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To Walk the Winding Way

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Hellions". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: Prequel to 'It Can Hurt To Win' this is where Dawn first meets Fred.

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Harry Potter > Dawn-Centered > Pairing: Fred/George WeasleyDamiaFR15710,4602288,03417 Feb 093 May 11No

Chapter One

Disclaimer: I own neither buffy nor Harry Potter. I just play with them when the mood strikes.

Dawn sighed sadly, shoving the smaller creature off the end of her sword with a boot clad foot. She hadn't wanted to kill him. She was tired of the death of creatures that were simply doing what they were built to do. Gibgluck was the leader of a small troop of Goblins that had decided they were taking custody of certain treasures that the didn't want humans to have. Normally Dawn wouldn't care. However, they wanted to take a few of her artifacts and that was problematic. After all, she took good care of them and they weren't Goblin artifacts to begin with. It still wouldn't have been so bad if they hadn't managed to get hold of her Aranthian Daggers, gifted to her after saving the leader of a horde of Gibbins'l demons from a Fyarl. The Daggers were two of her most prized possessions. She'd gone after them and demanded the daggers as well as everything else they had taken from her. She didn't care about the things they'd taken from anyone else, that had nothing to do with her, but they had refused and attacked her. 6 goblins against 1 sorceress who had grown up with the strongest wandless witch in the world as well as the slayer. Not to mention Xander, who believed firmly in right and wrong. Still, she was tired of death. It was one of the reason she was staying in England in the first place. London was home to the British ministry of magic, vamps and non-human-friendly demons tended to stay away for the most part.

Dawn cleaned off her sword with a thought before she holstered it across her back. She snagged the twin daggers, slinging their sheaths onto her belt and resting her hands on them. Self cleaning daggers that would cause her no harm were nice to have, especially to someone that had spent her young life being hunted and kidnapped. She did a quick inventory of the goods the goblins had stolen. She figured she'd keep what struck her fancy and send the rest to Giles up in Scotland. He liked magical artifacts and Goblins couldn't get past the wards. At least not without an invitation. She flicked her fingers at the pile of treasure and it disappeared. As for the goblins themselves, Dawn sighed as she realized she would have to search out their next of kin and let them know what was going on. A glance at her watch told her that it was only 2:30, plenty of time to do a quick family tree trace. The lithe brunette sat down on the ground, not bothering to cover the ground. Black leather pants could withstand a lot of damage, especially when they were magicked to withstand even more than the usual.

5 of the goblins had no family closer than cousins, at least that would accept them. They'd been stricken from the family. She didn't know for what, nor did she care. The leader though ... Gibgluck had a brother. Ucknar. Currently working at Gringotts Wizarding Bank. Lovely. Dawn stood and stared at the pile of tiny bodies as they combusted. She watched them until they were nothing more than ash, as was the Goblin way. The brunette brushed a hand against the seat of her pants before combing fingers through her hip-length straight hair. No leaves. She knew she had a claw mark across her collar bone, visible due to lack of coverage from the tiny blue camisole that barely covered her upper body. She'd been upset and hadn't grabbed her black biker jacket from her flat. She crossed her arms over her chest and frowned, closing her eyes for the quick materialization inside the bank. When she opened her eyes she was standing inside the familiar white marble monolith that was Gringotts.

"Weapons are forbidden," A tiny man informed her, waddling up and staring over his beaky nose. Dawn looked at him for a moment.

"I wouldn't bring them if I didn't have to. I have need of Ucknar of the EagleMaul clan. It is a private matter of some urgency involving his brother," Dawn told the creature in clipped tones. Goblins didn't freak her out the way they did others, she had a healthy respect for the creatures. They were dangerous and intelligent, they liked money and could scam a pro without a problem. Anya would have loved them. The creature left her standing in the corner and went to have words with a teller that had just finished a transaction. She tapped her foot after a few moments, glaring at a witch that stared at her, appalled no doubt by her wardrobe of the moment. Or maybe it was the bruises and scrapes.

"Madame, I am Ucknar of the EagleMaul clan," Another Goblin announced as he stepped up to her. Dawn nodded once.

"I regret to inform you that I was forced to take the life of Gibgluck of the EagleMaul clan earlier today. I saw to the disposal of his remains, the smoke of his soul to the heavens and the ashes of his body to the earth," Dawn informed him.

"If that is all, have a nice day," The Goblin turned as though to go and Dawn bent to grab his shoulder, tugging him around.

"Uh, not that's not all. Aren't you upset?" She demanded, throwing her hair back behind her shoulder. Goblins were the first of the true wizarding creatures that she'd gotten to know. Already a bit of an icon in the wizarding world, she and the scoobies whispered tales to wonder about, living with muggles and taking care of demons and vampires. The stuff of legend. Not like Harry Potter, not heroes, just amazing tales. As though they weren't real. Dawn made her image worse by openly criticizing the government. She consorted with creatures that were only considered animals. Centaurs and Goblins and Mermaids. Still, the goblins she knew were passionate. Slow burning hate and quick with revenge. Ucknar's passive acceptance bothered her.

"Gibgluck was to be struck from the family tree as a traitor and trouble maker," Ucknar told her coldly. Big blue eyes narrowed as she stared at him a moment.

"Don't give me that crap, you're pissed. He wasn't stricken out yet, therefor you still have familial obligations," She told him, her voice raising.

"How do you wish me to act?" His voice hissed in ironic irritation.

"Upset! Yell, rail, get pissed off. I killed your brother for Christs sake," Dawn shouted, throwing her hands in the air and glaring at the little man, wanting to pull his pointy ears until he squealed like a pig.

"Yelling is most unbecoming and I am not surprised that he was killed, just that a mere human was the one to do it," Dawn couldn't tell for certain, but she had a feeling that the creature was mocking her. Damn goblins for having so few facial muscles to give away their emotions.

"He was your brother! Get angry, threaten me, SOMETHING!" Dawn shrieked in wordless irritation, spinning to glare at another goblin that had come scurrying up to them, his tiny three piece suit helping to make him look pompous.

"I'm afraid I need to ask you to keep your voice down," He told her evenly, his voice surprisingly deep. Dawn flicked her fingers at him, his mouth sealing shut and a bright red Christmas bow planting itself on his face. She turned back to Ucknar.

"I am so much more than a mere anything," She told him, her voice flat and her face blank. She allowed her power to roll across the room, making every magical creature look up at her for a moment before going back to their work. You could never distract a goblin from gold for very long.
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