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A Dragon in Hollywood

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Summary: Angel helps latest arrivals to Los Angeles. Set during Angel S1.

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Multiple Crossings > Angel-CenteredEvilAuthorFR7610,320033,00018 Sep 0318 Sep 03Yes


Barney stumbled out of the bar, half full beer bottle in

hand. He was completely drunk, his prefered state of

mind. Too bad the bartender back there wouldn't serve him

any more beer. What kind of bartender was he, anyway? The

beer wasn't even very potent. Back in Springfield, Moe

would just keep serving him better beer than this stuff.

Leaning against a lightpole, he watched a beat up taxi

roll by. Right behind it, a big red dragon galloped with

a pretty girl riding its back.

Barney eyed his beer bottle suspiciously.

When he looked up, the dragon was gone, but he saw half a

skeleton float by.

Barney looked at his beer bottle again.

When he looked up again, the street was empty. Huh. Maybe

this beer was more potent than he thought. He took

another gulp from the bottle. Maybe there wass more in

this town.


"Ah, home sweet home," Doyle said grandly.

"It's a warehouse, fool," B.A. grumbled.

"To you and me maybe," Doyle replied unperterbed. "But

to Arokh, it's roomy and better heated than a cave. And

why are you in a bad mood?"

"My taxi's wrecked," B.A. complained indicating the dents

and cracked windshield. "It's goin' to take me a while to

fix all this."

"Hey, I know a good mechanic," Doyle said. "Isn't that

right, Angel?"

"I don't know," Angel said. "I haven't got my car back."


"Hrm, that Death Mage said that his master wanted the

Runeblade," Arokh told Rynn and Hercules as Angel

rejoined them. "No doubt this master will try to seize

the Runeblade again."

"Who is this mysterious master?" Rynn wondered aloud. "It

couldn't be Navaros could it? We killed him." She paused

for a moment. "We did kill him didn't we?"

"In my experience, sometimes dead bad guys don't stay

dead," Sorbo mused aloud.

"Where did you get that kind of experience, Mr. Sorbo?"

Angel asked curious.


"Where have Doyle and the Mr. Baracus gone?" Arokh


"Oh, uh, Doyle took him to get his taxi fixed," Angel

replied. "So..."

"Rynn, perhaps we should make plans for our next

encounter with minions of the Dark Union," Arokh


Rynn looked at Arokh bewildered. She knew he wasn't fond

of Angel, but since when was he deliberately rude? "I've

been thinking about that," Rynn said slowly. "I don't

think we can stay in this world. We should really get

back to Drakan."

"How?" Arokh asked. "The Runeblade can open an existing

Rift, but not create a Rift out of nothing."

"Well, I can personally attest that there are some on

Earth here and there," Sorbo put in.

"How do you know that?" Angel asked. There was more to

Kevin Sorbo than being an actor.

"I had my sciptwriters use some of them on my show." That

was a neat nonanswer.

"Maybe I can use the Runeblade to locate a nearby Rift,"

Rynn thought aloud. She pulled out the Runeblade and

concentrated her gaze on the Void Crystal that formed its

pommel. "Yes...yes, there is a Rift. It's a distance

away, to the north, but I think Arokh can fly there in a


"Then we must be on our way immediately," Arokh said.


"This is all?" Kate Lockley asked the police officer.

"Yes, detective," the officer replied. "We got reports

of some kind of fight took place here with several people

killed. But all we found were these."

Kate examined the Dark Scimitar. It was made from some

black metal and inscribed with undecipherable red runes.

She also noticed something else.

"These aren't going to fit in the standard sandwich bags

are they?" she asked.

"No, ma'am."

"Excuse me, Detective Lockley?" Kate turned to see a pair

of suits approach her, obvious government types.

"That's me. Can I help you gentlemen?" Kate asked

cautiously. You never knew with feds.

"Yes I'm Agent Black, Division Six," the first suit said.

He was a middle aged caucasian. The other was a younger

black man, probably his partner. "This is Agent White."

Even to Kate, that was obviously not their real names.

"Can you tell us what happened here?"

As Kate related what she knew, she wondered who these two

really worked for. For that matter, what the hell was

Division Six?

Then she forgot about it.


"Angel," Rynn said. "I just wanted to thank you..."

"No thanks necessary, Rynn," Angel told her. "It's what I

do. I...have alot to make up for."

"So Doyle said." She leaned forward and planted a kiss on

his cheek. "But you have my thanks anyway."

"Rynn!" Arokh called impatiently.

"Coming!" she called back. "Anyway, if you're ever in


"IF I'm ever in Drakan, I'd be in serious trouble," Angel

said seriously. Then with a hint of a smile, "but I'll

look you up just the same."

"You're sweet."

"Rynn!" Arokh called again.


Angel and Kevin Sorbo watched as Arokh vanished into the

L.A. smog. It was one of the more interesting encounters

in his life.

Still there were a few questions he'd like to ask Sorbo.

But when he turned to ask them, Sorbo had vanished.

"Hmm," Angel mused aloud. "So that was it feels like."


"That dragon is soooo inconsiderate," Cordelia complained

as Angel entered the office.

"Really?" Angel prompted.

"Yeah, he left the party early without telling me,"

Cordelia told him. "Do you know how embarrasing that was.

Where is that dragon anyway? I an going to give him a

peice of my mind!"

"Oh, he and Rynn went off to find a Rift," Angel replied,

amused. It was ironic that Cordy was complaining about

Arokh going places without telling her when she took

Arokh to a party without informing Angel.

"What's a Rift?" Cordy asked irritably.

"It's like a flaw in spacetime," Angel said absently. "If

you got the right spells or artifacts, you can open a

passage to another world."

"You mean like the Hellmouth?"

"Yeah, like the..." Angel froze, suddenly realizing

something. Rynn said that there was a Rift to the north.

But Sunnydale was to the north, too.

Angel reached for the phone.

The End...for now...

The End

You have reached the end of "A Dragon in Hollywood". This story is complete.

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