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Cruel Trick of Fate

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This story is No. 1 in the series "The Arda Trilogy". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: During the Clone Wars, Obi-Wan Kenobi crashes his fighter and is stranded on an unknown Outer Rim planet called Arda. There he finds the one thing Jedi are forbidden to have: love. LotR crossover, Obi-Wan/Aragorn, SLASH, MPREG. First in my Arda trilogy.

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TDWidowFR151622,7422339,72918 Feb 0913 Sep 09Yes

Chapter Two - A Meeting

AUTHOR’S NOTE Just a quick note on the timeline. This story takes place 2 years prior to Revenge of the Sith (so 1 year after Attack of the Clones) and 2 1/2 years prior to Fellowship of the Ring (early in the year 3016 of the Third Age). So Anakin is secretly married but hasn’t yet started to turn and the Ring hasn’t yet come into the picture, though things are not all peaceful in Middle Earth.

DISCLAIMER I don't own any of the Lord of the Rings or Star Wars characters.

He was warm and comfortable. The Force enveloped him and he felt completely safe. It put his mind at ease at first, but then a horrible thought occurred to him. ‘By the will of the Force, I’m dead!’

Merry laughed filled his ears. “Silly strange man!”

Obi-Wan mustered all of his energy and opened his eyes. At first he blinked, trying to clear the double vision. Two twinkling faces laughed in response.

“You didn’t hit your head that hard,” one said.

“There is no double vision in your eyes,” added the other.

They grinned. “And you are most certainly not dead,” they finished in unison.

Obi-Wan reached out hesitantly and immediately found that the identical beings before him were very strong in the Force. They were unlike any alien race he had ever come across before, so purely was the Force with them.

Another voice came from somewhere beside him. “Causing mischief for our guest already, brothers?”

They both smirked. “You’re no fun, Estel.”

“Pardon me if I do not find fun in teasing the wounded, Elrohir.” The words were harsh, but there was mirth behind them. “And you, Elladan,” the newcomer addressed the other one. “I should think you could keep your twin under control.”

Elladan grinned. “Now why would I do that?”

The one they called Estel appeared next to Obi-Wan’s bed on the edge of his limited range of vision. “Ada is on his way.”

The twins sobered. “Then we shall be on our way,” Elrohir said. With a grin, he disappeared with Elladan.

Estel pulled a chair up beside the bed as Obi-Wan struggled to sit up. He drew the Force into him, allowing it to heal the injured parts of his body. The spots stopped dancing in his eyes and his head was suddenly less dizzy.

Quickly, he reached out toward Estel and found him to be only slightly Force-sensitive, but slightly more than human as well. Human-alien mixes were very rare on Republic planets. Obi-Wan had never encountered one before.

“You seem to be feeling better,” Estel said with a small smile. “I am Aragorn.”

“Aragorn?” Obi-Wan repeated. “I must have hit my head after all, then. I thought I heard the others call you Estel.”

Aragorn laughed. “My foster brothers do call me Estel. It was the name given to me when Lord Elrond took me in.”

“Ah. And why were you taken in?” Obi-Wan asked.

“That is a very long story,” Aragorn replied.

“And one that shall not be told now.”

Obi-Wan turned to see another man, one who was unmistakably Lord Elrond. He had the same pure feeling in the Force as the twins had, but his age showed clearly in his eyes.

Aragorn put his hand to his chest and bowed to Elrond. “Of course. Forgive me.”

Elrond gently laid his hand on Obi-Wan’s forehead and closed his eyes. When he opened them again, he smiled. “Your recovery has progressed far more than I had hoped. You have a healer’s touch.”

Obi-Wan just nodded and smiled. “Once I awoke, it was easy to heal the injuries.”

Elrond and Aragorn shared a look. “To heal that fast, your skill would have to surpass Lord Elrond’s,” Aragorn said.

Suddenly uncomfortable, Obi-Wan was quiet a moment, formulating a diplomatic answer. Lord Elrond, even in name only, was obviously an important figure on this planet, as well as highly Force-sensitive. “Master Yoda trained me in the healing arts,” he finally said humbly.

Lord Elrond raised an eyebrow. “I know not of your Master Yoda. Where is he from?”

Obi-Wan laughed. “I don’t believe anyone’s ever asked him.”

“There are few Elven realms left,” Elrond commented. “I know of no healers in Lórien or Mirkwood known as Yoda. And certainly there are none here in Imladris.”

“I’m sorry, I don’t…” Obi-Wan trailed off as his heart sank. “Elven realms?” he asked.

“Only an Elf could have taught you such advanced healing,” Aragorn commented.

Obi-Wan laughed out loud. “He would not appreciate being called that.” The diminutive green Master’s voice echoed in his imagination – An elf you say? No elf am I. Though smaller than you I am, still teach you a lesson I should.

Elrond frowned. “He could not be a man. A wizard perhaps? Perhaps Alatar or Pallando, returned from the unknown Eastern land.”

Obi-Wan’s amusement faded quickly. “Master Yoda has never told anyone of his species, nor his homeworld. It is a secret that no one has ever disrespected. But you are right. He is no man.”

Many thoughts swirled through the Jedi’s head, foremost being the undeniable fact that he had absolutely no idea where he was. Another sinking feeling came from the realization that Lord Elrond knew nothing of Yoda nor probably the Jedi at all.

Elrond was watching him intently. “What is your name?”

He was surprised to realize that it had not come up sooner. But the idea of revealing his true name put his nerves on edge. “I…”

“Do not let your heart be troubled,” Elrond said. “If you wish, you may be called by a name such as Estel was given to Aragorn.”

The wise Lord’s words put the Jedi’s feelings at ease. “I am called Obi-Wan Kenobi. I’ve traveled very far to get here, Lord Elrond, but my kind has enemies everywhere. It would be helpful, I think, to adopt another name while I’m here.”

Elrond smiled gently. “Very well. Have you a preference?”

Obi-Wan raised an eyebrow. “Uh…no.”

Elrond and Aragorn both laughed. Obi-Wan marveled at how Aragorn’s laugh seemed to mirror the musical beauty of Elrond’s and the twins’. Elrond knitted his brow and lightly tapped his fingertips together as he studied the Jedi. Finally, he smiled. “Hyarion,” he pronounced.

“Hyarion,” Obi-Wan repeated, getting used to the strange-sounding word. He nodded. “Very well. Hyarion I shall be.”

Elrond smiled again and nodded. Aragorn placed his hand on his chest and bowed. “I shall keep your secret, Obi-Wan, so long as you ask it of me.”

Obi-Wan looked at him for a long time and finally smiled. “Thank you, Aragorn.”

Lord Elrond glanced back and forth between the Jedi and his own adopted son, whose shared gaze seemed strangely intense. “It is settled. No more shall your true name be spoken whilst you are here. Come, Estel.” He put a hand on Aragorn’s shoulder. “We must leave Hyarion to rest.”

Aragorn nodded. “Of course.”

“Whatever healing techniques your Master Yoda has taught you, please continue them,” Elrond continued. “It is always better to heal from within.”

Obi-Wan nodded. “I shall.” With one last nod, Lord Elrond ushered Aragorn out and closed the door. Obi-Wan took a deep breath and closed his eyes in meditation.
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