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Heroes, not Super Heroes

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This story is No. 3 in the series "Hero". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Both Xander and Jenny decided they wanted to try and see some of those super heroes the news were always talking about, and the closest city with a team was Jump City.

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Multiple Crossings > Xander-Centered(Past Donor)DakaathFR18215,87174918,61615 Feb 0925 May 09Yes

Arrival and Adventures

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the copy righted ideas. For a more specific version, please see end of story.

A day after the ‘breakfast’ incident, which Xander managed to bribe Jenny into never mentioning again, they arrived at their destination; Jump City. They had picked this particular city for several reasons, the most important that it had a permanent team of superheroes. While Metropolis might have a more famous one like Superman, and Gotham had the mysterious Batman, Jump City had the Teen Titans team, and they were always there.

“Sweet, we finally made it!” exclaimed Xander as they passed the sign saying ‘Welcome to Jump City.’

“It’s been less than a week since we left Sunnydale Xander, you make it sound like we’ve been traveling forever,” said Jenny, a smile on her face from his antics.

“For me it has been, I’ve been wanting to see a live super hero since middle school,” Xander stated, a wide grin still on his face. “I wonder when we’ll get the chance to see the Titans?”

“Let’s worry about a hotel first.”

Xander got his wish two days later, though Jenny wasn’t with him at the time. He was out shopping, a very rare event for him, when the store was attacked.

“Do you seriously have a spider stuck to you?” Xander asked, honestly curious since it was his first time seeing a so called ‘super villain’ in person. “I mean that’s seriously messed up, cause it looks like it’s eating your head.”

With a growl the man with a giant spider for a head swiped Xander to the side with a claw, sending him crashing into a display case. It didn’t really bother Xander, by this time his body was tough enough that something like that barely hurt at all, comparable to accidently rolling out of bed. He was about to get up and seriously hurt the freak when his reason for being in the city showed up. He only got a brief glimpse of the T-Car and R-cycle before they sped away in pursuit of the fleeing spider guy.

“Oh well, next time,” sighed Xander. He turned to the shock store owner, “I’d like to buy this please?” The still stunned man nodded, habit taking over as he rang up the purchase.

At the same time, Raven turned back to look at the shop the criminal had fled from, she would have sworn she felt great power coming from it. Pushing the feeling from her mind, she focused again on the chase, just in time to raise a ramp out of the road.

“Hey Jenny, I’m back,” Xander called as he opened the hotel suite door.

“Oh, how did the shopping go?” Jenny asked, curiosity in her voice. “What did you get?”

“That… is a secret,” Xander informed her with a smirk. “You’ll find out later though. Tonight in fact.”

“Tonight?” she echoed. “The same tonight you’ve been telling me about since we got here? The reason you asked me to go to the spa and salon today for?”

“Yes, that tonight. I got us reservations at Le Bernardin. Be ready a five.”

She looked at him, amazed. “You’re not joking?”

“Nope,” Xander replied, still looking relaxed and unconcerned.

Jenny immediately began to rush around, trying to get ready. Sure she had three hours, but being told she was going to the famous five star restaurant of Jump City, the one that required reservations a month in advance for, threw her for a loop.

Precisely at five she stepped out of the bedroom, looking resplendent in a beautiful black evening gown. Xander was waiting for her, dressed in a tuxedo. “Jenny, you look gorgeous.”

“You look pretty good in that tux to Xander. Now are you going to tell me what this is about?”

“Not quite yet,” he replied, smiling. “But for now,” bowing, he gestured to the door, “Our ride awaits us downstairs.”

A limo and chauffeur waited in front of the hotel, their ride for the evening. “Xander…” Jenny gave him a look, trying to get him to explain.

He ignored her implied inquiry, instead engaging her in conversation.

The restaurant was everything its reputation claimed it to be. Wonderful food, wonderful atmosphere, and a wonderful experience in general. They had a great evening, talking and just spending time together as they enjoyed the food. Finally, as they finished the last of their dinner, and right before desert, Xander stood up.

“Jenny, we’ve been close friends for over a year and a half, and closer still since last year. And I was hoping…” He paused, getting down on his knees and pulling out a small box that anyone would be able to recognize. “I was hoping you would marry me?”

Jenny was astonished. She had known their relationship was serious since the conversation after the Acathla affair, and she herself had solidified it the weekend before graduation. She thought hard, were they ready for this, was she ready for this? The answer was obvious though; yes. Xander had turned down numerous girls that were interested in him due to his changes, and she had chosen not to take up her relationship with Giles again. They had stayed together, fought together, even prepared to die together on Graduation day. She could honestly say she loved him, and she knew he could say the same. They had their arguments, they had their fights, but she knew they did try, and that they both wanted this.

“Yes,” she answered him, a huge smile on her face.

The nervous look on his face vanished to be replaced by a smile just as wide as hers. Gently he slipped the ring onto her finger, and she took the opportunity to admire it. The ring was beautifully crafted from white gold, with two sapphires flanking a small diamond. “It’s beautiful,” Jenny whispered as she looked at it, loving the way the light caught the gems and made them sparkle.

“I wanted something nontraditional but elegant, that one just seemed to call out to me. I found it when I crashed into the display case, it was the first thing I noticed,” explained Xander.

“When you what?!” asked Jenny, looking up sharply.

Xander immediately launched into his tale of the jewelry store and the spider freak. They spent all of dessert talking more, and the grins never left their faces.

Finally they left for the evening, getting back into the waiting limo. On the other side of town Kitty, daughter of Killer Moth and the one with the remote control that could command the hordes of mutant giant moths, pressed down the release button due to her ruined dress. The lower grades still being in school for almost a month after the seniors graduated, and she was angry that she had been humiliated in front of all her classmates at the end of the school year dance.

In a third part of town, containment units opened with a hiss of air, releasing millions of cat-sized, mutant, hungry moths. “Seal the exits!” Raven commanded, realizing her, Beastboy, and Cyborg had to keep the moths contained. Using her powers, she closed the doors to the outside. Unfortunately, the moths were capable of eating through metal, as demonstrated when they attacked the bridge cables. Sensing freedom they chewed through the doors and the swarm began to escape.

Starfire knocked the remote from Kitty’s hand, sending it sliding on the deck, coming to rest right under Robin’s boot. “Consider yourself dumped!” he smirked as he crushed the remote.

“Noooo! You fool! That was the only way to control them!” screamed Kitty, realizing the city was doomed.

A black cloud spread over the city, blocking out the moon and stars. “Uh, I don’t think that’s normal,” pointed out Xander as he stared out the window of the limo.

Suddenly the windshield cracked as a moth slammed into it. Panicking, the driver swerved, just missing a lamppost and coming to rest on the sidewalk.

“Well, so much for having a normal date,” sighed Xander as he healed the driver. “Stay here, you should be safe,” he directed at the stunned man.

“At least me made it through the date right?” asked Jenny, still smiling over the ring. “And I promise you I’ll reward you later,” she added with a smirk. “For now, let’s have some fun.”

They exited the limo, staring at the swarms of moths. “Hey Jenny, the one with most experience gets to choose our date tomorrow night?”

She grinned, a feral look of anticipation on her face, energy flickering in her hands. “You’re on. Now we can check out our new abilities.” They leapt forward, each going opposite ways. Both had spent the experience killing an Old One had generated and were eager to test out their powers.

“Well, let’s check out the new upgrades.” Flickering lightening appeared in Xander’s fists and he let it fly. It arched out zapping a moth, and then bounced to another seven, frying them all like they hit an industrial grade bug zapper. Laughing, he grabbed his power and Summoned. A ghostly blue moth, just like the ones he had killed, appeared flying in front of him. Immediately it began to attack the other ones, ripping them to pieces. “Well, that went better than I expected. I still have to have it kill something more powerful, but a mutant moth is still better then a baby bezoar.”

Leaping high into the air he pulled on his Will again. His Enflame spell formed a fiery sphere over twenty five yards in diameter around him, sending scorched moth bodies to the ground.

Xander landed and began to charge up a fireball. The flaming ball grew brighter and brighter, the fires growing white-hot. Finally he threw it, and it soared into the swarm, detonating at his command in a brilliant explosion that absolutely vaporized a group of moths.

Down the street, Jenny was involved with her own testing. Crushing a moth that was crawling on the ground, she also Summoned. Her moth appeared and tore into the ones surrounding it. As each one died, another appeared, until five moth spirits were attacking. “Well, that’s nice but quite what I wanted. I need more powerful spirits,” she echoed Xander’s thoughts about the spell.

While Xander favored a more direct approach to battle, Jenny preferred to stay back and attack from a distance, a habit from when she was purely a magic user. She cast Ghost Sword, and a full dozen ethereal floating swords appeared and began to chop the moths into pieces, wielded by invisible hands.

Taking a moment to appreciate the blades dancing among the moths, she began her next spell. Steal Life was technically an evil spell, but with the amount of good she and Xander had done, she wasn’t worried about the negative effects. Hopefully it might even keep the halo away; one of those would be too conspicuous. Dozens of moths began to crumple to the ground as their life was drained, globes of it flying to Jenny, revitalizing and strengthening her.

Turncoat was an insidious spell, affecting the minds of the caster’s enemies, tricking them into fighting against their allies. A strong mind could fight off the spell quickly and it would naturally wear off a sentient creature as the creature’s will had an advantage over the caster, what with it being the creature’s own mind. It would wear off even faster if the caster used the spell on multiple targets, as the caster’s will had to fight multiple battles. This could be lessened by learning higher levels of the spell.

Jenny faced none of these problems. She had a high-level version of the spell, a strong will, and faced mindless beasts. As a result, dozens of moths began to turn on their fellows with her spell, a new swarm forming under her control. “Well, don’t I have a nice little army going here.” Her swords, spirit moths, and mind controlled drones advanced down the street, tearing apart moths as they went.

On the other side of town, Raven looked up, partly in fear, as she felt the powerful magic being thrown around. Her communicator beeping drew her attention back to the fight at hand. “Raven, Beastboy, Cyborg! Report!”

“The moths got out; we are attempting to deal with them. Cyborg is trying to manufacture a control pheromone based off Killer Moth’s notes. It should be ready soon,” stated Raven in her typical monotone.

“Good, I’ll send out a general alert. They seem to be ignoring people for now and focusing on the plant and buildings, which is a good thing. Hurry and finish the pheromone, Robin out.”

As Robin sent out the general alert, the police came out in full force, armed for moth. Even civilians came out, armed with bats and handguns, to defend their property.

Meanwhile Xander and Jenny were having the time of their lives. The moths were still concentrating on inorganic objects, with the exception of plants, and so to them it was like target practice.

They were actually rather disappointed when the moths all seemed to retreat. “That was actually rather fun. The experience wasn’t bad either, considering they were giant insects,” commented Xander, absent mindedly crushing a crippled moth that was trying to crawl away.

“Well, I can think of a better way to spend the rest of the night,” Jenny said as she slinked toward Xander.

“And I think I can agree with you.” Xander crossed the remaining distance to her and pulled her into a crushing kiss. “Let’s head back to the hotel.” Neither of them paid any notice to the cops watching them as they walked away.

The next morning the Titans were clustered around the computer screen, the police chief displayed on it.

“So these two were killing the moths?” asked Robin.

“Yes, they were using what appeared to be magic. Two of my men noted which hotel they were going to, the reception desk told them the room they’re in.”

“They must have been the power sources I sensed last night, they were using very serious and strong magic,” added Raven. “The moths distracted me from tracking them down.”

“What do you want us to do about it? They haven’t broken any laws yet, have they?” questioned Robin.

“Just observe them. I’m nervous having people with as much power as they showed around our city without knowing their intentions.”

“Alright, we’ll check them out,” promised Robin.

“That’s all I’m asking.”

As the screen flickers out, Robin turns to face the Titans. “You heard the man, discreet surveillance only for now. Titans Go!”

Xander and Jenny were on a date, Jenny’s date. Xander claimed he let her win, but they both knew he was only saying that. The date was actually one they both agreed on, as they wanted to do something together, not merely be somewhere together, like a movie. And so mini-golf it was. Despite the fact they were both extremely skilled with weapons and powerful magic, they both sucked at the game. But that didn’t matter; they had fun laughing with each other at their crazy shots. They both got the feeling of being watched, but pushed it to the side. The end of their date was interrupted the night before, and they were determined to enjoy this one.

“So this is the golf of the mini? You must use the sticks to knock the brightly colored balls into the holes, yes?” questioned Starfire as she watched Jenny and Xander from a distance.

“Yep, that’s mini-golf,” responded Beastboy.

“And is the kissing a normal part of such games?”

“Ahhh…” Beastboy trailed off, trying to think of a way to explain to Starfire what precisely Xander and Jenny were doing in the middle of the golf course.

From mini-golf, Jenny and Xander went to the Jump city park for a picnic, enjoying the nice summer weather.

“So that activity is called making out?” Starfire asked curiously, observing Xander and Jenny on the picnic blanket, getting awfully close to breaking the public indecency laws. “And if it is a traditional part of the picnic, why have you not initiated it with me?”

Robin twitched nervously, trying to think how to answer Starfire’s question.

After the picnic they merely snuggled on the blanket for a while, dozing in the warm afternoon sun. “Beastboy, move in. See if you can get anything from their smells.”

Slowly a green dog inched closer to the napping couple; he froze as Xander sleepily looked up. “Whoa, a green dog.” His mind, still half asleep, didn’t make the connection to Beastboy. “Man you look weird; did you eat some bad grass or something? If you growl at me like that, I won’t give you any food.” Reaching into the remains of the picnic, Xander grabbed a bit of meat and threw it to dog. “Here Fido, now bug off.” Ignoring Beastboy, Xander drifted back off to sleep.

Later that afternoon, while Jenny and Xander were doing the activity Xander dreaded most, shopping, the Titans met to discuss their findings.

“Now that I know what to look for, they both glow with power, lots of it,” reported Raven.

“Any my sensor’s say they’re humans, but at the same time not, like super human,” added Cyborg.

“They were most enthusiastic in their mating rituals.” Everybody looked at Starfire at her comment. “What, they were.”

“And that is what makes me suspicious. The guy can’t be much older than us, and yet he’s with women older than him…its strange…” Robin trailed off, his paranoid mind running off on completely obscure tangents as he tried to think of what Xander and Jenny could possibly be up to.

“He gave me food, they can’t be that bad can they?” asked Beastboy.

“And Poison Ivy fights for the environment, it doesn’t make her a good girl,” rebutted Robin.

“Chill out, look, let’s just play some volley ball for now and cool off, it’s obvious they aren’t planning anything right now.” Cyborg proceeded to drag the protesting Robin to the court upstairs.

On their way back from dinner, Xander and Jenny finally got a good glimpse of the teenage heroes. “Hey they got a new member… and why is a giant worm attacking? One Mayor was enough.”

“I don’t know, let’s just sit back and watch the show. If the need help, we can step in,” Jenny provided, more than happy to sit on the sidelines for once.

Pretty soon the battle moved away from them, leaving them to do the clean up, healing people’s minor wounds and such. Soon after they retired to their hotel, considering it to have been a rather good day.

Two days later, when Xander and Jenny were in the middle of lunch, it happened.

“So, I was thinking of moving on soon, after all, we’ve seen the Titans, and even were involved in saving the city from those moths,” stated Xander as he munched on a burger. “I’d like to see more of the country to.”

“That sounds good,” agreed Jenny. “I’d like to stop at Mt. Rushmore at some point, the Mall of America too.”

“It’s your car, and I’m just happy to be with you.”

“Awww. You sure no how to make a girl feel appreciated.”

“What can I say, it’s-” Midway through his speech he disappeared in a flash of light.

“Xander? Xander?! XANDER?!” called Jenny frantically.

When Xander appeared, he was no where he recognized. As more flashes of light filled the stadium like room, revealing other stunned looking super heroes, some he recognized and some he didn’t, his hand went instinctively to his Guild Pack, pulling out the Sword of Aeons. Summoning a shield as well, he waited for his enemy to make the first move.

“Welcome Champions all! I am the Master of Games, and you are all hereby invited to compete in the TOURNAMENT OF HEROES!” The speaker was a strange, white furred alien, looking like cross between a yeti and a man. A giant red jewel hung around his neck, glittering in the light. “The Tournament of Heroes, a friendly competition between the world’s greatest young champions….” As the alien went on to announce each of the competitors, Xander tuned him out, instead frantically trying to think of how to contact Jenny. The only thing he paid attention to get were the names, Robin, Beastboy, Wildebeast, Speedy, Aqualad, Gizmo, Static Shock, Hot Spot, and Cyborg. His head shot up as he heard his own introduction. “And Xander! The demon hunting Angel!”

Everyone stared at him with that announcement. He looked up. “Damn halo’s back again,” he grumbled, shaking his head to make it go away. “I need to go kick some puppies or something.”

“Eight brave and worthy champions and only one will win…” The alien trailed off dramatically.

Xander ignored the questions about prizes and rewards, focusing all his energy on the Guild Seal. There had to be a reason why it was considered an engagement act to bond two Heroes to one. Suddenly he felt it, it was faint but there. [Jenny, can you hear me?] He thought, focusing on the link and Seal.

[Xander? Xander! Oh my god, I was so worried when you disappeared. Are you okay, what happened? And how are we talking] Xander could hear the stress, worry, and relief in Jenny’s thoughts.

[I’m okay. Apparently I was called here to participate in some kind of tournament. The set up feels real fishy, and I don’t trust the white ape in charge. I’m going to stick around; I don’t think it would be wise to leave the other guys here without me. And the Guild Seal lets us talk; I guess that’s why it was considered an engagement to blood link heroes to it. Think about it if you need to talk to me.]

[Alright,] Jenny reluctantly agreed. [But please, be back soon.]

[I will, and I love you, remember that Jenny.]

[Love you too, contact me again soon.]

“The challenge is accepted the Tournament begins! Prepare for competition.” With a flash the white ape disappeared, apparently Xander had volunteered to stay sometime while he was talking with Jenny. He shrugged, it’s not like he was planning to leave.

Ignoring the other heroes, and Gizmo, talking, Xander quickly pulled on his new set of modern armor. He and Jenny had made more, and recast the essence spell, after both of their previous sets had been destroyed by the Mayor.

Just as he slid his helmet on, the white ape’s voice echoed throughout the room. “Time for Round 1! Heroes face your opponent!” With a flash of light they were all gone.

The light deposited Xander and Static Shock, his opponent, in what appeared to be a featureless white room, a football field sized cube. “Let the contest begin!”

Xander really didn’t want to take any chances, he had heard of Static, and the Big Bang, so he decided to end it, fast. One Assassin Rush, the upgraded version could carry Xander almost fifty yards to a target, took him behind the surprised hero, and a sword pummel to the back of the head finished him off. “Sorry, nothing personal.”

“Winner: Xander!” A flash of light took the downed hero away. Another flash deposited Xander into the same room from earlier, and the Master of Games was waiting for him. “You were the first to finish, if not the most entertaining.”

Xander simply stared back at him from under his helmet. “I fight to win.”

A series of flashes filled the room, signaling the return of the other winners. “Well played young champions. You have survived round one.”

“Survived? What happened to the losers?” demanded Robin.

“Yeah, where’s our friend?” questioned Cyborg.

Xander was just happy that someone else was just as suspicious as him.

“Peace heroes, survived was merely an expression,” placated the alien. “Beastboy and the other losers have been returned home safely.”

That appeared to have calmed down the others, and Xander shook his head in sadness, they weren’t nearly as suspicious as they should be.

“But think not of the vanquished my champions. Now you must rest, for tomorrow you face round two!” With another flash of light they all disappeared.

Xander looked around the room he was teleported to. The bed looked functional, which was enough for him. He was a tad hungry, but his Guild bag had some food in it. However, there was something more important on his mind.

[Jenny you there?] he asked, sending his thoughts alone the link.

[Are you okay? Did you win?] was her frantic reply.

[I’m fine, and I won. Round two is tomorrow. I need you to do me a favor though; can you check the web and news, see if Beastboy is back yet?]

[Alright, give me a second.] The link seemed to fade and remained dormant for several minutes until Jenny focused again. [No, he hasn’t come back.]

Xander nodded, even if no one could see it, habit is habit. [That confirmed my suspicions that something is fishy here. I’ll see what I can do from this end, I need you to go to Titans Tower and inform Raven and Starfire what is happening.] Xander briefly explained all that had happened, including his suspicions and a description of the Master of Games.

[Alright, I’ll go contact them, hopefully they’re accepting visitors. I love you, be careful.]

[I love you to Jenny, and don’t worry, I will.] The link faded and Xander tried to get some sleep, he knew he would need it tomorrow. However, he had a hard time finding it; he missed Jenny being next to him.

While Xander slept, Jenny was going on a mission of her own. Grabbing her staff spear she began to make her way to Titan Tower. She left most of her stuff in the hotel; it would be safe for the next few days. Slowing down, she stopped her car in front of the Titan’s gate, the gate that guarded the only bridge o the island. Hoping it would work, she pressed the intercom button.

Raven looked up in alarm as the monitor lit up with an incoming call, walking over she went to see who it was. “Oh glorious, is that our friends returning?” questioned Starfire as she flew into the room.

“I doubt it, they have keys,” replied Raven as she hit the button for the intercom camera. A view of Jenny appeared, showing her waiting at the gate.

“Who’s that?” Terra asked as she came into the main room. “I heard the buzzer.”

“We don’t know, we were tailing them before you showed up. The fact she’s here and the guy’s are gone must means she’s responsible,” declared Raven.

Jenny was impatiently sitting there, hitting the buzzer over and over again. “Come on, they have to be home. And I don’t care if they are teenagers, they shouldn’t be able to sleep through that.”

Suddenly the front of her car exploded with a green light. “Where are our friends?! You will tell us!” demanded Starfire as she swooped down.

Jenny quickly jumped from her car, staff rising into a guard position. “I know where your friends are!” Perhaps that wasn’t the best way to phrase things, as Starfire attacked again. The starbolt was reflected away using her staff, and Jenny prepared to defend herself. Abruptly her staff was covered with black energy, and was ripped from her hands. The ground beneath her began to shake as Terra appeared. “I came here to help!” she protested, stumbling slightly on the uneven footing. She knew she could defeat them, with the possible exception of Raven, but that might mean lethal levels of force, and killing super heroes was never a good thing.

The three teenage heroes surrounded her, all their fists glowing with power, and she prepared to cast shield. However, the glows flickered and died. “You said you came here to help?” demanded Raven.

Relieved that she wouldn’t have to harm them, Jenny prepared to explain. “Xander was taken too, by the same guy. He managed to contact me, he saw your friends there. Apparently some mysterious alien summoned them there to take part in a tournament. Xander was suspicious, so he decided to stay and compete, win too,” she added with a smirk. “He contacted me later, told me the alien claimed the losers were transported home and wanted to see if Beastboy got back. I found out he hadn’t, which proved something was phony. He wanted me to warn you, see if you could help, so I did. And what do you do in return? You trash my car!” Jenny finished with a glare.

“Sorry?” offered Terra, looking at the car which was sticking out of a crevice made by her powers.

“I’ll want repayment for that by the way,” Jenny added.

“Would you please describe this alien?” asked Starfire, hovering in front of Jenny.

“Xander said he looked like a white yeti-man, or ape. He also had a giant red gem.”

Starfire gasped. “He is the Master of Games. He was from the pit fighting world of Gladitoria and was banned when it was proven he was rigging the fights. Now he is known as a galactic criminal, stealing from those worlds he visits. Our friends are in grave danger if he is in charge!”

“Is there anything we can actually do though?” questioned Raven.

“I fear not. His ship uses advanced cloaking technology, which is why he hasn’t been found yet.”

“I’ll set the sensors to scan anyway, hopefully something will show,” supplied Raven.

“Well, we’ll just have to wait. I trust Xander, he’ll find a way. Now about my car…”

The next morning, after a meal that Xander refused to eat, instead relying on his own supply of food, the heroes met in the auditorium room. Xander ignored the other heroes banter, instead looking around for the missing hero, Cyborg.

“Cyborg will not be joining us. He was disqualified for attempting to sabotage his fellow champions,” the Master of Games announced.

“He should have played fair,” commented Robin. Xander shook his head at how gullible these people were, especially when blinded by prizes and winning.

“Now, we will proceed to the second round!” Once gain flashes of light transported all the fighters away.

When the light cleared, Xander found himself on a strangely familiar field. Green grass covered the ground, with large green pipes sticking out randomly, and random platforms of blocks floated above the ground, easily within jumping distance. “Hey, you ripped this from Mario!”

“Round two: Xander versus Wildebeast. Begin!”

With a snort the beast man charged, horns down to slam Xander. He dodged, rolling to the side and coming up behind the hero. He hesitated, and then sheathed his sword on his back. He might want to win, but using the pommel on him wouldn’t work, and the blade was to powerful to risk using, it would kill Wildebeast.

Instead he let loose with a brutal two handed pile driver. The beast shook it off with another snort, turning to fling Xander away. He recovered in mid air and made a landing on one of the block platforms. “Hmph, that didn’t go so well.” Apparently Wildebeast had played Mario before, because he immediately charged forward, leaping up to smash the blocks beneath Xander’s feet. They exploded with more force than should have been possible, and Xander was launched into the air. Twirling in the air, he went feet first into one of the pipes. It acted like a teleported, and no sooner was he out of sight then he appeared, shooting out of a different one.

He landed on the ground, facing Wildebeast. “This would be so much easier with lethal force, I could even get rid of the stinking halo, but no, I have to be a good guy,” he grumbled as he prepared to meet Wildebeast’s charge head on.

They clashed, each grabbing the other’s hands, trying to slam each other to the ground. Wildebeast brought his head forward, trying to head-but Xander. Xander was prepared though, falling backward to avoid the blow and taking Wildebeast with him, he flipped the beast into the air with his feet, kicking him and sending him flying into a block platform.

The platform exploded, taking Wildebeast even higher into the air before he crashed down, sending cracks spiraling away from his impact. “Winner: Xander!”

They both disappeared in flashes of light. This time Xander appeared in the middle of a floating stone platform, hovering over a moon like landscape below. “The final round! Xander versus Robin”

“You may be an angel, but I‘m still going to win!” declared Robin.

“Shoot, the damn halo’s back again? Shoo!” Waving his hand above his head, Xander disrupted the aura construct.


Immediately Robin rushed forward in a flying jump kick aimed right for Xander’s head. With an Assassin Rush, Xander moved to the side over fifteen yards away. Seconds later he had to dodge again, this time several light explosive disks. He continued to dance and dodge away from Robin’s, using Assassin Rushes to avoid all attacks. “Just a friendly competition huh?” he asked as another explosive disk flew through the area he was just at.

“Yeah, should be fun,” Robin replied, with several bird-a-rangs to punctuate his answer.

“And you find nothing suspicious about this whole thing?” Xander asked skeptically. “After all, winning isn’t everything.”

“Yeah, it’s just the only thing that matters.”

Xander signed in exasperation. Robin was Batman’s apprentice; shouldn’t he be paranoid about this whole thing? “Fine if that’s how you want to play.” With all his strength, smashed his fists into the center of the rock and unlike what would have happened before the Mayor, spider web cracks began to spread out, and the platform began to crumple. “See you at the bottom. And remember, it’s not the fall that kills you, it’s the sudden stop.”

Both contestants began to plummet toward the rocky surface below. Robin began to hop from rock to rock, closing to a manageable distance from the ground. Xander took a different approach. He let himself fall, knowing he could survive that distance, but at the last second decided to be…unique. He Summoned, his lone mutant moth spirit appearing above his head, and he grabbed hold, slowing his descent.

When the dust cleared, it showed Robin waiting, staff in hand. “My turn.” He lunged forward, only for Xander to disappear once again with Assassin Rush.

“Alright, let’s play with weapons then.” The Sword of Aeons came out, its magic glow amplified by the low light.

They clashed. Robin might have had more training and a longer reach with his weapon, but Xander was stronger, faster, and had the better weapon. Whenever the weapons joined, another gouge was added to the staff as the mystical blade cut into the supposedly almost invincible metal. With one final attack, Xander cleanly cut the staff and landed a kick to Robin’s head, sending him flying.

“I lost?” Robin whispered in shock before the transporter took him away. A second later Xander followed, landing in the throne room.

“Well done champion of champions! Victory is yours!” crowed the Master of Games.

“So do I get a prize now?” some tiny little horribly optimistic part of Xander asked, though he knew that wouldn’t be the case.

“I did say there would be prizes champion…but I did not say they were for you.” The alien approached Xander, apparently trying to intimidate him, but it didn’t work so well considering they were nearly the same height.

Xander sighed. “That’s what I figured, but no, it couldn’t be easy for once. So, what happened to the losers, and will you give them back or do I have to make you.”

“They are mine to keep,” boasted the ape, holding his red gem. “And with all their powers mine to command, no one will ever defeat the Master of Games. I am invincible!” As he talked his body began to change, reflecting each of the powers he had stolen.

“So you weren’t just hand them over? Cause it would be a nice change of pace.”


“Alright then, one last match, me versus you? After all, you’re hardly invincible if you don’t have my powers,” bragged Xander, tempting the alien. “I am the champion of champions.”

“You are quite skilled,” the alien admitted as he used Gizmo’s giant metal legs to slowly circle Xander, peering at him.

“Then maybe the game isn’t over?” The whole dialogue was boring to Xander, he would have preferred to just kill the creature, but he had no clue how to work the magical red gem doohickey, and wasn’t sure if killing him would free the heroes.

“The game is never over. Xander versus the Master of Games! Let the contest begin!” cried the alien.

“You know it’s not a good sign when you refer to yourself in third person,” Xander pointed out right before he dodged a blast of lightning. He immediately became serious; here was an opponent he could cut loose on, not having to worry about maiming or mangling. What was even better was that he was an unskilled opponent; he might have the powers, but none of the experience to use them.

A barrage of fireballs, sonic blasts, high pressure water, and electricity came up him, and he disappeared in an explosion as they all impacted. “I win, I always win!” crowed the Master of Games. He stopped in the middle of his laughter, shocked, as Xander walked unhurt from the dust, the blue glow of his shield surrounding him. “What? How? I watched you fight the moths, you never used that power!”

“Why would I, the moths weren’t a threat, they were fun,” the smirk drops from Xander’s facing, leaving a deadly serious expression behind. “Playtime’s over now.”

His first move, Assassin Rush, a favorite of his, took him behind the alien. The Sword of Aeons cleanly cut through all four of Gizmo’s legs at the root. He followed with a blast of lightning, short circuiting and frying the copy of Cyborg’s arm. His next move, his last one, was brutal and effective, he carved off both of the Master’s stolen arms, and they reverted to normal as they hit the ground.

The alien collapsed, blood spurting from both amputated arms. A small fire ball cupped in Xander’s hand served well to cauterize, stopping the blood flow and dragging the Master of Games out of shock due to the pain.

“Now,” asked Xander, a pleasant smile on his face at odds with the blade he was holding to the alien’s throat, “How do I get the losers back?”

“Pull the gem off and focus on them,” muttered the alien, falling back into shock.

“Thanks.” With a swift motion Xander removed the gem, and then decapitated the alien. “Hmmm, I should probably get rid of the body before I get them back; super heroes are so picky about killing.” A charged fireball incinerated it, leaving nothing but ash and Xander pocketed the head in his pack. “Good, now that that’s over with.” Holding the gem, he began to think about the heroes returning, and in a massive flash of light they appeared.

“Told you something was fishy,” said Cyborg as he slapped Robin on the back of the head.

“You were right,” admitted Robin reluctantly.

“Sweet an angel saved us!” Beastboy exclaimed, looking at Xander.

“What? I’m not an angel; the alien guy was just stupid.”

“So what’s with the halo?” countered Speedy.

“And the butterflies?” chimed in Static.

“Huh?” Looking, Xander saw the white butterflies hover around him and the halo above his head. “Gah!” Frantically he began to brush them away, disrupting the aura configurations. “Stupid things won’t stay away,” he grumbled as the others watched in amusement. “They form because the magic I use, let’s just leave it at that. Everyone ready to leave now?”

“Not quite. Here,” Robin began to pass out Titan communicators to each of them. “As far as I’m concerned, you’re all honorary Titans.”

“What about me?” demanded Gizmo.

Suddenly, Cyborg was there, towering over him. “You’re not a good guy, remember?” Everyone proceeded to ignore Gizmo’s childish curses.

“All right, tell me where you want to go and I’ll send you there, I think I got the hang of this gem.”

Each hero did just that, until only the Titans and Gizmo were left with Xander. In one quick movement Xander stole Gizmo’s backpack just before the kid vanished in a flash of light. “I dropped him at the Jump City police station; I figured he shouldn’t have his toys with him there.”

“Nice,” laughed Beast Boy.

“All right, ready to go?” [Hey Jenny, be back in a minute, I’ll see you at the Tower.] At their nods they all disappeared in a flash of light, Xander included.

Jenny, who was sitting at the Titan’s table, playing cards with Terra and Starfire as Raven kept watch, looked up at hearing his message. “They’ll be back in a minute.”

When the light cleared, it revealed that the quartet had all landed in Titans Tower. “What are you doing here?” demanded Robin; surprised Xander had shown up with them.

“You did say I was an honorary Titan, but the real reason is my fiancée should be here…” As Xander finished speaking, a blur rushed into the room.

“Robin, you have returned!” Xander could hear the bones groaning as Starfire hugged Robin and then each of the other returned Titans. However, a moment later he was in his own bone crushing hug.

“Xander! I’m glad you’re alright!” Jenny murmured before she kissed him.

Once they both reluctantly broke the kiss, Xander grinned. “I’m fine, and I brought you a present, a nice new magical pendant.” He presented her with the ruby pendant he took from the Master of Games. “It’s not nearly as beautiful as you though.” He hung it around her neck and pulled her into a gently kiss. “I missed you.”

“Awwwwwwww.” They both looked up to see the female Titans gushing over the romantic scene while Beast Boy mimed puking.

Jenny kept her arm around him possessively. “Mine.”

“And proud of it.”

“Now if we could do introductions? I’m Jenny.”

“And I’m Xander. We’re Heroes, note the capital H and lack of super.”

“Are you two angels?” questioned Terra.

“Huh?” The pair looked up, noticing the halos hovering over there head. Each quickly swiped the other’s out of existence. “The stupid thing keeps showing up whenever I’m introduced,” complained Xander.

Jenny laughed at his griping. “No, we’re not angels, that’s just a side effect of our powers. And I had a question for you, why did you attack me when I first showed up?” she had been wanting that, but every time she opened her mouth Raven would glare, so she just bided her time and chose to play cards when Terra offered.

The Titan girls looked rather sheepish before Raven spoke up. “Robin had us do surveillance on you, so when the boys went missing and you showed up…We kind of jumped to conclusions.”

Xander and Jenny turned to stare at Robin, and it was his turn to look sheepish. “The police chief asked us, he saw the power you were throwing around against the moths and wanted to make sure you two weren’t new super villains.”

“I suppose that’s acceptable.”

Xander just snorted. “You’re lucky I wasn’t there when you attacked her, she’s more forgiving then me.”

“Don’t worry about it Xander, they already told me Cyborg would fix my car.”

“That I would do what?” asked Cyborg, looking at Raven.

“We…damaged her car before we stopped our attack. I volunteered you to fix it.”

“And was I going to have a say in this?”

“Please friend Cyborg,” Starfire swooped down and right into his personal space, pulling out the puppy dog eyes. “I feel much guilt at the destruction of their motor powered transport.”

He folded, unable to stand up to the puppy dog eyes. “Alright, just don’t expect miracles. It’ll take me awhile to get parts.”

“Our new friends can stay in the Tower until then, it will be glorious! There will be much potatoing of the couch and eating of sugary candy!” Starfire spun around happily in midair at the prospect.

The other Titans froze at her words. They didn’t know much about the couple, and yet Starfire was inviting them to stay at their base, the one filled with hi-tech equipment and captured weapons from villains.

“Ah, we’ll be right back.” Raven and Robin grabbed the other Titans, dragging them into a side room, leaving Xander and Jenny alone.

“Well, want to snuggle?” asked Xander, he had really missed Jenny the last two days.

“Sure,” agreed Jenny, her feelings the same.

At the Titan’s meeting…

“Starfire, you can’t just invite strange people into the tower, especially ones that have power’s we know nothing about,” stated Robin as the group huddled.

“You invited me in,” Terra pointed out. Robin paused, considering how to get around that little fact.

“It is an ideal way to observe them, and it is only temporary,” spoke Raven. “We do owe Ms. Calendar for the damage to her car, and as she is not a villain the city will take some time to approve payment, even with the police commissioner’s wish that they leave the city.”

“They can’t be too bad, Xander knew that something was suspicious about the tournament, when others were to worried about winning” said Cyborg, glaring at Robin as he did, “And he did save us.”

“I agree with friend Cyborg.”

“Yeah man, they have to be okay, they’re angels.” The other Titans looked at Beast Boy at that remark. “What?”

“Alright, its agreed then, we’ll let them stay, but we have to keep them under watch,” sighed Robin, mind racing at the different security measures he would have to take.

“I’ll keep the cameras trained,” promised Cyborg.

When the Titans came back, they were greeted by the sight of Xander and Jenny making out on the couch.

“We sit there!” Beast Boy cried in alarm.

“Well, just be glad you didn’t take longer,” Jenny said with a smirk. “Because being able to say we did it in Titans Tower would be one for the memory books.”

“Friends, it is glorious! You will be able to stay with us!” Starfire swept them both into bone crushing hugs.

While the couple was distracted by trying to escape Starfire’s grasp, Robin turned to Cyborg. “You should probably make sure they’re no cameras in the bedroom with the way they’re acting.”

It was nearly a week before Cyborg could even get the money to begin to repair or replace the car. While the city Mayor and government were usually quite good in forking over funds to repair things the Titans damaged while fighting villains, the fact that the car in question belonged to the person the Titans were attacking made the process quite difficult. Originally the government thought it was a case of a villain demanding monetary payment for their equipment being damaged as that was the closest form the Titans had, Gizmo had tried that before, and as such refused to pay. The Titans then had to explain the situation in detail which made the bureaucracy feel the need to make an entirely new form, the Purposeful but Accidental Damage Reimbursement Form, just for the situation. Of course, a new form meant new policies and rules and laws and such things. The hassle could have gone on for months, but having a twitching Robin reaching for his utility belt and Cyborg standing there with his hand transforming into a sonic cannon and back as he fought the urge to fry some bureaucrats made the clerks and office drones work much faster.

Xander and Jenny didn’t do much during that time, mainly hung out in the tower. Super villains were not something either of them wanted to fight, it would be too easy to accidently kill one as they were used to fighting on a lethal level, which would make their lives a lot more complicated. So they just had fun hanging around. Xander ended up playing videogames with Cyborg and Beast Boy while Jenny and Starfire chatted about Earth, space, shopping, alien customs, and just stuff in general. Both Xander and Jenny spent time with Terra as well, asking about her travels, getting advice on where to stop for when they restarted their own journey. Robin and Raven were both too suspicious to do anything with either of them; instead they just stayed around the edges, always watching.

One thing they did end up doing was cooking, though Robin checked all the food for poison. While Jenny and Xander both appreciated take-out and pizza, the amount the Titans ate was astounding; they attributed it to the mysterious blue goo living in fridge which made it impossible to keep food for any length of time. The couple had fun learning new recipes and making exotic dishes together, after they cleaned out the blue goo in the fridge of course. It put up a vicious fight, how it managed to invent medieval style cannons was a mystery to them, but they finally subdued it and shipped it to Star Labs.

The car repairs were taking a little while, over a week, as they had to wait around for when Cyborg had free time in between the villains, what they didn’t know was he was stalling; the food they cooked was that good. As a couple they decided to wait for Cyborg instead of a standard repair place or using the money to buy a new car because he had promised to add in several new non-standard features.

However, even with Jenny and Xander’s excellent culinary abilities, some habits couldn’t be broken, and pizza lust was one of them. “And the last slice of pizza goes to…Terra!” cried Cyborg, handing her the slice.

“Woo! Go Terra!” the others cheered.

“Just a rookie and already holding the coveted four cheese trophy, how does it feel?” Cyborg asked in his best announcer voice, holding a drink cup like a microphone.

“Um?” she mumbled, thinking. “Good and kind of greasy.” She began to munch on her slice.

“Seriously though, nice job tonight,” said Robin, “We’re glad to have you on the team.”

“Yeah, the videos of your fight made a fortune.” Everyone looked at Xander at his comment. “What? It was a joke!” Jenny calmly slapped him on the back of his head.

“It is most wonderful that all of us are here to partake in the pizza together” beamed Starfire, actually glowing green with happiness.

“What she said,” added Raven.

Beastboy shifted to dog form and began to lick Terra’s face, causing her to laugh.

While they had a private moment in public, Cyborg headed towards the control panel on the wall. Touching his hand to it made the display light up in red. “All right y’all, Titan’s Tower is locked up, and Cyborg is shutting down,” he announced through a yawn before disappearing to his room.

“We should all get some sleep,” added Robin in his leader voice, “we may have stopped Slade tonight, but we need to figure out what he’s planning tomorrow.”

“Well, since that we doesn’t include us, don’t mind if we stay up, I picked up a movie.” Xander finished the last of the dishes as he spoke, and began to head towards the T.V.

“Really? You got it?” exclaimed Jenny with a smile, happy stars in her eyes.

“Only had to wrestle a little old lady for the last copy.”

“Night,” Raven announced, interrupting their conversation, before she began to head to the door.

“Pleasant slorkvacks.”

“What is a slourpvak?” Xander mused, scratching his head.

“No idea, she never mentioned it before,” answered Jenny, just as confused.

Beastboy and Terra left both left as well, leaving the couple to cuddle on the couch as the movie started.

Two hours later found Jenny and Xander stumbling back to their room in a lip lock, pausing to kiss even more passionately whenever they neared a wall. Seconds after they disappeared into their room, a faint squeal lingering in the air, Cyborg appeared from his room, stomach growling. “Ah man, I knew I shouldn’t have given up that last slice of pizza.” He stumbled toward the fridge, not bothering to turn on lights or activate his night vision as he knew the path by heart. Rummaging around, he finally pulled out a sandwich. “Oh well, nothing a foot long ham and beef jerky sandwich won’t…” He trailed off as he finally noticed the legion of Slade robots in the room. “Invasion!” he screamed, frantically hitting the control panel to trigger an alarm.

It wasn’t the alarm that alerted the other Titans, it was his sonic cannon blowing a robot through the wall. The control panel refused to respond.

Robin was awake and ready in less than a moment, years of ingrained paranoia having ready for battle at a split second. Raven and Starfire soon followed. “Beastboy, Beastboy! Come in!” Holstering the communicator in disgust, Robin dived through a hole in the floor as his cover disintegrated underneath laser fire. Crushing three robots he ran straight through the nearby doorway, Cyborg and Starfire giving covering fire. “He’s not responding.”

A shadow coalesced, and Raven appeared. “And Terra’s not in her room.”

“What about Xander and Jenny?” Robin demanded, throwing an explosive disc against the advancing horde.

“I don’t know, I couldn’t get into their room for some reason,” admitted Raven.

“Somebody want to explain how two hundred armed robots got past my security?” interrupted Cyborg as he blasted another bot. Dashing to the side, he opened a control panel. Sliding his finger key in caused a massive blast of electricity, shocking his systems and throwing him back. “Can’t even access the computer, we’re locked out.”

Starfire cried out as a laser nearly hit her, driving her back into cover. “They are too numerous to fight! What should we do?”

“Fight anyway! Titans go!” Robin commands, and the group charges the mob of Slade-bots in the hallway. As starbolts, sonic blasts, bird-a-rangs, and magic fly, the small group of robots is pushed back slowly, only for more to appear from the various rooms.

Suddenly, a blast of power came from above the Titans and destroyed a clutch of bots. “How dare you interrupt us!” Jenny and Xander stood there, clad only in their underwear. “He goes to all that trouble to get the movie I requested and we settle down for a beautiful conclusion to a romantic evening, and you just had to interfere.”

Meanwhile, Slade’s communicator beeped. “What? The Titans have a pair of angels?” For that is what Xander and Jenny truly looked like, with their flickering blue and white shield auras, halos, and glowing magical weapons. “No matter, the plan continues.”

Back at Titan Tower was one of the toughest fights any of them, Titans, or Jenny and Xander, had faced. The robots held nothing back; this was meant to be the final assault, no mere data gathering mission. Each robot was brutally strong, terribly accurate, impossibly fast, and armed with a military grade laser. They worked in units, and could react instantly to any plan or attack. Fear had no place in their metallic minds, and no matter how many were cut down more would appear, unrelenting as the tide.

The Titans were stuck. They were pinned down; each robot they were facing was a highly capable sniper, eerily accurate with its laser pistol. Robin had no hope of hand to hand, he would have been Swiss cheese if he tried to leave cover, and the same was true with the others. They all stayed behind the toughed steel walls of the Tower, shooting back with their ranged attacks, Robin using a salvaged pistol.

The only ones capable of taking the battle to the robots were Xander, Jenny, and Raven. They each had personal shields which, while not lasting long under concentrated weapons fire, allowed them to close with the groups of robots, advancing the battle field. Ever so slowly the heroes moved forward, clearing the Tower room by room. Once again Raven, Jenny, and Xander proved invaluable as every member of the group was hit at least once, and their healing abilities were able to stave off death.

The unique powers of the group slowly began to triumph over the numerical advantage of the robots. Sonic blasts blew out sensors, blinding bots, while starbolts destroyed others. Explosive discs demolished any robot that got to near to others, and black magic hurtled wall segments to crush others. Ghostly swords attacked from around corners and lightning flicker from robot to robot, arcing and frying systems as it went.

When morning came, the Tower was a wreck, gaping holes in the exterior allowing the sunlight inside. Piles of Slade-bots decorated the interior, with random parts being strewn about.

“Well, looks like we won,” stated Cyborg grimly as he stared about at the damage inflicted on their home.

“Then why does it not feel like a victory?” questioned Starfire, the gloom evident in her voice.

“I knew it, I knew it! We never should have trusted her,” Raven muttered darkly.

“But we did,” sighed Robin, “we all did.”

“She was a spy; it was her job to get you to trust her.”

“And you wanted to, after all it’s never easy to believe an old friend may betray you,” Xander added in support of Jenny.

Cyborg tapped several buttons on his arm panel before it closed with a hiss. “I’ve regained access to the computer; all the locks and information codes have been changed.”

“And all enemy surveillance technology has been located and destroyed,” Starfire reported.

“Problem is,” Stated Raven grimly, “Terra gave Slade more then secret codes and hidden cameras, she gave him us.” She paused, looking at the group, trying to press the point of how deep the betrayal ran. “Our flaws, our weaknesses, everything he’d ever need to know,” she concluded, a dark look on her face.

“Not on everyone though,” stated Robin, looking at Xander and Jenny.

“What, us?”

“Exactly, he knows nothing about you, only what he might have learned last night.”

“But you’re assuming we’ll help you when we have no reason to,” Xander said.

“What?” the gathered Titans gasped.

“We have no reason to help,” explained Jenny. “You trashed my car, and it still hasn’t been repaired yet, and the fight last night probably set it back even further, at this point it’s better to just buy a new one. And we don’t want to get involved with super villains; they get stuck on revenge half the time and never stop bothering you. Plus, our realm is the supernatural; we’re not that good with the whole ‘Don’t kill the bad guy thing.’”

“And don’t forget our road trip,” added Xander.

“Oh please friends, just until the evil that is Slade has been dealt with?” Starfire pleaded with the puppy dog eyes. While Jenny and Xander both had some resistance to the dreaded effect, Jenny being a teacher and Xander having grown up with Willow, the alien cuteness factor added extra strength.

“Well…” Jenny turned to Xander, silently communicating her wishes with a look. He nodded in agreement. “Fine, but only until Slade is dealt with.”

“One question though, why not call the League?” asked Xander.

Robin looked rather sheepish and the other Titans stared at the ground. “Calling on the League for anything less than a world domination plot is like admitting a team isn’t ready, and usually results in a lot of League over watch afterwards.”

“So pride?” Jenny asked for clarification.


AN: This crossover idea was inspired by Cyclone and the story ‘The Nighthawk Chronicles,’ an excellent one I recommend.

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the DC universe, Buffy, or Fable.
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