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Slayers In Atlantis

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Summary: After the battle with the First, the Scooby Gang are searching deep into the origins of the Slayer, they find a writing about 'a huntress sent across the stars to protect those who know not what they face' could this be a lead into the Slayers past?

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Stargate > Dawn-Centered > Pairing: OtherdawnieelfFR151634,91759248,64712 Feb 0930 Aug 10No

Headaches and the Sparring Room

AN thank you for all my reviews!!! I'm really happpy with the response that I got to this plot, I looked back and I was kinda worried what you would all think, but it seemed you all liked it except for one review that aggitated me greatly. Hope you continue to review!!


“I understand your shock, but we have waited many years for the Key to return, that much raw power would have been enough to wipe out the Wraith, but as you are human, you will have to do it with the help of the others.”


The Ancient looked at her in confusion.

“Explain.” Dawn translated.

“Ah.” The Ancient smiled. “The power you possess is a mere fraction if what you were, but you are still extremely powerful, if you ally with the 2 last Huntresses and the people of Atlantis you will achieve you goal, but you are not a Champion. You are the one who guides the Champions.”

“Oh Crap.” Dawn sighed and she slumped in to her chair. “This so isn’t fair.”

“Okay, will someone please explain what is going on?” McKay had had enough, these three had walked in and now things were a lot less clear than before.

It was Natalie that took the pleasure in explaining it to him. “Cliff notes, me and Faith are apparently related to a really old and extinct race called the Huntresses, and Dawn is now the Guardian of the universe and mega powerful Wicca who’s super strong and super fast. Got it?”

“Wicca?” Weir asked.

“Magic, or what you believe to be magic, it is really manipulating the energy around you.”

“The residual energy from powerful Earth movement?”

“Precisely, the energy is used by Wiccans to do things that normal can’t do.”

“Amazing.” McKay exclaimed.

The Ancient’s expressions became worried as she looked upwards.

“I must leave, the others believe I have done what I come to do, they do not want me to alter what must happen.”

“Wait what?” Dawn exclaimed. She never liked it when higher beings spoke like that.

“You are meant for great things, Dawn Summers, but you must let your emotions guide you.” The Ancient turned to the SGA team. “These three are our Warriors, they are our connection to you, trust them, and they shall see you through this.”

“Stop with the Cryptic.” Dawn muttered.

Dawn didn’t get a response as the Ancient had disappeared.

“You know every time I meet those guys, they get more annoying.” John decided.

The two teams looked at each other. The Atlantis Crew were far from trusting these people, but apparently they were here to stay, so the best they could do was keep a close eye on them.

“Dr. Weir, I think it would be a good idea if we wrap this up, I need time to think.” Dawn reasoned, going in to Watcher Mode.

“I agree, I would like John to stay behind however, we need to speak privately.”

“What ways the sparring room?” Faith asked.

“I’ll take you.” Ronan offered immediately. He didn’t like these girls and the only way he was going to deal with that dislike was by fighting them.

Faith stared at him, not expecting him to be so eager. She shrugged and signalled him to lead the way and Dawn, Faith and Natalie followed him out.

“Well that fight is going to be interesting.” John muttered to himself before turning back to his CO.

The other team members had left by now and he and Elizabeth were the only ones left in the room.

“So...” John started.

Elizabeth sighed and rubbed her forehead. “It’s a lot to take in.”

“Got that right.”

“Do you trust them?” Elizabeth asked bluntly.

“Honestly, no, but I don’t think that General O’Neill and SG1 would have let them through that Gate unless they trusted them, so I say we take the chance.”

“I agree, Dawn will accompany you and your team on missions, but I don’t want her left alone for 2 seconds, she is to be watched all the time.” Elizabeth ordered.

“Yes Ma’am.” John nodded as he left to see Ronan fight a tiny girl.

Dawn walked through the halls of Atlantis, and although the place was amazing, she couldn’t focus on enjoying it.

The higher beings seemed to like interfering when it came to her and Buffy, she was happy with her magic, that’s all she wanted, not to be the normal one. Careful what you wish for.

Added to her Voodoo (as Faith called It.) she was a Slayer and the Powers that Be for this universe. She could deal with the Slayer bit, but she really didn’t like the whole being in charge of the Universe bit, that gave her the wiggins. And to top all that off, she was feeling antsy, like she needed to fight.

She didn’t even realise that Ronan had brought them to the sparring room till she looked around. She liked it. It was simple, a few pieces of equipment, and that left a lot of room to spar.

Dawns thoughts were cut in by Ronan speaking.

“I think we have some things to settle.” He stated, rather calm for him.

“I believe we do.” Faith answered just as calm.

But Dawn knew better, Faith had that glint in her eye. The one that said ‘I'm gonna kick your ass’. But with her newfound powers it might be more ‘I'm gonna throw you through a wall a few times’.

“Faith let me; you can spar with Natalie after us.”

Faith raised her eyebrow as she looked at Dawn, but didn’t say anything. She was actually interested just how different Dawn was now.

Ronan seemed to accept this and threw nodded his consent to fighting Dawn.

“Go get ‘em Dawnie.” Faith smirked as she and Natalie moved to the side of the sparing room.

It was only then that she noticed Teyla, John and someone she didn’t recognise were standing to the side also.

“Nothing like a good audience.” Dawn muttered.

She would admit she was nervous, she didn’t know how to use her newfound abilities yet and she couldn’t really use them to her advantage if she didn’t know how to use them.

“Let’s go.” She told Ronan with more confidence that she felt.

Ronan was quick, she’d give him that, and aggressive. She was instantly on the defence. Ronan didn’t get a hit in, but at least he had managed to try, Dawn didn’t get the chance.

He stopped his attacks and backed off as they circled each other. He attacked again as he jumped in to attack from the air.

Dawn blocked again as he continued his attacks, but she was beginning to get nervous. This guy was REALLY aggressive, and he wasn’t giving her a chance to even get a hit in. She lost her focus for a second and Ronan managed to through her defences. He managed to get a hard punch to the side of her jaw.

Dawn didn’t know what happened, she wasn’t sure she ever would, but something definitely happened. Dawn moved faster than she ever had, managing to attack Ronan before he could start another one of his attacks.

She was angry, her jaw didn’t hurt, but it was the fact that he had struck her. The rational Watcher in her didn’t understand why she was so angry, but the slayer in her did. She was the predator, he was the prey. She wasn't supposed to get hurt, he was meant to lose and she was meant to win. So was the circle of the Slayer.

She didn’t really think about the moves she was using, she just felt them flowing out of her. When a roundhouse kick to the head connected to Ronan’s head she realised just how powerful her attacks were.

Ronan had more than a few inches on her and was more than double her size in bulk and her kick had sent him flying a few feet across the room.

Dawn didn’t have time to even think about it as Ronan was already on his feet and moving again, but she felt more confident this time, she had felt her abilities, now she could use them.

Ronan came at her again, but she blocked his first attack and managed to get a hit in to his stomach. Before he could even retaliate she was moving again. She was now using her skills that she had honed for years. Strategy was now in her movements, she wasn't just going on her newfound instincts.

Dawn smiled, Ronan was good, but she was definitely better now. No doubt he would have beaten her when she wasn't the Slayer, but everything was different now. Even her senses were helping her. Her enhanced vision could see the smallest tells as he moved, that wouldn’t have been seen before. Her body seemed to be even more flexible than before, her kicks higher and her twist longer.

Her elbow met his face as she kicked his legs out, he fell to the floor and before he could move, her foot was on his neck.

“You lose.” Dawn smirked down at him.

Ronan smiled back and grabbed her leg and twisted. Dawn ended up on the floor right next to him.

“Ok, fine. It’s a draw.” She sighed.

He may be a caveman, but there was a personality behind that, Dawn decided. She had seen the slight humour behind his last move.

She lifted her head to the sound of clapping. Faith and Natalie were still their laughing and clapping.

“Thanks Dawn, I finally made some money on you.” Faith thanked as she held her hand out to Natalie.

Natalie stopped clapping and sighed. “Fine, but it wasn't really fair. I didn’t know she was going to go in Full Slayer Mode.” She slapped some money in to her sister’s waiting hand.

Dawn pouted. “No fair, I'm not allowed to bet on you.”

“Yeah but you do it anyway.” Came Faith’s quick response.

She still hadn't moved off the floor and was shocked to see Ronan offering her a hand.

She accepted it and leapt to her feet, jumping a little too close to Ronan than she would have liked.

“Sorry.” She mumbled as she tried to take her hand from his gasp.

Ronan however held on.

“You’re a good warrior, Dawn. A lot like Kida.”

“Thank you.” Dawn said, trying not to blush. She didn’t blush anymore she was an adult.

Ronan let go of her hand and walked over to John and the guy she didn’t know.

Dawn turned to Natalie and Faith.

“You two gonna fight?”

They didn’t reply as John walked over to the three.

“Uh, if you do use the sparring room, could you try and not break anything that would be hard to replace. Elizabeth isn’t really happy with all the glass now littering the hallway by the briefing room.”

“Right, gotcha.” Faith replied smiling.

John smiled back, but quickly made his way back to his corner. Sure the girls were cute, but he was too worried about the fact that they could break him in to tiny little pieces to do anything.

“You heard him, break anything and I'm calling Giles.” Dawn scolded playfully as she almost skipped over to the three guys.

“Hey.” She greeted as she eyed the stranger.

He must have realised she was staring as he quickly introduced himself.

“I'm Major Lorne.” He greeted holding his hand out.

Dawn hesitated taking his hand, she really didn’t want to break a military officer, it probably wouldn’t be very good for her reputation around here.

She took the hand of the soldier, trying to keep her strength in check.

Major Lorne winced slightly, but he seemed to be able to us his hand after, so she didn’t do too much damage.

“Quite a strong grip.” Lorne commented.

“Sorry, I'm kinda getting used to the whole super strength.”

“Ah.” Lorne replied not really knowing what to say.

Before Dawn could explain anything she was interrupted by a large crack on the other side of the room.

Dawn instantly looked to see where the sound had came from and was amused to see there was a crack in the wall, where one of the two sparring Super Slayers had obviously gone in to.

She was quite shocked to see the two actually fighting. She could make out the moves and the separate women barely, but she couldn’t make out any real details. The only thing separating them was the colour of their clothing and hair, and this was with her new enhanced vision.

“I told them not to break anything.” John muttered.

Dawn stifled a laugh. “Don’t worry, I’ll fix it when they are done.”

John looked at her, confused.

“Sabrina at your service.” She explained.

John eyes changed from confusion to understanding to nervousness. He wasn't sure how much more strange he could take in one day.

“Sir?” Lorne asked his superior.

“I’ll explain later, when I don’t have a headache.”

John winced as Faith threw Natalie in to the ceiling, resulting in a lot of the plaster to come down.

He really hoped that Dawn could fix it, or Elizabeth was going to kick his ass.

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