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An Unnatural Scent

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Summary: An unexpected reunion between the Scoobies and the Fang gang reveals something wrong with Xander.

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Chapter 21

Stargate SG-1 belongs to MGM and Buffy belongs to Mutant Enemy. No copyright infringement is intended. Fanfiction is, in my opinion, free advertisement. There are many things I've bought because I enjoyed fanfiction that crossed into a new fandom. I encourage everyone to purchase these products.

An Unnatural Scent - Chapter 21

Buffy looked up as Jack walked into the room, followed swiftly by Wesley and Illyria. She rose, ignoring the guards as they pointed their guns at her. Her eyes caught Wesley's and she frowned at the look on his face.

"Out," Jack issued to the guards, who after a moment of hesitation left to join the ones who had escorted them back from the secret room and joined them outside the door. Jack slammed the door shut, "Sit down."

Buffy sat back down and Wesley moved to join her.

"Lia!" Buffy called with a slight glare.

Illyria stared for a moment before sitting to watch the others curiously.

"I am willing to make some concessions since I was briefed about what you all do last night," Jack said glaring at them. "However I don't like being lied to or being deceived. I deal with that enough with politicians. What I want to know is what is she?" Jack pointed at 'Lia.'

"Um," Buffy began before once again locking eyes with Wesley.

"I already had them turn off the cameras in here and they can't hear us through that door. … I am aware of demons, unfortunately, as well as the supernatural, so I'll ask again. What. Is. She?"

"I am God-King Illyria. I am an Old One. My kind once ruled this world."

"Illyria!" Wesley stared at her.

Buffy raised a hand to massage her forehead, "Right. She's an Old One. A true demon, most of the demons we deal with are descended from Old Ones. And what I want to know is why she ran off like that."

"There is an unnatural one here," Illyria said simply.

"Who was being experimented on," Wesley expanded, glaring at Jack.

"I didn't know about it. We're going to find out about what was going on. Why do you call him an unnatural one?" Jack allowed his eyes to go back and forth between Illyria and Wesley.

"It's what she calls clones, since they were created outside nature," Buffy stared at him. "Sit down, I'm getting a crick in my neck staring up at you."

Jack turned to look at her before grabbing a chair and straddling it, staring at them.

"You know the unnatural one," Illyria tilted her head slightly, curious.


"You said you didn't even know he was missing. So you must know about unnatural ones."

"General?" Buffy said, her voice clearly saying, 'Explain right now or we don't share anymore.'

"He's my clone. Almost four years someone attempted to clone me, he came out looking like I did when I was 15. He was switched with me, obviously it didn't take long for people to realize I was missing."

"How could someone possibly switch you with a teenage version and not expect people to realize something was wrong?"

"I think we all look the same to the Asgard."


"… Because he couldn't tell me and a 15 year old apart."

Buffy held in a snort, "I meant, 'Why would they even do that?'"

"He thought my genetics would solve their cloning problem."


"Yes. You said he cloned someone you know," Jack stated simply as the pieces of the puzzle clicked into place for him.

"One of my best friends. We are keeping his clone safe while we search for him."

"That's what you want? Our help getting your friend back."

"Yes. How did someone get your clone? We would never allow any harm to come to our clone, yet you didn't even know yours was missing."

"He didn't want to keep in contact. Thought it would be too weird. He got a second chance at High School. We don't know how he ended up here yet, but we will find out." Jack paused slightly before deciding it was best to just tell them, "Loki's clones only last about a week. We can contact the other Asgard for help, but they probably won't come in time to save the clone."

"He's already over a year old. He was meant to be a permanent 'place-holder' for Loki. The Fi... an inter-dimensional being told Loki that the original was the solution to their cloning problem. The clone thinks that Loki would have returned the original if he hadn't found anything."

"The clone knew about Loki, about being a clone?"

"Yes," Buffy said not really wanting to go into the details.

Wesley, who had simply been following the surprisingly straight forward conversation, finally spoke up, "Now that that's all cleared up. Are you going to help us? And either way we should probably agree on a story to tell everyone not in the know about the supernatural."

Jack ran his hand through his hair, scratching the back of his head for a moment as he thought. "I was given permission to give you almost all the help you might need depending on why you were contacting us. An explanation that will be accepted by the others here will be a tad more difficult. I'm not authorized to reveal the supernatural except in the most fubar of all fubar situations."

End chapter 21

Reviews inspire me! Seriously they do. REVIEW!

I looked at the information on this story and saw I started this Feb 2009… 2009! I started this over 3 years ago, I don't even want to think about how long it's been since I worked on some of my other stories. I'm going to try to finish this soon… My personal goal is to keep this story (or one of my other stories) on the tth latest list. Wish me luck!

edit: 3/28/14 Okay... So I updated this chapter today, almost 2 years after I posted it. I was totally in the zone writing this story when I went back to check if I'd mentioned something that I wanted to put in the next chapter and realized that I redid some things in this chapter that I'd already put in the story and knew I couldn't do the next chapter until I fixed this one... Which took me all of 5 maybe 10 minutes to do but for some reason was thinking it'd be a pain to do. Anyway I'm hoping to continue this story soon. I've got the last chapter of what I'd originally planned for this story stuck in my head so... yeah... I'll try to work on this soon.
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