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Culture Shock

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Summary: This is the result of a few hours of free time on my part. Pairing? Possibly Buffy/Kakashi. And it's all thanks to a very sadistic, demented person. It's not me by the way.

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NOTE: This chapter is rated FR7

Chapter Two

A/N: Okay, so this was meant to be updated a while back. School stuff got in the way though and now that classes are officially over (still have tests though, ugh) I am free enough to finish this chapter that I had in the works for a while. Enjoy.

Disclaimer: I do not own Buffy OR Naruto. I have no claim on either. If I did, I’d totally own Xander and Kakashi… just saying.

Chapter 2

"You're supposed to trust friends. You have no reason to be his friend? That is part of the pleasure of friendship: trusting without absolute evidence and then being rewarded for that trust. "

“Oh, so you two met on Anko’s last mission?” Strange looks followed the trio as they walked down the streets of Konoha towards the Hokage’s tower. Kakashi appeared to keep his distance from the two women, even as he continued a casual conversation with them. Anko was leaning on Buffy again, and Buffy was choosing to ignore the weight that should have brought her smaller frame down already. Buffy’s face went through a flood of emotions ranging from disgust to exasperation at whatever the female ninja was whispering into her ear. Knowing Anko, it was probably something very perverted… and probably had something to do with him. Kakashi had a replacement jutsu in the back of his mind, just in case.

“Yup, a few of my friends thought it would be a good idea for me to take a vacation so they sent me to some hot spring to be “relaxing girl”. Not so much with the relaxing after the first day, and more with the pesky local raids.”

“Ooooh? You mean the clan feud that Anko was assigned to help negotiate,” and by negotiate, he meant scare the clans into submission. The scary female ninja had definitely been perfect for the job. Buffy let out a snort of laughter, showing that she had the same opinion.

“Yeah, that. I was still kind of annoyed with my friends so... I didn’t go all out or anything but I got noticed anyway.” Anko started snickering at this point, pulling their attention to the kinouichi.

“Buffy here laid out half a dozen men in seconds,” Anko leaned over Buffy, much to the Slayer’s annoyance, and stage whispered to Kakashi. “While wearing nothing but a towel.”

The kunoichi hissed out a laugh again as Kakashi tried to keep his mind from picturing that incident. Buffy looked completely mortified by Anko’s words. One wrong look from him though… he tried not to imagine that either. Still it was an impressive feat, taking out six men in such a short time, and with no weapon if the towel indicated anything. He looked over Buffy again. There were weapons concealed throughout her clothes, sturdy travel clothes he noticed and barely worn in so she must have gotten them during her time in the hidden countries, and one short sword rested comfortably at her hip. She had a bag slung across her back, big but she didn’t give it much notice.

“You’re not a shinobi.” Buffy raised an eyebrow at his observation. A smile twitched along her lips.

“Nope, I’m a Californian.” Kakashi had no idea what that meant. He added it to the quickly growing list in his head of things that didn’t make sense. The first line simply said “Buffy”. He was still figuring her out.

“And why is it that you have chosen to accompany Anko to Konoha? “

“I was on my way here anyway.” Buffy stared off towards the Hokage Tower. She didn’t say anything more, but he got the idea. She was here to see Tsunade-sama. It was obvious the blonde woman wouldn’t be giving a reason why though and he was fine with that so long as all her weapons stayed in their places while the Hokage was in the same room.

“Buffy Summers, is it?” Buffy gave a respectful nod to the Hokage, feeling a little awkward as she did so. It was a rare gesture from the Slayer. There were few that she found competent outside her ring of friends and family. Most of the time she was on the receiving end of the signs of respect. As weird as it felt, the slayers in training had always held some awe for her and even as she tried to show them she wasn’t that girl they thought she was, they continued to gawk at her.

“Yes, Tsunade-sama. I’ve heard good things about you from Anko.” Buffy stood alone before the Hokage’s desk. Anko and Kakashi had stayed in the hallway at the Slayer’s request. She wasn’t here for simple pleasantries. Tsunade folded her hands together and gave the other blonde a long look.

“So you’ve travelled from a vacation at the hot springs all the way here? Forgive me if I get straight to the point. What is it that brings a Slayer to my village?” The look in Tsunade’s eyes was beyond Willow’s Resolve Face. It was serious, and it was making the longest lived Slayer begin to fidget. She felt herself blush a little and hold her limbs stiff.

“It’s personal business. My friends think I need to relax but since the attack at the hot springs that’s the last thing on my mind.”

“And what is on your mind now?”

“Fighting, training. I’d be willing to pay.” Tsunade’s eyes narrowed at the girl in front of her.

“Isn’t that something that your Watcher is responsible for?” Buffy sighed and lowered her eyes from Tsunade’s sharp gaze. She hadn’t wanted to get too much into this.

“He thinks I need a break too…”

“Shouldn’t you trust the observations of your friends and mentors then? What my resources tell me is that you’re still building up the new Watcher’s Council at this time and you just eliminated a strong threat to the world. I believe that merits some rest.” Buffy looked up at the Hokage for a moment before spreading her arms out to her sides. She tilted her head down a little, looking over her own body clad in dusty clothes and boots.

“You’re the expert. Do I look like I need the rest?” She was in good shape; that was easy to tell. There weren’t any visible injuries, and Tsunade doubted she’d find any if she examined the woman. There was a flicker of pain in the younger blonde’s eyes though. It was in and out like a ghost, darkening her eyes for that brief moment. Tsunade collected her words carefully before speaking to the Slayer again.

“It takes a while for some things to heal, Ms. Summers.” Buffy lowered her arms back to her sides and clenched her fists.

“I’m a fast healer.” Tsunade’s caught herself before her eyes could widen with surprise. For a brief moment she saw another stubborn blonde standing there, fists clenched in a similar manner. She’d never thought she’d meet someone as stubborn as that runt. A few seconds later a smirk rose to her lips.

“Hm, very well. Kakashi!” Buffy looked back at the double doors where Kakashi entered. He walked casually in, hands stuffed in his pockets, as if he hadn’t been trying to listen to the conversation outside the door the whole time. As soon as he reached Buffy’s side he gave a short bow.

“Yes, Tsunade-sama?” The look in Tsunade’s eyes suggested nothing but her own pleasure at what she was about to do. Kakashi and Buffy had a sinking feeling in their stomachs.

“Ms. Summers will be residing in our village for the remainder of her…vacation. I want you to make arrangements for her housing and anything else she may require while she is here.” Kakashi’s only visible eye showed a bit of his surprise at the request as he looked between the two women.

“And how long will Ms. Summers be staying?” Tsunade set her face into one of seriousness, but it was obvious she was still enjoying herself.

“That is entirely up to Ms. Summer’s I think, as well as you now that I think of it.”


“You will be training her, Kakashi. She will have to start at genin level training, though I don’t believe taijutsu will be much of a problem.”

“W-wait. He’s training me?” Kakashi frowned under his mask, but still threw in his own protest to the situation.

“I’m sure someone from the Academy would be better suited for…”

“It’s final,” Tsunade said. Her voice was firm and the look in her eyes told them she was set for business. “As of now this is your mission, Kakashi. You are no longer training anyone as they have either been promoted to Chunin or are… elsewhere. I want you to approach this with full dedication.”

Kakashi tried not to show the impact those words had on him, but he couldn’t help but frown as he thought of the two from team 7 that had been gone from the village for over two years now. He looked over at Buffy, who stood there looking him with a gaze that he couldn’t figure out. The Copy-ninja could tell she had a lot going through her mind at that moment, but whatever it was she kept it to herself very well. He sighed and then turned to give a nod to Tsunade.

“Yes, Tsunade-sama.”

A/N: Aaaand, done. For now. I’ve established a timeline… sort of. This story is going somewhere I didn’t think it would go before now. I knew the characters, but not what they were going to do until they did it. Now I just got to keep up with them. K, thanks for reading. I’ll have the next chapter up as soon as I can and make it even longer than this one. Review please?
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