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An Unnatural Scent

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Summary: An unexpected reunion between the Scoobies and the Fang gang reveals something wrong with Xander.

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Chapter 6

Stargate SG-1 belongs to MGM and Buffy belongs to Mutant Enemy. No copyright infringement is intended. Fanfiction is, in my opinion, free advertisement. There are many things I've bought because I enjoyed fanfiction that crossed into a new fandom. I encourage everyone to purchase these products.

An Unnatural Scent - Chapter 6

Willow and Kennedy sat together in the audience at the genetics seminar. They listened at Dr. Erin Walker spoke, she was a surprising good speaker. Kennedy didn’t understand much of what she was talking about but Willow enjoyed it until it became too advanced for her. Willow might have studied a bit of just about everything but this was way outside her area of knowledge.

The previous day it had been decided that Willow was the best person to approach Dr. Walker as she and Illyria would probably be the only ones who could approach her as scientists… and really, Illyria trying to ask for help? ...

Willow and Kennedy stood up as the seminar came to a close. They waited several minutes while a man spoke animatedly with Dr. Walker before she nodded and he walked away with a smile. The women exchanged glances as they moved to intercept the doctor.

Erin Walker was walking towards the exit with the various papers she’d brought for quick reference in her hands. She had plans for that night to celebrate her new job as a professor at CalSci and if all the faculty was as nice as Charlie and Millie she’d enjoy it. It was nice to get the chance to lecture at a university before working there. She stopped as two women blocked her path. She looked them both over, they were too nicely dressed to be students and too young to be faculty.

“Look, I already told the military I’m not interested in joining any project. And if you’re with the people who tried to kidnap me last week, I assure you any further attempts to get me will have even worse consequences,” Erin smirked as she thought about the men who would be singing soprano for the rest of their lives. The original recruiter had been called and the foolish men who’d attacked her had been taken away. Not that it had stopped the recruiter from trying again saying that she’d have more protection by joining the program.

Willow and Kennedy exchanged looks again, though these were confused looks. Willow spoke up, “No, I’m with a private international organization that was hoping you could help with a side project. I’m Willow Rosenberg and this is-“

“Willow? You mean Oz’s ex-girlfriend?” Erin said interrupting.

“Oz?” Willow and Kennedy said together.

“What?” came a voice behind them.

They whirled around, almost in unison.

“Oz!” Willow and Erin said together.

“What?” Oz repeated. There was Oz in the flesh.

“Oz, you didn’t have to come in to get me,” Erin said as she came forward, going around Kennedy to get to Oz. She wrapped her arm around his waist.

“What are you doing here Oz?” Willow asked, her face devoid of emotions as she adjusted to this unexpected arrival. Kennedy wrapped an arm protectively around Willow’s waist.

“He’s waiting for me,” Erin explained after a quick look at Oz. “He’s my boyfriend,” she said explaining the obvious.

“So she knows that…?” Willow asked, not wanting to betray Oz if he hadn’t told her.

“That he’s a werewolf?” Erin said completing Willow’s sentence. “I’m totally aware of that, since that’s how we met. We were in London and he attended one of my lectures. He approached me afterwards and one thing led to another…”

“What?” Kennedy asked confused. The way she spoke now was so different from her lecture. She was disjointed and skipping information.

“I’m a werewolf too,” Erin replied with a blush. “Oz is the only other werewolf I’ve met. He’s improved his senses to the point he can sniff out other werewolves. He’s helped me learn how to control my inner animal and I’m working on applying it to my research.”

“Erin is trying find a cure to being a werewolf,” Oz explained as he saw the confusion on the faces in front of him.

“Oh?” asked Willow as she narrowed her eyes to study Erin more closely.

“What?” Erin said as she caught sight of Willow’s suspicious look. “It’s not like I’m going all initiative. I only test my own genetics. And the Initiative and being a werewolf are why I’d never work for the military. Can’t trust them.”

“Nope,” agreed Oz.

Kennedy let out a soft snort at that. She’d never have trusted them in the first place. Willow rolled her eyes at Kennedy before turning back to Oz and Erin.

Erin looked Willow and Kennedy over again as she processed in the events of the last several minutes, “Is there a supernatural problem you need my help with?”

Willow ran a nervous hand through her hair as she sighed, “Sort of… You know about Xander?” Erin nodded confused. “He’s been cloned… by aliens…” Erin’s eyes widened, as did Oz’s. “We’ve got the clone, but he’s been programmed to be loyal to the First, the embodiment of evil, we need to fix that, but it wasn’t done with magic, it was done with science.”

“Alien science?” Erin asked just to be sure she heard it right.


“I need to meet him.”

“Alright, he’s here in L.A.”

“Angels?” asked Oz.

“Yeah,” Willow confirmed as she started to lead the others. “We’re keeping him there as we work on building a new branch of the Council. He’s kept under the influence of a truth potion Andrew made at all times to make sure he doesn’t do anything… wrong.”

Kennedy let out a snort as a thought hit her.

“What?” Willow asked looking towards her in surprise.

“They were two American werewolves in London.”

A slow smile grew on Erin’s face before she giggled.

End – Chapter 6


Erin Walker is mine! All mine!

Congrats to those who caught the Numb3rs references. Dr. Charlie Eppes asked for help on his ‘math of the mind’ project, to see if genetics could play a role.
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