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All Become One

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Summary: The unification spell doesn't happen, so the Enterprise is sent back to fix the timeline.

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Star Trek > Star Trek - The Next GenerationNevynFR1843,540094,07614 Feb 091 Mar 10No

Chapter 4

Disclaimer: All recognizable characters are property of their respective owners.

Buffy's living room, continued

"In order to interrogate the Doctor who comes from the future," said Giles. " we need to first find said Doctor and then we need to capture her. Given that she is quite possibly on a spaceship busily feeding on her former colleagues... both the first and second items on our to-do list would seem to have rather large degrees of difficulty associated with them."

"I think I know how to do both." said Willow. "I can't teleport anyone, but I've looked at the spell before and there are other, easier spells that are in the same class that do some of the same things. One of them is called transposition. Instead of one thing or person going to a place, the spell switches two things... or people. Due to the nature of the spell, the more alike the two things to be switched; the easier the spell becomes to cast. Two witches were famous for using it, because they were twins, so for them, it was natural. Easy. And the beautiful part is that it doesn't matter where the two things are... it's just" She made a hand gesture. "Switcheroo."

"So... what we need," said Xander, smiling " is a red-headed, pale, brainy-type person. Hmmm.... where can we get one of those?... let's think."

"N-no. I... that is.. no. But, you know who has red hair too? Mary Sullivan who lives down the street. And you know who doesn't have any powers and so wouldn't be able to put up any kind of fight if we were to tie her up and put her into the mystic circle? Mary Sullivan who lives down the street. And you know who's a mean person who made fun of me when we were both younger? Oh, and she made fun of Xander too?"

"Mary Sullivan who lives down the street." They all said in unison.

"I think, a few days ago, I would have had a problem with this plan." said Buffy.

"But you don't now?" asked Giles.


"Well that's good. Let's go get ourselves a redhead." said Xander, "Another one, I mean." He laughed. Then they all laughed. And then they couldn't stop laughing and breathing became an issue. Giles grabbed his own pinky finger and bent it back until it broke, which shut off the laughter immediately.

"Right then; no laughter. Ever."

"Are we going to discuss the breaking of the lamp?" Xander asked, pointing at the shards that remained. "And the wrist things that I seem to have grown?" He made the spiderman web-sling gesture.

"You're clearly a freak." said Buffy. "What more is there to discuss?"

"So we're going with denial on this one?" He asked.

"Denial." They said in unison.

The Journal of Alastair Pryce, excerpts

Friday, June 16 1893

I am entirely sick of decisions being made for me! By all means, pass off the most odious assignment imaginable to me, after all, I'm merely laboriously transcribing some of the most volatile and rare rituals of power to ever exist. Postponing my efforts will not trouble me in the slightest! Think nothing of it you old gas-bags, some bizarre nonsense an ocean away is clearly more important.

"A dimensional disturbance like and yet unlike the Sunnydale aperture. Smaller, apparently less powerful, but there has been a locus of unexplained phenomena in the area since the appearance of the disturbance." Be more vague. I plead with you, all this clarity is nearly blinding.

So, to San Francisco must I go. Father thinks it will be "just the thing" for me. "Seasoning in the field" and all that rot. As if he would know, set him down a mile from the estate and that would be the end of him.

All is not lost however, I'm to have a companion! One Jonathan Sykes. I hate him already.

Monday, June 19 1893

Preparations are well under way. I'm taking the SS Teutonic of the White Star Line out of Liverpool(my compatriot is meeting me there) on Wednesday, I should arrive six or seven days later. And then.. I'll be traveling by train... oh, for the rest of my life probably.

Friday, June 23 1893

Life aboard ship: The quarters are close, the pleasures are few-to-non-existant and the discomforts are many. My companion is an idiot.

Thursday, June 29 1893

New York is replete with vampires. We have dispatched several of them. Six to be precise. To be even more precise I have dispatched six vampires while Mr. Sykes played cards and drank too much. It is important to note however, that he plays very well even while drunk and so he's managed to upgrade our travel arrangements as well as our accommodations. I therefore decided not to let him choke to death on his own vomit.

A further note: there was a physical altercation, the details of which remain unclear( I wasn't really listening to him). It apparently started over a dispute about who's round it was. Mr. Sykes won the dispute.

Mary Sullivan's house

"There's a price to calling Willow Rosenberg a 'pale bag of bones'." Xander told a restrained Mary Sullivan. "It starts with a little rope and a little duct tape. The middle involves red paint, weird symbols and some light chanting and it ends with you getting sent god knows where in exchange for a psycho vampire."

Mary Sullivan's house, a few minutes later

"You four." said Dr. Beverly Crusher with a smile. " I should have known you'd do something like this." she said, looking at Willow. "You know you remind me of someone. He thought he knew everything too."

"Who?" Willow asked.

"No one you could possibly know. He blew himself, Mark Twain, A crew-mate of mine and several tons of rock into little tiny bits."

The End?

You have reached the end of "All Become One" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 1 Mar 10.

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