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Slayers In Atlantis

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Summary: After the battle with the First, the Scooby Gang are searching deep into the origins of the Slayer, they find a writing about 'a huntress sent across the stars to protect those who know not what they face' could this be a lead into the Slayers past?

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Stargate > Dawn-Centered > Pairing: OtherdawnieelfFR151634,91759248,65412 Feb 0930 Aug 10No

Indiana Jone and the Temple of the Ancestors

Well here it is, Chapter 13. Hope you enjoy.

Disclaimer: see chapter 1

Thank you to my beta ozseaside, she puts up with a lot from me, and this chapter would have had big issues if not for her. Thank you!

Reviews are appreciated!!

Dawn stood in the embarkation room looking slightly nervous as she stared at the ‘Gate. It was her first mission and was predicted to be a routine meet and greet, but from what she heard it was never routine with Sheppard’s team. It has been a while since she had been a big gun, and if she was honest with herself she liked the feeling that if she screwed up there was someone there watching her back. She screwed up now and there would be no one but herself to fix it.

“Are you Okay, Dawn?” Teyla asked from beside her.

Dawn smiled hesitantly. “So so, guess it’s just first time jitters. I haven’t really ever done something this big on my own before.”

Ever since they had all watched the movie together, she had become fast friends with Teyla. The Athosian seemed to be the Pegasus version of a Slayer. During their first spar, things hadn’t gone smoothly. It seemed that the Slayer in Dawn saw the Wraith as a threat, and the Wraith DNA in Teyla became a problem because of it. During the heat of battle Dawn had gone in for the kill, and it was only Ronon’s quick reaction to intercept her that saved Teyla. From then he and Teyla managed to restrain her as her mind slowly became lucid enough to realised what she had been about to do. After the mishap she had apologised profusely and Teyla was more than forgiving, explaining how they had discovered she had some wraith DNA.

“I see.” Teyla nodded. “It can be very unnerving visiting a planet for the first time.”

“Ah it’s not so bad, it’s normally just trees, a lot of trees.” John reassured as he entered.

“Gee that’s great, because I’m so used to trees living in California most of my life.” She replied dryly.

“Ah, a Valley girl, I forgot. At least you aren’t blonde.” John shuddered.

Dawn snorted. “Say that to my sister’s face and she’d use your arm to play golf with and your body the ball.”

“Thank you for that image, seriously you’ll be fine. It isn’t like this is known Wraith territory.”

Dawn hit him over the head. “You jinxed us.” She scolded.

Before John could retort the ‘Gate began to dial. As the final chevron locked, the team made it way forward, Ronon taking point.

John and Dawn were the last ones left on the Atlantis side of the ‘Gate when Dawn paused.

“I really don’t like portals, you know.”

John didn’t reply as he shoved her through.

“This is going to be interesting.” Were his final words as he walked through

It was only her Slayer balance that saved her from falling flat on her face as she flew out of the wormhole. She heard the ‘Gate shut behind her.

“John, you are so dead.”

The rest of the team looked behind them to see their newest member glaring daggers at their team leader.

“Oh, come on Dawn, it’s an age old tradition.”

“Tradition my ass.” Dawn muttered as she joined Teyla, Ronon and McKay.

“Let's just get going. Ronon, you take point, Teyla, you watch our six.”

As both of them complied, Dawn took a minute to look at the dynamics of the team.
Ronon had the best eyesight and had the quickest reactions, so it made sense that he would lead the way. Teyla was similar. Her superior hand to hand skills and quick reactions meant she could deal with a sneak attack. Rodney was in the centre, being the least battle hardened. She took her place behind Rodney while John was in front of him.

“The MALP indicated that there was a village about 2 hours walk north. The usual meet and greet.”


John took point as they entered the village. They were all shocked to see a welcome committee.

“This usually happen?” Dawn whispered to John.

“Not lately.” He whispered back.

They were interrupted when an elderly woman stepped forward.

“Greetings Lanteans, I am Cindra.” She greeted.

“Uh, don’t take this the wrong way, but how do you know who we are.”

“ The Temple of the Ancestors has foretold your coming for many years. When the scouts said the Great Ring had activated, we knew the time had come.” She explained.

“The time for what?” Dawn asked.

This seemed more and more like a prophecy, and that was never good.

“The time for The Ancestors to return to Atlantis.”

“Sounds like we need to look at that wall.” John decided.

Cindra nodded. “My Warriors will take you.”

Cindra motioned to two large men, about Ronon’s size, wielding large broadswords.They followed the men to the outskirts of the village, where a large temple resided.

“This is where the Wall is?” McKay asked.

“Yes, Lantean.” One of the Warriors nodded.

The two men stayed outside the temple as the team ventured in.

The sight that welcomed them held them on awe. The temple was vast, and old. There were writings on every single wall they could see.

“You’re the language geek, what does it say?” McKay asked Dawn impatiently.
Dawn studied the wall closest to her. “These markings are strange, they seem to be Ancient, but are all slightly different.”

“Can you read it?” McKay asked.

“Maybe, I need to figure out what the variation is before I can even begin translating.” She explained, not even looking away from the wall.

Dawn could tease Giles all she wanted, when it came to languages, she was as bad as him with his books.

“Right, Ronon you stay here with Dawn. Teyla, you and Rodney go mingle with locals, and I’ll go back to the ‘Gate to report back to Weir. She is going to be very interested in this.”

When Ronon and Dawn were left alone, Dawn glanced sideways in Ronon’s direction.

“What?” He asked gruffly.

Dawn smiled. “Nothing. I was just wondering when you are gonna stop being, tall, dark and broody in my presence.”

“I’m not.” Was his short reply.

Dawn snorted. “Right, and I’m not a Valley girl. You know the only other person I have seen this grumpy is Angel when he’s in the same room with Buffy, and that was after they tried to kill each other! And they ended up in bed together."

Ronon just glared.

“I’m just saying.”

They stayed silent as Dawn’s focus went back to the wall. Dawn snapped her fingers.

“Ancient Sumerian.” She said proudly.

Ronon’s stance didn’t change at all.

“It’s the second language mixed with Ancient, I should be able to decipher it now, but it is going to take a while. There’s a lot of wall in this place.”

“Better get on it then.” He grunted.

Dawn sighed. “What I wouldn’t do for my IPod right now.”

Dawn returned to her work. Now that she could decipher the writing, she was getting interested. The wall spoke of the downfall of the Ancient. Pretty much what they already knew, but it was the next thing that caught her attention.

“Oh no.” Dawn paled.

“What?” Ronon asked, actually sounding interested.

He didn’t get a response though. He barely saw the blur that was Dawn as she darted out of the temple, heading towards the ‘Gate.

Ronon chased after her, but he was starting to appreciate Slayer speed. She was already out of his sight. He headed after her, hoping that she would at least remember to punch in her IDC before she tried to get through the ‘Gate

Dawn ran as fast as she could, and it seemed her top speed got her back to the ‘Gate just under a half hour later. . She needed to talk to Weir. (if it only took two hours to walk,....
She dialled the ‘Gate as fast as she could while simultaneously punching in her IDC. She raced through the ‘Gate but slowed on Arrival, she really didn’t want to get shot.

As soon as she was through she came face to face with John.

“Dawn, what the matter?”

“We have a problem.”

“Guessed that, what kind?”

“The destruction of Atlantis and the Wraith winning kind.”

“Oh, that kind. Crap”

“We’re screwed.” Dawn stated yet again.

“Will you stop saying that?” John snapped irritably. “Nothing is set in stone.”

“Well this is. Literally.” Dawn snapped back.

Dawn, John, Elizabeth, Faith and Natalie were in the briefing room. Elizabeth had called the two sisters after Dawn had come flying through the Stargate.

“Dawn, why do you think there is a danger to Atlantis?”

Dawn sighed. “John told you about the temple right?” With Elizabeth’s nod she continued. “Well I was able to figure out that the other language was Ancient Sumerian. Once I did that, it was comparatively easy to translate. It referenced a War between Four Great Races. The Ancients and the Huntresses, against the Wraith and a strange race the Ancient’s didn’t know of, but called the Destroyers.”

“That doesn’t sound good.” Natalie commented.

“Wait, how come we haven’t heard of this Race before?” Elizabeth asked.

She found it odd that the War between the Ancients and the Wraith was so well known on all the inhabited planets they had come across in the Pegasus Galaxy, but these two races had yet been to have been heard of since they had settled in Atlantis.

“Honestly, I don’t know. From what Miss Glowy told us though, I would say that the Destroyers and the Huntresses joined the fight late. I think that the Destroyers were what levelled the playing field against the Huntresses.”

“And I ask again, how does any of this endanger Atlantis?” Elizabeth asked Dawn.

“The wall in the temple went on to say that when The Great City reawakens and three of the Four Races made war on each other, the Fourth would return and determine the fate of the War.”

“But the Three Races haven’t returned.” Natalie frowned.

“Yes they have.” Elizabeth said, shocked.

This was hard on the civilian, she knew they were far from understanding the Ancients, and had barely scratched the surface of Atlantis, but this new information threw all the progress they had made out the window. It was also going to throw up a new road blocks as well. Like they didn’t have enough of them already.

“Did I miss something?” Natalie asked her sister.

Faith had stayed quiet throughout the entire meeting. She may not show it, but she could be extremely intelligent when she wanted to be, especially when wars, battles and strategy that were being discussed.”

“No, but we did cause it.” She replied to her sister, but she was looking straight at Dawn.

Dawn stared right back, nodding so slightly that it was hard to see if you didn’t have super vision.

“How?” John asked. “You and Natalie may be one of the Races, but we haven’t got any resident Ancients.

“Yes you have.” Dawn quietly answered him, looking down at the table.

“But you’re not an Ancient.” John countered.

“In a way, I am. I was created by the Ancients, and I was pure energy, until I was made in to Human Form. Sound familiar?” She asked, turning to Elizabeth.

Elizabeth gasped. “You were Ascended.”

Dawn nodded hesitantly. “I think so, I don’t remember any of it, but Atlantis feels like home in a way that
Sunnydale or anywhere else on Earth never did. It’s like I’vebeen here before. And don’t’ forget that I’m charged with the protecter of this Universe, just like the Ancients were.”

The only one not stunned to silence was Faith. “Did it say how we can fight the Two?”
Faith (although she would never admit It.) had learned a lot from Buffy over the years. When it came to being a good Slayer, Buffy was the best. Faith had always matched her on Strength and Speed, but Buffy had actually listened and observed the people around her, something Faith had only learned with time.

“Honestly, I don’t know. I hadn’t found anything yet, and the only way I can, is translating everything that’s in that Temple. We haven’t even searched all of it yet. It’s big, and I think we need to know what else is there too, besides the writings”

“How long will that take?” Elizabeth asked, regaining her composure.
“Depends on how many people are both skilled in Ancient Sumerian and Ancient, the writings flit between the two randomly.”

“Well I suggest that all of you get back to the planet, before the others begin to worry, and I’ll assemble the linguists with the necessary skills.” She looked over to the two sisters. “I would like you two to go as well, I don’t want to take any chances with this place, both of you plus you team John stay there until furthur notice."

Dawn raised her hand slightly. “If it’s possible, I think it would be a good idea to get Daniel here, he is probably the only other linguist under SGC payroll that can translate the two languages together as quickly as I can.”
“Well that’s easier said than done. I think General O’Neill is scared that if he lets him over here, he won’t come back.” Elizabeth smiled. “I’ll make the request, but no promises. You are all dismissed.” She ordered as she stood.

Faith turned to Dawn. “Do you really think we can fend off these things?” She whispered so only the hearing enhanced people in the room would hear her.

“Not a clue, but something called a Destroyer cannot be of the good, look at Connor.”

Faith snorted. “The brat ain’t that bad.”

“Yeah, he’s nice to you because he has a crush in you. He’s evil to the rest of us.”

“Oh, because you never acted like a little brat?”

“Not the point.” Dawn dismissed.

“C’mon ladies, looks like we have a Temple to raid.” John cut in to the private conversation.

“Oh God, he thinks he’s Indiana Jones.” Dawn sighed.

“Hey, he was hot.” Faith protested.

“Faith, you thought Darth Vadar was hot.”

“It’s the voice.”

And that was what the techs in the control area saw as Faith and Natalie accompanied Dawn and John to the gate. Three careless girls laughing, and their CMO looking rather offended and at the same time slightly awed.
The last thing they heard as they went through the ‘Gate was their superior officer.

“You really think I’m like Indiana Jones?”

Reviews are always welcome, it help get the writing going.
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