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Slayers In Atlantis

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Summary: After the battle with the First, the Scooby Gang are searching deep into the origins of the Slayer, they find a writing about 'a huntress sent across the stars to protect those who know not what they face' could this be a lead into the Slayers past?

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Stargate > Dawn-Centered > Pairing: OtherdawnieelfFR151634,91759248,65312 Feb 0930 Aug 10No

She has a what?

Ok so i want to thank all my reviewers.... especially rhiowenn... as promised this chapter is dedicated to you..... for giving me the will to start this story back up...

I know its been a while but its been mayhem... first i lost the memory stick with the chapter... then the file was corrupted.... so i had to redo 6 chapters..... kinda made me not want to finish this story.... but I'm back and I promise with regular updates.

Thank you and please review!!!


Faiths head was spinning; she couldn’t believe this was happening. She tried so hard to escape her past, and now it was coming back to bite her in the ass. It wasn’t fair.

“What’s the matter, cat got you tongue?” Her sister smirked.

Faith just looked at her; she still remembered the day that she had come home to find her sister gone.


Faith came home from the cemetery in a good mood, she had managed to take down 5 vamps and Diana had praised her on her technique. It was rare for her to be in this kind of mood, with her mother always breathing down her neck. She opened the door to her slum home and wasn’t really surprised at the scene in front of her.

Her mother was sat on the couch with a empty bottles of vodka on the floor and a few needles to boot.

“Natalie” Faith shouted. She always tried to get her younger sister out of the house when their mother was like this.

“You’re too late.” Her mother slurred. “She’s gone.”

Faith felt panic creeping up on her, she had taught her sister never to go out at night without her.

“What do you mean she’s gone?” She all but shouted at her mother.

“The fuckin’ good for nothin’ social came for her, how dare they call me a bad mother!” She started screaming. “It’s not my fault you two got you fathers genes! I did the best I could with both of you and you still turned in to bitches.” She sneered.

Faith resisted the urge to go slap her mother, she wasn’t sure her mother would survive her slapping her in the state she was in, and there was no way Faith could pull the punch either.

“How the hell did you let this happen?” Faith screamed, in the verge of tears. She wasn’t shouting at her mother though, she was shouting at herself.

She was the one that was meant to take care of Natalie; she was the one that Natalie huddled to when their mother was with a ‘client’. She was the one that made her meals and made sure she was okay. If she had been there, it wouldn’t have happened. She could have ran with Natalie, maybe to that Slayer in California her Watcher had told her about.

She couldn’t stay here now; she couldn’t stay in the same place as her miserable excuse for a mother, not without Natalie. She was done.

“Well, looks like your wish now Mom, you don’t have any daughters now, you’re from now on dead to be me.” She said with a calm voice.

It didn’t really matter she had just disowned her Mom; she hadn't been her Mom in a long time.

With those final words she ran out the door she had just came in and went in search of her Watcher, she didn’t want to be alone now, she needed something to help with the pain, and Diane who was her only true friend was the way.


This was what had sent her over the edge. After losing her sister, she had gone in search of her Watcher and found her being held prisoner by Kakistos. When she had watched Diane die, she had nothing left, except the Slaying. She went to Sunnydale and had turned to the first person in a long time that made her feel safe and secure, shame he was a crazy Mayor who wanted to be a really big snake.

“All of you get out.” Faith ordered to the bystanders, she need to talk to her sister privately.

Dawn looked confused and slightly hurt, but Faith knew she would get over it. They made their way out of the room, and the last two people in the room were silent.

“How?” Was all Faith said.

“What how, how I became a Slayer, or how I’m here?”


Natalie looked at her older sister, and saw the change, she wasn’t the slightly unstable girl who was hanging on her with dear life, and she seemed less... excitable.

“When I was taken from you and Mom I was shoved in to the system. I was moved every few months, that is until I turned 15. I got a permanent place. It was a shithole, but I survived and I entered the army. “

Faith laughed, she could never have imagined Natalie in the army, she was too disobedient.

Her sister glared at her. “Anyways, as I said I joined the Marines and worked my way up to Major. I was quite happy with my life when this stuffy man in tweed came up to me when I was on leave. He was blabbering on about this thing called the Slayer and, to be honest, I was ready to send him to the nut house. I ignored him and went to where I was staying with some friends. That night we went to a club and we got a little tipsy, well they did anyway. We hooked up with some guys and I went out to get some fresh air. Little did I know he was a vampire”

Faith smiled. Trust a Lehane to pick up a vamp.

“He went to bite me and the man in tweed jumped out and threw me a stake at me and told me to go for the heart. It was just a fledge so pretty easy to kill, but I loved it ever since.”

“But you stayed in the Marines?” Faith asked, confused.

“Yeah, as much as I loved the Slaying, I loved the Marines more. I wanted to continue Slaying though, so the Council helped me reach a compromise. When I am on leave I check in with the Council and they send me to a hotspot and I slay until my heart’s content.”

“Wow, you did good for yourself then, even if you had a bad start.”

“Yeah, I guess I did, but you did too right?” Natalie asked, slightly worried about the answer. She knew that she was one of the few things that kept Faith grounded; she had always worried what had happened to her when she found she was gone.

“Eventually, yeah, but you know me, always had to take the hardest route there was.”

Natalie could see how she faltered, there was a story there, but she wouldn’t push, for now.

The sat there in silence for a while, both of them just happy to be together once again. Until Faith said what she had wanted to say since she was 15 years old.

“I’m sorry.” She said, barely audible.

Natalie looked at her older sister confused. “For what?”

“I should have been there, I should have gotten you out. I was so wrapped up in the Slaying I didn’t think. I knew the Social would be around eventually, but I always thought we would run when they did.” Her voice cracked before she could continue. “If I had been there, I could have taken you to Sunnydale, and we would have been together.”

“You want me to say I wasn’t angry at you to start with, I can’t. I was furious with you; you were more a mother to me than that thing who had a needle coming out of her arm every night and a client next to her as well. I felt abandoned, but I grew up. I realised there was no way you could have stopped it, you could not have supported the both of us on our own and Slay as well. In a weird way, I did better when I was taken. The homes may have been bad, but I would never have gone in to the Marines if I had stayed with you and Mom.”

Faith was trying her best not to cry, she didn’t do the emotion thing, it was just too hard. She remembered the last time she cried. She had just gotten to Sunnydale and she had broken down when the grief from both the absence of her sister and the death of her Watcher had overwhelmed her.

“Faith, there is nothing to forgive, I am not saying that I am fine with everything that happened in the past, far from it. All I’m saying is that it wasn’t your fault, so don’t blame yourself.”

Faith stayed quiet, she knew she wouldn’t stop blaming herself, but she didn’t have the will to argue.

“So that’s why you’re the liaison?”

“Yes and no. Giles asked me whether I wanted to do it, and I did, but what sealed the deal was when he said that you were one of the people going on this expedition. I think I scared him when I practically screamed yes at him.”

“Yeah well, poor man, you always were over excitable. I guess we should go out and face the music.”

They both stood up and walked over to the door. Faith stopped Natalie before she could open it.

“Wait.” She said with a grin on her face. She used all her Slayer speed to open the door, and much to her amusement, Dawn came tumbling through, landing flat on her face beneath the two Slayers.

“Dawn, did you ever learn the meaning of privacy?” Faith asked.

Dawn lifted herself off the ground and dusted herself off.

“I didn’t think it was necessary.” She huffed. “C’mon, Buffy’s getting antsy, she thinks Natalie’s gonna be another Crazy Faith.”

Faith sighed. Of course she did. The two Slayers had cleared the air enough to be friends, but to be honest that was expected. Faith had tried to kill her and Buffy had nearly killed. They both still had some trust issues when it came down to it.

“Alright, let deal with everyone then.” She sighed as she walked out the door.

The sight she saw was actually quite funny. Buffy was sat in the corner looking very put out, Giles seemed to be cleaning his glasses for the 50th time, and Willow, Xander, Teal’c and Daniel just looked a bit confused.

“Ok, listen up guys, there is not going to be a Q&A time, so you are gonna have to live with what I tell you now.” She looked round the room and she knew she was really annoying Buffy. She smiled, she loved winding the blonde Slayer up. “Right, Natalie was put in to care when she was 10 and I had just been Called. She went in to the foster system and ended up on the Marines. She is now the Slayer liaison got it?”

Buffy stood up at that point. “Faith, you can’t just expect us to go along with that, if she is at all like you, she will be putting my sister in danger.”

“B, she isn’t like me, she didn’t have to deal with all that I did when I was younger, she had a bad deal yeah, but not enough to make her go like me.”

Natalie looked at her sister confused, what had she done that had been so horrible?

“Yeah well, if she goes on a killing spree, I won’t be happy.”

Killing spree? That couldn’t be right, Faith was a bit wild, but she would never hurt anyone intentionally, would she?

Then something dawned on her, she didn’t really know her sister anymore, they had been separated when she was 10 years, that’s 14 years away from each other.

“Faith what happened.” She asked softly.

Faith looked at her sister, and Natalie could see the pain Faith felt when talking about this, but she needed to know.

Everyone in the room was silent as she told her sister the part of her she hated the most.

“It was after you had gone, I went to find my Watcher, I wanted to head to Sunnydale to find the other Slayer, Buffy. When I found her she was being tortured by vampire called Kakistos.” Faith paused, closing her eyes as she relived the moment. “I watched her be ripped to shred by him, I don’t know how I managed to get out, but I did, and I ran as fast as I could. I made it to Sunnydale, and it was ok for a while.” She stopped again and looked over at Buffy. “I was patrolling with B and there were vamps flying out of everywhere, one of them flew out and I was closest, so I went in for the kill. She looked back to her sister; she had to see the reaction when she told her about her first murder. “I realised too late he was human. He was coming to us with information about the latest Big Bad in town. I freaked and hid the body, but the police found it.” She looked at the reaction on her sister’s face, she was sad, but she understood. Faith almost didn’t tell her the next part.

“I lost it. I freaked out and I went to the Big Bad, who was actually the Mayor of Sunnydale at the time, and I became his right hand man. He made me feel like I belonged, I hadn't felt that in a long time. I killed a man for him, and I maimed a lot more people. I hurt Buffy and her friends more time than I can count, and I only stopped after Buffy put a knife in my gut.”

Natalie looked at her sister. She may not know her anymore, but she was pretty damn sure her sister wasn’t a murderer, but Faith wasn’t finished.

“I was in a coma for 4 months after, and when I woke up I was pissed. I did a body swap with Buffy, screwed her boyfriend and screwed her life. After that I went to LA attacked her ex boyfriend and tortured my ex watcher. I only stopped after Angel refused to kill me.” She closed her eyes; she remembered all the emotions that had run through her in that moment. “I thought I deserved to die for the things I did, I thought that was my only redemption.”

“But she’s changed.” Dawn cut in.

And Natalie believed that. The woman she saw was not a cold blooded killer. She saw someone who cared fiercely about her friends and would protect them with her life, just like she had always protected her when they were younger.

“I know.” Natalie said,, looking at her sister.

Faith looked up in shock, when she told that story people normally got a bit antsy around them, Natalie looked like she was about to hug her.

“So we all happy with Natalie now?” Dawn asked, daring Buffy to speak up.

Her sister glared at her, obviously still not happy she was going to a different planet with Faith and her sister, but she stayed quiet, for now.

“Okay, how about we get Andrew to make us food, because I’m starving.” Dawn said, trying to lighten the mood.

“Dawn, you are always hungry.” Willow snorted.

“Hey, I can’t help it.” Dawn protested.

“Uh, Dawn, I was actually hoping I could talk to you.” Daniel asked the brunette. He really wanted to know how she had managed to get so many languages under her belt.

Dawn groaned. “Fine, but if I eat you, it’s fault.”

Xander laughed. “You will have to forgive Dawn; she has a really big appetite.”

Daniel smiled. “I promise Dawn it won’t take long, I just wanted to ask you a few questions.”

“Fine, I have to go clean the gym anyway, the babies really have to learn to put the stuff back where it belongs.”

They made their way back to the gym. They walked in comfortable silence before Daniel curiosity got the best of him.

“Giles said that you were quite adept in languages.”

Dawn snorted. “You could say that.”

“To be honest, I was wondering how, at your age, you’ve managed to do it.”

“Well you know Willows a witch right, well I am too.”

Daniel nodded, he could understand that.

“Let’s just say that the same thing that gives me the power to be a witch give me the power to be VERY good at languages.”

Now Daniel was confused. “So does that mean Willow is good at languages too?”

Dawn paused. “Ok, so here’s the thing, I’m gonna tell you something that is really top secret, and if you tell anyone without my permission, you are gonna have all of the Scoobies on you, and that is not of the good for you.”

Daniel nodded. “I promise I won’t tell anyone.”

“I’m something called the Key, originally I was a big green ball of energy, but these group if monks turned me human. The thing is this Key has been around since the beginning of time, and it was aware of what was going on around it. I can’t access the Key’s memories, but I recognise languages really easily, it doesn’t take me very long to be fluent in most languages.

She trusted him that was for sure, but she wasn’t about to go and tell him about glory and only being 10 years old. He would be fine with just the basics.

“Wow, I can see why Giles said you would be good for Atlantis then.”

Dawn smiled. “Yep, I’m a walking translator.”

“What I would do to be able to do that Dawn.”

“It is pretty nifty.” Dawn agreed.

They walked in to the Gym and found it in a mess.

Dawn sighed. “I guess I should get started before I starve to death.” Then Dawn smiled. “Care to help me?”

Daniel laughed. “Why not.”

Buffy walked in to the kitchen and shouted for Andrew.

“Andrew, get your geeky but over her e.” She hollered.

She heard pans drop at the back of the kitchen, and seconds later Andrew appeared.

“Whatever it is, I didn’t do it.” He protested.

“I'm not here to punish you, the guests are hungry.” AS an afterthought she added “and Dawn.”

“Banquet coming right up.” He saluted.

She nodded and walked back out the kitchen, fully intent on going to have a good workout.

“Slayer Buffy.”

Buffy turned around to see Teal’c walking towards her.

“How can I help you Teal’c?”

“I was hoping you would teach me more of the Slayer. I have not seen such a fierce warrior since the day when Bra’tac was young.”

Buffy hesitated. “Uh thanks, I think. Well, the Slayer is pretty much a warrior for the Power that Be.”

“Powers that Be?” Teal’c queried.

“Uh, kinda like our bosses, unfortunately.” Buffy muttered the last part, but Teal’c still picked up on.

“Do you not agree with these Powers?”

“Umm, it’s complicated. I don’t like them because they treat their warriors like pawns, but they are ultimately goodies, just annoying ones.”

Teal’c looked thoughtful for a moment before replying. “Have you ever thought that if they did not treat you as pawns, as you say, things would be worse than they are?”

“Huh?” Said a confused Buffy.

“They are the ones that are making the most difficult decisions, if they did not, then that burden would fall with you, you would become them.”

“Hey that’s not fair, don’t use logic against me.” Buffy pouted.

“I do not understand you Slayer Buffy.”

Buffy huffed. “Never mind, I get it, but I don’t have to like it.”

“If that is your wish Slayer Buffy.”

“I like you Teal’c.” Buffy decided as she directed him to the dining room. “Andrew won’t take long to finish the feast he’s doing.”

“Thank you Slayer Buffy.”

Dinner that night was full of laughter and conversation. This would be the last dinner with each other. Faith, Natalie, Dawn, Teal’c and Daniel were due to leave at midday the next day. Buffy was still a bit grouchy, but she seemed to be a bit better with the idea of her being alone with the two Lehane’s.

Eventually, one by one they retired to their rooms, excited about the new day.

Dawn awoke the next day bright and early, she still had to pack, and Giles wanted to see her.

She sprung out of the bed and got ready in a flash. Packing was easy, she was going to take a few clothes, Daniel had told her last night there was a uniform at the base, and she had to admit she really wasn’t looking forward to that. She was obviously taking all her personal items. If she was going to be away for a while, she wanted to at least have some pictures of her loved ones. She packed her toiletries and realised she was pretty much done, all she had to do was steal some of her sister’s shoes and she was set.

Satisfied with her packing, she went in search of Giles, he had been adamant that she did.

She found him in the dining room eating breakfast, much to her joy. She wasn’t going anywhere until she had eaten.

“So, what’s the what Giles?” Dawn asked as she sat down next to Giles and stole a bit of her toast.

“Oh, good to see you up Dawn. Yes the matter I wanted to discuss with you is your military status.”


He took 3 files off the table that Dawn had not noticed before.

“When you meet the Commander of the SGC, give him these. It will make it easier for you and Faith.”

“What about Natalie?” Dawn asked.

“Natalie is in the military, she will sign a non disclosure form and that will be the end of it.”

“Ok.” Dawn said slowly.

Giles smiled at the youngest Summers. “Go on Dawn, get some breakfast before you leave.”

With a quick peck on Giles cheek and a goodbye, she headed out to her sister’s room.

She was in there; she looked like she had just gotten out of the shower. Her hair was soaking wet and she had her dressing gown on.

“Hey Buf, I was wondering how much you love me?” Dawn asked sweetly, jumping on to the bed.

“Whatever it is, no.” She said.

“Buffy, come on, I need some shoes, all my nice ones have demon goop on, and my feet have grown.”

“Yes I know they have, to my size, hence the reason my shoes keep disappearing then reappearing.”

“See, at least I gave them back.” Dawn smiled cheekily.

Buffy sighed. “Fine you can have a few of my old Jimmy Choo’s, I have to go shopping anyway.”

Dawn squealed. “Thankyouthankyouthankyou.”

“God you could make someone go deaf.” Buffy said, partially covering her ears.

Dawn hopped off the bed and went into Buffy’s closet. She had to admit, ever since they had gotten hold of the Council fund, Buffy had quadrupled her shoe collection. She now had a separate wardrobe for just her shoes.

She quickly picked a few pairs a boot and a pair of trainers for when she was training. Finally, she picked up some going out shoes, just in case she had the chance to dress up nice.

“Alright, now shoo, I have to get dressed” Buffy said as she made shooing motions with her hands.

She pretty much ran out of the door. That was one thing that she and Buffy shared, a love for shoes.

She ran back to her room and stuffed the shoes in the suitcase and zipped it up. She was now done with packing.

She looked at the time, 11:30. Perfect, Faith and Natalie were probably already downstairs. She picked up her suitcase, which she found was extremely heavy now the shoes had joined the rest of the stuff, and headed down the stairs. She was right; the two Slayers and Buffy were stood their speaking to Xander, Willow, Daniel and Teal’c.

Dawn was about to say hi, but she was silenced when she tripped over her suitcase. She flew down the last three stairs, and landed at Teal’c’s feet.

“Are you ok Dawn Summers?” Teal’c asked as he helped her up.

“I'm good, just the klutz in me coming out.” She said, embarrassed she had nearly crashed in to the Jaffa Warrior.

“Anyways, now you’ve has finished her flying lessons, do I get a hug?” Xander asked her.

“Of course you do.” She replied.

It was when she hugged him she realised how hard it was going to be to leave here. She may feel like an outsider sometimes, but they were still here family.

“I’m going to miss you Xander Harris.” She told him as she pulled back, holding back her tears.

“It’s ok Dawnster, you have fun in Atlantis, and let me know if you see any mermaids.” He winked.

Dawn laughed; trust Xander to make her laugh.

She turned to Willow next, and nearly broke down right there. Willow had become her mentor, she had become what Giles was to Buffy, she had become the mother that Buffy couldn’t be due to no fault of her own, but she couldn’t be the Slayer and a mother.

Willow pulled her in to a tight hug. “I'm gonna miss you so much Dawnie, you have to promise me you will keep training, never forget what I taught you.”

Dawn pulled Willow tighter. “I promise, I won’t forget. I love you.”

“I love you too.”

They released each other and Dawn turned to her sister, who looked like she was about to cry, a very rare thing for the Slayer.

“Dawnie, I swear to God, if you get yourself killed, I will never talk to you again.”

Dawn dove in to her sister’s arms, and her sister caught her easily.

“I'm not going to die, I have Faith, and it’s just like having you right there by my side.”

Buffy snorted. “Yeah, but with less fashion sense.”

“Hey.” Dawn heard Faith protest.

“I love you Dawnie, I hope you know that’s why I find it so hard to let you go, if anything ever happened to you, I wouldn’t be able to come back from that.”

“It’s a good thing us Summers are a tough bunch then, can’t keep us down for long, even after death. I love you too Buffy.”

The sisters let go to each other, and Buffy turned to look at Faith.

“You take care of our sister, or I’m coming after you with the same dagger that left that scar all those years ago.” Buffy warned, her voice steel.

“You know me B, always doing the stupid thing, even if that means throwing myself in front of Dawn when there’s a bullet coming towards her. She will come back, I swear.” Faith vowed.

It was very rare for the last Chosen Two to have such a meaningful conversation., but neither of them could deny the bond they felt to each other. They were the last two slayers, to be called by normal means, even if they didn’t like each other, they would die for each other, and Dawn was included in that little bond.

“We have to get going, or we are going to miss the jet.” Daniel informed.

Angel had lent them his private jet to go to Colorado. It still freaked Dawn out a little that someone who was like her big brother was in charge of the LA branch of a inter-dimensional evil law firm, it gave her the wiggins.

“Right, go before I lock you up in your room.” Buffy said.

With one final hug to the core Scoobies, Dawn walked out the door of her home and in to her car. She couldn’t believe she was leaving them, she never thought it would happen, but it had. She may have been upset about leaving them, but she was sure as hell dying to know what was waiting for her on Atlantis.
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