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Blood Driven

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Zeppoverse". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Story 2 in Zeppoverse. Sequel to Only Human. Xander discovers an old friend of his is in danger. Now, with help from friends, Xander must come to things he never dealt with. Chapter 3 up.

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Multiple Crossings > Xander-Centered > Theme: Heroic XanderJonathanFR1833,910096,65717 Feb 0916 Mar 09No

Chapter Two

Title: Blood Driven
Chapter: 2
Author: Jonathan
Rating: M
Category: Xander/?
Summery: Xander discovers an old friend of his is in danger. Now, with help from friends, Xander must come to things he never dealt with.
Disclaimer: Buffy is owned by Whedon, Fox, Mutant Enemy. Other crossings are surprises. I don’t own anything.
Time line: The year is 1999. This picks up where Only Human left. The name of the universe is known as Zeppoverse. The reason being all crossovers here will maintain the human element.
Author Notes: There is no planned shipping right now, but do know that I am a BX fan at heart and that still remains a possibility.

Xander stared awestruck at that moment.

There…stood Darla. She was chasing children. Away from Sunydale and now in Miami? Was that why he was in Miami? To stop her?

She already put his Sunnydale life to hell. She killed Jesse. And now she was going to kill Traci?

His hand immediately went for the sword in his car but stopped when he looked at her more clearly…

The sun.

It was still bright. And it was only 4:46. How was this possible?

Xander kept the sword loosely in his grasp as he watched the scene unfold. Soon a tall man came into the scene as he went over to the woman.

Xander didn’t know what was going on. He needed to make sure if he was really dealing with a resurrected Darla. And in order to do that, he needed confirmation. And with him not letting in on where he was with his family back home….

That only left one answer.


A man sighed as he walked out of his personal gym. He took a towel and removed the sweat from his forehead. The towel was then heaved to a counter after he went for the sink to poor himself a glass of water.

Taking a sip, he waited for a few girls to come out of the locker room.

“You did fine work today, girls.” He watched them as they smiled their thanks back and headed out of the room.

He took a seat on a cot that he had resting by the far wall.

Ever sine his charge had been slain, he decided not to wait to hear from his superiors. He decided to train girls that he felt could handle the stress of the slaying.

Stories have been circulating of a change in another slayer’s attitude toward slaying in general. Her watcher even agreed to her way of life.

He wanted to experiment. See how things would be different if he let people know about the sacred duties.

Of course he wasn’t the one who decided on this by himself. It was one of the slayer’s friends who contacted him and forge a friendship.

He heard a sudden door open. He looked up and spotted the reason.

“What can I do for you, Frank?”

The man walked over to the owner. “Information.”

He got off of his cot and approached Frank, “What kind of information?”

Frank answered, “Magical information, Sam.”

Sam took in the look at the Frank. He appeared to look like his normal demeanor. Stiff. Silent. Determined.

Walking to the counter, he waved his hand. Frank followed suit. Sam took out a book that he kept underneath the counter. “What kind of information?”

“Polgara Demon.”

Sam nodded. He opened the book. “The supernatural isn’t your usual type of problem.”

“Doesn’t change the fact that it happens.” He said simply.

Sam nodded. “Good point.”

He went to the book and flipped to the index. He shook his head, “If half the people knew about Frank Castle’s career…”

Frank countered, “If people knew about Sam Zabuto….”

Sam smirked, “Right…” He went to the book. “What do you need to know?”

“Wanted to know if there was fail-safe spell to stop these demons.”

His finger ran down the page looking for a spot of information. “Jamble root.”

He looked the page in question. “You wouldn’t know where I could find this root?”

Zabuto replied, “The local medicine man might have some, Frank. If he gives you any tr…”

Frank cut him off, “I got my methods.” He turned around, “Oh and your laptop is beeping.” He then left Sam as he usually does when it came to their meetings.

Sam waited for him to leave. When he did, Sam went the laptop and sat down in front of it. He opened the computer and pressed blinking button. The screen turned on an image appeared immediately.

“Mr. Zabuto…”

He nodded, “Mr. Harris.”

Xander’s image grinned back at him. “Things alight for you?”

“From what’s expected, yes. What can I do for you?”

Xander filled him on what he experienced within the last couple hours.

Sam nodded taking in the information.

“You are correct, Xander.” A moment passed. “Darla is dead. Ms. Summers has seen to that as you explained. What you experienced at S-Mart is nothing more than a coincidence.”

He leaned forward, “The matter of seeing her in broad daylight only cements that.”

Xander pointed out, “I just wanted to make sure, Mr. Zabuto. I need an outside source that couldn’t be tracked to Sunnydale.”

“That was a very wise decision. Kendra spoke highly of you the short time she came back home.”

Xander let out a breath. “It’s not right for slayers to die young.”

“I am testing that theory truthfully.” He looked at his watch, “You better get going if you want to meet with your friends.”

“Thanks, Mr. Z.”

Sam grinned as he closed his laptop. He got to his feet and went for the den. Passing a photograph of Kendra Young on his wall.


“Astor and Cody alright?”

“It’s Spring Break. Children will be children.” He could hear from her voice that she was calm. “But school can’t come soon enough.”

He nodded, “Understandable.” The man twirled around in his chair. He lifted the blinds to check out the police station. Relatively quiet right now.

“Are you sure you can pick them up from the birthday party tomorrow?”


The perfect cover for what he really was. His ‘father’ would be proud.

“I’m more than willing to do so.”

“Come by after, and I’ll make us dinner.”

“That sounds great.” He replied. However, in truth he wanted to do some more investigation on a new matter. “But I might have to call it an early night. I got a job really can’t be late for.”

“You’re boss ever tell you you’re very diligent.”

He answered, “Detective LaGuerta and I are fine, Rita.”

“You just work allot.”

“I enjoy my work.” It worked well with what mattered to him anyway.

“I just wish I could enjoy mine.”

“You’re caring for two children. You’re doing what what’s needed.”

She sighed, “I have to keep reminding myself.”

“I’ll be there for you.”

“Thank you, Dexter.”

That said, the two said their final greeting and hung up.

A cd slid into the slot as a display appeared on the screen. Dexter clicked on the desired file and a video appeared.

“Alright…so who are we dealing with?” The man asked himself as he watched the video play out.

He had his sister get the cd after it was converted from the local S-Mart. The video was of what happened a few hours. While he was with his girlfriend, he noticed a teenager looking at her peculiarly.

Remembering his lessons from Harry Morgan, he knew he always had to play it safe. He didn’t want anything to happen to him. Survival was key.

Going back to the video, he watched it. When the scene came out, he paused the video. Copying the screen, he went to use the facial scanner recognition program.

If he had a record, the man was going to pick it up.

So…he waited while the visitor’s image was processed. His eyes continued to watch as many faces flew by.

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