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Summary: Buffy and Dawn have different tastes when it comes to guys Sam/Buffy, Dawn/Dean

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Supernatural > Buffy-Centered > Pairing: Sam WinchesterkateruthFR131868121,67613 Feb 0913 Feb 09Yes
Title: Priorities
Summery: Buffy and Dawn have different tastes in men
Disclaimer: All characters belong to Eric Kripke and Joss Whedon. I am just writing fic
Warnings: Un beta'd

She was supposed to fall for Dean.
It had been quite forcefully brought to her attention by every single person she met while on the road with her sister and the Winchester brothers. She knew it hurt Dawn, although her sister hid it well under an exceptionally timed retort and a bright smile.

It would have made sense. They were both older siblings, closer to each other's age and charged with looking after their younger siblings by their parents. Sam and Dawn were also alike, loving reading and researching long into the night while both Buffy and Dean preferred to hunt or play pool.

Buffy wasn't going to deny Dean was hot; it would be like denying the grand canyon was a freaking big hole in the ground. It was just Buffy wasn't as swayed by looks as she once was, and besides, in her opinion Sam's expressive brown eyes and hard sculpted body trumped smooth pick up lines and a smirk. Dawn was young, still drawn to the bad ass in Dean, the sex and the danger that clung to him like a second skin.

Sam made her feel what few men had ever accomplished: Made her feel normal. They had found solace and companionship in their desire to be normal; to live normal lives while knowing that they were called for a higher purpose. Dean and Dawn thrived in the hunt and rejected any desire to live like regular people. When Buffy spoke of college and jobs and children Dawn's eyes glazed over. Buffy realized, perhaps too late that her sister would always be part of the family business, that she could no longer protect her from the monsters in the night.

They fell into a pattern; at first hiring two rooms that the siblings shared but as Sam and Buffy became closer and she eventually shared a bed with Sam, Dawn and Dean found themselves sharing a room. Dawn was unwilling to push the point since Sam topped the list of boyfriends Dawn could actually stand and Buffy was enjoying the rare occurrence of having a boyfriend who she could be open with and a regular sex life. When Dawn found that out she was glad that she was forced to bunk with Dean.

Things had been harder for Dawn and Dean. Dawn was used to being overlooked in favour of her sister and it took a while before she believed that Dean didn't have designs on Buffy. They shared a love of classic music and he had been surprised when Dawn had expressed an interest in learning how the Impala worked, he even let her change the oil and check the engine every so often.

Dawn treasured her friendship with Dean, knowing that Dean gave his friendship and trust to only a select few, when her feelings deepened she instantly hid them, not wanting things to be awkward when Dean inevitably let her down gently. Even if she couldn't have his love, or his body she knew at least that she had more of him then the girls he picked up in bars.

Buffy wasn't sure how she felt when she found out Dawn and Dean were sleeping together, didn't know how serious they were especially when Dawn had said that it was only casual. It had only taken Sam and Buffy a few weeks before they were officially a couple, but nothing seemed to change between Dawn and Dean during the day.

Buffy once again thanked whatever Gods were out there that her relationship with Sam was less complicated. She felt at last as if she were more than just a slayer, her life mattered more than being the chosen one. Sam made her want to live her life then merely survive it and he had been instrumental in bringing her closer to her sister.

Buffy smiled as Sam ran his hand absently over her hip as they lay on the tangled sheets of the motel room. Buffy lay on her side clicking through websites in search of a very ugly demon that she wasn't even going to try to pronounce the name of. She left that side of things to Dawn. She felt the warmth of Sam's chest behind her and leaned back, soaking up the honest, clean scent of him. For once she felt she could indulge herself a little, knowing that she had left Slayer HQ in the capable hands of Giles and Xander.

Her eyes found Dawn, long legs draped over Dean's lap, both had their heads in their books, when Dawn looked up and met Dean's eyes she blushed and drew her legs underneath her. Dean held her gaze for a moment longer but Dawn didn't look at him. Finally Dean looked back at his book. The dance was an old one that Buffy knew by heart but had no desire to participate in again.

She figured they were in for the long run, and although she thought Dean and Dawn were making their own road harder then it needed to be she knew they'd reach their destination together.

One thing they all understood was family.


The End

You have reached the end of "Priorities". This story is complete.

StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking