xander helped her use his eyes to search for the threat. He didn't want whatever it was hurting anyone either. To his surprise the only person around the aura of power was his father. Sure he was a powerful businessman, but that wasn't the kind of power that would have a hyena spirit nervous. His father turned and saw him; Xander tried to wave, or signal to his father, but could not control his movements.

He could feel the hyena tensing up his body for fight or flight, his legs flexed and in a defensive stance. His father gave a sharp look of surprise and then thoughtfulness as he gave Xander a wide smirk. Something in his eyes flashed a bright yellow and that was enough for the hyena, she, and subsequently Xander, took off down the street, away from Tony Harris.

Xander tried to look back and see what was going on, was his father possessed? A demon? Or was it magic? Or merely the trick of the light? Xander was forced to put his questions away to the back of his mind for a later time as the hyena got a whiff of pack and changed directions.


June 2nd, 1997 – “Prophecy Girl”

Xander entered his home with an extra bounce in his step. He had done the impossible tonight. He had broken an ancient prophesy. Well, he amended, his head cocked to the side, maybe not broken, so much as bended. Everyone, from Giles to Buffy's super-vampire boyfriend Angel had written Buffy off as dead. They were so wrapped up in the damn concept of fate and prophesy that they forgot to live in the real world.

Well, Xander had shown them. He had dragged Deadboy into the tunnels, forcing the vampire to help Xander locate one of his best friends. When he saw Buffy's lifeless body, he didn't allow himself to fall into the grief like Angel did. No, he reacted. He reacted as his mother had taught him. With CPR.

When Buffy began to cough and breath on her own again, Xander felt something profound shift in his very soul. He had been responsible for saving a life. And not just any life, the life of a Slayer, the most powerful mystic warrior on earth.

"Good evening Alex." His mother called from the kitchen as she made her and his father's lunch for the morning.

"Heya," Xander said leaning over the back of the barstool against the kitchen island. "I thought Dad bought lunches every day?"

"Yes, well..." his mother said a look settling over her face." How was your night?" She asked changing the topic. Xander smiled and allowed the change in conversation.

"Great! started out not so great, Buffy died. She drowned."

"Alexander! Goodness what happened?"

"It's okay mom, I saved her. I gave her CPR like you showed me, and she began to breathe again. She's alive!" He said jumping up and down, barely able to contain his energy. His mother's face grew grim as she looked her son in the eyes.

"So you are telling me that Buffy was dead? No heart beating, dead?" She asked carefully.

"Yeah, for a few minutes. It was really scary."

"Yes...I'm sure it was." Dina was unsure at what this new development would do to the Slayer line. Buffy should have died in the Master's lair tonight. But her son...her Alexander...he was already changing the fates of those around him and subsequently the world.

She could already feel the ripples through the future that this one event was causing. She shuddered to think what he would be capable of when the time came for him to come into his birthright.


October 31st, 1997 – “Halloween”

“Now this is what I call a holiday.” Azazel said standing in the living room, curtains drawn back as he observed the chaos reigning on the streets of Sunnydale. Dina rolled her eyes from beside her husband.

“You would.”

“What did Alex go as again?”

“Soldier, he wore his hunting camouflage and bought a five dollar toy gun.”

“Damn. I was sort of hoping he’d be Jack the Ripper or something equally as entertaining.”

“I’m surprised; you aren’t out there enjoying this.”

“Oh no, I am enjoying this quite enough from here. Besides, I have other things to attend to in a few hours, and I just know that if I get caught up playing here, I’ll miss my appointments.”

“How…responsible of you,” Dina countered dryly.

“That’s me. Mr. Responsibility.” Azazel turned his gaze back to the streets. “Oh…that’s an interesting use of a coat hanger.” Grunting in disgust, Dina walked away from the window, the curtain swinging closed after her as she left the demon to his fun.


February 14th, 1998 – “Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered”

“Hello?” Xander called out cautiously, hoping that no one was home. He was an idiot. He wasn’t new to the whole mystical shit, he should have known better than trying to cast a spell. And a love spell of all things. Love spells never worked, not in the movies, not on television and certainly never in books.

He had barely managed to escape Drusilla and Angelus with his life, not to mention the insane mob. He just hoped that Cordelia would be okay in Buffy’s room with him gone. He couldn’t risk going back into the house, so he had run home, hoping to hide out until Giles figured out how to break the spell.

His heart constricted as he remembered the harsh words that Giles had spoken to him in the library. He heard movement upstairs and cautiously moved up the steps, afraid of another Willow encounter.

“Alex is that you honey?” He heard his mother call out from her bedroom. Good lord, Xander prayed, hoping that the spell didn’t cause his mother to fall into crazy love with him.

“Mom?” he asked cautiously, afraid to open the door.

“Come on in, I’m just sorting the laundry.”

“Mom…do you…love me?” Xander asked hesitantly walking into the room. His mother looked up at him in shock and confusion.

“Of course I do! What sort of silly question is that Alexander? You are my son, of course I love you.”

“Yes…well one can never be too careful these days.” Xander said looking over his shoulder.

“What are you talking about? And I want the truth Alexander Harris.” His mother added arms crossed over her chest, eyes narrowed. Xander shuddered under her stare and began to back pedal out of the room, arms raised in surrender.

“Uh, well, the thing is…I sort of; kind of had a witch cast a love spell on my ex-girlfriend Cordy.” He stuttered, rushing the last part of his explanation out. If he thought his mother was angry before, she looked down right furious now.

“You did what?” She asked calmly. Her calm anger was never good.

“Uh…a love spell?”

“That’s what I thought you said. They don’t exist, try again.”

“No! I did. Magic is real and I cast a spell…well I didn’t but this witch did and now all of the woman in Sunnydale are trying to kiss me, or mate with me, or kill me…I’m not quite sure at this point.”

“Alex honey, I know magic is real.”

“You…you do?” Xander blinked. That was something he had never really expected to hear from his mother. But her belief might have had something to do with living on the Hellmouth. Most of the adults, while completely oblivious, had some serious survival instincts.

“Sure. But surely you know love spells don’t exist. I do hope you didn’t pay the witch too much.”

“Mom this is serious! I didn’t pay her, she goes to my school. And everyone really is trying to kill me.” Dina looked up at Alexander, her face softening at the panic in his voice and written all over his face. Walking over to him, she placed her hands on the side of his head and pressed her lips to his forehead.

“Everything will be okay.” Xander felt some great weight on his shoulders lightening at her words and her touch. Closing his eyes he focused on her warm hands, her soft touch, and her breath on his skin and he felt…free. Opening his eyes he could have sworn that he saw a soft, white glow around his mother’s form. That was before everything went black.

Xander opened his eyes with a soft groan. Where was he and why the hell did his head hurt so much?

“Xander you idiot! Of course it would be you trying to get all of the women in Sunnydale to fall in love with your…idiotic self!” He heard Cordelia’s voice and frowned. Cordy? But wasn’t he at home with his mother?

“Cordelia?” Xander asked blinking up at the brunette.

“Yes it’s me. I was hiding in the basement when you come tumbling down the stairs like the dork you are.” Xander stood on his feet quickly and immediately got into Cordelia’s space, his face inches from her own.

“Yeah, well I would have never cast the love spell if you wouldn’t have broken up with me!”

“Yeah, some revenge Einstein. Have all of the woman fall crazy in love with you and kill you. That makes me real jealous.”

“I wasn’t trying to make everyone fall in love with me. I was trying to make you, Cordelia Chase fall in love with me.” Xander stopped screaming, as he began to lose steam and began to choke up. “I really love you, and when you said you didn’t love me, that hurt. I just wanted you to care about me half as much as I care about you.” Cordelia had stopped yelling and was just staring at her ex-boyfriend in shock.

“You said care…not cared.”

“Well, I still love you, idiot.” Xander said blushing and turning his face away from hers. He felt her soft hands on the side of his face and he was immediately reminded of the gesture his mother did to him. Or did she? Had he imagined that? Was that some crazy…his thoughts were cut off as Cordelia pressed her pliant lips against his and Xander immediately threw all thoughts of his mother into the back of his mind and concentrated on the girl he loved, and returning her passionate kiss.


May 19th, 1998 – “Becoming, Part Two”

"Hey mom..." Xander started softly. Dina looked at her son, hiding her worried frown. He had been quiet all morning; that alone was a sign that something was wrong with the rambunctious teen. But Azazel had warned her of an imminent Hellmouth opening last night that was causing riots in Hell as souls attempted to flood to the surface to escape. He had been forced to return to Hell to help keep the peace. And yes, Dina barely contained her laughter at the irony of it all.

"Yes honey?" she said drying another pan too large to fit in the dishwasher.

"Do you believe in Heaven and Hell?" Dina hid her smile in her shoulder, unable to look at her son and not smile.

"Of course I do. Do you?"

"Well...I mean sure. I definitely believe in Hell."

"Well, then don't you also believe in Heaven? For the existence of one is dependent upon the existence of the other."

"You mean like a yin and yang thing?" Xander asked, head cocked to the side.

"Sure. Like a yin and yang thing. Why do you ask?"

"Well...cause I sent someone to Hell last night."

"You did what?" Xander ignored his mother incredulous look, as well as the fact that they didn't know about demons and vampires and plowed on, needing to get this off his chest to someone who wasn't there.

"Well, not directly. I mean...Willow was going to try and save him, but he had already done such horrible things. I didn't tell Buffy that she was going to try. I told her to kick his ass...and she did. She killed him and sent him to Hell."

"And now..."

"I don't know if I did the right thing. I mean sure he had done horrible things, but he was an okay guy. And Buffy really loved him, and now she is so broken inside...I don't know what to tell her. I can't tell her the truth because then she would hate me."

"Why did you tell her a lie?" Dina asked softly.

"To save the world."

"Would this person have wanted you to save the world?"

"You mean Angel? Yeah. When he wasn't being all...evil."

"Then I think you did the right thing. The existence of the world is more important than the life of one man, or the emotions of one teenage girl."

"Thanks mom." Xander said, feeling as if a great weight had been lifted from his shoulders. Suddenly, he seemed to realize that he was speaking to his mother and not one of the Scoobies, and felt a deep panic welling in his mind. "Uh...well you know that was all a hypothetical thing right?" Dina gave her son a knowing smile and tapped her nose once.

"Sure. Hypothetical."

"Uh, thanks. I'm going to go hang now."

"Alright, don't stay out too late, your father should be home tonight and I'd like to have a family dinner."

"Sure later mom." Xander said reaching up and kissing his mother on the cheek before he left to see how Buffy was holding up.


October 20th, 1998 – “Beauty and the Beasts”

“You are certainly coming in late.” Xander’s heart hit his throat as his father’s deep voice resonated in his ears.

“Dad, you scared the shit outta me.” Xander said letting out the breath he had been holding with a ‘whoosh’. His father gave him a sinister smile.

“Good. Maybe you will think twice about staying out to all hours of the night and worrying your mother half to death.”

“Mom’s up too?”


“Then…never mind. I’m going to go get some sleep now.” Xander turned to head up the stairs. He had made it about half way when he sighed and stopped. Turning around in place he saw that his father hadn’t moved from his spot, his calculating eyes still on Xander.

“So you do want to talk about it then?” Damn his parents. The both of them had this knack for knowing when something was bothering him and made him feel guilty about not telling them. And he could use an independent mind to bounce his theories. Giles was the president and founder of the demons are evil club, and Buffy was just a weapon Giles’ used to kill demons.

Xander winced, that was harsh. Too harsh, but it was how he was feeling right now. Xander didn’t know what Giles would have done had the werewolf not turned out to be Oz, someone they all loved and trusted. Xander shuddered to think what would have happened had Oz not had the Scoobies who could watch him three nights out of a month and not freak out.

Plopping down on the steps, where he had been standing, Xander sighed and turned his head up to look at his father. Azazel just nodded at him to continue, not moving from his spot.

“So…in theory demons are bad and angels are good right?” Azazel quickly hid the flash of surprise that crossed his face. Had the boy figured them out? If he had, he was certainly not acting how both he and Dina had predicted. Realizing his son was waiting for his response he spoke,

“Sure. I guess it depends on who you talk to.”

“Well, I mean I’ve never met an angel, so I couldn’t really speak about them.”

“Ah, but you’ve met a demon?” His father asked eyebrows raised. Xander shook his head, he wasn’t about to go literal with his father.

“No, not so much like that. I meant that there are people who you think are supposed to be good, and people you assume to be bad. But what happens if the bad person is only sometimes bad? Or they don’t mean to be bad and they are really a nice guy. What if they have a reason to be bad?”

“Ahhhh,” Azazel said with understanding in his voice. Alex must know that werewolf that the demon had sensed was in town. “Well, Alex, everyone living creature has the capacity for both good and evil in them. I’m sure this even holds true for Angels and Demons.”

“Really?” Xander asked eyes wide.

“Sure, I mean what one person might consider evil, or bad another might consider necessary to protect their family, or to save a life. Everyone also had different morals, and different goals in life. What you would be willing to do to reach those goals is highly different from what I’d be willing to do. Do you understand what I’m saying?”

“Sure, I get it. I mean I always sort of knew that the world wasn’t as black and white as Gi…some people perceive it as. I don’t know how, or why, but I can see people. Like really see them. And I can understand why they do the things they do, at least on a logical level. I’m not saying I agree with the things that they do, but I understand it.”

Azazel sucked in a breath and stared at Alex in wonder. They were still years off from when he would receive the Eye and his power. But from what he was telling him, he was slowly gaining his powers now. Perhaps that was how it was supposed to be, so as not to overwhelm his mortal form with the immense power and responsibility he would soon possess. That made sense, but he had never anticipated the boy would be this far along at this age.

“That’s a very nice gift to have Alexander. You should cherish and nourish it.” Xander flushed and turned from his father. He had a feeling if he told Giles about this; the man would have been skeptical and assume he had been possessed, again. He missed talking to his father like this. Lately he had been off on business a lot lately.

“Thanks Dad, its great having you home. G’night.” Xander said giving his dad a hug and moving upstairs to his room, his brain still processing the conversation he had just had with his father and what it could mean.


May 25th, 1999 – “Graduation Day Part Two”

Xander paced in his living room as he waited for his parents to return for the evening. Tomorrow was his high school graduation, and he was trying to come up with an excuse for his parents to miss it. The graduating class of 1999 would have enough casualties to worry about without adding parents to the mix. All of the scoobies and the rest of his graduating class were at their homes right now, telling their parents not to come. He had to meet the gang back in the library for late night planning after he talked to them.

He heard his mother's laughter outside the door, and Xander tensed, preparing himself for what he was going to do. The door opened smoothly, and his mother and father entered the house, having returned from their monthly 'date night.'

"Oh, hello Alex. You aren't usually here to great us." His mother said hanging her coat up in the closet. Xander chewed his lip and decided to just spit it out.

"Mom, Dad, you know how graduation is tomorrow?"

"Yes, your mother and I are quite looking forward to the occasion." his father said with a grin. Xander sighed and shook his head.

"Could you...not go?"

"Why ever not?" His mother demanded, hands on her hips.

"Because, it's going to be boring and lame and you know how these things are. The little troll of a principal just reads some damn names off a list and that's it. We can all meet in the park after, have a picnic or something."

"Alex, it's supposed to be boring for the student. It's quite enjoyable for us adults." his father said shaking his head. Xander groaned. It was getting late, he didn't have time to coax, he'd have to go straight to truth.

"Okay...would you believe me if I told you that the mayor of Sunnydale was going to turn into a giant snake demon at the ceremony and try and eat everyone present?" His parents shared a look before both burst into laughter. His mother walked up to him and pats his cheek affectionately.

"Alright, honey. If you don't want us to go that bad that you are making up such crazy stories we won't." Xander sighed in relief, his shoulders sagging.

"Thanks mom."

"We'll take you to dinner that night, alright Alex?" His father said. Xander nodded rapidly.

"It's a deal! I'll see you tomorrow night."

"Where are you going?"

"Uh, hanging with the girls. We are all going to spend the night at Buffy's and go to the ceremony together in the morning. I'll call you after. Bye love you." he said kissing his mother on the cheek and hugging his father before he bolted from the room and headed for the high school. Dina and Azazel watched their son leave, both shaking their heads.

"I would hate to know what he would have said if we had been human and actually questioned his flimsy excuse." Azazel said. "That boy can't lie his way out of a damn paper bag."

"That's a good thing."

"I disagree."

"Anyway. Is everything set?"

"Yep." Azazel said rocking back on his heels. "I called in a few favors. All of the students will have a demonic partner for this battle. These demons are only on temporary leave, so the minute Wilkins is dead, they leave, no matter how many minions he has left."

"I know, and the healing properties stop when they leave, so any injury sustained will remain after the demon leaves."

"No one can know that we interfered in this. But the price would be too high if we did not."

"Thank you.” Dina said planting a soft kiss on Azazel’s cheek. “Thank you for saving our son.”

“That is something you will never need ask, or thank me for.” Azazel said disappearing from the Harris living room, leaving a smiling Dina in his wake.


I broke this chapter into two, because it was way too long to work as only one. Part two should be up shortly, I was mostly finished with it when I saw the length growing at an exponential rate. I figured graduation was as good of a place as any to segment this chapter. Thanks for reading!

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