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Slayers In Atlantis

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Summary: After the battle with the First, the Scooby Gang are searching deep into the origins of the Slayer, they find a writing about 'a huntress sent across the stars to protect those who know not what they face' could this be a lead into the Slayers past?

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Stargate > Dawn-Centered > Pairing: OtherdawnieelfFR151634,91759248,64712 Feb 0930 Aug 10No

A Beautiful Friendship

DISCLAIMER: I don't own anything, ever.

Thanks to my Beta ozseaside and winterblu, this chapter wouldnt be half as good without you.

Hope you enjoy!


Dawn took great pleasure having created that look of astonishment of the three military men’s faces.
After Faith and Natalie had finished the work out – with Faith being the victor, the sparring room was not looking its best. Faith and Natalie were grinning like two little girls who had just got a pony. It was scary to think she was the mature one out of the trio.
As she promised, Dawn fixed up the room, although it took more than the simple ‘abra kadabra’ that she displayed. She loved performing the stupid clichés; it was so fun to watch people’s reactions.

“You did all that with ‘abra kadabra’?” Lorne asked.

“No, I’ve just always wanted to say it.” Dawn said with one of her winning smiles.

Lorne looked amused at her antics and turned to Sheppard “Where did you get three Wonder Women?”


Lorne grinned, just when you thought this place couldn’t get any crazier.

Dawn glanced over to Ronan. “So did we prove our worth?”

Ronan gazed at the brunette long and hard. She looked nothing like his wife, polar opposites, but there was something so familiar. That same stubbornness, but at the same time soft. He had never compared anyone to his wife, in his eyes she was one of a kind.

“Guess you did.” He answered.

“Really not much of a talker are ya’?”

Ronan grunted and left, not wanting to interact with the confusing woman any more.

“Don’t worry, you’ll get used to him, he can be a little...” John trailed off.

“...rude.” Dawn finished for him.

“That’s one way of putting it.”

“Nah don’t worry about it, my big brother figure was a British vampire, I’m used to rude...” she paused.”...and a lot of swearing.”

John just nodded, he felt like his brain was in overload, and the comment went right over his head.
Natalie and Faith seemed to have calmed down and were looking slightly more sombre.

“We have to figure out what this all means to us, big sis’ ain’t gonna be happy with your new found status, she has enough trouble with you being a witch.”

Dawn sighed. Faith was right, Buffy was going to have a hissy fit. She always made sure that Dawn would have the most normal life an ex key and megawitch could have. Add Slayer on to her titles and it means she now lives in crazy land full time. Buffy was going to go nuts!

“I’ll send a video back on the ship back to earth.”

Faith nearly laughed, but controlled herself. One of the good things of being in a different Galaxy was that it was easy to avoid big fights with a pissed off Buffy.

“Don’t forget to tell her that you’re head honcho here as well.”

That was going to go over even better; Buffy wasn't a big fan of the PTB’s. She was not going to be happy now her sister was one, even if it was in a different Galaxy.

“Uhh, I suggest we get some food, and then Elizabeth will want to give you your fist assignments.” John cut in. He thought there was enough craziness today.

Faith and Natalie’s eyes lit up. It seemed the two H’s were still going strong. Even Dawn was starving and she had eaten just before she had got on the Prometheus. She really hoped they had enough food to keep three Slayers happy.

“You said the magic word. Offer a Slayer food, and they’re yours for life. Or at least until they finish eating!” Dawn laughed as John led them to the mess hall.

It was nice, in a military way; it kinda reminded her of the cafeteria in Sunnydale High. Those were the days. Getting attacked by ghosts and then going for lunch.
The three newcomers filled their plates to the brim and followed John to the table where the rest of his team sat.

‘My team’ Dawn thought.

It was weird, she was no longer the ‘Slayers little sister’ or, as Spike used to call her ‘Witch Junior.’ This was her team; she was the leading expert of her fields.
Teyla smiled in greeting as they approached. Dawn liked her, she reminded her of Tara, but a lot more confident.

McKay was looking down at his food, not making eye contact with any of them, Natalie had already taken her toll on him by the looks of it.

Natalie winked to her sister and took a seat next to the scientist, she obviously was going to get her way, whether he liked it or not.
Faith and Dawn looked at each other before they both held their left hand up and decided their squabble over rock, paper, scissors.

“I win.” Faith grinned as she played rock.

Dawn sighed in defeat as Faith took her seat next to John, if she wasn't careful, Dawn would be parting with her leather pants very soon.

She took the final place on the table at the end beside Ronan. He hadn't looked at her since they had entered the Mess Hall.

“What’s the what?” Dawn asked him.

His confused looked forced her to reiterate.

“What’s the matter?”

“You bring back memories.” Was all he said.

Dawn decided not to push any further, Ronan really didn’t seem like the touchy feely type. Instead she turned to the rest of the group.

“So what can we expect to be our assignments?”

John was the one to answer. “Elizabeth will want to get you acquainted with the rest of your department, and they’ll show you the ropes. I’m guessing she will want to split the two of you onto separate teams, spread the Super Powers and all.”

Faith frowned at that, she wasn't sure how she felt at being separated from the other two. Sure, they could all hold their own, but the arrangement had a ‘divide and conquer’ feel to it, plus there was that whole bodyguard thing going on, although it wasn’t really needed now, she supposed..

It seemed that John was right. After meeting with Elizabeth yet again, Dawn had been handed off to Teyla and Andy, the acting head of the Archaeology department to be shown the ins and outs of her new research crew, while Natalie and Faith had been designated teams.

Faith was to be put on to Major Lorne’s team. The decision had been based on the fact that after Col. Sheppard’s team, they seemed to be the ones who needed a super strong Slayer to help them out of binds. Natalie’s assignment was slightly more flexible, she was to provide back up for the other two when needed, and would head out with other teams as required, when in high risk areas. Her soldier skills would allow her to mould better with multiple teams. As far as they knew, she was just another Major from Earth.

After being briefed, Faith parted from Natalie, who was going in search of McKay’s lab, and asked Sheppard to send her in the direction of Dawn’s department. If she knew the girl half as well as she thought she did, Dawn would already be in the Ancient Database trying to figure out how she had just become leader of a Galaxy.

It seemed that Faith was right. She found Dawn in her new office with a frown on her face.

“What did you find?” She asked as she entered the office.

Dawn glanced up at her, worry evident in her eyes. She and Dawn could be childish all they wanted, but they would never be as care free as they wanted to be.

“The Key was a weapon to start with, but it needed to get stronger, which is why they gave it to Sineya.

Every time it opened a door, it soaked up more energy.”

“What was it meant to fight?”

“It was meant to kill the Wraith, once and for all. Eventually it’s power was meant to be wielded by Kida, but it became too unstable and had to be contained. Enter the Order of Dagon, they were charged by the Ancients to contain the Key at all costs. The power had become so unstable that it wouldn’t just open doors, it would tear down all the walls.”

“And that’s what would have happened with Glory.” Faith finished.

Dawn nodded. “I always wondered why I could never dimension hop. Willow thought I would be strongest at it, but I have never been able to tap in to it, the power is too strong and unstable to be channelled through a human being.”

“So I guess it might be a good thing if you stop trying, just in case.”

Dawn smiled slightly. She couldn’t laugh at the moment, it had finally sunk in what she was now. She was a leader, and already she hated it. She saw what happened to Buffy when she became a General. She didn’t want to become that type of person, nor did she want to have to treat people like Buffy had had to when they fought the first.

“You know, things haven’t changed that much” Faith said, sensing her mood.

Dawn snorted. “How do you figure?”

“You were a Watcher before we came here, and you still are. Just now it’s for an entire Galaxy, instead of just me. “

Dawn managed a small laugh. “And the Galaxy will be easy compared to you.”

“True. Remember what the glowy chick said, you will need me and Nat, as well as Atlantis to defeat the Wraith, don’t be your sister and shoulder it all, we all know how that turned out.”

Dawn knew Faith was right. She couldn’t become a brunette version of her sister. Buffy held the weight of the world on her shoulders, and she refused to let anyone share the burden. It had changed her in a way the blonde Slayer didn’t like to admit, and Dawn hated it when General Buffy came out, it wasn't her sister anymore.

“I'm just worried about what she said about the Key awakening. Last time that happened I nearly ended the world and Buffy died.”

The two went silent for a while until Natalie sauntered in.

“Found anything to appease Giles?”

“A bit. Some stuff about the Huntress, and how it was her DNA that made the Slayer, and a lot of

Science that goes over my head, but Willow might be able to grasp. Along with what that Ancient told us. I think he’ll be happy.” Dawn replied.

“I think that is enough information for today. Why don’t we go unpack and then chill out with a movie or something?” Natalie suggested.

“Sounds cool. I’ll just go to find Col. Sheppard first and ask him when my first off world mission is. I need to be prepared and all.” Dawn grinned.

“I bet you do.” Faith grinned.

And with a click of the fingers, the cheery facade reappeared.

Dawn found John in the sparring room training with Teyla. She watched the two in motion, He was good, but Teyla was obviously better. Her movement was almost Slayer like, her, moves flowed together with grace and precision. She couldn’t wait to Spar with the Amazon Beauty.

Teyla noticed Dawn watching them and ended the match with a kick to the chest and a swipe of the legs. She was holding back, but it was enough to put John on his back.

“That’s a good look for you.” Dawn said, announcing her presence to the Colonel.

“Hey Dawn.” He greeted as she offered her hand to help him up.
He took it and Dawn hoisted him up, pulling him a little closer than necessary.

“Uh thanks.”

“My pleasure. I just wanted to know when the team next heads out?”

“It will be a while, we’re on down time, so you can get used to your new department.”

Dawn nodded. It made sense, and would give her time to train with Natalie and Faith. She wouldn’t be any use if she couldn’t get her Slayerness in check.

If she was honest with herself, she was happy she wasn't going off world straight away. It wasn't just her problems she had to deal with. She had to worry about the repercussions of Natalie’s and Faith’s new found powers, and the Key was bound to make an appearance now that it wasn't dormant, and that really couldn’t be a good thing, in Dawn’s opinion. With her luck it would happen when she least wanted it to as well.

She shook her head to rid herself of her thoughts. “Hey, you guys want to come watch a movie with us; we can grab Ronan and Rodney on the way?”

John paused, he wasn't sure whether he was ready to get buddy – buddy with the three.

Dawn sensed his hesitation. “Look, I know you don’t trust us, but we need to start somewhere right, and a movie is better than our first mission.”

John looked to Teyla who was smiling as she nodded her head in agreement. “Rodney will be in his lab, and I believe Ronan is in his rooms, perhaps it will let us all know each other a little bit better.” She suggested to her team leader.

“Ok., Let’s swing by and pick up Rodney and Ronan and then we can decide what movie we want to watch.”

Dawn smiled in thanks. She was hoping this was going to get easier in time.

“So getting to know each other huh?” She pondered. “Well my favourite things are football and ferris wheels.”

John stopped and smacked his chest. “A girl after my own heart.”

Dawn looked confused and looked at Teyla. “Huh?”

“I believe John is also a great fan of ferris wheels and football, as he has told me repeatedly.” Teyla mused.

Dawn laughed with her, and hooked her arm through Teyla’s. “I believe this could be the start of a beautiful friendship.”

They walked on past John who was now modelling a very unsoldier-like pout.

“What about me?”

Dawn glanced behind her. “I can think of something way better than friends for you and I, Col. Sheppard.”

It seemed to shut John up, as he headed the same way they were going, looking very good indeed.
Oh yes, beautiful friendship indeed.

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