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All Become One

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Summary: The unification spell doesn't happen, so the Enterprise is sent back to fix the timeline.

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Star Trek > Star Trek - The Next GenerationNevynFR1843,540094,06914 Feb 091 Mar 10No

Chapter One

Disclaimer: All recognizable characters are property of their respective owners.

Buffy had her hair in a pony tail and she was wearing a pink tee and sensible pants. There were several spider-like metallic projections evident on her forearms as well as one on her neck just below her jaw-line, they caught the light as she moved, and she was moving very rapidly. In each of her hands she was holding what appeared to be dismembered arms which she was using to batter another figure, which, judging by it's armless state, was the former proprietor of the tools of its own battery. The other figure was apparently male, but its gray/pale skin and the lack of blood indicated that it was not human. He/it was also moving rapidly, but without the ferocity of his opponent.

"Ms. Summers, be reasonable." He said as he dodged a blow meant for his head. "We have not tried everything yet. Despite what you have done to the Captain, Lieutenant Commander LaForge and Mr. Barkley, I am willing to go back to the Enterprise to attempt to devise an alternate method of removing the nano-probes."

Buffy wasn't listening to him though, she was intent and her focus was rewarded. Bringing one of her bludgeons to bear she managed to land a powerful blow to his cranial unit that knocked him to the ground. She quickly took advantage, striking again and again.

"Stop hitting yourself! Stop hitting yourself!" She screamed. Finally he ceased all movement and she stopped, breathing heavily.

"I don't think he's dead." said Xander, walking up beside her. He had metallic projections similar to Buffy's on his skin and so did Willow and Giles who were standing to one side.

"I'm not sure that he can die." said Buffy turning toward him and dropping the arms. " 'Stop hitting yourself' ?" she questioned.

"Yeah, that was me wasn't it? Sorry. I'm not that good with the lingo for this side of an ass-kicking. On the upside if you happen to be on the wrong side, I've got the goods; 'Not the face.' or 'Ow, my spleen!' are usually your best bet; it's all about the pity Buff. That and the disgust."

Willow walked over to where Picard had fallen, along with Barkley and LaForge. The others followed her and they looked down at the beaten and broken bodies. Xander felt some regret that wasn't his and put an arm around Willow.

"They had it coming Will. We're stuck like this and they said..."

"I know, but..."


There was silence for a while and then: "Is anyone else feeling like...?" asked Giles.




Buffy walked back to where Data was and picked him up in a fireman's carry.
"Pepperoni only though; no pineapple. I don't care who's eating it; I don't want to taste it." she insisted as they walked back home.

A couple of days earlier, Giles' house:

"It's not here." There was a note of disbelief in Giles voice.

"Great, Giles. You get that serious, yet hopeful look in your eyes and I get to thinking we're not totally screwed and then..." Xander trailed off shaking his head; they'd already done more than enough of the infighting.

"The book was here. It had a spell, an adjoining spell it's not here."

"Maybe it wasn't ever there. Maybe nothing is ever here or there or anywhere." said Willow solemnly and Giles rolled his eyes.

"God spare me from freshman philosophy students." he muttered under his breath.

"Senility." Xander said to Buffy. "And he's so young. Well... not decrepit anyway."

Suddenly there was a kind of humming noise and four men and a woman appeared out of thin air; they were dressed alike. Nothing was said for a few seconds; some very long seconds.

The man in the center took a small step forward. "Hello, my name is Jean-Luc Picard. We've come from the future and we're here to help." His voice was rich and persuasive. The scoobies exchanged glances and Picard smiled. "Not to worry, in a couple of days everything will be back to normal."
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