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Slayers In Atlantis

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Summary: After the battle with the First, the Scooby Gang are searching deep into the origins of the Slayer, they find a writing about 'a huntress sent across the stars to protect those who know not what they face' could this be a lead into the Slayers past?

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Stargate > Dawn-Centered > Pairing: OtherdawnieelfFR151634,91759248,64512 Feb 0930 Aug 10No


As soon as they stepped through the ‘Gate they were greeted by the sight of Ronon in all his cavemen glory just starting to dial the ‘Gate.

“Hey Dreads.” Faith greeted.

He looked up, his eyes wild. He advanced on Dawn, his large bulk making Dawn look like a little doll.

Faith and Natalie instantly tried to close ranks against him, but Dawn stopped them with them her hand.

“Don’t do that again.” Was all he said before storming off in the direction of the village.

“Jeez, didn’t know you cared so much.” She muttered following after him.

“What was that about?” John asked.

“I think I just won.” Faith smirked as she headed out. Natalie followed after shrugging.

John jogged to catch up with Dawn.

“Wanna tell me why Ronon has gone broodier than usual?” John asked the brunette.

Dawn sighed. “When I found out what was in the Temple, I just ran as fast as I could to the ‘Gate. Kinda left him without telling him
anything. I guess he doesn’t like being out of the loop.”

John listened, but he couldn’t help but think there was something more there.

When they got to the village they met up with Teyla and Rodney who were in deep discussion with Cindra.
Teyla was the first to see the group, and looked slightly confused at the appearance of Faith and Natalie.


“Long story short, Dawn’s an Ancient; there is another Race out there that will decide whether or not we get our asses kicked.”
Teyla looked and Rodney, thoroughly confused. Rodney’s face was a mix of awe and wonder as three women joined the circle.

“Cindra.” Dawn greeted. “This is Faith and Natalie.”

“Huntresses, it is an honour to meet two warriors as great as you.” She bowed as she greeted the two.

“Well that’s new.” Faith commented with a raised eyebrow. “Did I miss the Pegasus Gazette?”

“How do you know who they are Cindra?” Teyla asked kindly.

“My family was entrusted with the protection of this temple. Every protector receives dreams of the Great Races. The Huntresses faces were known to my family long before they were born.”

“That’s...disturbing.” Natalie muttered.

“Wait, if you knew who the Great Races were how come you didn’t recognise Dawn?” Faith asked.
Cindra turned to Dawn, confused.

“Thanks Faith. Cindra, I am the Ancient the Temple speaks of.”
Cindra bowed her head. “My Lady, forgive me for not recognising you, but your face has changed so often, we were never positive what you would look like.” She lifted her head and studied Dawn. “However, your eyes would have given you away if I had been truly looking. Every incarnation of you has had the bluest eyes I have ever seen, like yours.”

Dawn suddenly wished she had sunglasses as everyone inspected her eyes.

“They really are blue.” John commented.

Dawn turned to him, turning on her 1000 watts smile. “Thank you.”

John stuttered as Rodney smacked him. “Seriously what is it with you and Ancients?”

“Well at least that answered one question.” Faith cut in, trying to stop Dawn advances towards John.
Dawn nodded. “I wasn’t the first incarnation of the Key. Not a big surprise. I am pretty old.”

“Indeed you are, My Lady.” Cindra smiled.

“I’ll forgive you for that, if you drop the My Lady and call me Dawn.”

“As you wish, Dawn.”

“Okay, now that’s out of the way, when the hell did you become an Ancient.” Rodney screeched.

“Not the point Rodney, focus on the bit about us possibly getting our asses kicked.” Faith replied dryly.

“Right. Back to the Temple then?”

“Yep.” John answered.

This time they were accompanied by Cindra. She had a small understanding of the language in the Temple, and might be able to direct Dawn in the right direction.

“Do you know the full extent of the Temple, Cindra?” Dawn asked the native.

“I have explored this entire place, but I have barely scratched the surface of its contents. Many of my Ancestors devoted their life to deciphering all the writings, but still, after all this time, we have a rudimentary understanding of the knowledge this Temple gives us.”

Dawn looked at her, confused. “The temple isn’t that big, and their can’t be that many walls further in.”

Cindra looked at her, amused. “The walls are simply an outline. The Books of Knowledge hold the Secrets of the Ancestors.”

“What Books of Knowledge?” John asked hesitantly.

“Follow me and I will show you.”

They followed Cindra past the main room of the Temple into another small room that appeared empty, except for more writings.

“Uh, not seeing any books.” Faith commented.

Cindra smiled again, Dawn was really starting to hate that smile, it normally meant they were in for a surprise, and she didn’t like surprises.

Cindra walked across the room to the back wall. She smoothed her hand against it, as if trying to find something. Her hand stopped on one of the Ancient symbols. As she presses the symbol it lit up, she did the same with four others and then stepped back.

She smiled as the wall began to slide open and reveal an entrance.

“These are the Books of Knowledge.” She pronounced.

The SGA group stood there in awe. In front of them was another room. The walls were full of shelves that held books. The floor held at least a dozen large bookcases. It reminded Faith and Dawn of Giles’ library, but bigger.... much bigger.

“That’s a lot of books.” Ronon observed.

Faith commented, “We’re going to need a bigger boat!”

Everyone looked at her oddly. "What?" She asked innocently.

“This is going to take longer than I thought.” Dawn said, turning to John. “Got a few years?”

Dawn had slight déjà vu as she sat in the Temple library at the table she had requested be brought in from Atlantis. If they had donuts it would have been almost perfect, she was missing the rest of the Scoobies, and felt the weight of their absence, especially Giles and Willow.

It had been a week since they had found the temple, and things were going slow. Only 7 of the linguists were able to read the language within the Temple without having to stop every other sentence and ask Dawn what it meant.

Jack had refused to let Daniel come at first, saying he was too important to SG1 and Earth. That really pissed Dawn off. He always called her the difficult one, but it seemed Jack was even worse than she was.

In the end she had called the Council. She hated throwing her weight around, but sometimes it was inevitable if you wanted something done.

With a quick call to Giles she had managed to get Daniel’s temporary transfer approved, and he was sending some of the upper level linguists from the Council who had the clearance to know about the Stargate. She was hoping it would help move things along.
Cindra was also helping where she could. She had given Dawn all the journals her ancestors had kept about the Temple, and she working with some of her linguists in their translations.

Faith and Natalie were still here, they were bored, but it seemed the warriors here liked to spar a lot, so it kept them from getting antsy.

John was back on Atlantis with the rest of the team, with the exception of Rodney, he was curious about the odd energy signature he was getting within the Temple, but he couldn’t pinpoint where it was coming form. To say it was driving him crazy was an understatement.

“Move people, do you not understand how odd this is. This isn’t like any other Ancient energy we have come across. We need to find
it!” He screeched.

He seemed to like yelling at her linguists when he got frustrated, and it was beginning to irk Dawn.

“Natalie can you come here for a sec” She asked the leather clad woman.

“What’s up?” She greeted as she entered the library. She seemed to be just as interested in the energy signature as Rodney was, but not quite as crazy.

“Can you take Rodney back to Atlantis so he can get some sleep and stop yelling at my people? He’s scaring them to death.” She begged.

Natalie laughed. “That’s not going to be easy, but it will be fun.”

Dawn counted down from five as soon as she left the room.

“Hey, what are you doing?! Get your hands off me you Amazon!” She heard Rodney screech, right on cue.

“Help, I’m being kidnapped by a crazy woman Help!”

His yells got quieter as Natalie dragged him out of the Temple.

She was giggling to herself when Faith walked in with an amused gin on her face.

“He started pissing you off, didn’t he?” She asked, laughing.

Dawn smiled back mischievously. “It’s for his own good.”

“And you thought Nat was good for his health?”

Dawn shrugged. “You never know, he might see the light.”

Faith chuckled as she sat next to the other brunette. “So what you reading?”

“Oh you know same old. Ancients create Wraith. Wraith attack Ancients. Huntresses and Destroyers get involved. Ancients and Huntresses lose.”

Faith picked up a book and looked at the language absently. She didn’t know any other languages than English, but she was bored.

“Dawn look at this.”

Dawn looked at Faith oddly. Faith didn’t do books if she didn’t have to, especially when they were in a different language.


“Why does this look like plain old English to me?”

Dawn tilted her head to the side. “Did you take your meds this morning Faith?”

Faith slapped her with the book she was holding.

“Seriously, this says ‘The Ancient created the creatures that would destroy two of the greatest Races to ever live.’

Dawn took the book out of Faith’s hands and looked at the passage she had spoken.

“Well, don’t ask me how, but that’s what it says. Don’t suppose you have been taking classes in Ancient Sumerian and Ancient, have you?” Dawn asked hopefully.

“Not the school type and definitely not the booky type.”

“Crap. Well the reason why can wait, all I know is that I just got another Linguist fluent in both languages. Pick up a book you aren’t going anywhere.”

“Really?” Faith groaned.

“Oh yes.” Dawn smiled brightly. “And Natalie can join you when she gets back. I’ve got a hunch and I need to her to confirm it.” Dawn looked at her watch. “Shoot, I’ve got to get back to Atlantis, Daniel is due to in soon, and Elizabeth wants me there when he arrives. You keep reading and write anything down that you think may be important.”

Dawn left before Faith could protest. Faith hated books, but she would do it.

John stood in the control room ready waiting for Daniel arrive. He and Dawn were to escort him to the Temple and the camp they had set up there.

His team had been on stand down ever since they had found the Temple. Dawn was too vital to the mission to not be there full time, and Rodney had flat out refused to budge until he figured out what the energy signature was. All he had been able to figure out was that it wasn’t dangerous. Well, he didn’t think it was dangerous, he didn’t know for sure though, seeing as how he couldn’t find where it was coming from. He hadn’t left the planet once, until John had seen him being carried over the shoulder of Natalie through the ‘Gate back to Atlantis. It was times like that he really wished he carried a camera all the time.
He watched from the control room as the ‘Gate activated and Dawn walked through. She was in her usual leather attire. It seemed that the three newest residents of Atlantis liked Teyla’s dress sense.

He had to admit, the clothing suited her, and they had stated more than once that all the gear that off world personnel wore would just slow them down and get them hurt. He had a feeling that they were never going to give up their new clothes. He might be able to get Natalie to if he made it a direct order, but as long it didn’t affect their ability to do their jobs, he was OK with it. Besides, they could retaliate by giving him a haircut. The thought made him shudder.

John took the moment to study Dawn, like he had when she had fist walked through the ‘Gate. Her appearance hadn’t changed, but John now saw the warmth she radiated. It was her smile, when she turned it on, she could make the Genii melt. The more he got to know her, the more he began to understand her. She could be the Valley girl she wanted everyone to perceive her as, but he had seen the serious side of her. She saw this place as her home now, and she would do anything to protect it.

Dawn seemed to notice he was staring. She raised her gaze to him and smiled, looking at him oddly. She waved him to come down.
He complied and smiled back.

‘Damn that smile’ he thought to himself.

As he approached her she linked her arm with his.

“Guess what I found out?” Dawn whispered, practically bouncing.

“How to stay still for more than five seconds?” He asked cheekily.

“No. Faith can read the language in the Temple.” She actually did bounce as she revealed her discovery.


“That’s what I thought, I need Natalie to confirm it but my theory is...”

She was cut of off by an Asgard beam in the middle of the room. When his dimmed it was replaced by Daniel Jackson.
He seemed to look around the room, finally resting his eyes on Dawn and John. He gave an odd look to the two linking arms, but he didn’t have time to think about it as he was assaulted by a tall slender blur.

“Daniel!” She screeched as she hugged him.

It didn’t go unnoticed that she might have cracked several ribs.

“Dawn, air.” He wheezed.

She quickly let go and checked to make sure she hadn’t hurt him.

“Sorry.” She said, embarrassed.

“I’m alive, and my ribs are a little price to pay to be in the Pegasus. Thanks for kicking Jack’s ass in politics.” He grinned.

“Yeah, well it wasn’t that hard. Jack and politics don’t really mix.”

Daniel laughed at her joke before greeting John with a handshake. “Colonel.”


“Right, let’s get this on the road. Chuck dial it up.” She yelled.

“Yes ma’am.” Chuck, the ‘Gate technician replied.

Dawn cringed. She hated being called ma’am, especially by people that were older than her, but she couldn’t get them to stop.

“So how’s the new job?” Daniel asked conversationally.

“Oh, you know. Trying to save life as we know it, same old, same old. At least the Jell-o is good.”

“I hear that.” He replied.

“Come on, I’m sure you two will love your little translation party. You go ahead; I’ll find Natalie and her captive and meet you on the planet.”

“Okey-Dokes.” Dawn agreed. “Faith will probably be itching to make a run for it right about now anyway.”

John couldn’t help but laugh at her as she walked through the ‘Gate backwards. For someone who was afraid of portals she seemed fine with them now.

John was still smiling even after the ‘Gate closed. He only stopped when he realised what he was really smiling about.
He knew the minute she had walked through the Stargate she was going to be trouble; she was just going to be a different kind of trouble than he thought.

This was not good.
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