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Not A Good Day

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Toy Soldiers". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: Two teams have to work together to solve a mult. homicide. NCIS Agent Gibbs doesn't like working with other agencies anyway, when he sees the team sent out to take over his scene, he's beyond ticked off... and more. (1st in Toy Soldiers series)

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NCIS > GeneralSariLaneFR18615,997248367,35514 Feb 0917 Feb 09Yes

You're Not In Charge

Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.

Thanks to my beta Sere.

Gibbs looked at the field and scowled. It had not been a good day. He’d known it had the potential for ‘not great’ when he’d gotten in to the office and found that Ziva had taken emergency leave out of the country. Okay, fine, he could deal with that. He still had DiNozzo and McGee after all, and with Abby and Ducky backing them up, well, it would be okay. Then they’d gotten the call… the call telling them to head out to this crap city where they’d be working a joint investigation with a non-military agency. Looking around his scowl deepened. For some reason the Director had ordered him to bring Abby with him, which had pissed Gibbs off. Abby never went in the field. He didn’t like working with other agencies, and he didn’t think much of the city they were currently sitting right outside of waiting for the other team. Could they even call this place a city? Hell, he’d grown up in a tiny town, but this was ridiculous.

At the sound of an engine, Gibbs turned his attention to the approaching vehicle. Obviously the team they’d be working with had arrived.

Tony had approached and seemed to be trying to get his attention, when unexpectedly the younger man froze. “Uh, Boss?” he whispered.

“Gee kids, looks like the party started without us,” a raspy feminine voice sounded off to their right.

Gibbs barely heard the “Holy shit” come from McGee. With the exception of Abby, his team were all dressed professionally, as usual. Abby herself wore her usual fare of combat boots, black jeans, a heavy studded belt and a heavy metal concert shirt. So far every person in town had stared at her as if she was the Devil.

The woman who’d spoken wore worn, black steel-toed boots, skintight, hip hugging red leather pants that were tight until her calves, where they flared out to fall loosely around said boots, and a black cotton tank top. She carried an army duffle that was shaped oddly, but hung over her shoulder easily. Her long, wavy brown hair was caught back in a messy ponytail. She looked at the group from large, dark eyes, and her pink-pouty lips were caught up in a smirk.

The second member of the group was a shorter, wiry man with dark hair, obviously dyed black with bright purple tips. Eyeliner rimmed his eyes and he was dressed much Abby was, right down to the black nail polish. The man wore strange bead bracelets around both wrists. He carried a steel suitcase.

The youngest member had stepped forward and was focused on the field past them. She was tall and slender with large blue eyes, a pert, upturned nose, and a cupid’s bow mouth. Her masses of chestnut hair were pulled back into a braid. She wore gray, pinstriped trousers, with suspenders over a white baby tee. This girl carried a black laptop case.

It was the last man that really caught Gibbs’ attention, and it seemed Gibbs’ had caught his as well. He was dressed all in black; boots, jeans, button down shirt, and black leather jacket. He had dark brown hair that was perhaps just a little too long, and showed that if left uncut would fall into natural curls. Probably the most noticeable attribute though was the eye patch. His left eye was covered with a dark brown leather eye patch that looked to be covered, or carved with some type of words or symbols. He peered at Gibbs’ group out of one dark eye, and Gibbs felt himself being judged.

This man was the next to speak, “Nah Faith, no good party could start without the Scoobies.”

“For Christ sakes are you telling me that the agency that we’ve been waiting for are a bunch of kids?” Gibbs snarled.

“Don’t ya hate it when ya don’t get the important memos?” the one eyed man asked sarcastically. Then he turned his attention to encompass everyone. “I’m Xander Harris, and you should have been informed by now that until I’ve looked and seen all I need to see, I’m in charge of this here circus. Once I’m done, it’s all your show.” It looked as if the silver haired man was going to blow a gasket, but Xander just kept talking, “My colleagues are…”

“I love it when he says that,” the shorter brunette woman snickered.

Xander sighed, “Faith, please? As I was saying, my colleagues are Faith Woods, Dawn Summers, and Dan Osbourne. Any questions just ask.” Xander started moving forward only to have several things happen simultaneously.

Gibbs reached out, grabbing the younger man by the arm. When he did this, Faith moved fast, putting herself between Xander and Gibbs, breaking the grab, and pushing Gibbs into Tony. “Nobody touches Xan Man, you got it Pops?” she raged. “Nobody!”

“Faith!” Xander snapped. He placed his hands on her shoulders and she instantly relaxed. “I’m sure that…?” His eye met the younger man holding the older agent back.

“Special Agent Gibbs,” Tony supplied.

“I’m sure that Special Agent Gibbs isn’t used to civilians coming in and horning in on his territory,” Xander stated calmly. “If I’m not offended, then you shouldn’t be offended.”

“But…” she growled. “Goddamned cops.” She shot a dirty look at all the men, before walking away.

Xander turned his attention back to Gibbs, who had a calculating look in his eyes. “How’d she do that? Move that fast?” he asked. He didn’t mention her strength. The girl had moved faster than anyone he’d ever seen, and when she’d forcibly moved him away from the younger man… she might be petite, but she was strong.

“Faith eats her Wheaties,” Xander deadpanned; then he sighed, “Look, we’re not here to step on your toes, and we’re going to try our best not to mess with your crime scene. If we get in there and find that it has nothing to do with us, well, then we’re gone and it’s all yours.”

Tony finally spoke when it appeared that Gibbs was just going to continue to stare at the other man, “And if it does have to do with you?”

Xander turned his eye on the younger NCIS agent. “Well, then we’re all gonna have to learn to get along until this is all over with.”

Everyone was milling about while Gibbs made a call to his office. It was bad enough having to traipse to some bumfuck town where they couldn’t even get decent internet service, but then to have some civilian organization get pulled in…

“You got a problem with cops?” the tall, green eyed agent asked Faith.

“Cops are swell,” she told him with a forced smile, showing only teeth.

“You look really familiar,” he said staring at the brunette.

Now she turned a genuine smile on. “Probably saw my wanted poster a few years back. Before I was cleared of all charges.”

“What were you wanted for?” McGee asked.

“Murder, assaultin’ a few cops,” she shrugged, looking at the ground.

Tony’s eyes widened, “Why aren’t you in prison then?”

“She told you she was exonerated, right? What part didn’t you get?” the girl Dawn looked at the agent as if he was an idiot.

“Well, I was cleared of the murder charges, I did the time for beatin’ up the cops,” Faith seemed to close in on herself, her voice lowering.

Dawn threw a nasty glare at all of the agents before turning her attention back to her coworker, “That was a long time ago Faith. Almost a decade. They were trying to kill you, plus, you did your time, and a lot more since then. You even got a pardon!”

Faith looked up and nodded sharply.

The doctor tried to change the subject. “So, you never told us what company it is you work for?” he asked Xander who was sitting next to the smaller man, Daniel Osbourne, and seemed to be carving a piece of wood. Although to Ducky it looked like he was just sharpening one end into a point.

Xander looked up at the doctor, “We work for the International Defender’s Council.”

“No way! You work for the IDC?” Abby squealed. “I am like so impressed! I’ve heard so much about your organization, well, about as much as anyone can I guess, but I’ve never met anyone who works with it before. This is way cool. I never get to go out to the actual scenes. I’m so glad I got to this time! You all are so young! Is everyone who works there so young?”

Xander grinned at the woman, “We have a few members who are older.”

“Who all is going to be moving through the scene?” McGee asked.

“Me and the Dawn Meister,” Xander shared.

“What? 'Killer' over there ain’t goin’?” Tony teased, hoping to ease the tension.

Faith smirked, “Doubt it. I’m here to beat anyone’s ass for messin’ with my team.”

Everyone’s eyes turned to the short man, who blinked lazily at them, “Moral support.”

Faith snickered, and Dawn hid a grin. Xander just shook his head.

Gibbs was glowering now as he approached, which meant he hadn’t received good news. “Let’s move it. I don’t want to be here all night,” he barked at Xander.

Xander raised one eyebrow at the man. “Just so we’re clear Special Agent Gibbs, you’re not my boss. I don’t follow your orders.” He gave everyone a grin and with Dawn at his side he headed for the field.

As he was walking he found Dr. Mallard to his side. “I’m the coroner dear boy, I thought I would assist anyway I could.”

“Thanks,” Xander smiled gratefully. “We were told there are five dead bodies?”

Ducky nodded, “Yes.”

Xander looked back at the others. “Special Agent Gibbs, if you’d like, your team can start collecting samples while Dawn and I look at the bodies. If I see anything we need samples of we’ll get it and let you know.”

Gibbs was surprised. He thought he’d have to wait until the two were done with whatever they’d be doing before his people would get to do anything. Tony and McGee were just entering the field, and Dawn and Xander were just approaching the third body when Dawn let out an anguished cry.


Faith’s head jerked up where she stood near the group left out of the collecting process. The group included Faith, Oz, and Abby, who was busy trying to pull up information on her laptop. “Dawnie?” worry laced her voice as she bolted for the field.

Xander held onto to Dawn so she didn’t fall to the ground. Very calmly he called out, “Faith, don’t enter the field. You could destroy evidence. I’m going to bring Dawn to you.” He knew everyone was staring at them. He could feel the ice blue eyes; alpha eyes that small part of him that was still hyena whispered. Xander very carefully walked over and handed a weeping Dawn off to Faith who looked at him from questioning eyes. He met her gaze grimly and knew she understood. One of the dead was one of their own.

“Oh God,” she whispered, and clutched Dawn to her, rubbing her back.

“Take her away, just until she’s calm. I’ll need her help in a little while.” Xander waited until Faith had taken Dawn a good distance away. Unfortunately in that time anger had begun to build, wiping away the laid back, easy going man that had been present since they’d shown up at the scene. “Oz! You contact Willow and you find out why the fuck no one knew that Adiola was missing!” he snarled before spinning on his heel and heading back to the body.

“On it,” Oz was already opening the steel suitcase before Xander spoke to him, pulling out a metallic red laptop.

“You won’t get good signal out here,” Abby told him softly, frustrated from where she’d been having her own problems.

Oz gave her a slight smile and shrug, “Always works.” His hands were moving quickly, and Abby wondered if perhaps he was their tech geek like she was. When suddenly a live feed came on and they were staring at a redhead, she figured he was indeed. “Will?”

"Oz, hey? How goes it in… where'd you all go again?" the redhead cocked her head to the side.


"Oh, yeah, Virginia. How goes it in Virginia? Although, I suppose I don't have to ask if you're calling… oh hey, a new person! Hi new person I'm Willow!"

Abby smiled at the beaming girl, "I'm Abby. Lab tech with NCIS."

Willow frowned, "Oh, military, blech… you don't look very militaryish…"

"I'm not."

"Oh… okay… so, what's up?"

"Xan found Adiola..." Oz murmured.

"Oh Goddess no… she's not one of the victims," Willow began to get upset, and her breathing began to speed up. "Giles!" the girl bellowed. "I can't… Oz you know I can't… not in front of people…" suddenly the girl was gone replaced by an older man dressed in tweed, with thick dark, graying hair.

"Hello Oz, did I hear Willow accurately, our Adiola is one of the victims?" At Oz's nod, the man took off his glasses and began to clean them. "Oh dear, does Xander have any idea what killed her yet?" Giles seemed lost in his thoughts for a moment, "Probably not seeing as you've only just begun looking. She was transferred to Fairfax Virginia last month. Why hasn't Megan reported her missing?" Oz felt like he was back in the library in Sunnydale watching as Giles talked at the Scoobies, pondering whatever current problem faced them. "Well, I'm sure that's why you're calling. I'll contact Megan and contact you or Xander. I'm sure Dawn is beside herself. Take care of them. I'll get back to you soon."

Oz closed the laptop and put it back in the steel suitcase. Abby sat staring at it silently, trying to figure out how he‘d gotten internet when she hadn‘t been able to. She was also wondering how they managed to figure all that out with him only saying one word and nodding once. “Well, that was intense.”

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