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Runs in the Family

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Summary: Xander gets kicked out after graduation, finds out his dad isn't his dad, and makes his way to the Roadhouse. There he meets Sam and Dean Winchester and they get roped into taking him with them for a bit. Will Xander find his real family?

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Author's Notes: It's over. Finito. Teliosa. So, what'd you guys think? I don't know how I feel. I've been writing this story for over a year and it was really only the constant reviews that kept me writing it. I was ready to give up so many times, that's what happens when you hate the newest seasons of Supernatural but I'm glad I stuck it out. And I'm glad that you guys stuck it out with me even though my writing wasn't fantastic and my timeline was all over the place and I confused the colour of Xander's eyes. Plus, it wasn't like this fic was update regularly...but thanks for sticking with me through all that. It means a lot to me. I had to give you guys the reconciliation scene between Dean and Xander. I tried to make it as gruff and un-chick flick-y as possible but I'm not sure how I did. Anyways, the sequel will pick up after Dean makes the deal but there may be a story that follows the events of All Hell Breaks Loose 1 & 2 in the works. It'll be a mini-story featuring Xander. So keep an eye out for that. I'll try to update as soon as I can but school's starting soon and I have a Power Rangers fic to complete. So, I'll stop rambling and let you guys get on with reading. Thanks again for all the support and the criticisms in your reviews; you kept me writing. Stay gold, Ponyboy(s).

DISCLAIMER: (My final disclaimer) I don't own Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Supernatural. They belong to Joss Whedon and Eric Kripke respectively. If I did own them there would definitely be a crossover episode on its way.


“Hey, don't forget the extra onions this time, huh? Hey, see if they've got any pie. Bring me some pie! I love me some pie.” Dean shouted after Sam who huffed loudly and went into the diner.

He turned to look at his youngest brother, Xander in the mirror. The kid was sleeping; mouth slightly open and a weird whistling sound coming from his nose that Sam had assured Dean was just snoring. Snoring, right. He should be used to snoring after sleeping next to Sasquatch for all these years. Dean get the volume on the radio down, only because he didn’t want to hear Sam bitch about “letting sleeping brothers lie” or some shit like that and not because he actually cared that the kid was sleeping. Nope, he didn’t care one bit.

“Damnit,” Dean cursed, allowing himself a little vulnerability. The kid did look like dad, more than Dean did anyway. He knew it…knew as soon as Bobby brought it up that Xander could be his brother but it was hard to admit that his dad was willing to give up on his mom just for some one night stand. It hurt that John didn’t care enough to tell Dean when he was older that he had another little brother. He didn’t even say anything in the hospital…not even when he said to look after Sammy. Did Dad just really not care that he had another kid out there? Or was this one of his retarded ways of protecting Xander? But still…to leave him alone to grow up with that asshole-

Dean’s fist tightened on the steering wheel until they began to aggravate his scraped knuckles. Damnit…he had just thought Xander had gotten hurt when he went around with the Sla-with Buffy but to know that he had been knocked around by a man who was supposed to have taken care of him. Was this the kind of protecting John wanted for his kids? Huh? Was his Dad using the same tactics on Sammy that he used on Xander: keep them in the dark until they get hurt because they don’t know anything and then hope there’s enough pieces left to pick up after?

But Xander seemed fine. Kid couldn’t lie for shit, though; he’ll need to work on that. And the scars weren’t even that much; some of them looked like they were made by knives so Dean guessed those ones were from fighting with Buffy, Willow and that librarian guy. The emotional ones were probably worse but Dean decided to ignore those…if Xander needed a hug, he could just go to Sam. But Dean still felt guilty. After Xander had caught him and Sam arguing, he had ignored the kid and then look at what happened! His very first foray into the world of Winchester and the kid gets caught by a demon!

Dean didn’t even ask where Xander had gone; that had been all Sam’s doing and then Willow had basically said that Xander’s home life was shit and that she was worried about him being there with the bastard. So, Sam had whined and Dean had given in and saw the door wide open and his heart started to beat a mile a minute like it always did when Sam left his side whenever they were on a hunt. He expected to see Xander on the floor bleeding but the kid was mostly in tact although there was something different with his eyes; like he had just figured out that Santa Claus wasn’t real and Dean remembered that look because had comforted a crying Sam when his dad was being a bastard about the Christmas show at Sam’s school where they were looking for someone to play the part of Santa and Sam had volunteered John. It was that look that kept him from going to sleep until he checked that both his little brothers were okay. It’s what made him insist that Xander stay beside him at all times- much to the kid’s confusion and Sam’s knowing grin.

'Forget it', Dean said to himself, annoyed, reaching over to turn the volume up on Hell’s Bells. Like he really needed another accident prone little brother to deal with.

“Wha?” Xander startled awake at the sudden noise, hitting his head on the window and rubbing it in pain. He stopped when he caught Dean smirking at him in the mirror.

“Morning sleeping beauty,” Dean called out, cheerfully…putting all his dark thoughts away for the moment. Teasing little brothers was a more valuable use of his time.

“The sun isn’t even out yet,” Xander whined.

“It’s also piss pourin’ outside but what’s the difference?” Dean shrugged. “Sam just went to get food.”


“I got you a bacon cheeseburger,” Dean told him.


“With extra onions. You like onions, right?” Dean said, trying to prod the younger man into a reaction but Xander continued to stare listlessly at the ceiling of the car.

“Dude, seriously, I know she’s gorgeous but there are more interesting things to stare at besides the ceiling,” Dean said to Xander who just shrugged in response.

“Fine, let’s just sit here quietly and wait for Sam to get back,” Dean muttered under his breath.

Silence overtook the car while the rain continued to pour outside.

“Why’d you come?” Xander’s quiet question broke the silence.

“What are you on about?” Dean asked.

“Why’d you come to my house?”

“You mean when the demon had you by the throat…I saved you from getting killed. Show a little gratitude, dude.”

“I am. I just don’t understand,” Xander said.

“Understand what?” Dean demanded.

“Why you saved me!?” Xander shouted, frustrated. He ran his fingers through his hair in a gesture that Dean found really familiar; he had seen himself and his dad do it.

“You’re my brother.”

“You kept denying I was your brother even after the DNA test,” Xander pointed out.

“I was trying to protect you,” Dean defended himself even though he still felt guilty for the way he treated Xander. “It just came as a surprise, okay? I just lost my dad…I wasn’t ready to deal with anymore shit.”

“Look how well that turned out,” Xander muttered. “I’m sorry I came into your lives at such a horrible time. It’s not like I was planning on meeting you guys. I didn’t even know-“

“I know,” Dean said. “I get it. But I thought of all the people the demon killed…and I was angry that you had two parents while both of mine were dead and I was worried about Sam and it was just a crap day.”

“Crap couple of weeks, I’m guessing.” Xander said.

“Yeah,” Dean agreed. “So, we good now?”

“I still want to know why you saved me, Dean.”

“This again? I told you, you’re my brother.”

“But you don’t even like me,” Xander pointed out.

“I don’t like Sam half the time either but I’d take a bullet for him,” Dean snorted.

“Sam’s different.”


“He just is,” Xander insisted, finally catching Dean’s eye.

“Fine.” Dean huffed annoyed. “You really want to know why I saved you from that demon? The truth?”

“Yes,” Xander said, hands on his knees and back straight as if he were preparing himself for a blow.

“Alright…it’s simple: you’re my little brother. My littlest brother, now. Get it?” Dean said seriously looking in Xander’s familiar eyes. He definitely had Sam’s kicked puppy look down. Jesus, now there were two of them.

“But Dean you don’t even know me.”

“You’re my brother, that's the only thing I need to know. Why are we even still talkin’ about this?” Dean said as he rolled his eyes and went back to drumming on the dashboard.

He saw Xander slump in his seat, all the fight gone right out him and a little smile on his lips as he stared out the window at the beating rain.

“Xander? You ever tell Sam about this chick flick moment I’m putting Nair in your shampoo.” Dean said with a smirk.

“Got it,” Xander nodded, still smiling. Dean nodded back , satisfied. Of course, that’s when the radio started going wonky. For a moment, his heart stopped as he looked at the diner where Sam had gone in twenty minutes ago.


“Stay here!” Dean barked at Xander, grabbing his gun and taking off; he locked the doors behind him just in case and raced towards the diner entrance.

He had saved one little brother; it was time to save the other. He just hoped he wasn’t too late.

The End

You have reached the end of "Runs in the Family". This story is complete.

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