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The Dying of the Light

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Summary: Post-NFA drabble/ficlet series. Illyria is the sole survivor of the alley battle at the end of 'Not Fade Away'. She seeks to share her pain and grief. Ignores comics 'canon'.

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BtVS/AtS Non-Crossover > Dark > Fred/Illyria-Centered(Current Donor)SpeakertocustomersFR13162,411114216,97817 Feb 0916 Oct 09Yes

Bargaining... Acceptance...

“I accept.”

Giles frowned at Illyria. “I wasn’t aware we were making an actual job offer.”

“It is necessary that there be a custodian of the Deeper Well. None can fulfill that role better than I.” Illyria cocked her head to one side. “I have certain conditions. A computer, broadband internet access, and an electricity supply. Each year at Thanksgiving I shall visit the shell’s parents. You will arrange transportation and a temporary substitute guardian.”

“That seems reasonable,” Giles conceded. “Very well.”

“Also,” Illyria added, “I desire computer games more violent than ‘Crash Bandicoot’ and a regular supply of tacos.”
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