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Alexander Harris, Soul Reaper?

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Summary: First fic (yay) Xander goes to Africa to hunt down more slayers when he meets some pretty interesting people along the way, Xander harem

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Chapter One, The Past and Present

Chapter 1
The Past and the Present

(I don't own BtVS or Bleach so don't think I do, though it would be pretty awesome.)

Alexander Harris woke up to see the waves of the African ocean crashing against the cliffs as he flew by.

“Sir, are you awake? We are about an hour out of the landing strip.”

Xander groaned, “Yes, it’s as good a time as any.”

Xander checked his leather duffle bag to see if all his ‘possessions’ had stayed in place. Everything seemed to be in order. Xander stared off into the African foliage as the plane flew by.

"Sir, we’re about to land, better buckle," said the pilot.

“Okay Jack, tell Giles I said ‘hi.’”

“Will do,” the pilot yelled towards the back of the plane.

Xander sat there twiddling his thumbs and whistling the theme song of one of his favorite animes when he felt the plane start to decline towards the ground. He looked out the window at a tiny dirt road.

“Where’s the landing strip?”

“Sir, this is the landing strip,” Jack answered back.

“Um… are you sure you can land on that thing?” Xander asked.

“Don’t worry, I’ve done this before,” Jack chuckled.

“How many times is before?” Xander murmured.

The pilot didn’t hear or just didn’t care for at that instant there was a bump and the plane slowed to a halt. Xander unbuckled his seat belt, stood up stiffly, picked up his bag and headed towards the door of the cabin. He found himself staring into the glare of the African sun and was transfixed by how orange it was. Out of the corner of his eye, Xander thought he saw a few fleeting shadows moving, but when he turned they were gone.

“Hey Jack, where’s the nearest village?” called Xander.

“Thirty miles east, why?” Answered Jack.

“Well, that’s as good of place as any to start,” Xander said.

“Okay then, I’ll be sure to tell that old Brit you said hi.”

“Yeah, thanks,” Xander said as the plane started its engine back up.

Xander looked at the setting sun and with his back to it he stared walking in to the jungle.

Two weeks earlier, London current headquarters of Supernatural Bureau of Investigation (SBI).

“Aww... come on Giles, we need someone in Africa, and who better than me?” Xander begged.

“We can put McNeil there, Xander. We need you elsewhere,” Giles replied

“You’ve got to be kidding me! McNeil? You know better than anyone that I’m perfect for the job.”

"Well it seems you’ve made up your mind, and we all know you can be a stubborn as a mule."

Xander turned and started to leave when Giles called out.

“Wait, don’t forget to stop by and see Willow and Faith, you know how they feel since Buffy died.”

“Will do,” Xander replied as he headed down the hallway.

Shortly he found the library and he walked in side to find Willow sitting on a window seat, face deeply pressed into a big leather bound book. She glanced up to see who had come through the door.

“Xander!” she squealed as she ran to embrace him.

“Whoa Wills, you’re acting like you haven’t seen me in years,” replied Xander.

“It’s been ages Xan, where have you been?” Willow beamed.

“Here, there, Asia…"

“ASIA!” Willow screamed, “That’s like on the other side of the world!”

“Hey Wills, you know better than most that the slayers are better off being found by us and not the other things out there that would rape, sell, buy, cut up and eat, or
just plain kill them if they’re lucky.” Xander replied sternly.

“I know, I know, but Asia?” Willow asked.

Trying to change the subject Xander spoke.

“I got you something.”

“What?” Willow replied, the conversation forgotten.

“Guess,” Xander teased.

“Xander!” Willow moaned.

“Fine I’ll tell you, I found it in a little town west of Beijing...” said Xander as he took a book out of his bag.

Willow brightened, “The Grimoire of the Ancient Chinese Magi Quinn Ha! It’s… it’s… perfect!”

“I thought you’d like it,” Xander beamed, “um Willow…”

“No, not so soon you just got back!” Willow cried.

“I’m not leaving for a couple of weeks, two at the most,” Xander replied.

“But, Xander, you just got back and now you’re leaving,” Willow whined.

“There’s no one in Africa, and there are a few new slayers that have popped up,” Xander said.

“Africa?” asked Willow.

“Africa,” Xander answered.

“Well at least it’s closer than Asia...” Willow stated.

“Now do you know where I can find Faith?” Xander asked.

“On the training grounds with the newcomers, of course,” laughed Willow.

“Of course,” Xander laughed.

Xander walked out of the library building and crossed the compound to the training grounds to find Faith. As he approached he saw them in all their glory. It still surprised him to see a slayer sparing with another slayer, using strength and speed in which he could never match.

One of the girls looked over and saw him.

“Xander!” she squealed.

She got smacked in the head by her sparing partner for it.

“Don’t get distracted by that old goofball, Sandra,” her partner chastised.

“But… but… it’s Xander...” Sandra whimpered.

“I don’t care if it was God himself, just as long as you keep your eyes on your enemies,” Faith said harshly.

Sandra just whimpered and shrunk back.

“Good to see you too Faith,” Xander said.

They both stared intently at each other for what seemed like ages. Then at once they both broke out laughing.

“Come here you big…” Faith pondered for awhile but Xander cut in.

“Big what?” Xander asked.

“I don’t know yet, but if I think of something witty and demeaning I’ll tell you,” Faith countered.

At that they both broke out laughing again.

“It’s been so long since I’ve laughed that hard!” Faith gasped.

“Ditto, it’s good to see you Faith.” Xander laughed.

As they both exchanged hugs they reflected on years past when they were younger.

“Girls, has Faith here been treating you right?” Xander asked.

There was a mixture of ‘yes’s’ and ‘no’s’ from the twenty girls standing in a circle ranging from age twelve to eighteen.

“Xander, how about a match for good times sake, hmm...?” Faith interjected.

“With you? I think not,” Xander replied.

Somebody from the crowd of girls shouted “Come on, fight!” A few more shouted out other similar encouraging words.

“Yeah Xander, come on fight! I promise I’ll go easy on you,” Faith teased.

“Fine I’ll do it. Can’t disappoint my girls can I?” Xander retorted.

With that they both entered the circle of slayers and moved to the middle.

Faith shouted, “Come on, show me what you got.”

Cheers erupted from the surrounding crowd, and just like that the fight started. At first they just circled around each other waiting for the other one the make the first move when Faith leaped forward with a fist stretched out at an amazing speed, Xander rolled out of the way, her fist just barely missing his face.

“Close one Faith. You’re losing your touch,” Xander jeered.

“How about this...” Faith retorted as she started an indicate dance of kicks and punches, while Xander just dodged them all as easily as dodging a brick building. Faith got angry, and that was her mistake. She started throwing a flurry of punches, trying to find a hole in his defenses, but no mater how hard or fast she punched he was a step ahead of her. All of a sudden she stopped in mid-hit and stepped back.

“Cheater,” she said low enough for only Xander to hear.

“I have no idea what you mean,” Xander said innocently.

“You’re using that ‘eye’ thing again, aren’t you?” Faith said.

“I have no idea what you mean.” he grinned

They both laughed.

Well that’s the first Chapter, I just had one of my friends go through it so it should be fine. Please REVIEW! Thank to DG who I will bounce all the crazy ideas that roll around in my head (vary tough job) and to Steampunkish who helped with all the grammar issues (failed that class in high school).
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