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To Walk the Winding Way

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Hellions". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: Prequel to 'It Can Hurt To Win' this is where Dawn first meets Fred.

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Harry Potter > Dawn-Centered > Pairing: Fred/George WeasleyDamiaFR15710,4602288,03417 Feb 093 May 11No

Chapter 7

I do not own Harry Potter or Buffy the Vampire Slayer.


"You are certifiable mate." Lee informed one of his two very best friends as the three lounged around the counter at WWW. Fred had just informed the two of them that someday he and Dawn were going to have a family and raise a tribe of red haired criminal masterminds.

"But I'm right." Fred declared, a wide smile on his mouth and a wicked gleam in his eye.

"And how does our darling Dawn feel about all this?" George demanded, knowing very well that Fred had not mentioned any of this to the slim brunette.

"I find it's best not to bother her with the details of our future." Fred winked at them and leaned back against the wall.

"In other words you think she'd skewer you with that sword of hers." Lee's voice was dry as he turned back to the news paper.

"Actually I was thinking it would probably be one of her knives. She needs me too much to just kill me flat out. Maiming is a definite option though." Fred agreed happily.

"All these years and I never realized what a masochist you were." George intoned with something like wonder in his voice.

"I’m not a masochist so much as Dawn is a closet sadist.” He replied immediately, shrugging as he popped open the till and started counting the money.

“I’m telling her you said that,” Lee informed him, ignoring the cheeky grin Fred sent his way.

“She’ll probably agree with him,” George reminded his friend.

“Who will agree with whom?” A voice demanded as the bell for the door jingled.

“We’re closed,” The three men chorused, turning to look at the curvy woman now standing there.

“Well that’s a treat. Just back in town and I come to visit my mates only to have them try and get rid of me!” She placed hands on her hips and scowled at the three before all of them broke into laughter and smiles, rushing at each other to offer hugs all around.

“Angelina darling, how are the Harpies treating you?” George demanded, tugging one of the long braids dangling around her shoulders.

“Better than you lot.” Angelina punched him lightly in the shoulder before turning to shove an accusatory finger in Lee’s face. “Jordan, don’t think I didn’t hear you at the Bats meet referring to my goal as ‘trite flying that should have been as obvious as the cosmetic spell on Chloe’s nose’ we can hear on the pitch,”

“How long do you think she’s been waiting to tear into him?” Fred asked in an aside to his brother.

“I’d say since the game. So 4 months?” The twins looked at each other and nodded their heads in agreement before turning as one to stare at the other two in the store with them.

“Please continue,” The said in unison.

“Admit it, you were off your game that day. You weren’t going anywhere near full speed and yet no bludgers were sent your way and their chasers were doing shit to stop you as well. It wasn’t so much against you anyway, it was more pointing out what a crap job Ballycastle was doing.” Jordon gently shoved her finger out of his face and gave her a smarmy smile that he knew only irritated the woman.

“Fine.” She pouted for a moment, knowing it was true. The game had been terrible. At least they’d won though. “Who were you talking about anyhow?” She asked as she hopped up on the counter.

“Dawn Summers,” Lee informed her, eyeballing Fred as he did so. His friend always grinned a bit more when her name was mentioned. He grinned even more when she was actually in the room with him.

“Do I know her?” Angelina asked curiously.

“Not likely. Forge has been seeing her for a bit over a month now,” George told her, also looking at his brother.

“Oh ho! Who is this paragon of virtue who manages to hold the attention of our own Fred Weasley? She must be fascinating.” Angelina teased, smiling expectantly at Fred.

“Fascinating yes, paragon is doubtful. Fred just admitted she’s a closet sadist.” George told her with a snort.

“Though he still sees them having babies someday in the future. He’s nutters.” Lee agreed. Angelina was a bit surprised at that news. Neither of the twins had ever so much as mentioned one day wanting to get married. Neither of them had the patience or inclination to so much as have a true relationship during their (rather infamous) Hogwarts years and suddenly this girl has turned Fred’s head.

“I think I need to meet this girl,” Angelina informed them with a warm smile. She wasn’t at all jealous but she worried about the boys sometimes. Her mum had told her once that some people seemed like they’d never take anything seriously so when they did fall in love it was fast and it was hard and she wanted to make sure this girl was good enough for one of her boys.

“Yes you should!” Fred agreed brightly, suddenly vibrating with excitement. He did that on occasion, so did his brother. You didn’t usually bode well. “You and Alicia and whoever. We should get together. Have a dinner.”

“That could be fun,” Angelina agreed after a moment. It was a good thing Dawn wasn’t seeing George, that could go badly. Alicia would probably never get over the crazy crush she had on that boy. No matter how much they tried to convince her to look for someone else. The girl was positive he was her one and only and drove herself half mad trying to get him to notice her.

“You should take this with you when you go visit whoever is next,” George was pressing some kind of candy into Angelina’s hand and she shook her head as she shoved it into her pocket. These boys and all their toys. She was ridiculously fond of them. Her mother thought she should do as Alicia did and try and get them to fall for her, but she wasn’t really that kind of girl. Besides they were her best mates and while they’d been fun to mess around with when they were in school she had a much larger pool from which to select her fish now.

“I’ll see you later Angelface,” Fred leaned forward and pressed a kiss to the girls forehead before turning and apparating out of the store.

“Where is he off to?” She frowned and turned between the other two.

“Dawn’s,” The two replied, completely unsurprised at his abrupt departure.

Meanwhile Fred had just appeared in Dawn’s bedroom as she finished putting on her makeup.

“My morning sun!” He greeted her, arms held wide.

“That would be your hair in my mirror,” She mocked lightly, finishing her mascara. He groped at his heart and fell back onto her bed.

“I’m crushed!” He declared before propping himself up on his elbows. “Brunch?”

“Everything is food with you,” She grinned as she turned to face him, crawling up on the bed to mirror his position.

“That’s because the way to keep my lady happy is to keep her well fed,” He informed her knowingly, grinning as her stomach made a sound of agreement.

“Alright, lead on,” She leaned forward and kissed his nose before rolling off the bed and looking at him expectantly. He liked to randomly show up and take her out for food and she enjoyed that he felt so comfortable with her. It was lonely before Fred. Now she not only had the loon she was fast falling in love with, but also his nutty doppelganger and Lee and the rest of the Weasley Brood as well. She also had Charlie’s co-worker Gregov, whom she’d saved from a nasty death by open flame barbecue via Chinese Fireball. Not the best way to go.

“I hadn’t actually thought that far ahead,” Fred admitted as he looped his arm through hers and they walked out of her flat.

“Bistro on the corner it is!” Dawn decided instantly, raising her fist in the air.

The End?

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You have reached the end of "To Walk the Winding Way" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 3 May 11.

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