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Willow Turner

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Summary: William Turner's descendant receives a mysterious chest.

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Chapter 2

While the Scoobies were researching the prophecy. I n the middle of the Pacific ocean a cruise ship was being attacked, because it had not one but fifty shamans on it from different tribes from across the globe. They had been chose to hold a global council, as they all had the same dream of an apocalypse sent to them . They all knew they needed to meet near the island that used to be the main pirate hold. So once they reached there they all decided to do a spirit walk. While doing this a group of humans and demons attacked the ship for they wanted to attract the notice of the Flying Dutchman. For one it was a group of powerful magic users and they knew this was the year that that the Dutchman's captain could walk on land. They just didn't know what day.

So once the ship had been destroyed they waited for the Dutchman to appear to ferry the souls across to the other side. But they waited in vain for these souls would not cross for they wanted vengeance for their deaths. Every one of them set out to see if they could leave the area but none could save one. This was a young shaman of the Seminole tribe. The reason for this was because his ancestors once house and protected Elizabeth Turner and her child from the English when she came to the Americas. So Flies With Cranes left the area to find either the Flying Dutchman or someone who could locate it . So he opened his senses to see if he could feel any pull of the Dutchman or anything that felt like it. Sitting there awhile he noticed that there was pull toward the California coast. So off he went to find out what this pulling sensation was. When he arrived at the area of the pull, he knew he was on top of the hellmouth so he knew he had to be very careful. He did not want to attract any of the old spirits nor the slayer or her watcher.

So when Flies with Cranes reached a building of houses that looked like an apartment complex he very carefully looked into each one. But one would not let him enter. That was when he knew that he found the Watcher's home. But the pulling sensation was coming from the home. Sending out a tendril of power to the home and it allowed him to knock on the door. When the door was opened he was surprised to see a young red head answer for the news of the slayer was that she was a short blonde girl.

When Willow answered the door she was startled to see a ghost of an Indian at the door. “Giles you need to come and see this.” Willow stated.

When Giles reached the door he asked willow, “What is it Willow?” Willow just pointed at the ghost.

“Ghost what business do you have here?” Giles asked.

The ghost hung his head and answered, “I am Flies with Cranes. I sensed something of the Dutchman with in this house. I need to locate the Dutchman to allow myself and other rest in the afterlife.”

“Why would you need to locate the Dutchman? Unless you died at sea.” Willow asked.

“Well you see myself along with 49 other Shamans from different tribes around the world had gotten together for a global council and we were attacked by a group of humans and demons. They wanted to locate the Dutchman themselves and rob her and possibly take the captaincy so they could use it for ill will.” Flies with Cranes said.

“Let me get this straight. You came here to find the Dutchman but all you found was us. Why would you come here instead of further out to sea or something?” Asked Giles.

While this conversation was going on, Willow was thinking about why Flies with Cranes would come here, then it hit her, the heart. Both Giles and the shaman turned to Willow. When she looked up at them and said, “I said that out loud didn't I?”

“Yes you did, what do you mean by the heart? Do you mean to tell me you have the Heart of the captain of the Dutchman in this house?” The shaman asked.

Willow bit her lip and looked up at Giles, he shrugged and said, “It is your secret to tell my dear. I can't say yes or no to this one.”

Willow slumped a little and didn't know what to do for she did not know if this spirit was telling the truth or not until both Buffy and Xander ran into the house yelling about some news about a cruise ship being attached and destroyed in the middle of the Pacific ocean. Buffy walked right through Flies with Cranes and felt a weird sensation. “What or who is that?” Buffy asked.

“That is Flies with Cranes Buffy. He is here for help and we are trying to find out how to help him and his friends that were killed on the ship you saw on the news.” Giles explained.

“Well, how hellmouthy.” Xander said.

“Flies with Cranes, we do have something that may help but I don't know how it will help you. But I don't know if I can part with it.” Willow said.

“Anything to help me and the shamans. Please.” He implored.

“Well Anya said it was the chest of Davy Jones, but my mother told me it was the heart of Elizabeth Turner's love, my ancestor. If I lost it or if it was stolen then there would be a curse laid upon me and would have to deal with the Turner's themselves. I don't know what that means. So I don't know how this would help.” Willow explained.

Cliff Hanger I know sorry. Also sorry so short.

The End?

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You have reached the end of "Willow Turner" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 28 Apr 09.

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