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Finding Family Ficlets

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Summary: A collection of crossover ficlets and plot bunnies that give Xander family. There will be mild implied slash and femslash but nothing worse than a kiss.

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Multiple Crossings > Xander-Centered > Ficlet CollectionsHeatherKatFR1362,76223110,34914 Feb 0927 Mar 09No

Baby in the Vegas Crime Lab

Title: Finding Family Ficlets
Author: HeatherKat
Summary: A collection of ficlets and plot bunnies in which Xander finally gets family or relatives that might care. This will contain teenage Xander, de-aged Xander, and grown up Xander who get the new family. There will be possible mentions and implications of slash, het and femslash, nothing more over than a kiss!
Spoilers: Possible vague spoilers all the way through the end of the television series in future chapters. SPOILERS for Cordy’s future in Angel the Series.
Disclaimer: I do not own any of the crossovers, current or future. They all belong to their respective owners. I do not own CSI or Buffy or Angel… sadly, not even on DVD T.T
Warning: Slight language

“Greg? What are you doing here? I thought today was your day off,” Gil Grissom asked as he caught sight of the young tech.

“Hey Gris. Had an emergency and I have to take the next few weeks off. Sorry, but it can’t be avoided,” Greg babbled as he stuffed the last few things in his bag. “Time to go.”

“Greg? Who are you talk—” Grissom stopped speaking and blinked a few times. “That’s a toddler,” he stated needlessly.

“Yeah, my friend died and left me custody of his son. We weren’t the closest of friends; we only spent one summer together in Oxnard and kept in contact via email and phone but he said he didn’t trust any of his current friends or family to take proper care of his son.”

Grissom just hummed in response and asked, “So what’s his name?”

“Alexander. The people he was staying with before I was notified were trying to insist he be called Xander just like his dad and grow up exactly the same as his dad, but I’ve taken to calling him Alex. His dad wanted him to grow up much happier. We’ve got to go; Alex needs to go down for a nap soon.”

“Alright. Take care and if you need anything, just call any of us. Though Catherine will probably give the best advice.” Grissom said as he walked the tech and child out.

As Greg approached the car, he shot a quick smile at the brunette standing there. “So everything okay?”

“Yeah, all the paperwork and memories are in place. If Bitchy and Witchy come near him, I’ll be notified and deal with them… personally.”

“Thanks, I’ll take good care of him and tell him lots of funny stories about his daddy,” Greg finished buckling the sleepy child into the car seat and got in and drove away after kissing the brunette on the cheek.

“Take care Dweeb,” Cordelia Chase, Queen C, May Queen, former Seer for the Powers that Be, former Ascended Being, and current Justice Demon for forgotten heroes, murmured and then disappeared to torment Buffy and Willow some more.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Finding Family Ficlets" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 27 Mar 09.

StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking