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The Harsh Light of Day

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Summary: And the country falls to bits despite the best efforts of its heroes. (Drabble series)

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End of Days

The Harsh Light of Day

West Wing/Buffy Drabble Series

Disclaimer: As always, borrowed.

Rating: PG to PG-13, depending

Spoilers: Post-25 (WW), Post-Chosen (Buffy)

Summary: And the country falls to bits despite the best efforts of its heroes.

A/N: This will be a series made up of drabbles, with titles taken from Buffy and West Wing episodes, accordingly. Why? Because I can, and because I don’t have to pay attention in Econ. Drabbles are fun. Yay.


~End of Days: Drabble One~

"Quick! Turn on CNN!" Will yelled into Josh’s office.

She’d reached theh point where each cry of alarm sent her scuttling for the phone, and Dr. Keyworth’s number — not for her, but how long would it be before Josh’s fist went through another window? There was only so much one man could take.

But she turned to the television and watched the helicopter hovering over the crater where a city in California used to be, and heard Josh’s wail. Southern California — was that where Sam now lived?

How much more could the administration — and Josh — take? Donna grabbed the phone.
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