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Buffy's Dead!

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Summary:, react to Buffy dying.

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BtVS/AtS Non-Crossover > GeneralEvilAuthorFR716650122,01018 Sep 0318 Sep 03Yes
Disclaimer: Characters and concepts belong to their owners who I'm too lazy to list.

"Buffy's dead," Willow announced.

"Dead...are you sure, Willow?" Giles asked.

"Damn," Xander said, "You all know what that means."

"Yeah," Anya answered. She reached up and pulled aside a

curtain. Instead of a window, she unveiled a carefully

labeled chart. Various names were labeled at the top and

dates marked the left side. "So, who wants to place the

first bet?"

"Next week," Spike replied. "I say twenty bucks and Buffy

will be up and about next week."

"Right, next week, twenty dollars," Anya said, marking the

wager down. "And it's Buffy, not the Buffy robot."

"Bloody, 'ell."

"I say..." Giles began.

"Thirty dollars says three months," Willow put in. "Hasn't

everybody noticed how everything seems to start happening

around then?"

"Now that you mention it..." Giles began again.

"Right, thirty dollars from the witch," Anya interupted.

"Forfeit if Willow tries any ressurection spells. We don't

want any fiascoes like last time."


"Don't worry, Willow," Tara comforted. "I'm sure Buffy can

make it back to life on her own."

"Uh, yeah, right," Willow said quickly. "That was what I

was thinking of."

"This is all..." Giles tried again.

"Honey, put us down for 10 bucks," Xander said. "Say in,

oh, Halloween."

"But nothing happens in Halloween," Anya protestd.

"In this town?" Xander retorted, flashbacking to past

Halloweens where "nothing" happened.

"Point, ten dollars," Anya conceded. "Hey, Giles. Don't you

want to make a bet?"

"I'm ashamed of you all!" Giles exclaimed. "Buffy's dead.

A person we all love and care for has left this mortal

coil. How can you all be callous about it? I...I

mean, just because she's come back from the dead several

times already d...doesn't mean that...ah..."

The others just stared back at him. Giles took off his

glasses and started cleaning them.

"Twenty-five," he muttered. "Next month."


"Angel Investigations," Cordelia sang, answering the

phone. "We help the helpless. Willow? Hi, what's been...

Buffy? Dead? You sure?"

By this time, Cordelia had accrued a small audience. The

rest of the team was clustering around her desk.

"It's Willow," Cordelia told them. "She says that Buffy's


"Again?" Fred asked.

"Again," Cordelia confirmed. "She wants our bets."

"Bets?" Angel objected, "How can she ask for bets at a

time like this?"

"Fifteen dollars, end of the year," Wesley told Cordelia.

He turned to Angel. "Angel, we have every confindence (and

plenty of evidence) that Buffy's death will only be a

temporary condition."

"Yeah, the girl has more lives than that werecat we ran

into," Gunn added. "Five bucks, Thanksgiving."

"This...this just feels so wrong," Angel muttered. "Okay,

fine. Fifty dollars for, oh, the fourth of July. Can I go

brood now?"

"Yeah, sure, have fun," Cordelia said waving him off as

she relayed the wagers to Willow.


"This is Dawn Summers," Dawn said, answering her cell


"Dawn? It's Willow. I'm afraid I have some bad news. Are

you sitting down?"

"Yeah," Dawn said uncertainly.

"Buffy's dead."

"Buffy's dead?" Startled, Dawn glanced at her companion

who began writing furiously on a note pad.

"Yeah, dead," Willow confirmed. "Anya's taking bets on

when Buffy'll come back to life."

"Again?" Dawn's companion held up the note so that Dawn

could read it. "Um, ah, can you put me down for a hundred


"Uh, sure," Willow replied, obviously taken aback by the

large wager. "Dawnie, do you even have that much money?"

"I'm sure I'll find a source."

"When? When do you think Buffy'll be back?"


The other end of the line was silent for several minutes.

Silent except for what were obviously shouts being muffled

by someone's hand over the mouthpiece.

"Uh, Dawn, do you know something we don't?" Willow finally


Reaching across her hospital bed, Dawn's companion plucked

the phone from Dawn's grasp. She had been listening in and

decided now was a good time to interupt.

"She sure does," Buffy told Willow. "If anyone is going to

make money on my own death, it's going to be me!"

The End

You have reached the end of "Buffy's Dead!". This story is complete.

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