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Slayers In Atlantis

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Summary: After the battle with the First, the Scooby Gang are searching deep into the origins of the Slayer, they find a writing about 'a huntress sent across the stars to protect those who know not what they face' could this be a lead into the Slayers past?

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A/N Okay, it took a while to get here but we are here. The three trouble makers finally make it to Atlantis. I have decided on the pairings now, but I am going to keep them a secret for now. Although you get a taste of one of them near the end of this chapter.

Thank you so much for the reviews I got for the last chapter,I am just happy that you guys are enjoying reading this just as much as I am enjoying writing it!

And Finally the Disclaimer: I don't own Buffy or the Stargate Franchise. They are both owned by their respective owners. I have made no profit writing this.

The weapons testing went without a hitch. With so many years of experience with a crossbow, Dawn flew through the training, albeit reluctantly.

Natalie and Faith were naturals, although they were both reluctant to use the gun unless necessary, but the three of them were now ready for Atlantis.

“So guys, what do you think, can we go on that shiny ship of yours now?” Dawn asked the General.

Jack sighed, these girls were a pain, but they were good. At least now he knew what General Hammond felt like when he was in charge.

“You three are good to go, due to the bridge; you should be there in about a hour at the most.”

Dawn head turned to the side in curiosity. She couldn’t believe that that was all it took to travel from one universe to the next. It boggled her.

“So when are we going?” Faith asked.

“Right about – “

They didn’t hear the rest of Jack’s sentence as they were engulfed in a bright light.

Faith was the first to realize that they had been transported and instantly went on the defense. She pulled her newly appointed gun out of its holster and held in at the head the person closest to her.

Too bad it was Daniel.

“Uh, Faith, do you mind?” He asked, slightly on edge.

Faith instantly put the gun back in its place and looked apologetic.

“Sorry, wasn’t expecting to be teleported.” She mumbled.

Daniel gave her a confused look, and then something seemed to click into place.

“Of course, Jack didn’t tell you. He is always trying to be funny. It normally doesn’t work, it just irritates people.”

“Got that right.” Dawn agreed, miffed yet again at Jack.

“What you doing here, anyway?” Faith asked.

“Sam thought it would be nice for you three if you had someone familiar for when you got here. I’ll go as far as the intergalactic bridge, the you are on your own.”

Dawn smiled. She had grown to like Sam; she reminded her a lot of Willow, without the magic. She would definitely miss the Colonel.

“Say thanks to Sam for us then. Being on a great honking spaceship doesn’t do much for the nerves.” Dawn thanked.

Daniel smiled. He had grown to like Dawn a lot. It was a shame she was leaving. Dawn was the only one on the base that could keep up with his rambles and be interested at the same time. He had been tempted to offer her a full time position at the SGC, if not just to see her on a regular basis. He found this woman getting more interesting by the day. But her was pretty sure Jack wouldn’t have agreed to it.

“So what can we expect we get to Atlantis?” Natalie asked.

Daniel smiled, he had only been to Atlantis once and he had loved it.

“It’s huge, the size of a large city on water. The people there are the best of the best, and are close knit. Guess the impending threat of the Wraith kinda brings people together.”

“Wraith?” Dawn asked.

“The enemy you were briefed about.”

“Oh, the space vampires?”

Daniel laughed; they had taken to calling the Wraith that particular name ever since they were told that they sucked the life out of people.

“See, and you two were worried there wouldn’t be enough baddies to slay.” Dawn said, looking towards the two Slayers.

Natalie and Faith were already beginning to get antsy, Faith more so than Natalie. Faith hadn't had a good fight since when she had taken Teal’c down, and she was used to getting at least one Slay a day. Natalie was used to going for long periods without a kill, when she was in the middle of nowhere with just her unit she had to get used to the feeling.

Dawn was more worried about the clause in her contract that said she would become part of the frontline team. Sure, she had an executive position at the Council, but she had worked hard for that, fighting since she was 14 years old was what had got her that position. And as much as Dawn hated to admit it, the Council had bullied the US military to give her the status she would get at Atlantis. They just wanted someone who would stay on the base and look at texts for them; instead they got 3 more executive staff members. She had a feeling that was not going to go down well.

Dawn was brought out of her thought by Daniel.

“Okay, we are at the Stargate that will take you to the Bridge.” Daniel announced.

Dawn couldn’t help but feel a little sad leaving this newfound friend. It was rare that she trusted someone, but she could definitely say that she trusted Daniel with her life.

Faith nodded at the Archaeologist in farewell. “See you around.”

Natalie just smiled and waved. She didn’t know the man that well.

Dawn smiled at the two Slayers, definitely sisters. Emotions were kept to a minimum, although Faith was getting better around her ever since she had revealed yet another piece of her past.

Dawn was having none of it however, she walked over and hugged the man she could now call friend.

Daniel stiffened in shock, then relaxed and hugged her back. He was definitely going to miss this person.

“Thanks Daniel, for everything. You could have run as fast you could when you found out about us, but you didn’t. You gave me the chance to do something amazing, I won’t that. If you ever need anything, call the Council and give them the code Tara Mclay, it will give you access to the entire bank of knowledge the Council has, and believe me it’s a lot.”

Daniel held her at arm length and grinned broadly, it was probably the best present he would ever get, and he couldn’t wait to get a look all that knowledge that had been hidden for millennia.

“Thank you, Dawn.”

Dawn let go of him and slapped him on the arm.

“You are gonna make me all soppy!” Dawn laughed.

Daniel smiled back and gave the orders to beam the passengers on his Com.

“There will be a team there waiting for you, they will show you the rest of the way.”

The parting words were form Faith.

“Let’s get this party started.”

The first thing Faith saw when she got her vision back was the ‘Gate. It looked exactly like the one on Earth, except for the thing that looked like a mushroom in front of it.

“Ma’ams if you would like to follow me to the ‘Gate we will get you on your way.”

Faith turned to the man talking to her; he was young, maybe a Lieutenant. She looked behind him and saw another three men. This must be the team that Daniel had said were going to meet them.

“Right, let’s get this over with.”

They followed the three officers to the mushroom and one of the men began to press the symbols on it.

When he put in the final symbol the ‘Gate did a whooshing thing and then seemed to fill with water.

“Okay, so we just walk through right?” Natalie asked.

“Yes Ma’am.”

“Great, I better not drown.” Dawn muttered to herself. “Part of the Summer’s legacy I don’t want."

“Let’s just get this over with.” Faith grumbled.

Ever the adventurer, Faith walked straight up to the big puddle and walked through without any hesitation. Dawn and Natalie looked at each other and followed Faith through the puddle.

Col. John Sheppard, Teyla Emmagen, Ronan Dex, and Elizabeth Weir were stood by the Stargate waiting for their new team members to come through.

“I ask again, why are these three so special?” Sheppard asked his CO, Elizabeth.

“I don’t know John, all I was told was that that they were going to be a help in our war against the Wraith. Dawn Summers is the one that will be joining your team while the other two will be freelancers.”

“Whatever that means.” John muttered.

Before Elizabeth could reply the ‘Gate activated.

“It’s the Bridge’s IDC.” Shouted the scientist at the controls.

“Lower the shield.” Elizabeth ordered. “Remember; be nice, we were the ones that approached them.”

Before the team could reply three women stepped through the ‘Gate.

“This could be fun.” Sheppard grinned.

Faith walked through the ‘Gate with Natalie and Dawn either side of her, and was instantly aware of all the gazes on her.

She assessed the strangers on front of her. There were two women, one was slightly older with brunette hair with earth clothes on, and that one was the leader. The other woman wore a friendly smile on her face. She had exotic colouring with chestnut hair and wore leather; Faith assumed she wasn’t from Earth. The same went for the big burly guy scowling at them. He definitely had the caveman vibe going; the other two men wore a uniform, one military, the other civilian.

“Definitely not in Kansas anymore.” Faith muttered.

“Hey!” Dawn protested. “I am no Toto.”

Head Honcho woman coughed politely.

“Ladies, I’m Dr. Elizabeth Weir, Commander of this base, and this is our Flagship team, lead by Col. John Sheppard. The head scientist on the base is Dr. Rodney McKay and Ronan Dex and Teyla Emaggen are our off world consultants.” The newly named Dr. Weir pointed to each member as she introduced them. “Which one of you is Dawn?”

Dawn put her hand up and grinned. “Present.”

“Well, Dawn these will be your new team members, I’m sure you will get along with them just fine.”

The big guy, Ronan snorted.

“Got something to say, Big Guy?” Faith challenged.

“I like people who think they can walk all over me” The big guy took a step forward. “And you definitely seem to think you can go wherever you please.”

Faith took the challenge and took a step forward herself.

“Well I’m just going to have to prove myself then aren’t I?”

“Ronan.” The cute guy, Sheppard, barked.

Ronan backed off from her and stormed out the room.

“He’s just a barrel of laughs.” Dawn muttered.

“You will have to excuse him, he gets a little testy around new people, if it makes you feel better he kidnapped me when I first met him.”

“Hey, if you’re the one asking, I’ll excuse anything.” Dawn winked with a saucy grin.

John grinned back hesitantly. And Faith couldn’t stop grinning herself. She knew what this meant. She and Dawn had a habit of betting who could get a guy in the sack; whoever won got the guy and a week off research.

This was going to be fun.

John looked at the woman that was openly flirting with him. She was hot, he would give her that. She was quite tall, just shy of his height, and half of that height was legs. She was definitely a leggy brunette if he ever saw one. But that wasn’t what got him, it was the eyes. Sure, she had a pretty face, but those eyes were amazing. They were big and blue, shining with fake innocence. He could see the sorrow behind that faked innocence, she may have been a pure soul long ago, but something had tainted her, and wasn’t going to go away any time soon.

He saw a fellow soldier in those sky blue eyes.

“So you’re my new recruit, think you can handle the heat?” He asked.

“Oh yeah, these Wraith sound like kittens to what I have seen before.”

John managed to keep his face a mask, but he was truly intrigued to find out what had made her so qualified for the job that was given to her.

“Like what?”

“Trying facing an army of 10’s of thousands with about 30 girls where the oldest was 25.”

“Good times.” The other brunette, just as good looking as the other, but in a different way laughed.

“I’m Faith.” She introduced as she winked at him.

“Oh Dear Lord, what is it with you and attractive women Sheppard?” Mckay muttered.

The final woman somehow heard him and laughed.

“If it makes you feel any better, I like my men arrogant, and from what I have heard about the Rodney McKay, you fit the profile.”

Rodney stared at the woman and almost whimpered. Oh yeah, he could this girl, she had made McKay speechless, you couldn’t get any better than that.

Without anything to say Rodney muttered about something about needing to see to something in his lab and practically ran out of the room.

“Oh that one is going to be so much fun.” The woman laughed as she watched Rodney leave. “I'm Major Natalie Lehane, Sir.” She said and saluted.

“At ease, Major.”

Major Lehane relaxed and her grin returned.

“That’s the only salute you are ever getting, by the way.”

He looked at the three women who were now part of the Atlantis base. They were all attractive he would give them that, but in completely different ways. Dawn had the typical Californian girl look, tanned and perky, if she was blonde she would be the whole package. Faith, was mysterious. She was the older of the three, he could tell. It wasn’t that she looked old, it was the way she carried herself, she had toughened up in a way the other two hadn't. She bore the expression he had seen General’s wear, like she had made choices that had cost people their lives. Major Lehane was very similar. She was about Faith’s height and had hair similar to Teyla’s, her skin was also slightly darker than Faith’s, but she had the same curvy body. She bore herself like the soldier he knew she was.

Oh yeah, things were definitely going to be interesting with these three around.
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