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Knight of Odin

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Summary: Alexander Winchester died during childbirth. Or did he? Now twenty-two years later all of the pawns are finally in place and it's time for the Powers That Be to move their Knight. But for which side will he play? White or Black?

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Prologue: The Son That Never Was

Knight of Odin


AN: Hey! This idea just hit me and I had to run with it. I’m really very excited about it. Don’t worry, I won’t be abandoning my Hunter’s Nephew Series, but this story just wouldn’t sit and not be written. The muses would not allow it.

Disclaimer: I don’t own Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Supernatural. I am also not a medical doctor or an astronomer, so anything that imparts information from these two fields is a mixture of heavy research and bullshit, though all locations, technologies, and vehicles mentioned actually existed in the years of the prologue.

Prologue: The Son that Never Was

Lawrence, Kansas: October 31st, 1980

John Winchester smiled as his wife put their sleeping son in his crib. He leaned against the door jam of his son’s room, arms crossed over his chest as he admired his wife’s costume clad form. Glad that she had talked him into going to the Jensen’s Halloween party. The babysitter had just left and now he wanted some quality alone time with his wife.

“Goodnight my beautiful son.” Mary whispered as she pressed her lips to her son’s forehead and turned to her husband’s leering form. He looked dashing in his costume. Barb had insisted on couples matching, so Mary acquiesced to John’s costume demand in exchange for his promise to attend the festivities.

“Get over here princess.” John said holding his finger up to her and wiggling it indicating she should come to him. Mary lowered her eyes and put her hands on her hips.

“Excuse me?” John just smiled and continued to gesture for her to come to him, knowing she would give in to him. She did. It took only another fifty seconds and she was walking over to him, her floor length white dress swirling around her feet as she moved. Reaching up, John cupped the twin buns on the side of her head and pulled her down for a deep kiss.

“Come on princess, let’s get you to bed.”

“So when are you going to get out of character there Han?” Mary asked without any heat in her voice. John took her lips in another breath-taking kiss and smiled devilishly.

“When you get me out of these clothes,” Giggling softly so as not to wake Dean, Mary rolled her eyes and nodded.

“Very well, husband mine; let’s go get you…out of character.”

Mauna Kea Observatory, Hawaii: October 31st, 1980

“Dr. Niven,” the new research analyst, James Shelley, said cautiously approaching the older astrologist. He was nervous, and for good reason. Dr. Niven wasn’t known for his patience with incompetence and though he was sure of what he had seen and recorded, he knew it would be a hard sell for the doctor.

“Yes Mr. Shelley?” Dr. Edward Niven said as he studied the readings from the latest UKIRT wide-survey scan. It was tedious, but necessary data that had to be entered into the database in order for the irregularities to be more quickly and efficiently detected.

“I have found something…rather strange.”

“Yes?’ Dr. Niven said, still not looking up from his work. He had learned that what he classified as strange and worth his time was quite different from what his research students considered fascinating.

“I have recorded several coronal mass ejections as well as a wide-scale stellar flare on the Polaris.”

“How many CME’s?” the doctor asked still going through his own data. Honestly, if this assistant was going to get excited over every CME that he saw, Dr. Niven was going to have to ask for another assistant.

“Uh…well…twenty-two sir,” Edward Niven could not have been more surprised if James had said that he saw his grandmother on the Polaris.


“I know that! I checked, double checked and triple checked the results. And not only were there twenty-two, all of them were dispersed in equidistant vector and radius from the Polaris. It was all quite…symmetrical.”

“Let me see.” Dr. Niven demanded moving over closer to James his hand held out for the photographs. He was astounded by the evidence he had been handed. It was true. Impossibly, inconceivably true, he thought flabbergasted. The wide-scale stellar flare looked more like the halo from an eclipse than a flare. The Polaris, or North Star, had not seen this much activity in nearly three hundred years, and never like this.

Unknown Location: November 1st, 1980

A lone woman stood starring up at the night sky as the light breeze danced across the plains, her skirt swirling softly at her ankles, and a deep contemplative look on her face. She was unsurprised when a deep voice spoke from behind her,

“It is time.”

“Hello Metatron,” the woman said with a small smile pulling at her lips. The Arc Angel had never been one for small talk.

“His soul has been reborn.” Metatron’s companion said seriously. “You know that we do not have the Eye, we must get to him before Azazel.”

“So sure that this one will be male as well, eh Harachel?”

“It has always been so.” Metatron said, he was indulging her humor.

“Dina, despite your…penchant for the female form, he will be reborn male.”

“I know, as it should be.” Dina said. “It is only fitting that I prefer the female form, as this son will need a mother.” Turning on her heel, her silky skirt flowing around her legs, Dina rocked back on her heels, hands locked behind her back as she bent slightly at the waist.

“So you are taking the mission.” Metatron said. Dina answered him with a smile.

“You know you will be facing Azazel?” Harachel said worried. Dina nodded and shrugged.

“Azazel will never endanger the son, he may have the Eye but he is in the same position as us. His possessing it is meaningless.” Dina waved off Harachel’s concern with a fluttering of her hand.

“You are being rather playful.” Metatron observed.

“I finally get my child.” She whispered turning her eyes back to the night sky. She ignored her two companions as they disappeared in a bright flash of light.

Lawrence, Kansas: January 6th, 1981

“You have quite the unhealthy obsession with her.” Dina said casually as she walked over to stand next to her ‘husband’. The man looked at her, his yellow eyes flicking from her face down to her protruding stomach and back.

“Should you really be possessing a pregnant woman, isn’t that against your heavenly code?” Azazel said with as much sarcasm as he could muster. Dina just smiled softly and shrugged.

“It matters not; this child will not be born. He is not my son.” Azazel would have been lying if he said he wasn’t a bit taken aback at the angel’s words.

“And they call us demons monsters.” He muttered, but she had heard him, as he knew she would. She simply gave him that mysterious smile that pissed him off to no end.

“So why does Mary Winchester fascinate you so?”

“She doesn’t, your ‘son’ does.” Azazel snapped.

“Touched a nerve?”

“This truce between us only lasts until the first minute of his twenty-second cycle.” Dina rolled her eyes at the demon, and took his right arm against her side, her own arms wrapped around his in a mockery of a playful gesture between husband and wife.

“As if an angel would go back on their word, our word is our bond. To lie would be to sin, to sin would be to lose favor, to lose favor would be to fall.” She stated in a soft, bored monotone.

“I may not remember much, but I know that to be false.” Azazel said casually. Dina shrugged again.

“It is as close to truth as I can tell. Just as we are as close to perfect as we are made to be.” Azazel rubbed his eyes at the twisted words from the angel.

“I’d fall again just so I wouldn’t have to listen to you anymore.”

“Except that you still listen to me, and you’ve already fallen.” Dina said with the slight upturned smile that had him pulling his hair out. If this truce were not so important, if this yet unborn child were not so important, Azazel would have killed the God-fearing bitch that Dina had been possessing for the last three months, just to piss Dina off.

“Stop it.” Dina said with a faux-pout.

“Stop what?”

“Imagining killing me…it’s…rude.”

“Like you aren’t doing the same.”

“Of course not. I do not particularly care for the violent natures of living and immortal creatures that permeates all of God’s creations.”

“Some soldier of heaven you are.”

“Mistake not, Demon, I will fight if my God ever has call for me to do so, I simply prefer to learn about the wondrous creations of the Father and instill this love of knowledge into his children.” Azazel shivered and shuddered as if he had eaten a rotten piece of fruit and pulled away from Dina.

“I have business.” He said stalking away from the angel. Dina smiled and stretched, as she headed to her doctor’s appointment. It wasn’t necessary, the child inside of her would never live, it was merely a means, a means to a very important ends. Walking into the office she smiled at Mary Winchester, and reached out her angelic senses. Closing her eyes in bliss as she felt the strong heart-beat of her son,

“Soon, my son…soon.”

Lawrence, Kansas: July 11th, 1981

“John!” Mary Winchester screamed from their master bathroom. She had just woken in the early hours of dawn, the sudden urge to urinate strong and demanding. She had made her way to the bathroom, careful not to wake her sleeping husband. However, before she could get much further into the room, her water broke in a surprising ‘whoosh’.

“What’s wrong Mary?” John called out, his voice rough from sleep, his large right hand rubbing at his face as he tried to wipe the sleep from his eyes.

“I…I think my water just broke.” She said eyes flicking up at her husband. This woke John Winchester up as well as an artic bath.

“But it’s still too soon! He’s not due for another week and a half!”

“I know! But it should be okay, I mean he’s fully developed.” Mary said trying to control her breathing as she learned from her Lamaze class.

“Alright, you get to the car; I’m going to grab Dean and the bag.” He said helping his wife to the stairs and down to the foyer. Once he was sure she was able to make her way to the used ’75 GMC Vandura that Mary had insisted they purchase when she had found out that she was pregnant with Dean, he turned and headed back inside.

Racing back up the stairs, John grabbed the duffle they had packed, they had learned much after having Dean, and then entered his son’s room. Scooping up the sleeping toddler who moaned and mumbled in his sleep, John made his way back down the stairs and outside to the van.

“Here honey,” John said handing Dean to his wife. Taking the child in her arms, she rubbed his back as she concentrated on her own breathing. John got into the driver’s seat and tore off for the hospital.


“Push!” The doctor said to a screaming Mary. Grunting, her entire body coated in sweat, tears streaming down her face Mary screamed as she pushed again with the contraction. John had wanted to be there, but since the delivery was last minute, they had no one there for Dean. So instead, John paced restlessly in the waiting room, a still sleeping Dean in his arms.

“Almost there,” the doctor said encouragingly, “just one last push Mary.” Mary glared at the doctor, but did as he requested anyway. Pushing with all of her might, she collapsed back on the bed, eyes staring up at the ceiling as she felt her son pass through her opening. The moment seemed deafeningly silent after all of the screaming. Wait…her mind caught up…silent?

“Why isn’t he screaming? What is wrong with my son?” She asked in a panic, sitting up as best she could in her exhausted state. The doctors were surrounding her son’s tiny form on the crib they had brought in for this purpose. “Tell me!” She screamed, her heart stopped in her chest.

They didn’t answer; they continued to work on her son, to work on Alexander, but nothing. They didn’t say anything, or at least anything she understood very well. She did get that her son wasn’t breathing. Why wasn’t he breathing? She cried, shaking in the hospital bed.

It must have been only minutes, but it felt like hours later when the doctor finally walked over to her. His face was grim, and she didn’t need to be told. Immediately she began to shake her head no, over and over.

“I’m terribly sorry Mrs. Winchester…your son was born with the umbilical cord around his neck, it had been cutting off his oxygen for hours. We tried to resuscitate him, but…it was too late. He was dead.”

“No! No, keep trying, don’t give up on Alex. Please Dr. Noah, don’t give up on him.”

“Mary?” she heard her husband’s voice as he entered the room. “What’s wrong?” Mary didn’t answer; she just burst into tears, deep sobs racking her small frame.

“What wong mommy?” Dean asked reaching out for his mother. “Where my bwuver?” This only caused her to cry harder, and finally understanding, John climbed into bed with his wife, their first born son between them as they cried as a family, grieving the loss of the second son, Alexander Samuel Winchester.

The grieving family never noticed the nurse with the black inky eyes as she walked the body of their son out of the room and down the hall. His crying and writhing form wrapped securely in a blue hospital blanket. Entering the birthing room four doors down, she walked over to the hospital bed and another mother whose dead child was currently being walked back to the Winchester’s room.

“Your son ma’am.” The possessed nurse said flatly, handing Jessica Harris her baby. Holding her arms out for the child, she took the squirming child and ran her index finger along his cherub face.

“Welcome home, Alexander, my son.” Dina said her heart swelling with love for the son she had been created to raise.

“Yes. Welcome home son.” Tony Harris said lowering his form next to his wife’s body, his eyes flashing yellow for a split second as a wide grin pulled at his lips.


AN: I hope that everyone enjoyed this first bit. This is sort of my guilty pleasure; I’ll be working on it concurrently with my Hunter’s Nephew Series.
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