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Slayers In Atlantis

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Summary: After the battle with the First, the Scooby Gang are searching deep into the origins of the Slayer, they find a writing about 'a huntress sent across the stars to protect those who know not what they face' could this be a lead into the Slayers past?

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Stargate > Dawn-Centered > Pairing: OtherdawnieelfFR151634,91759248,75212 Feb 0930 Aug 10No


Natalie looked around the room which was now hers. It was nice, homelier than the barracks she had slept in before. It was odd really; she was on another planet with her sister and someone who her sister seemed to have taken under her wing. She couldn’t help but feel jealous of their sister like relationship. She knew that would have been her and Faith if she hadn't been taken away like she had been. Now she felt like the third wheel, she needed to build a relationship with her sister again, and that was going to be hard. She didn’t like relationships, she didn’t see the point in them, and they hurt too much.

That was why she had set her sights on Dr. McKay. She had heard the stories in the academic community. He was arrogant as you get, and it would be fun to get him on the run. It was a game, always a game. And it was going to be fun.

She chucked her bag down by the side of her bed and left the room, there would be time to wear in the mattress later, but now she had to go to a meeting.

Dawn was swinging on her chair waiting for the rest of the team to come in. At the moment it was just her and Faith and she was bored. She stopped and looked at Faith.

“John’s pretty cute.” She commented as innocently as possible.

“Dawn, I know where this is going and you know that I'm already in.” Faith smirked.

“Fine, but I think we should change the winnings.”

“What you got in mind?”

“Whoever wins still get the guy, but she also get the others favourite leather pants.”

“Well I do like your red ones.” Faith agreed, laughing.

Dawn didn’t have a chance to reply as the rest of the team walked in, followed closely by Natalie.

Dr. Weir took the position at the head of the table.

“Ok everyone, now that the introductions are over, I think we should go in to detail what our three new members will actually be doing.”

“I would definitely like to know why three little girls have been allowed on this base.” McKay muttered.

“Watch it, or you’ll get a spanking.” Natalie scolded the scientist.

Mckay’s mouth snapped shut and he glared at John who was trying not to laugh.

“I’m with McKay; no way should these three be here.”

Natalie’s mischievous glint turned hard as she looked at the caveman.

“You watch yourself, Neanderthal, I can do things you wouldn’t even dream of doing, so don’t push me.”

“That’s what we are her to discuss.” Dr. Weir cut in before it came to blows. “I haven’t gone in to detail with you about what these three will be contributing, but I have been told to expect great things form them.”

“So what will you be doing exactly?” John asked the three women.

Dawn spoke first. “I will be heading up the translation and archaeologist department, giving me a position on your team.”

“No offense, it’s actually a complement, but aren’t you a little young to have such a big job.”

“I’ve been head of my own research team for the past 2 years, and believe when I say we dealt with a lot. I have more field training that you can imagine, I can handle guns and medieval weapons.”

John couldn’t help but smirk. “Can I call you Lara Croft then?”

Dawn smiled right back. “You can call me anything you like.”

John had the decency to go red.

“And you two?”

Dawn kept her face a mask.

“You’ve read their training reports?”

“Yes I have, but I really don’t believe them. The ability they showed rivaled the Wraith’s speed and strength.”

John gave his CO a quick look, but remained impassive. He may be flirting with these girls, but he didn’t really trust them yet.

“They’re real, and I’ll prove it.” Natalie announced standing up. “Back up from the table.”

They did as they were told and Natalie looked at the table. She didn’t think this through, she knew it and Faith knew it. The table was a lot of steel, and she wasn’t sure she was going to be able to break through it without breaking something.

Do you want me to do?” Faith asked.

Faith knew that while she would injure herself, it wouldn’t be as bad as Natalie would. She had been a Slayer longer and she had been dealing with dislocated shoulders ever since she was little.

“I got it.” Natalie declined.

She might hurt herself, but that caveman was really starting to annoy her.

She braced herself and punched as hard as she could in to the steel. She hadn't even realized she had closed her eyes.

She waited several seconds for the pain to come but it never did. She opened her eyes to see she had punched all the way through the steel table and her fist was still in the hole.

Faith instantly stood up and punched the table as well, with the same results, she looked to her sister and then to Dawn.

“What the hell Dawn, Nat should have broken her arm, same as me. No way in hell are we that strong, even B would struggle with that. “

“I don’t know Faith! I'm as a surprised as you are. Natalie punch Faith.” Dawn ordered.

“What?” Natalie exclaimed.

“Do it.” Faith agreed.

Natalie sighed, but did as she was told, she hit her sister as hard as she could. She really didn’t expect what happened next though.

Normally if Natalie hit a Slayer they would fly 5 feet max, but Faith had cleared that distance, she had went through the glass doors and over the railing and was now on the floor down by the Stargate.

Before Natalie could even shout for her sister, Faith was on her feet and had leaped up over the railing and was back in the room.

“That was a rush.” Faith grinned.

“Oh my God Faith, are you OK?”

“I'm buzzing.”

“Ok, back up, what the hell was that?” John shouted.

“A demonstration just went a little better than we thought it was going to go.”

“Your Slayer powers have enhanced, but how?”

“What the Hell is a Slayer?”

“She is the Guardian of Atlantis.” A voice said at the back if the room.

Natalie and Faith had their hidden daggers out instantly, while Dawn took her gun out the holster along with John and Ronan.

“Put your weapons down, I will not hurt you.”

The being walked out of the shadows and they saw her for what she was.

“You’re an Ancient.” McKay declared, astounded.

“I am one of the Ascended of my kin, yes.”

“Wait Ascended? Last time I went through that I went in to a coma and B had a Giant Snake to deal with.” Faith said, looking alarmed.

“That was a Demonic Ascension; I am a being of the light.”

“Okay, Dawn?” Faith asked her Watcher.

Dawn shrugged. “I'm guessing there’s a good kind of Ascension and then there’s ‘I wanna be a big snake’ kind of Ascension.”

They all slowly lowered their weapons, feeling slightly more relaxed now they knew who she was.

“Okay, tell me more about this Guardian?” Dawn asked.

“The Guardian was the last of her kind, Huntresses. Huntresses were a race within the Pegasus during the war with the Wraith.”

“Were they Culled?” Teyla asked.

The Ancient smiled warmly at the Ethosian. “The Wraith did attempt to Cull the Guardian’s Race, but they failed. Huntresses were further along the evolutionary path, but they hadn't taken a alternate route to those of the Ancients. When the Wraith came, they found a Race that could fight them hand to hand and win, a Race that outrun their Darts. They truly were a Great Race.”

“What happened?” Dawn asked.

She couldn’t believe she had been expecting to have to go through that database with a fine tooth comb; instead it had fallen right in to her lap.

“We discovered the Wraith’s defeat at their hand, and we approached them with an alliance, we could provide technology, while they could provide the skills in destruction.

Faith snorted. “That sounds like me.”

The Ancient looked at Faith with a sad smile on her face. She didn’t say anything to her, but continued on with her story.

“They agreed and they became our Soldiers. We would send a group of 10 young girls on to a Wraith Mother Ship and they would return with reports of the destruction of the Ship.”

“So they were good.” John deadpanned.

“Exceptionally, they turned the War in our favour, until the Wraith found a way to fight them.”

“That would explain why you lost.” McKay theorized.

The Ancient nodded. “Indeed. We never discovered how they overcame the Huntresses superior powers. The War ended soon after. The Huntresses were extinct except for one 15 year old girl. We asked her to guard Atlantis for our descendants. She agreed, as long as we did something for her in return.”

“You’re the ones that created the Slayer.” Faith said calmer than she felt.

The Ascended Ancient nodded. “We could not recreate the race of the Huntresses, but we could manipulate DNA of a girl who volunteered to make her stronger and faster. We created the First Slayer.”


Faith had had it; she kicked the steel table, which went flying.

“How dare you! I have seen Sineya and she was half wild, there was no way she could have consented to that!”

The Ancient again looked sorrowful. “Her mind became feral after she became what she wanted. The raw power flowing through her was too much. She was the strongest Slayer to ever live; the blood that gave her Slayer powers was too strong, through the generations the blood became diluted and the Slayer became less feral.”

“Are you saying that all Slayers are related?”

“In a way yes, they all have a small amount of Sineya’s blood running through their veins, making them Slayers.”

Faith calmed down a bit; she was still pissed, but not as bad.

“What happened to the Guardian?”

She went through a rite now lost that made her immortal, she could die through injury but she could not age or become ill. She lost her life when the Wraith went to War with the Satedans.” The Ancient looked to Ronan, who’s look changed from anger to understanding.


“Yes, she had always liked the people of Sateda and decided if they were going to die, she would go with them.”

“She died taking out the mother ship that killed my wife; she swore she would avenge her even if it killed her.” Ronan stated, his voice laced with pain. “She was the best warrior I had ever seen.”

They were silent for a moment, as if paying their respect to the Guardian who lost her life protecting others; it was Faith that broke the silence.

“It was the way she would have wanted to go out.”

“How do you know?” Dr. Weir asked.

“Because every Slayer dies, she just hopes it means something, and it doesn’t get much better than saving people, even if it’s just one.” Natalie answered for her sister.

Every Slayer knew this. If they had to die, they wanted it to mean something, that way they lived on.

During the solemn moment, something in Dawns head clicked.

“You defeated the Old Ones didn’t you?”

“We did indeed. We sent them back to the Hell they belonged in, we couldn’t however kill the half bloods, they were still considered human by the Council of Elders. A few of us decided this was wrong and cut off from the rest of them and took Sineya with them, she seemed to like killing the half bloods, it soothed her, and the Slayer myth was born.”

Faith sighed, she could understand Sineya. When she Slayed she became lost in it, she forgot her guilt and her pain, she was just the Slayer.

“Okay, you explained how the Slayer was created, but you didn’t explain why us two are super Slayers.”

“It’s not just you.” The Ancient replied.


The Ancient looked over to Dawn.

“The Key has also become stronger, in more ways than one.”

Dawn was almost tempted to go for her gun again, she didn’t like how much this woman knew, Ascended or not.

“What do you mean?” Dawn asked cautiously.

“Your two companions have returned to what they were meant to be, Huntresses, being so close to where their kin lived for millions of years has made the Slayer blood in them dominant. They are not as great as their descendants, but they are close, and are far more powerful than a Slayer. You, Key, also have the blood of Sineya in you, albeit significantly weaker than your Slayer sister and her fellow warriors. But your blood has reacted all the same; your abilities are very similar to your sisters now.”

“Are you saying I'm a Slayer?”

“I believe I am, but you are so much more, you are a Child of the Ascended.”

“Again I say huh?” Dawn exclaimed.

“The Key was the Ascended’s only interference in to the lower plain. When we first Ascended we gave the current Slayer the Key as a gift, she could walk between dimensions in the flash of an eye, but each time the key was used, it’s power increased, until it became unstable. It could not be used so casually ever again we gave it to the Order of Dagon and charged them with it protection. However, I never expected them to give it human form. The consequences are great. You are now charged with the protection of this Galaxy, as the Powers That Be are charged with yours.”


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