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Children Of The Stars

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Summary: Galactica 1980 crossover with the Season 8 comics. Xander has kept his real family secret from his friends for years now, but suddenly both worlds are throw together. Slightly AU, given the direction the comics have taken.

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Children Of The Stars
Disclaimer and Teaser.

I do not own Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Galactica 1980. Buffy, of course, was created by Joss Wheadon and Galactica 1980 was created by Glen A. Larson. I don't make any money from this nor do I intend to.


It was the year of Xander's infamous road trip. According to every story he told the intrepid explorer got as far as Oxnard before the bottom dropped out of his newly acquired car. Actually this is true, to a point.

He also told people he took a job washing dishes and waiting tables at a ladies only strip club to pay for the repairs. This is also true, to a point.

Finally he told the story that one of the male dancers called in sick and he was called up to replace them. This is where the truth gets lost.

It's a well know fact that Xander was adopted, his "family" only supporting him as far as keeping a roof over his head and food. At first Jessica Harris wanted a kid but couldn't stomach the idea if nine months of pain. Anthony, her husband, hit on the idea of adoption. No hassle and no real medical bills. A pre-packaged kid they could call their own.

At first they cared for Xander as any parent would, but neither of them were suited to the job and even though they tried Jessica and Tony Harris slowly gave up on Xander and their dreams. Relying more and more on drink and taking their frustrations out on Xander.

In one of their drunken tirades they told him he was adopted. It wasn't a big surprise to him but after a brief search all Willow could find was a record of him just appearing in a hospital one day. Abandoned and alone.

He had long given up looking for his birth parents. Willow and Jessie became his family then he met Buffy and Giles. His best bud Jessie died and Xander "got the mission" as it were.

The road trip wasn't what everyone thought. He wasn't travelling because he had nothing to do. No job or prospects. It was a factor but he had another reason. He'd saved the world but never gone much further than the bluff over looking Sunnydale. If he had saved the world he was going to get to know just what he had saved it for. Right now he was having trouble thinking up a good reason.

He had just been fired, apparently he didn't flirt enough and Joe didn't like him. Joe was the Bar manager, the fact he was having an affair with the owner made him the last person you want to cross. Apparently, Xander found out that morning, he was getting too many tips.

Tips, something like twelve bucks a night, was all he was living off. His rather lean pay check was going into motel costs and car repair. Both of which were about to come to a grinding halt. His own trip funds were all but exhausted on fuel for the car and buying the rust encrusted heap off his "Uncle".

Irritated and convinced his road trip was totally over before it had begun Xander sat in a cafe with his breakfast-come-lunch. A muffin and some coffee. Bought with the last of his funds. The only way he could get anywhere now was to sell the car. The garage that was repairing it said they could take it off his hands. The car was a classic, even in the state it was in. Xander had the suspicion they were inventing problems to rip him off. Wouldn't surprise him.

He could buy a bus ticket out of what passed for civilisation and back to good old Sunny-hell. Devil's fun house it was.

Be that guy at the job centre. Work some 9 to 5 minimum wage slaves job in the day and fight demons at night. Was that it, he asked himself. Was that going to be the life of one Xander Harris, zeppo and loser?

He had finished his Muffin and had half his coffee left when Xander saw a guy walk in. It was only just gone eleven, too early for the lunch time rush and this wasn't the sort of place that got people hanging out in. In fact the only reason he noticed the guy was other than staff they were the only two people in there.

The guy was about forty, tall with mid length back hair. Sort of like Xander's own. He wore an old black leather jacket and tan pants that looked well worn. Buffy would probably have made a comment about a lack of fashion sense All Xander saw was another guy down on his luck, did this place attract them or something? The guy looked around and caught him out of the corner of his eye.

Xander had never seen someone so shocked, he couldn't have looked more stunned when the whole vampires are real thing was dropped on his head. He couldn't have looked that bad could he?

'Hello.' The man sat down opposite, he looked nervous but trying to keep eye contact. There was something else, the set of his shoulders the look in his eye. He might have been nervous and shocked but he was in control. 'I'm Troy.'

'Hi. Xander.' he introduced himself, wondering how fast he could finish his coffee and get out of there. He didn't swing that way.

'Xander?' he laughed. 'Good name.'

'So is Troy.' Xander bit back. He was a little protective of Xander. Willow knew why no one else. Not anymore.

Troy looked away, a smile breaking through the mask of shock. 'This can't be real, the chances...'

'What chances?' Xander asked carefully, taking a drink.

Troy pulled out a wallet and opened it, inside Xander caught a glance of a couple of photos. One of this guy and a slightly older looking woman and another of two people and a kid. He didn't get a good look at either but then Troy pulled out a third.
It was him, Xander. Well almost. The nose was a little wrong and the eyes a bit to close but it couldn't be anyone else. 'Where did you... who the hell are you?'

'I told you, my name is Troy. About nineteen years ago I... My wife gave birth. An old enemy of mine took him away.'

'Nice coincidence. What, you've had private detectives looking everywhere, looking for me. You happen to walk in and all of a sudden you find him. Just who the hell are you?'

'We didn't have any detectives Xander. We... I have other resources. I used the computron scanners... I used a computer to build a
picture of you. Every two years and I never stopped looking.'

Xander smirked at the man. No that wasn't right he forced it back down. 'Look, dude. If this isn't a set up I'm sorry. I don't think I'm him, if your telling the truth I'm really sorry for your loss.'

'Xander. We named you that. A new name for the first of a generation. I know, please.' Troy rolled up his sleeve, he wore some sort of massive copper and black watch with far more buttons than were needed. 'This has an analyser. I can scan your biological code with it and then I can prove what I'm saying.'

Xander swallowed. This was a little close for comfort. When his parents had adopted him they had to come up with a name. His first word was "Xander", they thought he was trying to say Alexander and it stuck. It wasn't until Willow said the same thing in kindergarten that it stuck. 'Tell you what. If it does work I still won't believe you. If it doesn't you pay for breakfast.'

Troy grinned, almost laughing. 'It will work. If it does, promise to hear me out.'

What had he left to lose? It wasn't going to work anyway, The guy was desperate and grasping at straws. There must be a hundred kids called Xander out there. 'Shoot.' Troy pressed a few buttons and the little box bleeped.


And that was how Xander met his real father and later his mother. When they told him their secret he realised just how big a world he helped to save.
For five years he kept their secret, kept them secret. He protected his friends and his extended family. Even when he lost an eye Xander never wavered in his loyalty. But after those five eventful but short years something happened.
A new, or even older enemy depending on how you looked at it, reared his ancient head.
A civil war had shattered a once powerful empire.
And a Slayer had a dream...

End Teaser.
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