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Runs in the Family

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Summary: Xander gets kicked out after graduation, finds out his dad isn't his dad, and makes his way to the Roadhouse. There he meets Sam and Dean Winchester and they get roped into taking him with them for a bit. Will Xander find his real family?

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Supernatural > Xander-Centered > Theme: Real FamilyLektaFR151527,332914577,29314 Feb 0917 Aug 11Yes

Running is Something We've Always Done Well


SUMMARY: Xander left his life in Sunnydale when he turned eighteen with nothing left to keep him there. (His friends are moving on with their lives, his parents kicked him out, he just found out his dad isn’t who he thought he was) He goes into a roadhouse looking for nothing and everything at the same time. Ellen lets him spend the night and he meets Dean and Sam.

NOTES: This is set in second season for Supernatural and at the end of the third season for Buffy. Please disregard everything that happens canonically after.

DISCLAIMER: I don't own Supernatural or Buffy the Vampire Slayer. They belong to Eric Kripke and Joss Whedon exclusively.

Running is something that we've always done well
& mostly I can't even tell what I'm running from.


The roadhouse was noisy filled with men drinking, talking loudly to anyone who would listen. There were those who sat alone, had two or three drinks then left. Sometimes they went home with a woman or two. Then there were the hunters, most of them playing cards at one of the tables, or losing money to Jo at the shooting game or playing pool. They usually had stories and would talk to anyone who would listen. Ellen had seen all types of people come through the roadhouse, good and bad, but this was the first time she had ever seen a man wear such an awful shirt. Well, more like teenager, he looked seventeen with warm brown eyes and dark hair. She wasn’t gonna serve the kid anything stronger than a coke even if he asked and he surprised her by requesting water.

That’s it.

Usually they would try to convince her they were old enough to drink, and then she would turn them down or tell them to get lost. But not this one, he was quiet though he had made a few comments when Jo talked to him. Even though his choice of clothing left little to be desired, Ellen felt for the boy. He looked defeated; shoulders slumped as he stared into the glass, as if it held all the answers. His name according to Jo was Xander.

“Ya lookin’ for somethin’, honey?” Ellen asked as she wiped down the space in front of him. He stared up at her in confusion, coming out of his thoughts.

“’Cause I don’t think you’ll find it in there,” Ellen gestured to the glass. He smiled though it seemed flat, “yeah, looking at what to do now.”

“Sorry, can’t help ya.” Ellen said.

“That’s okay, didn’t really expect you to.” Xander chuckled quietly. Silence settled over them and Ellen went to deal with her other customers. When she returned he had fished a few bills out of his pocket, thumbing through it.

“Need anything else?” She asked.

“Yeah, do you know where the nearest motel is?” Xander asked. Ellen nodded, “its ten miles down the road, on the left side, costs a hundred bucks a night.”

Xander winced and Ellen felt a pang of sympathy. The boy’s shoulders seemed to droop even lower.

“I got a spare room in the back.” Ellen said, gesturing with her head. Xander looked up, “how much?”

“Twenty and you help me set up tomorrow morning. I’ll even throw in breakfast.” Ellen said. Xander nodded, “thank you.”

“Come on, I’ll show you.” Ellen said something to Jo and lead Xander to the hall and the room with two spare beds in it.

“I’m Ellen, by the way.” She said as the young man dropped his bag on the wooden chair in the corner.

“Oh, Xander. Uh, Harris. Xander Harris.” He answered, ducking his head.

“Where ya from, Xander?” She asked, leaning against the door.

“Sunnydale, California, originally.”

“Suppose a better question would be, what are ya lookin’ for?” Ellen looked at him. Xander sighed, “don’t know. Maybe a family, maybe just needed to get away, maybe I didn’t have a choice.”

“Alright, I’ll leave you to it then. Night, honey.” Ellen pushed off from the door and left.

“Night, Ellen.” He echoed. Xander sighed and took off his shoes, crawling into the single bed and curling himself in the blankets. He grabbed the stake and dagger out of his backpack and placed them under his pillow as a safety precaution. Tomorrow he would figure out what to do; right now he just needed to sleep.


Dean Winchester stumbled into the back room, falling onto the single bed closest to the door. He rubbed a hand over his face, already feeling the call of sleep. He turned and was almost surprised to find that the other bed had an occupant in it. Dean couldn’t see the face in the darkened room. The person was facing the wall, their back to Dean. The elder Winchester snickered as his younger brother came into the room.

“Looks like you’ll be sleeping with old Ray, Sammy.” Dean smirked. Sam’s eyes widened, “what?”

Dean pointed to the other bed, “Ellen gave your bed away.”

“Man, let me have this bed. You sleep like the dead anyways,” Sam pleaded but he dropped his voice to a whisper in consideration for the sleeping occupant.

“Nope, sorry…I’m too tired to move,” Dean shrugged. Sam huffed and left the room, muttering about his inconsiderate brother. Dean smiled and fell back onto his pillow, kicking off his shoes where they hit the wall loudly. Dean winced and turned to his bed partner but the figure didn’t even shift at the noise. Dean chuckled to himself and closed his eyes. At least someone would be able to sleep in tomorrow.
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