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Culture Shock

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Summary: This is the result of a few hours of free time on my part. Pairing? Possibly Buffy/Kakashi. And it's all thanks to a very sadistic, demented person. It's not me by the way.

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Chapter One

A/N: So, I just want to start out by saying I had no intention of writing this but here I am because it wouldn’t leave me in peace until I got something out. It started out as a short drabble, and then just sort of mutated like crazy. Don’t hurt me.

Disclaimer: I own nothing. Buffy and Naruto belong to someone else… and will never belong to me unless I buy them out and that will never happen because I’m a poor college student.

Culture Shock

by: Embarr

Buffy poked it, watching carefully to make sure it didn’t poke back. It didn’t, but it had an unusual… bounce to it. The slayer squinted at the suspicious objects before her. Her companion rolled her eyes at the blonde and stabbed one of said objects, bringing it quickly to her own mouth. As soon as she swallowed, she tried to poke her strange friend with the now empty stick. Unsurprisingly, the poke was evaded without effort and Buffy continued to stare moodily at the plate between them.

“Buffy,” the slayer didn’t reply.

“Just eat it.”

“Don’t you have any, I don’t know, normal food around here?” Buffy took her eyes off the lumps of… something, in front of her long enough to see the other woman across from her roll her eyes again before smirking at her in a way that told Buffy she was enjoying this in a way that was beyond the normal. Her new friend licked a drop of sauce off of the side of her mouth with a look a sheer pleasure. Yeah, Buffy really knew how to pick ‘em.

“Che, looks like I’ll just have to finish these on my own.” Buffy then spent the next few minutes going through every facial expression she had that expressed disgust, in varying degrees.

Only SHE can make eating look more perverse and gross than Faith and a brain-eating demon combined , thought Buffy as she put Giles’ meditation lessons to work for once, trying and failing to erase the images from her mind.

The plate was finally empty now, much to Buffy’s relief. Buffy started to exit the restaurant before the other woman and was walking swiftly down the busy streets of Konoha by the time she felt the presence of her friend suddenly beside her out of seemingly nowhere. She rested her elbow easily on the petite Slayer’s shoulder before leaning down in front of her face.

“Still up for another match,” she asked with that demented smirk still on her face. Buffy snorted and then felt her stomach rumble dangerously. Both women looked down at the loud noise, one pouting and the other smirking even more.

“Not until I get some food… normal food.” The dark haired woman straightened up as she chuckled loudly, still leaning on Buffy’s shoulder. The blonde Slayer didn’t show any sign of feeling the weight. The other woman noticed and pressed down a little harder, smirk never leaving her face. When the slayer continued to ignore the pressure for her grumbling stomach, her friend finally let out an annoyed noise.

“Che, fine. The kid is always talking about this ramen stand down the street,” she said partly to herself. Buffy didn’t know who the kid was, but she recognized the word ramen. What college life would be complete without it? She slipped easily from under the arm still on her shoulder and gestured for her companion to follow. There was a low, annoyed snort but then Buffy could hear her friend’s sandaled feet following through the crowd of people. When they finally reached the stand, Buffy was famished. She stood there, almost drooling over the smell… in a very dignified, non-gross kind of way of course, and looked over the current customers. A couple civilians sat in one corner and a ninja with silver hair sat in another, holding a suspicious orange book in front of him. When her friend’s eyes landed on the ninja, her smirk widened to a manic grin. She leaned deeply next to Buffy’s ear with a laugh in her voice as she whispered lowly to the Slayer.

“That’s Kakashi… you’ll love him.” Buffy was already beginning to doubt that as she suddenly realized the orange book was porn. She groaned lowly as her friend led them to two seats next to Kakashi.

“Anko, that’s what you said about the dango,” she said pointedly to the dark haired female ninja leaning dangerously into her so she’d move closer to Kakashi. She was putting more effort into her lean this time and soon Buffy found herself craning her neck around to avoid seeing the contents of the masked ninja’s little orange book. Kakashi finally took his eyes away from his precious book when the little Slayer’s blond ponytail was whipped into the back of his head after a rather violent turn of her head.

“Hmmm,” he simply… um… said and turned his head only to get a face full of ponytail as Anko made a particularly vicious shove. If it hadn’t been for his mask firmly in place, he may have had a mouth full of golden locks. He heard Anko let out an annoyed snort before the head blocking his view was turned violently in his direction. As the smell of a flowery shampoo lingered on his mask he found himself nose to, er, mask with someone with hazel green eyes. Those eyes looked really deadly at the moment… really deadly. He really hoped that look wasn’t for him.

“Anko,” the woman face to face with him growled. Kakashi found himself holding his breath, even though now he knew the woman face to face with him wasn’t angry with him. He then watched with mild awe as the little woman shoved Anko off her side, nearly knocking him down as she used him to push off of, and set that death glare on the sadistic kunoichi. For a split second, he thought Anko looked a little nervous before that smirk of hers was back in place. The blonde woman finally just closed her eyes, sighed and turned to order a bowl of ramen.

Kakashi sweat -dropped as he continued to stare at the woman who was now ignoring him after coming within centimeters of his face. The incident might as well have never happened by the way she was now pleasantly slurping away at the bowl of ramen now set before her. Anko was now shaking, from laughter he realized, beside the woman who hadn’t taken her eyes off her food since it arrived except to close her eyes and smile in a way that made Anko’s frightening smile widen. Despite his perverted ways, he really didn’t want to know why. Still, he was curious enough to do something stupid. Ask Anko a question, that is.

“Ah, Anko?” The kunoichi paused from her laughter and gave him her full attention. “who is your friend?”

“The name’s Buffy, and that is sooo not a weird name,” the reply came from the blonde woman, Buffy. She finished off her bowl with a loud slurp that she some how managed to make look dainty – the mysteries of women – and gestured in Anko’s direction.

“Last time she commented on it I opened a can of good old fashioned slayer whoop ass on her red bean pastyness. Beans, by the way, are so not a dessert. I need to introduce you guys to twinkies.” Kakashi’s only visible eye blinked a few times as he processed Buffy’s words. After failing after a few seconds, he opted for smiling at the confusing woman in his typical upside-down u-shaped way.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you Buffy. I’m Kakashi.”

A/N: This was only going to be a small drabble.... yeah. Cursed little voices in my head. They wouldn't shut up. Happy now? I don't know how I'm going to continue this but the voices will eventually tell me what to do.... er, not to sound creepy or anything. Reviews are greatly appreciated, thank you!


ANKO- is a red bean paste, if anyone was wondering.

You'll also notice that I didn't use any -chan, -san, -kun, yada, yada, yada. This is to avoid confusion... on my part. I have a simple brain, it cannot process too much at once. Fire bad, tree pretty, k?
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