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Heroes, not Super Heroes

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This story is No. 3 in the series "Hero". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Both Xander and Jenny decided they wanted to try and see some of those super heroes the news were always talking about, and the closest city with a team was Jump City.

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Multiple Crossings > Xander-Centered(Past Donor)DakaathFR18215,87174918,71015 Feb 0925 May 09Yes

It's Not a Rock Troll, But Its D#$@ Close

It was several days later when the Teen Titans staggered into the tower, covered in dirt, dust, bruises, and scrapes, all together looking rather bedraggled and beaten. Xander looked up from where he was brushing Jenny’s hair on the couch. “I take it you found Terra?” he questioned.

“She found us, an ambush in the middle of the street during a routine patrol,” stated Robin, anger barely concealed in his voice as he shook out his cape, a small pile of rocks and other debris falling to the ground.

“It was a most cowardly of assaults” commented Starfire.

Cyborg began to pick stone fragments out of his armor. “I should have blasted her when I had the chance.”

“I should have thrown everything I had at her,” Raven added.

“Why did I permit her to fool me again?” questioned Starfire, sounding depressed.

“Why couldn’t we take her down just like any other criminal?” Robin demanded angrily.

Everyone was silent for a minute before Beastboy spoke. “Because…she isn’t just another criminal. She’s Terra, she was a Titan…she was our friend.”

“And that’s where you all went wrong,” Jenny stated quite calmly. “It doesn’t matter if she was your friend or your teammate and it still wouldn’t matter if she was your girlfriend, your lover, or even your spouse. She crossed the line.”

“You don’t know what you’re talking about!” Beastboy shouted. “Sure she made some mistakes, but that doesn’t make her evil!”

Xander cut off anything else he might have said. “Jenny never said she was evil, but that doesn’t matter. When you put on those costumes, you made the choice, you made the decision. It doesn’t matter why someone is breaking the law, it just matters that they are. The Why is for the courts to decide. Terra crossed the line and now she is just like any other criminal. Jump City is counting on you.”

“If you can’t deal with that, well, that’s why you asked us to stay, isn’t it?”

“And if you don’t want us to deal with it, ask the police force…though they might want to use deadly force to balance the scale since they don’t have superpowers.”

“The question is, what will you do now?” asked Jenny, finishing their joint speech.

“Did you to rehearse that?” Cyborg asked with a small grin, trying to disperse the tense atmosphere.

“No, we didn’t need to,” answered Xander. “We were in a situation similar to this before, so we know precisely what we think about it, and how we would act.”

“Of course, it helped that we hated the asshole even before he switched sides,” Jenny added.

The Titans all looked at each other, trying to decide what they would do, knowing their choice would affect the entire city. “She’s working for Slade-” Robin began.

“When you were working for Slade did we give up on you?” interjected Beastboy angrily.

The two glared at each other for a moment, the others looking on, before Robin spoke again in an angry growl. “She gets one last chance…one.”

“Be careful,” warned Xander. “That’s a slippery slope you’re on; one more chance can easily become two, three, ten, or twelve.”

“Or it might be your last, after all, an enemy only needs to have one successful attack,” Jenny added.

Before anyone could add anything else to the discussion, alarm started to blare throughout the tower, lights flashing red. “Trouble!” shouted Starfire.

Robin rushed over to the computer, bringing up the disturbance. “We have three villains, all freed by Terra, attacking three separate locations. Beastboy and Cyborg, you take Plasmius. Starfire and I will take Cinderblock, and Raven will get Overload. Xander, Jenny, you keep an ear out for Terra, but don’t act yet.”

Jenny and Xander shared a look before nodding reluctantly. They didn’t agree with the orders, but it wasn’t their choice or problem. “Titans go!”

As the Titans disappeared out the door, Xander turned to Jenny. “Well, it’s their city and I’m sure this will be a lesson. Let’s hope it won’t be a costly one.” He paused for a moment then continued. “Want to try and make that Italian dish today?”

“Sure,” agreed Jenny.

Two hours and one homemade Italian meal later, both Jenny and Xander assumed the worst. There had been no sign of the Titans, not even a distress call, and they should have heard something at least. “Well, looks like it’s our turn,” said Xander with a sigh as he put the last utensil in the dishwasher. “Where do we want to confront her?”

“She’ll have the advantage no matter where we meet her; Slade’s not stupid enough to let us lure her onto the ocean. The island’s out, we want room to maneuver, so it’ll have to be somewhere in or near the city without a lot of people nearby.”

“Industrial section outskirts?” proposed Xander.

“Agreed. We’ll wait two more days to be sure, and the paperwork should be finished by then, even with the secrecy needed. I’ll let the cops know that plan B will be going into effect.”

Two days later found a remarkably changed city. Robots had been seen prowling around, and the number of robberies and attacks by Sladebots increased dramatically with the police units unable to stop them. People were afraid, their heroes were gone, their city was under siege by a madman, and the Justice League was nowhere in sight. The couple knew they could wait no longer and so they set out, knowing what they were about to do could plunge the world into turmoil.

They arrived at the city limits near the industrial section, asphalt parking lots as far as the eye could see. They hoped that having to rip through the tar binding might limit Terra’s powers slightly, or at least slow her down, and even if that didn’t work the empty space gave them a lot of room to dodge. Having let the police force know what they were doing, and receiving their confirmation, they were confident that Slade would send Terra. He knew they were a threat, and he had to be monitoring the police channels so he knew where they would be. Showing himself would be too much of a risk without knowing the full scope of their abilities, but he had to eliminate them as they represented a force to be reckoned with, so that meant he would send a powerful, but potentially disposable minion. Ideally that minion would be Terra, but with the recent breakout the couple wasn’t a hundred percent sure. Either way they weren’t worried, if it wasn’t Terra, well, destroying a rubble heap, dispersing a collection of static, or cleaning up a toxic chemical spill weren’t punishable offences.

“So now we wait?” asked Xander.

“We wait.”

They didn’t have to wait long, fifteen minutes later Terra appeared, a vast force of robots behind her, both Sladebots and the new heaver combat version that resembled something out of Star Wars.

“So, your master actually sent you. We were hoping he would, but we weren’t positive. Xander owes me a foot rub now.”

“Well, he won’t get a chance to deliver,” Terra taunted with a nasty grin. “You’ll both die here, and then the city will be ours.”

“And what the hell will you do with it?” asked Xander with a laugh. “It’s a city, an American city. Not only would you have the Justice League, but the military as well, and they don’t buy into the whole catch and release theory. For that matter…neither do we.”

Just as Xander finished speaking, lightning flashed from Jenny’s hands, frying a large group of robots that were clustered too close together. Though the attack almost halved the robot force, the others reacted instantly, spreading out to prevent any more large scale chain lightning attacks, showing the quality of whatever was controlling them.

At the same time, Terra strained and just managed to rip a section of the asphalt up, shielding herself.

The couple closed the distance to the robots as rapidly as they could, the robots had the advantage at a distance with their sensors and lasers, but at melee range it was a more even fight, the bots’ processors had to many variable’s to consider to react with superhuman speed. Xander and Jenny proceeded to demolish the army of robots, using Slow Time and Assassin’s Rush to negate the robots superior tracking and sighting skills, confusing the sensors with their rapid movements.

When the last chunk of circuitry and metal hit the ground, both Xander and Jenny turned to the rock dome protecting Terra.

“Well, you dealt with the cannon fodder just as well as Master Slade thought you would.” Terra’s voice echoed through the parking lot, still clear despite the dome of asphalt blocking her from sight. “We both knew they wouldn’t be enough to stop you, stall you on the other hand…”

Jenny and Xander tensed up, strengthening their shields as the dome exploded, sending shrapnel everywhere, and revealing Terra holding a rather large cannon. “Surprise! Let’s see you dodge this!” She fired, a large pulse of dark red energy, visible to the naked eye, spread out in a cone, striking the asphalt in an area dozens of yards wide. Cackling widely she turned, still firing, hitting the entirety of the parking lot before she finally stopped. Carelessly she tossed the cannon to the side, looking at the surprised pair of Heroes. They had easily dodged the beam, even with her wild and constant firing, and as far as they could tell the beam had no effect at all.

“Time for part two!” With a nasty laugh she wrenched the asphalt beneath her up to form one of her characteristic floating platforms, while at the same time the rest of the lot began to glow an eerie red.

Thinking quickly, Jenny Summoned the spirits of two ghostly moths and had them lift her and Xander into the air even as the asphalt began to bubble, thick black smoke rising up.

What none of the combatants knew was that Slade wasn’t the only one to monitor the police band; it was actually a common occurrence for various news media companies to do the same in order to be the first on the scene. Several such companies’ representatives, reporters, photographers, and other assorted staff were set up on the roofs of the surrounding buildings a safe distance away. Using telescopic lenses they were able to film and photograph the events, though they couldn’t get much detail due to the distance. However, all the people present knew that was a good thing, it was a standard part of the reporters’ contracts, made after a superhero fight claimed the lives of a news team and harshly reinforced ever since the Mumbo Jumbo incident, that they wouldn’t be forced to get close to any superhero battles. In fact, even being several hundred yards away got them war correspondent pay and bonuses. As a result of the distance, they couldn’t hear what was being said. However, they clearly recognized the couple as the mysterious guests from Titan Tower, and Terra as the one who betrayed the Titans.

When Jenny, Xander, and Terra stayed with the Titans, it had caused quite a stir in the media. Terra was a rather public figure, and her joining was widely publicized. Xander and Jenny were a different story though, they were never mentioned by name, no reports were given about their presence, and what the police knew was kept heavily under wraps on every level, with mentions of them removed from the system. As a result, the media knew nothing at all about them, which made them that much more mysterious. The entire state was watching the beginning of the battle between the Heroes and the Sladebots, listening as the reporters described what they were seeing and guessed about the powers involved. Then Terra fired her weapon…

“I’m watching this, and I hope you are too, and I can’t believe my eyes. The pair, a man and a woman, secret guests of the Titans, who we just saw demolish the feared Sladebots using the rather common superpower of speed, just began to blow blue. And…” The reporter trailed off for a second. “They just grew wings, blue, glowing, see thorough wings. They are now hovering over the battlefield which has just begun to smoke. The smoke is really impeding the view; I can’t make out much…” The reporter froze, clearly shocked. In front of thousands of enthralled viewers, he began to make the sign of the cross over and over again. “I…I just got a clear glimpse of the mysterious couple and I saw halos… I saw halos” the reporter repeated again in a shocked tone. Most people in the world were rather jaded to angel look alike heroes; after all, they had faced Hawkgirl and the invasion of her people, all who fit the stereotypical image of a Christian angel. However, in this case the reporters wanted to believe it, wanted to believe that a higher power actually cared enough about them to send guardians in a time of desperate need. Plus, Jenny and Xander did highly resemble the stereotype. “The halos are still there, showing clearly through the black smoke. In fact, that’s all that can be seen, halos, fiery weapons, and that unearthly blue glow…It all makes sense now… God sent us a pair of guardian angels for when the Titans fell…” A crossed the nation, more and more stations began to pick up the story and the revelation being shown.

Back on the battle field, it looked like a scene out of Dante’s Inferno. The parking lot was liquefying, large bubbles forming and popping, belching forth thick black smoke which swirled around, cloaking and uncovering the combatants at random. Both Xander and Jenny were extremely grateful that their shields filtered the air, because they really didn’t want to breathe the smoke. “You like it?” asked Terra from her rock, yellow power hovering over her skin. “I bet you both thought you were being so smart, challenging me to a fight in the middle of a parking lot where my powers would be reduced. Well, Master Slade saw right through that plan, and he let me come up with my own. Asphalt is nothing but rock and tar, and that cannon, well, it messes with the bonds between certain molecules. If you take away the tar, well, what do you have left?” As she finished speaking, she lifted her hands, and a swarm of pebbles came tearing out of the subliming tar to shoot at the couple.

Xander’s moth ducked him low at Jenny’s command while her own lifted her higher up, gently setting her down atop of one the tall light posts. Immediately she made Xander dodge again as the swarm of rocks had changed direction to follow him. Xander waited for the perfect time to strike as he flew through the air, his moth looping, corkscrewing, and u-turning to avoid the tailing cloud of rocks. With every aerial aerobatic maneuver, Jenny directed him closer and closer to the immobile Terra. His moth began to flicker, the time limit of the Summoning spell fast approaching, so with another hair-raising dive that nearly had his nose scraping the gravel pit remains’ of the parking lot, his moth shot straight up. It disappeared in a flurry of blue motes, but Xander’s momentum remained and he continued on his path straight for Terra.

With a gasp of surprise she released her control on the rocks and raised a slab of stone to block his strike right in the nick of time. The Sword of Aeons went through the rock like a hot knife through butter, stopping only when the hand guard hit the stone. Gravity finally caught up with Xander and he was dragged down, his sword continuing to cut through the slab until it broke apart right as he hit the ground, cut cleanly in two. Terra gulped as seeing just how close she had come to death, imagining just what a sword that could cut through stone with ease would do to her, body armor or no body armor. One half of the stone slab was suddenly raised to block an incoming fireball while the other plunged down to try and crush Xander. He rolled out of the way, retaliating with a lightning strike that was once again blocked by the floating rock. Regaining her nerve after the several close calls, Terra took the offensive once again.

A line of rock slabs shot out of the ground, forcing Xander to roll again, however, the real target of the attack was revealed as the line of rocks continued on to demolish the light pole Jenny was standing on, sending her plummeting to the ground. There was simply no way for Xander to get to her in time, he was too far away, and it was to sudden for her to react, all he could do was watch as she smashed into the ground. The fall was only twenty feet, but she landed on top of the jumbled slabs. Thankfully her shield took the damage, flickering as it did so. Seeing her get back to her feet, rather shakily though, knowing the fall would have snapped her spine if she hadn’t already had her shield up, Xander charged at Terra again.

He never reached her. A small army of demonic looking golems began to rise up, blocking his path. The Sword of Aeons shot out, and Xander never slowed down, but the arms, legs, and heads he cut off just attached themselves back in a yellow glow.

“Ha, that’s just pathetic. With my master at my side you’ll never even touch me.” Terra cackled and began to direct her invulnerable army to attack the separated Heroes. No matter what hit them, they wouldn’t fall. Lightening would just ground out, fire would wash over them, and they would reform from any bladed attacks. The only thing that worked was Force Push, a skill both Heroes had, but only in its weakest form, having chosen to forgo it in favor of the much stronger, and cooler, Enflame spell. The unseen magical wave would send the golems flying back, giving them time to recover for the next wave, and giving the unseen reporters quite a view.

A chain of Assassin Rushes brought Xander over to Jenny. “We need a plan; we have to strike at her, this way we’re just wearing ourselves out.” Xander punctured his statement with another Force Push, sending the golems flying back. “I’ll distract her, you take the shot.” Reaching into his pouch, he pulled out the Master Longbow and threw it to her before charging forward, prepared to draw all attention to himself.

A massive globe of fire sprang out from him, making some of the golems glow a cherry red. Lightening blazed around in a glorious light show as a pair of ghostly swords began to hack away. To the reporters, it looked like something out of an action movie instead of the normal one-trick superhero fights they were used to. With a blood lust filled battle cry, Xander hurtled himself deeper into the mob, throwing everything he had at them, and sparing a few fire balls for Terra, who merely smirked and laughed, enjoying his futile attempts at hurting her. Every eye was focused on Xander as he put out a superhuman effort, cleaving through multiple golems with one hand while he actually grabbed another and used in as a makeshift mace.

‘Look out!’ It was only the fact that Slade was watching through her eyes and seized control of her body that let Terra avoid the arrow meant for her heart, instead taking it in her shoulder where it lodged in the joint. She gagged at the pain as she tried to move her arm, hearing the arrow tip grating against her bones before it disappeared, sending a gush of blood spewing from the burned area. Her golem army crumpled back into rocks and dust as her concentration faded. Xander took the opportunity to rush forward, his sword swinging for her neck.

Time seemed to slow down for Terra as the sword moved closer; it looked like Xander was moving through molasses, not air. ‘Well Terra, it seems like you were defeated, such a pity.’ The voice of her master echoed in her head, the title apprentice noticeably missing from his words.

‘Defeated? No, no… I’ll still win, I will!’

‘I’m afraid it’s too late for that Terra. You had your chance, you had every advantage, terrain, weapons, numbers, and surprise, yet still you failed. This was a test Terra, to see if you were worthy to be my apprentice. The Titans were a known variable; this was to see how you fared against the unknown.’

‘What, what are you saying?’ asked Terra worriedly.

‘You failed as my apprentice, now…now you are nothing more than another tool. The same neural interface that allowed me to help you in combat also has other uses. Goodbye Terra.’

Terra didn’t even have time to scream before her mind was consigned to oblivion. Slade-Terra fell backwards, a life time of martial arts training letting him/her dodge the sword and kick Xander backwards. He/she rose just in time to catch an arrow out of the air, the fire enchantment on it blazing briefly, scorching the armored glove a light black, before the arrow’s magic faded, taking the arrow with it. Calmly Slade-Terra reached into a belt pouch and withdrew a small spray canister. Holding it over his/her shoulder wound he/she pulled the trigger, spraying out a bio foam that sealed the wound, numbed the area, and began accelerated healing. Moving the arm to test its range of motion, he/she turned to the regrouping couple.

“You’re not Terra anymore, are you?” demanded Xander, “I could see your aura shift.”

“That is correct, I am Slade. You fared well against the apprentice, but now let us see how you face the master.” Immediately he leapt to attack.

Slade’s style was nothing like Terra’s. Instead of the large crushing boulders and miniature earthquakes, it was much more subtle, and deadly. Earthen spikes would shoot to impale the heroes, small rocks would constantly attack from strange angels, and Slade would disappear into the ground only to reappear elsewhere.

Another rock spike shot at the couple, and Xander cut it cleanly in two, using Force Push to send both halves falling away before Slade could crush them between them, while at the same time Jenny fended off a swarm of smaller rocks, blasting them backwards with a series of fireballs. Both were unprepared for the rock hand the rose out of the earth, grasping Jenny in a bone crushing fist, the sound of snapping ribs clearly audible to Xander. “Jenny!” The hand threw her backward to crash against one of the rock slabs remaining from Terra’s earlier attacks. Instinctively Xander tried to move towards her, and that second of inattention proved his undoing as Slade put the next stage of his multi-pronged plan into effect.

Rock began to creep up Xander’s legs, holding him in place. Though he had massive amounts of strength behind his struggles, he couldn’t break free as the rock crept higher, and swinging the Sword of Aeons that close to his body was just asking for an amputation. Xander let his shield die as the rock crept up around his neck.

“Well now…have I actually beaten a pair of angels?” mocked Slade as he walked towards Xander, yellow light covering his stolen body as he kept control over the rock. “I’m tempted to just cover your face and let you suffocate for what you’ve cost me, but you might still escape that way, so I think I’ll crush you instead.”

As Slade raised his hand to make a fist and utterly crush Xander in a brutal display of power and gore, Xander’s mind was racing through his options. All of his spells were out, Shield wouldn’t stand up to the massive pressure of the rock crushing him from every direction, Enflame didn’t have enough power to melt or blast the rock away, and Force Push would work, but it only worked on a horizontal plane at roughly the middle of his height, meaning his head and limbs would still be crushed. While many people argue over if laziness or necessity is the father of innovation, there is no denying that desperation is the mother. Xander’s situation required something new, a new weapon, tool, or…spell. Spell engineering was an art that usually took skilled Will mages weeks to make a spell in. Instead, Xander had seconds and an idea he had been toying with for the past several weeks. With a pray to any god of luck that might be listening, Xander gathered all his magic and pumped it into the experimental spell matrix just as Slade clenched his fist.

The standard spells were a preset matrix, and no matter what, only a set amount of mana could be pumped into them, giving a guaranteed result each time. Xander’s spell matrix didn’t have this cap, so when he pumped all his available mana into it, the results were interesting to say the least. Rock exploded away from him and he shot into the air as Enflame’s three-hundred and sixty degree sphere was mixed with Shield, replacing the flames and explosion with a physical bubble shield. The amount of mana in the spell meant the sphere was over twenty five yards in diameter, pushing Slade and much of the rubble and debris back. Unfortunately, the part of the Enflame spell that made certain the caster was always in the center was still part of this new spell matrix, meaning Xander was shot over ten yards into the air for a brief moment before the spell faded. “Oh shit!” was all Xander had time to say before he stopped floating and smacked into the ground.

Xander climbed wearily back to his feet just as Slade did. “Time for round two I suppose?”

“Foolish boy, in real life a fight never stops.” Xander just managed to roll out of the way of the rock spike that accompanied Slade’s words. Springing back to his feet, he readied his sword and began to move forward, keeping careful watch on Slade to try and anticipate any further seismic attacks. When Slade plunged both his hands deep into the ground, Xander instinctively lunged sideways, hoping to dodge the incoming attack.

No attack came; instead Slade pulled out his hands, revealing a dark brown bastard sword. Bringing up the sword with his unwounded arm, he made a ‘come on’ gesture with the other, one that Xander gladly obliged. He put all his power in a brutal two handed strike, believing it would easily cut through Slade’s sword and continue on to the man himself. That was his mistake.

The swords connected with a clang, Slade’s blade deflecting Xander’s, leaving him surprised and open to Slade’s counter attack. Desperately Xander fended off a series of slashes and jabs, taking several cuts on his arms to avoid a much more lethal hit on his trunk. Blocking another strike Xander backpedaled, giving him some breathing room as Slade circled him. “How did your sword stand up to mine, I know it can cut through tank armor, it should have sliced yours apart easily?”

“I used these wonderful powers to gather together the trace amounts of metal found in the soil, combined with some common carbon, add in pressure, and I have a wonderful titanium diamond sword, capable of resisting even your enchanted blade.” Slade lunged forward and they clashed again, blades flashings, Slade’s years of training versus the instinctive knowledge and skills Xander had gained on Halloween. Neither was able to gain an advantage, so of course Xander did what any Hero worth his salt would do, he cheated.

The ghostly swords appeared behind Slade with barely a whisper of misplaced air. That was enough warning for him to jump backward and block both strikes, which is when Xander cast Lightening.

The blue stream of energy connected dead on, and Slade began to seizure as thousands of magical volts were poured into him. Amazingly, he managed to roll backward so that the current was disrupted, with the Ghost Swords taking the damage and disappearing into motes of blue light. “Well, it seems like you still have some tricks left. No matter, I’m through playing with you.”

The ground began to rumble, shaking even the buildings the reporters were on. Slowly a giant golem began to rise out of the earth, Slade riding at the very top.

“You have got to be kidding me,” sighed Xander as he looked at the growing monstrosity. Quickly he activated Slow Time, and then began to charge Fireball. Fireball was unlike the other spell matrixes that the guild Seal stored in that it took time to build up to its full potential. It was also a rather slow moving spell, which meant it was only good for slow moving enemies, or large groups, so a giant golem made an absolutely wonderful target. When it seemed like Xander was holding a miniature, swirling sun in his hand, he threw it straight at the massive head of the golem where it impacted in a massive, fiery explosion. Stone fragments went flying everywhere, larger then basketballs.

There was a large crater in the head, and the stone was blackened and glowed white hot from where the ball had struck, but Slade was unharmed, for he had sheltered himself behind a crafted wall. “Is that the best you can do? If so, then this is-” Slade’s gloating was cut off as an arrow appeared in his chest, sending careening off the top of the golem. Xander wasted no time in appearing behind his fallen foe with Assassin’s Rush and taking the head clean off.

Elsewhere, many life-support machines started a clamor of bells, whistles, and screams as Slade’s real body flat lined with no mind to support it.

Even as Terra’s head bounced on the ground, and the golem crumbled to pieces, unable to support its weight with the earth-bending powers behind it, Xander was running to where the arrow came from, knowing only one person who could have shot it.

Jenny was lying there on a slab of rock, bow on the ground next to her. “Jenny, are you okay?” Even as he asked, Xander was already summoning the healing magic.

“Yeah, I’ll be fine.” She sat up straighter on the rock as the magic did it work. “That attack, it knocked me out, probably put me into a coma with head, spinal, and internal injuries. There was nothing I could do.” She paused to take a deep breath now that her ribs weren’t broken. “I stray piece of rock from the golem must have finished the job and made one of my Res Phials work. I was awake and alive, still hurt, but I saw the shot and took it.”

Xander hugged her gently, still wary of any injuries the magic might have missed, luxuriating in the fact she was alive and well. “I was so worried when you didn’t get back up. I thought something had gone wrong, the Phials didn’t work, or that you were buried alive or something equally horrid. I kept trying to break away, but I never had the chance, Slade was just that good.”

Jenny hugged back, resting for a moment, before climbing to her feet and giving Xander a hand up. “Thanks, let’s just get our payment and get out of here, we have a wedding to plan after all.”

“You know,” stated Jenny, staring at the incoming horde of reporters and what looked to be a patched together version of the T-car heading towards them, “I really don’t think it will be that simple.”

When the reporters arrived on the scene, accompanied by the Teen Titans, they were unable to find any trace of the couple. Later that evening the Mayor of Jump City and the Chief of Police held a press conference, with the Mayor being the one to speak.

“Quiet!” A hush fell over the crowded room. “Thank you, you will be given a chance to ask questions later.” The Mayor looked around the room, and seeing no objections, continued. “I’m sure everyone is wondering what happened earlier this afternoon. That will be explained now. The Teen Titans, upon finding out about the betrayal of their member, Terra, approached the Chief of Police with a request, as they did not believe themselves capable of harming a former friend and comrade. They requested that a pair of acquaintances deal with the problem for them if they proved incapable of handling it. The pair agreed, but only if they could use deadly force, which after much deliberation, was agreed to.”

The clamor of the journalists became too loud to talk over at this point, which forced the Mayor to stop until order was restored. “As I said, after much deliberation lethal force was agreed to if other methods were unavailable. Slade a.k.a. Deathstroke the Terminator, is on the Terrorist Watch list and deemed a clear threat to national security. Terra joined him of her own free will, making her a terrorist as well. When combined with her powers of earth manipulation and our proximity to the San Andreas Fault, it was decided that for the best interest of our country she had to be stopped by any means possible before an earthquake of epic proportions could occur, whether deliberate or accidental. The pair has diplomatic immunity in regards to the execution, and any damage done to private property during the fight will be taken care of by the government. Any questions?”

Immediately a full dozen questions were shouted at the Mayor, who after silencing the crowd, pointed to one man. “What about the claims regarding the celestial nature of the pair?”

The Mayor looked rather uncomfortable as he responded, “No comment.”

Neither Jenny nor Xander heard the interview, they were already on a first class flight to Florida, having received compensation for Jenny’s destroyed car, and payment for their job.

Author’s Note: Well, after a long wait, here it is, the conclusion of the Teen Titans arc of the story. I apologize for how long this took, but honestly, I had other things I needed to do, like exams.

I’m not quite sure where I’ll take this from here, as I have several ideas, one of which I’ve already ruled out, but for now I’m happy with this ending.

Any mistakes you find, or questions you have about parts I haven’t explained well, please review.

Thank you.

The End

You have reached the end of "Heroes, not Super Heroes". This story is complete.

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