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Slayers In Atlantis

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Summary: After the battle with the First, the Scooby Gang are searching deep into the origins of the Slayer, they find a writing about 'a huntress sent across the stars to protect those who know not what they face' could this be a lead into the Slayers past?

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Stargate > Dawn-Centered > Pairing: OtherdawnieelfFR151634,91759248,64712 Feb 0930 Aug 10No

Take a Ride With Me


John kept his promise and met Dawn and Daniel at the Temple with Natalie in tow.

“So what is so important that you had to drag me away from tormenting Rodney?” Natalie huffed.

Dawn threw one of the books that were on the table at her. “Read this.”

“Uh Dawn, the whole language thing is your deal, I normally hit things and disarm bombs.

Dawn sighed. “Just do it, I need you to confirm my theory.”

Natalie complied. “Well that’s weird.”

“You can read it?” Dawn asked excitedly.

“Yeah, wanna explain?”

“Yeah Dawn, you have been antsy ever since we left Atlantis.” Daniel added.

“I think I know what this language is.” Dawn explained. “It must be the language of the Huntresses, it’s similar to Ancient, but has
its own twist.”

“So this was built by the Huntresses?” John asked.

“I don’t know, maybe. If it is, then there is a good chance this was the home world of the Huntresses, before they became involved in
the War.”

“What does that mean for us?”

“Well, I think we should explore the entire planet, we don’t know what else may be here. We might even find something to help us against the Wraith. We need to know what that energy signature is as well. It could be important.” Dawn answered John.

“You will have to run it by Weir, sounds like it’s going to be a big project.” John warned.

“Yeah well, what can I say, I like to think big.” Dawn smiled.

John had the urge to damn that smile yet again. It wasn’t normal to have such a bright and beautiful smile.

“Well first things first, you are going to want Rodney back here, he is your best bet in discovering what that energy signature is.”

“Well he’s sleeping at the moment.” Natalie told them.

“How did you manage that?” John exclaimed.

“I put a little sleeping potion in his drink, courtesy of Willow.” She told him innocently. “He needed it.”

“Let him sleep, it might stop him from shouting at my team because he’s cranky.” Dawn advised.

“He won’t be happy when he wakes up.” John warned.

“He’ll live.” She shrugged. “Is the Jumper still here?” She asked the Colonel.

“Yeah, they haven’t finished unloading the supplies yet. Why?”

Dawn paused in thought. “Daniel will you be ok here on your own?”

“Uh, I should be. The language seems pretty straight forward as long as you know which language you are currently on.”

“Good, then John and I can take the Jumper and start scouting the planet, and Natalie can go back to inform Elizabeth. Dawn’s
wicked smile returned. “And that leaves you in the very capable hands of Faith. Enjoy.”

Daniel looked at her oddly. “She isn’t that bad is she?”

“Depends how long you make her stare at books.” Dawn replied cryptically.

“Sounds like a plan.” John agreed. “Let’s get going people.”

Dawn, John and Natalie exited the Temple and bumped into Faith.

“Whoa, did I miss the party?

“John and I are going to scout the planet, and Natalie is reporting back. You are going to help Daniel with all those books.” Dawn
told her.

“Oh the joy!” Faith exclaimed sarcastically.

“Just do it missy, you are better at reading the language than me or Daniel, so prepare for lots of books in your future.” Dawn predicted.

“Yes ma’am.” Faith barked mockingly.

“Don’t you start the whole ma’am thing.” She warned.

“Yes ma’am.” She mocked with a grin as she went to join Daniel in the Temple Library.

“You gonna take me for a ride then Colonel?” Dawn asked, grinning.

“Let’s just go get the Jumper.”

“Yes, sir.” She saluted. “Come on, I haven’t been in a Jumper before, it will be an adventure!” She exclaimed as she grabbed John’s hand and dragged him out of the Temple towards the Jumper.

“I get the feeling this going to be a bumpy ride.” John muttered.

Dawn and John had to wait for the rest of the supplies to be unloaded, but they were in the air within the hour.

“So what are we looking for exactly?” John asked.

“I have no idea, anything that looks odd.”

“Right, that isn’t vague at all.”

Dawn slapped John from her seat affectionately. “Don’t get lippy with me young man.” She scolded playfully.

“Yes Mom.” He mocked.

They stayed silent for awhile and Dawn took this chance t study John.

He was good looking, and had a sense of humour to match hers, which was always good in their line of work. They were similar in many ways, like the way he looked sometimes; he had seen the death of friends and family, just like her.
The main thing she noticed was that she wasn’t looking at him as a bet anymore. Her gestures of affection were subconscious, she only knew she was doing them after she did it, and she realised she liked the contact he offered.
‘Focus Dawn, you’re on a mission, and so not a good idea to fall for your CO.” She scolded herself.

But there was a tiny voice in her head that said ‘so what, you deserve a little happiness, screw the consequences.’

“Dawn, you okay?” John asked concerned.

“Hmm, oh I’m fine, just daydreaming.” She replied.

They sat in comfortable silence as they kept their eyes peeled to the Jumpers sensors and the ground below.

“The Jumpers detecting a structure about 50ft underground, it seems there is no entrance to whatever it is.”

“Well I guess we are just going to have to look for ourselves then.”

“I’ll land the Jumper here, and we can search the area.” John decided.

Dawn nodded in agreement. “Good Plan, boss.”

“I'm glad you agree.” He grinned.

“Just land this thing.”

They stationed the Jumper on top of the structures location.

“If we scout out from here, we might be able to find the entrance.” Dawn advised.

“Good idea.”

They split up, each starting at opposite ends and slowly making their way to each other as they searched the vicinity.

“Found anything yet?” Dawn asked.

“Nope, you?”

“Nadda. Screw this.” Dawn huffed.

Dawn closed her eyes. “Aperio ostiun ne occultus inferus sino porta pars partis palam specialis.” She intoned. “Open the doorway,
reveal the secrets hidden below.”

John resisted the urge to step back when Dawn opened her eyes. Gone were the blue eyes that had mesmerised him, replaced by a breath-taking green that left him in awe.

The ground rumbled, as if defying her.

“My Latin sucks, but you know what I meant, so OPEN! “ She screamed.

The ground rumbled again, but this time something rose from its depths, a doorway, with stairs that lead beneath the surface.

“Wow.” John managed.

“You’ll get used to it. Don’t worry . I am in complete control of my magic, no going crazy and trying to end the world for me.” She promised brightly.

“That makes me feel so much better.” John replied sarcastically.

“Good. Now let’s see what this structure is, shall we?” she asked, holding her arm out to him.

“Why are you so chirpy about going in to a place that we don’t know anything about?” He asked.

“Because it’s all part of the fun, venturing into the unknown isn’t it?”

John had to agree with her there. Part of the fun of going through the Stargate was you never knew what was going to happen.

“Fine, you’re right, we are both danger junkies.” He admitted.

She led them in to the newly opened staircase slowly.

“So what made you like you are?” She asked suddenly.

“Excuse me?”

“To crave the danger. Like me, I crave it because it’s all I ever knew. It’s like I can’t live without the adrenaline, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.” She explained. “When my sister died she told me to live for her, and I never stopped doing that as hard as I could.
John looked at her. Yet another layer that was Dawn Summers, for the ditzy Valley Girl she portrayed, there was a lot more beneath the surface.

“I was in Afghanistan on a mission, things went wrong and of 4 of my unit were captured. I disobeyed a direct order to try and save them, it didn’t work and they died, and so did my career. I was stationed up in Antarctica. It was pure luck I sat on that weapons chair. My gene was the only reason that I was offered a position here at Atlantis, and I guess I feel like I am living on borrowed time now. So I intend to get as much as I can out of it.”

Dawn stopped and grabbed John arms.

“You deserve to be here, Atlantis couldn’t hope for a better military leader, and if anyone ever says otherwise, I’ll kick their ass.” She promised with a smile.

John laughed. “Thanks, I’ll just go and tell them a 120lb girl is going to come and defend my honour, I’m sure that will help my defence.”

“A 120lb girl that can bend steel.” She reminded him.

“Well, thank you for the gesture.” He thanked genuinely.

“No problem.”

It was then Dawn realised she still had hold of John and they seemed to have gotten slightly closer than they were before. She was slightly shorter than him so her head was tilted to look at him. She fought the urge to lift her lips and catch his lips with hers and pulled back quicker than she would have liked.

“Uh, right, back to exploring.” Dawn stuttered.

“Yep, this place could be important, don’t want to leave it too long.” He agreed hastily.

He too had noticed the closeness, and couldn’t help but feel disappointment when she pulled away from him.

“Get your head in the game Sheppard. Don’t let a pretty face distract you.’ He told himself.

But even as he thought it he knew it wasn’t just her face that attracted him, it was all of her. Her personality matched his perfectly, and they always got each other’s humour, even if nobody else did. And now it seemed they both were adrenaline junkies. He had never found a woman that matched him the way Dawn did; even his ex-wife Nancy hadn’t understood him.
He shook his thoughts of Dawn out of his head and followed her further down the stairs, now was not a good time to be daydreaming.

Dawn Summers was going to be the death of him.

“Hey Danny look at this.” Faith called the archaeologist over.

“What did you find?” He asked.

Not sure, I can read this stuff, doesn’t mean I understand it.” She passed the book to Daniel.

“It says that the First and Last Home was the place of the final battle of the Huntresses. They used their greatest weapons, both their own and gifts from the Ancients, to try and fend off their enemies, but they met their end instead. The Destroyers and the
Wraith found every weapon they could and destroyed it, so they couldn’t use them.”

“Maybe they needed Huntress DNA to use, like the Ancients did with their technology.” Faith cut in.

“Looks like it.” Daniel agreed. “It goes on to say that although the enemy were able to destroy all the weapons the Huntresses had with them, there was a secret cache that held both the Huntresses and the Ancient’s greatest weapons, that was to be hidden and used only as a last resort”. Daniel finished. “The Ancients must have never had the chance to use it.”

“Too bad for them.” Faith commented.

“But maybe good for us, if we can find the cache, it might help with the war with the Wraith.” Daniel explained.

“What’s the chance of us finding a secret weapons cache that could be anywhere in the Galaxy?” Faith asked.

“Not anywhere, in the First and Last Home.” Daniel thought out loud. “It must be the planet that the Huntresses originated from and they were defeated. If Dawn is right, then it means this is the planet that the Huntresses made their last stand against the Wraith and the Destroyers.”

“Ok, that narrows it down. Sheppard and Dawn might find something if they are scouting the area.”

“Let’s hope they don’t.”

“Why? Wouldn’t that be a good thing?”

“No, something that precious to two of the most powerful races in this Galaxy must be well protected. God knows what kind of defences it has. They must be good to have kept it secret after all this time.”

“Dawn and Sheppard can take care of themselves.” Faith assured both herself and Daniel.

“Well, let’s hope so.”

Faith really did hope that Dawn could protect the both of them from whatever they found.
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