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The Halloween Snake

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Summary: Instead of the ghost costume, Willow dresses as an Egyptian Princess that was executed by Ra. Turns out the princess was the host for a Tok'ra symbiote named Anara. After the spell ends, Anara is still there. Response to Challenge 2402

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The Glowing Eyed Demon


Chapter 2

The Glowing Eyed Demon

Why do I feel so sore? Willow asked herself.

Probably because I used your body to break into the Sunnydale National Guard's base and found out your government has found the Chappa'ai. Anara told her.

What?! Willow exclaimed in her head as she sat up. She wasn't concerned that the Tok'ra had broken into a military base but the fact about the thing called the Chappa'ai is what freaked her out. What did you find?

Several staff weapons commonly employed by Jaffa warriors as well as two ribbon devices, three healing devices, and a few zat'nik'itels. I also liberated a few tools necessary for their modification. Anara said to her.

Knowing that Anara took care of any evidence that she was there, she was curious as to what the Tok'ra seemed to be keeping from her.

Why did you need to steal things from the base? Willow asked.

Do you honestly think I'm going to let you go out and hunt vampires using such archaic equipment? Anara asked her seeming to sound almost insulted. Check your trunk.

Willow walked over to her trunk and opened it. Inside she saw a hand device that seemed to have a staff weapon's blaster end attached. She slipped the modified hand device on.

Careful. Anara warned. I configured it to fire when you clench your fist. It won't fire if all your fingers aren't in a fist.

Willow then picked up the cylindrical device. She began to shake her head.

You didn't. Willow said to her companion.

I did. Anara replied. I found your memories of the trilogy to be most irresistable.

Willow sent a thought to cylinder to activate it and she heard the familiar snap-hiss and she gazed upon the green blade.

If Xander ever sees me with this, he's going to freak out. Willow said to Anara.

I concur. Anara said That is why I created a suitable disguise for us to use.

One of Anara's memories flashed up. Willow saw herself dressed in enough black leather to make the Wachowski brothers think was too excessive. The sleeves covered the barrel of the staff weapon so that it didn't show and probably wouldn't be burnt by the blast. Her head was covered in what could be considered a cowl. Only her eyes were visible to inspection.

Not bad, Anara. Willow said. Sexy and mysterious.

Actually, instilling fear was my intention to make the demonic forces flee from the Hellmouth. However, it's the Gou'ald's way to instill fear not the Tok'ra. Anara said.

Hey, sexy and mysterious work. Willow said. We Tau'ri have a saying, the results speak for themselves.

Quite a wise saying,Willow. Anara said. We do have school today.

You mean I do. Willow said. You just sit back and watch.

When you're right, you're right. Anara told her companion.

Willow tapped her pencil against her desk. Science was always one of her favorite classes but it became annoying when you had someone who not only knew the answer to what the teacher was lecturing about but also the fact that the formula being shown was completely wrong sharing your body.

That couldn't possibly prove that. Anara almost yelled in Willow's head.

I don't care. Willow replied.

But seriously, if this is what passes for education for your people I'm glad I have a genetic memory. Anara said to her.

I don't care. Willow repeated herself.

Seriously, you Tau'ri are going to get your asses handed... Anara began to say.

“I don't care.” Willow said aloud this time.

“Well, if you don't care Ms. Rosenberg.” The teacher said. “What's the answer?”

Allow me. Anara said and before Willow could protest, Anara had taken control and walked up to the board.

“Allow me, teacher.” Anara said using Willow's normal voice with a smile on her lips.

What in the hell are you doing?! Willow yelled at Anara.

Showing these humans the correct answer. Anara replied.

Anara grabbed the eraser and wiped the chalkboard clean. She set the eraser down and grabbed the chalk. It took her about five minutes but soon a complex mathematical formula on the board. The students as well as the teacher were stunned.

“What?” Anara asked still using Willow's voice.

It only makes sense if you understand it. Willow told her partner.

The teacher had only one word for her.


Don't be mad at me, Wills. Anara said pleading with his partner.

You just had to do it, didn't you. Willow said. What if somebody from the government gets a hold of that formula?

You're overreacting. Anara replied trying to calm her down.

You're underreacting, Anara. Willow snapped back. If the military is using the Chappa'ai, then they'll know that formula shouldn't be found on this world.

Willow was in the detention room helping with a craft project for the teacher that had been assigned that duty. She wasn't paying that much attention to it as her own inner conversation was taking place. Her right index finger ran across the edge of the paper and she winced as she got a paper cut. Her eyes went to the wounded finger as a drop of gray blood escaped from it.

Ah, did something strange happen to your race in the five thousand years? Anara asked.

Willow decided to see if it tasted any different. Not that she did very often but it was a natural reaction to a paper cut.

Tastes like naquadah. Anara said.

I thought that you only released some naquadah into my bloodstream in order to operate some Gou'ald tech. Willow replied. I didn't think it changed the color of my blood.

It shouldn't. Anara told her with a hint of confusion in the alien's voice. The color of the blood never changes. From the color, it looks as though your body chemistry has been altered to use naquadah-based hemoglobin.

This could also be a side effect of Ethan's chaos spell he used on his costumes. Willow suggested.

I wonder if any other side effects will be present when we go on patrol on our own. Anara said.

We'll worry about that tonight. Willow told her partner.

I guess we will. Anara replied.

“Hey, Willow.” Xander said greeting his friend as she entered the library.

Everything seemed normal as could be expected. Giles had his nose in a book and Buffy was practicing with a pair of short swords. Xander seemed to be checking other equipment as Willow sat down at a table and laid her forehead on it.

Phase one commencing now. Anara reminded her.

“That is the last time I try to be sarcastic.” Willow said out loud.

“What seems to be the trouble?” Giles asked, his eyes coming away from the old text he'd been reading.

“For once, class was boring me to the point I chose to show Mr. Alberden the error of his ways.” Willow said letting a smile cross her face. “Knowing the way of our teachers, we'll probably have another two science teachers before the year ends.”

“Don't talk like that, Willow.” Xander replied.

“Com'n Xander, with the number of vampires that come into this town, anybody that is human or with red blood is on the menu.” Willow told her friend.

It's a good thing you now have gray blood. Anara said to her.

Pipe down. Willow replied.

“But that's not the reason I'm so pissed---” Willow said before she got interrupted.

“Willow!” Giles exclaimed. “I would have expected that kind of language out of Buffy but you.”

Why in the hell did I say that? Willow asked the symbiote.

A side-effect of the blending includes a partial blending of personalities. I'm sure there will be a point at which I will have a bout of Willow babble as Xander refers to it. Anara answered her.

So, along with the boosted healing, enhanced strength, and shared knowledge, we'll start acting a little alike. Willow replied.

It's capable of going further than that. Anara explained. Tok'ra symbiotes whose hosts fall in love with each other will fall in love with each other as well.

Willow felt a tear run down her cheek. She didn't think much about it though. It's kinda romantic but also really weird too. She said. I know a symbiote outlives its host but its that their love stretches out long after the two hosts are gone.

“I'm sorry for snapping like that, my dear.” Giles said in a comforting tone.

Uh, oh. Anara said. G-Man is on a completely different page than we are.

Don't call him that. Willow said. Only Xander calls him that.

Is that a rule? Anara asked her confused.

“Don't worry about it, Giles.” Willow said. “It'sthefactthatIwasforcedtoworkonsomecraftprojectthatdemonofateacherneededdonesoIcan'tgoonpatrolwithyouguystonightbecauseIhavealotofhomeworktodoandI'mjustsofreakingmad.”

“Don't worry about it, Willow.” Buffy said hitting her practice dummy with a powerful punch. “We'll be okay.”

“Thanks.” Willow replied.

Willow had gotten dressed in the costume that Anara had obtained. She looked herself over in the mirror. She really did look good in it, she thought to herself. Suddenly, she felt a sharp pain in her head and she fell to the floor.

WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT? Willow yelled.

I noticed something strange stored in your memory. Anara answered.

What do you mean strange? She asked.

It was a third set of knowledge. Anara continued. It's been there for awhile but it had been blocked off from you. I only tapped into about five percent of that knowledge because I didn't want the knowledge to overwhelm you but from what I can tell, it's highly advanced. What was strange though was the fact that an Asgard code was blocking it off?

So this knowledge isn't Asgard? Willow asked. What's an Asgard?

Anara answered by flashing a picture of a little gray alien in front of her. She realized that this wasn't an Asgard but something from an old movie she'd seen with Xander when they were about nine years old.

That's not an Asgard. Willow told the symbiote.

I know. Anara said. I've never met one but I knew what they were suppose to look like. The alien in that movie was the best description I could come up with. Are you ready?

He had already wet himself the second the leather clad demon had came in blasting everything in sight. Everything was probably the best word since he wasn't quite sure about the species of all of his customers. Willie had been hiding behind his bar and suddenly, the sounds stopped. A hand grabbed him by the head and pulled him onto the bar. He was slammed onto the bar and a surge of pain went through his back. He wasn't sure what had been on the bar before hand but whatever it was hurt like a bitch. The leather wearing demon's eyes glowed before it began to speak.

“I know what you do, human.” The demon said to him. The voice seemed slightly female but with a heavy bass to it. “You are, perhaps, the most pathetic example of your species I have met it my life.”

“Yah, well---” He began to say before the demon picked him up and slammed him back into the bar.

“I thought humans taught their young to not speak when an adult is talking to them.” The demon said to him.

“Look---” He tried to say before he was slammed into the bar again.

“You will tell me everything you know otherwise...I get creative.” The demon said.

It took about a half an hour but Willie told this demon everything he knew. Everything about every demon that had came into the bar. Everything about every vampire nest he knew of. Everything he knew about he told this strange demon. This demon let go of him and walked over to what remained of the door.

“Have a good night.” The demon said before shooting him with a snake scepter that fired blue electricity at him.

You enjoyed that too much. Willow said to her partner.

Willie's no better than a lotaur. Anara said. He got off light.

Quiet. Willow said as she approached a graveyard.

She looked to see Buffy was fighting a group of Polagra demons. Xander was pinned to the ground with a few spines embedded in his right shoulder. Willow ignited the lightsaber and hurled it at the demon closest to Buffy.

Buffy was very glad Willow hadn't came on patrol tonight. If she had, her little red-haired friend would've probably been killed by these demons. She knew that if she didn't do something quickly enough, Xander would be dead before the next morning.

“RRARARR---!” The demon roared at her before a coherent beam of light seemed to get embedded in its head.

Buffy was surprised as the demon fell to the ground as another figure leaped from out of the shadows. The figure grabbed the lightsaber from the demon's head and attacked the other two demons. Their leather clad savior sliced the head off of one of the demons and pointed her arm at the other. The demon roared at the new attacker and was met with a blast of red energy that killed it instantly. Then, their savior's eyes glowed. Buffy grabbed the two short swords that she'd practiced with earlier.

“Well, looks like I have to slay your ass.” Buffy said charging this demon.

The leather clad individual sidestepped Buffy and blasted her with a mild telekinetic strike. Buffy's weapons fell away from her.

I would have thought she'd be smarter than that. Anara said to Willow.

Well, Buffy has more of a slay first ask questions later personality. Willow replied.

“What is your problem, Slayer?” Anara asked the blond.

“You're obviously not human because no human can do what you just did.” Buffy answered.

“You attack me merely because that I'm not human.” Anara said. “I thought humans were above that sort of behavior. Now, if you don't mind.” Anara deactivated the lightsaber and placed it back into a pocket. Out of the same pocket, she removed a healing device. “I'm going to heal your friend's injuries.”

Crouching down next to Xander, Anara proceeded to pull out the spikes that were in Xander's shoulder. With the spikes removed, she ripped off the cloth around the wound and activated the healing device. It only took a few moments but Xander's shoulder was healed.

“You should take him somewhere safe.” Anara told Buffy. “I'll continue my patrol.”

“Wait.” Buffy said walking over to her. “I didn't get your name.”

Anara let her eyes flash again. “I didn't give it.” She replied before she left.

Spike, or as he is otherwise known as William the Bloody, wasn't in a good mood as he paced his lair. From what a few of his minions have told him, it was a damn good thing that he hadn't gone to Willie's place for a beer. He immediately realized who it had to be and knew he couldn't handle the Slayer's red-haired friend.

“I've got the perfect idea, pet.” He said to Drusilla.

“What's that?” She asked.

“The Order Of Teraka.” Spike replied.

Colonel Jack O'Neill recognized that he was on board an Asgard ship. He looked and saw the rest of SG-1 there as well. Manning a console, he thought he recognized Thor but it could have easily been any other member of the Asgard. He also saw a peculiar redheaded teenage girl standing next to the alien as well as a white rat in a cage.

Hey Thor, I have to ask.” O'Neill said. “What's with the rat?”

The rat's eyes suddenly glowed as if it had a symbiote. O'Neill jumped back a bit startled and the redhead began to laugh.

Colonel O'Neill, Captain Carter, Doctor Jackson, Teal'c.” The redhead said to them with a smile. “I believe you've already met Heru'ur.”

O'Neill quickly snapped back to reality as he realized he was in the main briefing room. Daniel smirked at him. Teal'c was stoic as ever. Carter was going on with the same technobabble that she normally did. Fortunately, General Hammond wasn't present otherwise this would've turned out bad.

“So, bad dream?” The archaeologist asked.

“More like weird.” O'Neill replied.

“What do you mean, O'Neill?” Teal'c asked.

“We were on Thor's ship with this redhead teenage girl and a rat in a cage. I asked about the rat and the rat's eyes glowed like it was a Gou'ald.” O'Neill explained. “The redhead said our names and then said 'I believe you've already met Heru'ur'.”

Daniel started to laugh. “I don't know, Jack. Maybe you should lay off the chili-cheese fries for a while.” Daniel said still trying to control his laughter.

“Perhaps you should have Dr. Fraiser examine you.” Teal'c said.

“Hey.” O'Neill exclaimed. “I'm not going to see the Mistress Of The Big Needles over a bad dream. Let's drop this and get back to Carter's technobabble.”

Anise was not happy. This stone tablet was eating away at her like a carnivore ate away at its prey. The tablet had appeared when their new headquarters' tunnels were grown. Freya and her had been working diligently at it for sometime and others were beginning to call her obsessive.

“Still at work on that tablet, I see.” A voice said from behind her.

Anise turned to see Jacob Carter, the current host of Selmak, standing behind her. She sighed. Ever since Selmak had blended with the Tau'ri male, he seemed different.

“Yes, I do not see why it appeared in the tunnels.” Anise said. It was known among the Tok'ra that the crystals they used to construct the tunnels should have consumed the tablet. Instead of consuming it, it merely went around it and Anise wondered why.

Selmak walked over to her station. “How much do you have so far?” He asked.

“It seems too precise to be accidental.” Anise explained. “Personally, Freya thinks that someone had seen into the future knowing I'd analyze it.”

“What do you mean?” Jacob asked.

“Noble Strength, in hiding shall find me.” Anise read. “Much time will be sought to understand me.”

Jacob Carter whistled. “That's weird.” He said.

“That isn't all.” Anise told him. “Seek Noble Strength must the one who unlocked the doorway that had remained barred from the king's men. He traveled and destroyed Noble Strength's old foe before returning to find his bonding.”

“Sounds like the Stargate.” Carter said. “That last part seems to pertain to Doctor Jackson. On Earth, he figured out how to dial the Stargate which sent him and O'Neill to Abydos...”

“Where they killed Ra.” Anise continued.

“I was getting to that.” Carter said. “Daniel had a wife named Sha're who as taken by Apophis to be the host for his queen, Amonet. Is there more to the tablet?”

Anise nodded. “Yes, Noble Strength and the seeker together must find and translate the rest of me.” Anise answered. “If I'm understanding this tablet right, I won't be able to translate the rest on my own.”

“I'll talk to the high council.” Selmak said to her. “This is too strange to pass up.”

“What's the worst that could happen?” Anise asked.

Jacob shook his head. “Rule number one for the Tau'ri, Anise.” He said to her. “Never, ever ask that question.”

She raised an eyebrow. “Why not?” She asked.

“Asking that question tends to invoke Murphy's Law.” Jacob told her. “That's the last thing we need to happen.”

Author's notes: Some of the suggestions that I've been given were too good to pass up. Thank you everyone for reviewing so
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