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Twisting Los Angeles JP style

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This story is No. 9 in the series "Jurassic Park Is Frightening In The Dark". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Angel left Sunnydale never to return, he was a year earlier. Watch as the lives of Angel & Doyle begin in this series of Ficlets.

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BtVS/AtS Non-Crossover > Comedy > Cast: Angel InvestigationsSithicusFR721,929013,10110 Feb 0924 Feb 09No

Angel & Doyle

Author's Notes: To honor the TLA month I hereby present what happens to Angel during the events of my series Jurassic Park is Frightening in the Dark. It will not cross over with any elements from JP, if a crossover does decide to make a minor guest appearance I shall alert you here in the AN section. Also it may not be as updated regularly as A Series of Carnivorous Events, my other ficlet series.
On another note I was feeling like hell yesterday morning, I have no idea what came over me, I was light headed and dizzy, nauseous, had trouble eating and lacked hunger. It got me a little freaked out even though it seems to have passed. Mom says it was the flu infecting me, dad says I needed to eat something because I was low on blood sugar or something. I should probably see a doctor, but since it is gone now I'll just wait and see what happens first. Anyway I told you all this so you'd know why I wasn't working on this and A Pack Hunter Stalks Among Us yesterday.

Disclaimer: Angel and all related caracters belong to Joss and Mutant Enemy Productions, they don't belong to me, never claimed otherwise. This is simply a work of fanfiction, now if you'll excuse me off I go for Breakfast.

Allen Francis Doyle, half-bracchen demon half-human stood in the middle of Caritas looking around for the guy he was supposed to help out on the road to redemption, he was supposed to be the messenger of the Powers That Be. But he was a year earlier then he should have been something really bad had gone down in Sunnydale. Something that had made Angel the vampire with a soul run to Los Angeles and for some reason stick around, despite the suicidal nature of that plan due to the fact that he was still in California and so many miles away from a bad group of demon hunters who wanted him dead. Doyle of course didn’t know the identity of the demon hunters, only that they were building up an impressive rep in the Sunnydale underworld. Having killed two thirds of the remaining Scourge of Europe group that had once counted Angelus as a member.

“Can I help you sweet cheeks?” the host asked coming over to where Doyle was standing.

“Yeah, you seen Angel, I mean a guy by the name o’ Angel?” he asked.

“On stage,” the host replied indicating the dark haired guy singing a passable rendition of Mandy.

“What’s he doin’ up there?” Doyle wondered not expecting an answer.

“Trying to get over his fears of Velociraptors,” the host replied.

“Say what?” Doyle blurted turning to eye the host.

“Oh it’s bad, real bad, boy am I glad I’m not him. And I thought Earth was a nice place to live,” the host remarked cryptically before turning and heading back to the bar. Doyle watched him go wondering what the hell that was all about, but he only saw the visions that the Powers wanted him to. Not the stuff they kept to themselves.

“Oh Mandy, well you came and you gave without taking, but I sent you away oh Mandy.”

The End
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