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Alexander Harris, Soul Reaper?

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Summary: First fic (yay) Xander goes to Africa to hunt down more slayers when he meets some pretty interesting people along the way, Xander harem

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Welcome to the Jungle

Authors note: Sorry for the looooooong time in between updates, but life just caught up with me and hit me hard… in the head, hopefully that didn’t affect my writings, I hope you like.
-Sacred ( He who takes forever to post, tee hee:)

Welcome to the Jungle

Xander entered the jungle heading east as Jack had told him, he could hear the engine of the plane flare up again. Xander hiked for a few hours till it got dark and decided to make camp. Xander opened his duffel bag and took out a tarp, a few stakes for the tent and for any unwanted visitors, he set those aside. After he finished setting up the tent he turned back to his bag and took out ‘Headache’ his favorite weapon. It had started out as a normal ax, but after slaying a few demons with it, it gained a few interesting properties. It had the ability to return to Xander if it was thrown and it could just about cut into any demon skull it came in contact with. Xander kept it close to him always, where he goes it goes. Xander entered his tent which was bigger on the inside then it looked from out thanks to
Willow, He settled down with a sigh and closed his eyes.

“Are you ready to continue your training?” Came a recently all too familiar voice.

“Fido is that you?” Xander said with a grin.

“No it’s the bloody queen of Sheba of course it is me, pup.” Fang jeered.

“So what’s on the agenda today one who giggles at death?”Xander replied.

“Today we run…” Fang Sniffed.

“Okay dokay, don’t sound too hard, he who laughs at slaughter” Xander sniped.

“Oh did I not tell you that you’ll be blindfolded.” Fang laughed as he watch Xander's’ face fall.

“You need to pay more attention to your other senses other than that of the eye, pup.” He continued.

“Also you will carry fifty pounds on your back.” Fang finished.

Xander went back into his tent and picked up his pack and went to go find some rocks. It took him around forty minutes to find fifty pounds of rock in the middle of the jungle, he made sure that ‘Headache’ could be easily drawn at a moment’s notice then put on the blindfold.

“Have you finished with the preparations for your nice looong run?” Fang cackled.

“Yes Yoda” said Xander as he started laughing uncontrollably.

“Make your jokes pup, will see who is the one laughing when the sun sets.” Fang growled.

Six hours later Xander finally arrived back at his camp in a state of total exhaustion, He had many cuts and bruises from the run and barely got inside his tent before he passed out as his vision started to turn black Fang whispered

“A good start, but wait for what I have in store for you tomorrow, pup.”


Soul Society

“How could one simply disappear from the radar?” Toushiro asked.

“He is not deceased or he would show up on are soul scanners, so where could he be?” Retsu asked to no one in particular.

“Excuse me captains but I think I know where he is… well at least his general location.” The head radar technician stated.

“And where would that be?” Toushiro said non to nicely.

“Um… somewhere near the land mass called Africa I think.”

“You either know or you don’t that is your job is it not?” Toushiro spat back.

“Hitsugaya this is unlike you what do you have on your mind?” Ritsu calmly asked him.

“His file says he is a spirit level 5, If he was apprehended by the hollows the consequences could be dire.” Tourshiro said coolly.

“I doubt that a hollow could take Harris out, he is a fighter, but you should send someone to check on the young man.” Retsu stated.

“I’ll send my vice to go check things out she should suffice.” He said as he walked out the door into the hallway. He walked back to his office to sit down and do up the paper work to send Rangiku to Africa.

“Matsumoto get in here.” Tourshiro yelled.

A few second later Rangiku walked in and sprawled across the couch in front of Tourshiro.

“Rangiku I’m sending you to Earth to find a Alexander Harris, we have somehow lost him on are radar and it is up to us to clean up the mess of the ‘search and find’ division.” He ordered.

“Earth! seems like an awful lot of trouble for just one human.” Rangiku complained.

“The file is here on the desk, memorize it, you leave in 10 hours… you are dismissed.”

“But Earth, why does it have to be Earth? She whined.

“Just go and do your job, If you are still here in 10 hours I will personally kick you all the way to Earth and back.” Tourshiro barked.

“Geese just lighten up will ya, get a drink and have a little fun.” Rangiku said in fake astonishment.

“Rangikuuu” Tourshiro warned.

“Okay, okay I’m gone.” She said as she backed out of the door.

Tourshiro looked at an identical file to the one he gave Rangiku he sighed “Where are you Harris, who are you?”

I another dimension Xander Harris sneezed violently in his sleep, stirred then rolled back over and continued his fitful dreams.


*Please review, the more you review the more I write and the more I write and the more I write the more you read and the more you read the more you review. See complete circle there funny how that works out, oh well PLEASE OH DEAR GOD PLEASE REVIEW.
-Sacred (Master of the 23 voices in side his head well most of the time)

The End?

The author is currently looking for one or more beta readers for this story. If you are interested, please email the author or leave a private review.

You have reached the end of "Alexander Harris, Soul Reaper?" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 3 Aug 09.

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