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Old Ghosts and New Regrets

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Summary: A glimpse into the life Sam lead while prey to the Trickster after the events of Mystery Spot. Sam/Faith

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Supernatural > Faith-Centered > Pairing: Sam WinchesterEmmyFR1515170268421 Feb 0921 Feb 09Yes
Title: Old Ghosts and New Regrets
Author: Emmy
Claim: BtVS Crossovers
Fandoms: BtVS and Supernatural
Prompt: Fight - 13 (at insane journal's comm fanfic50)
Rating: FRT
Disclaimer: I do not own the characters of BtVS or SPN and seek no profit from this little work of fiction.
Word Count: 540
Feedback: Please.

Note: This has not been beta'd. Any mistakes pointed out in a polite manner will be corrected. Any mistakes pointed out in a rude manner will be left just as they are out of spite.

Note the second: The title comes from a line in the song Grim Heart/Black Rose by Converge. And, in case the obvious in my mind isn't the obvious to everyone else, this fic takes place during SPN S3 episode Mystery Spot.

Faith wasn't sure what motivated him to fight, what kept him going no matter how badly he was injured. They didn't talk about things like that. Faith knew only what he muttered in his sleep, in that quiet time after sex and before one of them left . . . something about his brother and a demon of some sort, a Trickster. Thing was, Faith wasn't sure she cared what drove Sam to fight the fight they fought. All she truly cared about was that he was good, really good, and he had her back. At least, he had her back when they worked jobs together. That nest of vampires in Texas, that ghoul in Arizona, that black dog in upstate California; Sam Winchester was almost as good at backing her up as Angel was, and that was really saying something. Plus, and this was a definite plus, the sex was fantastic.


She glanced over at the bed. "One of us has to, and you paid for the room."

Sam's eyes spoke volumes then, momentarily making him become someone Faith had never met. Someone who was thinking about telling her that she didn't have to leave, that maybe she'd like to stay until morning. Then, just as she'd known would happen, reality set back in and Sam's eyes hardened once more.

"Right. Places to go, things to kill." The words were said with a smile, but he did not move from the bed.

"Exactly." Faith secured the dagger in her hand, strapping it on the inside of her left boot. "Heard about a Polgara demon laying eggs up in some church outside of San Antonio. Thought I'd go check it out."

Again, for just a moment, Faith thought Sam might offer to help. They didn't work like that, however. It was always a surprise - a welcome one, but still a surprise - to run into him. She finished dressing under his heavy gaze, and Faith licked her lips as she gazed back at him. She was tempted, of course (so tempted) to walk over, to kiss him goodbye. That would delay her even more though (one kiss wouldn't be enough, after all), and she wanted to be in Texas by sunrise. A casual 'see you' practically thrown over her shoulder was the only goodbye he got, and Faith was sure she heard Sam whisper 'good luck' before the door closed behind her.

Faith wasn't sure what motivated him to fight, but she hoped Sam caught up with whatever he'd been chasing sooner rather than later. Something told her that would help him more than killing every other damn beastie on the planet ever could.


The End

You have reached the end of "Old Ghosts and New Regrets". This story is complete.

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