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Weiss Xander

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Soul Twins". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: The fateful Halloween Xander wore a very specific soldier uniform, unfortunately it was originally worn during an undercover mission by a certain redhead assassin, and there is a very good reason for this, think prophecy, think twins? Slash,sub-muiltcross

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Chapter Twenty Six

Weiss Xander Chapter Twenty Six

a/n: if I can finish this bit in one long chapter then this will be the last. If not this is the second to last.


“This is the address Tara gave.” Aya said, consulting a slip of paper as he and Xander looked up at the nice multi story house. “Feel’s kinda weird.”

“Well Tara mentioned that they lived on a magical fault line in order to protect it.” Xander said, making his way up the drive and then knocked on the door.

“Still feels kinda weird.” Aya muttered before smiling as the door opened to reveal a pretty brunette woman. “Hi, are you a Halliwell?”

“Who’s asking?” the woman asked, giving the twins a once over.

“I’m Aya and this is Xander, and we’re kinda hoping Tara remembered to call or this is going to be really awkward.” the little redhead said as his smile became a little strained.

“Oh, hi, we weren’t expecting you for another day or two. I’m Phoebe.”

“We kinda ended up a little closer than expected.” Aya said cheerfully as they were let in. “Graham and Riley have to drive from Colorado.”

“Ah.” Phoebe said, closing the door before yelling for her sisters. “Are you staying nearby?”

“We haven’t gone to the hotel yet.” Xander said. “We came straight from the train station.”

“Oh.” Phoebe said as her sisters appeared from upstairs and the kitchen. “This is Prue and Piper. Guys, this is Aya and Xander, the twins Tara was taking about.”

“We weren’t expecting you this soon.” Piper said, shaking their hands.

“We know.” Aya said. “I hope it’s not a problem.”

“Well, do you mind if we verify who you are?” Prue asked cautiously. “We frequently get demons that try to pass themselves off as friends.”

“Really?” Aya asked curiously. “Frequently demons just try to kill us.”

“Or relatives thought dead.” Xander said, then brightened. “Hey, I remembered that.”

“Figures you’d remember that.” Aya muttered, folding his arms over his chest.

“I know huh.” Xander said, then smiled at the sisters. “Long story short, I got into a car accident, lost my memory, teleported to the home of the son of someone my mother knows, whose boyfriend turns out to be a sentinel, and they put us on a train sometime yesterday and here we are.”

“Sleeping on trains suck.” Aya muttered.

“Is that why you vanished for three hours halfway here?” Xander asked.

“Graham had his own hotel room.” Aya answered, smiling sweetly when Xander glared at him.

“Yeah, they’re the right brothers.” Piper said, turning back to the kitchen. “Demons don’t banter like siblings.”

“We would know.” Prue said, going back upstairs.

Phoebe smiled. “So would you guys like something to drink?”

“I would like a nap, since someone.” Xander glared at his twin. “Actually got to sleep yesterday.”

“Not my fault you haven’t figured out your powers again.” Aya said smiling.

“Given enough incentive I can learn real quick.” Xander said, advancing on the other teen slowly.

“They might not like you chasing me around the house, and I think they actually have the powers to be a threat to our untickled sides.” Aya said, slowly backing up. He smiled at Xander and Phoebe, who looked like she might join in the game.

“Phoebe, would you care to help me?” Xander asked, smiling at the woman.

“Why Xander, I certainly would.” Phoebe said and advanced on the redhead.

“No running in the house!” Piper called from the kitchen. “And no chasing our guests.”

“But they aren’t guests, their just kindred spirits!” Phoebe called. “Kinda pseudo little brothers.”

There was a pause. “Take it outside then.”

“Back or front?” Aya asked.

“Back.” Phoebe asked, pointing toward the back door.

Aya nodded, then screamed like a little kid and ran in that direction.

“It’s not as fun when the victim cooperates.” Xander said with a pout.

“I think he knows that.” Phoebe said, pointing to the little redhead poking his head around the doorway.

“Let’s get him anyway.” Xander said and chased after his twin.


Three days later Xander was getting the hang on his powers once again thanks to the frequent attacks by demons. The sisters weren’t kidding in that aspect. During one particular incident a demon threw a fire ball at Xander and Aya so Xander did the only logical thing he could do, he threw a fire ball back. There was a tense moment as the sisters had only dealt with demons that could throw fire balls. Then Xander, who wasn’t paying attention, thought summoning fire balls was cool and started juggling them with Aya giggling beside him.

After that it was explained that the twins had an elemental aspect to one of their main abilities and that while Xander could summon fire balls, his real control lay with heat and not just fire, the sisters calmed down. Then Aya made it snow in the back yard and they had a snow ball fight to wind down.

When Tara entered the house Xander, Aya, and Phoebe were in the solarium, sitting in a circle and meditating. Riley and Graham had arrived only an hour before and were busy taking naps on the living room floor.

“Aww you guys are so cute.” Tara mocked with a giggle as she stopped next to the couch to look at the tough CIA Agents.

“I liked you better when you were timid.” Riley muttered, cracking an eye open. “One less person to torment us.”

“Oh Abby pretty much got the shy out of me.” Tara explained, smirking a little, but still retained her sweetness, which for the agents was kinda creepy. “Do you want to know how?”

“Lesbians are not one of my fantasies.” Riley muttered.

Graham snorted. “Abby made her sing karaoke.” he said, reaching out to hit the taller blond. “Get your mind out of the gutter.”

“You have to admit it was a logical deduction.” Riley said, tilting his head to look at Graham.

“Wow Riley you used big words.” Graham mocked.

“So I see the long drive helped better your sibling routine.” Tara said, smiling genuinely, then made her way to the kitchen.

“I made it official in his sleep,” Graham called. “He just doesn’t know it yet.”

“Is that why my hair was sticking up when I woke up this morning?” Riley asked smacking the blond on the chest.

“That was shaving cream.” Graham said, “You missed your nose and scratched your head.” He winced when Riley smacked him with his cast.

“Off my floor.” Piper ordered as she breezed through with a large tray of sandwiches, followed by Tara who carried the tray of drinks.

“Yes ma’m.” Riley said with a mock salute and got up with a groan.

“And don’t call me ma’m.” Piper said over her shoulder.

“Yes sir.” Graham said, clicking his heels as he saluted.

“Better.” Piper said, shaking her head as she set down the tray.

“Oo food.” Xander said, getting up from his place in the circle and made a beeline for the tray of sandwiches. “I love food.”

“Hey, all this food has meat in it.” Aya said, carefully lifting up the edges of the sandwiches, looking for something without meat.

“Oh I left that in the kitchen.” Piper said, jumping up from her seat to get the plate with a few veggie wraps.

“Can I ask you something?” Aya asked, following the woman into the kitchen for some privacy.

“Sure Aya.” Piper said, smiling at the little redhead. “What’s up?”

Aya looked over his shoulder at the doorway, then turned to the woman. “Can you do anything to help Xander? When we get back to Sunnydale we might come up against some problems that have nothing to do with demons or vampires. I mean his friend Willow is abusing her magic and I’m afraid if she gets to Xander before we can figure out how to either help her or stop her she might do something to influence him.”

“What kind of abuse?” Piper asked, sitting down on a stool to give the little redhead her full attention.

“Love spells, compulsion spells. She made Xander think he wasn’t very smart even though they were all in the same classes. I mean Xander’s grades were really good until she started using magic and her teacher was killed. Xander used to ask for her help in things like math only because he wanted to have a reason to spend time with his best friend when they got to the age that boys and girls didn’t do sleepovers and stuff.” Aya sighed, looking down at his hands in his lap. “She had to do really powerful magic almost from the start and since she isn’t a natural witch that can become very dangerous if not dealt with quickly.”

Piper nodded. “Ok, after lunch we’ll check the book and see what we can find.” she promised and reached out to ruffle Aya’s hair.

“Hey.” Aya protested, but smiled anyway. “Why is it always my hair?”

“It’s because you need a haircut.” Piper teased as they walked back to the solarium.

“Nah, it makes me cute and innocent like. Throws people off.” Aya said cheerfully. “Got any soda?”

“No soda!” several voices shouted.


Alternate Dimension


John Grimm pointed his gun at the intruder almost before his brain registered said intruder had appeared out of nowhere. If it hadn’t been for Sam’s gasp he would have thought he was hallucinating.

“Now, now, there is no need for weapons.” the kind of dorky man said, smiling a little nervously. “I’m here to help you.”

“Help us?” John asked unbelievingly as he gave the man a once over. “Who are you?”

“My name is Joxer, but that isn’t important.” the man said dismissively. “The point is that I’ve been watching you. Things should not have happened the way they did, but sometimes evil wins and there is nothing we can do about it. Unfortunately that means you are unique, not part of something special that can be used for good in this world. Which also means that we need to make things right in a way before your government knocks down that door and drags you off to a lab.”

John exchanged looked with Sam, who nodded. “We’re listening.” he said, lowering the gun, but keeping it at the ready.

Joxer nodded cheerfully. “Ok, you were meant to go to Mars to be dosed with C24 along with most of your team so you could be the fighters of evil in this world. But since that didn’t work out, you are no longer safe here. So we are offering you a new start.”

“Both of us?” John asked to be clear, he wasn’t about to leave his sister behind.

“Both of you.” Joxer said without missing a beat. “You see, in another dimension that sorta parallels yours there is this pair of twins. Much like you they have their differences, but are strongest together. Unfortunately, a very evil man that just won’t die made sure that he would be related. This is causing a major problem as other things went wrong. We are trying to fix that as much as possible, but frankly we need a little more something to help them. So the Powers That Be have authorized a onetime timeline change. We are proposing to also give you two a second chance.”

“What kind of second chance?” Sam asked skeptically. As a scientist she was unsure if she wanted to believe something this farfetched, but they just escaped from a planet that had a creature that turned humans into evil monsters, so maybe this wasn’t so unbelievable.

“The twins need new family.” Joxer said. “Unfortunately their choice for a parent does not live in the same city as they do, but he is also needed where he is. Given your age, we would like to purpose to make you half siblings. Same mother, different father. Most of your history will be the same, so same type of job and background with some differences to compensate. And on the plus side you will never remember there was a change since basically we’re changing history, not just memories. But only if you agree.”

John and Sam exchanged looks again. “What is so important about these twins?” John asked.

“Aside from three sisters called the Charmed Ones the twins are two of the most powerful beings on the planet, but being young and mortal, they need some stability and protection from those powerful enough to be a threat to them. More importantly, they need loving family who will be there for them.” the man explained almost in one breath.

“How do we know you’re on the level?” John asked, almost sold on the idea, but given the week he’d been having, he was still weary of strangers bearing gifts.

“That is the unfortunate thing.” Joxer said with a shrug. “You don’t, because I can’t really do anything to prove to you that I’m not some evil being. I mean not anything I can do in the time I’m allotted in this dimension. If I had a few weeks to show by example then maybe,” he shrugged again.

“John.” Sam said softly. “I think we can take that risk. Staying here we’re just going to be running for the rest of our lives. Even if he is lying the only thing that will happen is we get captured that much faster. And if he’s telling the truth, we get a new start and that family you know both of us want back.”

John stared at his sister, then nodded slowly. “Ok, we’ll agree to this, but if this is some trap and I find out, I’m going to kill you last.”

Joxer smiled brightly. “I’m already dead.” he said cheerfully. “But that attitude is exactly what the twins need.” He clapped his hands. “Now all you have to do is say together ‘we agree’”

John and Sam looked at each other one last time, then said together. “We agree.”

Then there was a flash of light and the universe shifted.


“Here’s something to reveal blocked memories.” Piper said, sitting on the couch in the attic while she looked through the Book of Shadows for a spell to help Xander regain his memory faster.

“Is amnesia the same as blocked memories?” Aya asked, looking up from where he looked in his own book for some sort of an answer.

“I don’t know.” Piper said, shaking her head. “We can try and see. Are you finding anything in your book?”

“No.” Aya said, flipping his book closed. “Usually it wants us to figure things out for our own, then tells us stuff, but with our bond almost non-existent at the moment, this book doesn’t seem to work as well.”

“So it’s tied to your bond?” Piper asked curiously.

“I guess so.” Aya said and smiled at his fellow witch. “We’re getting there. I’m guessing the night we spent as each other on Halloween is why-” he shook his head as he felt something odd and looked down at his ring to see if it was a spell. “What was I saying?”

“You were telling me about the Halloween you dressed identically and your hair changed to funky colors as the chaos spell tried to figure out who should look like who.” Piper said, smiling at the thought. “That was when you’re powers started to surface right? Because the bond you share became stronger?”

Aya nodded. “Yeah, I just hope we don’t have to do that again in order to get our bond back.” He shivered. “It was crazy enough. You should have seen Buffy, it was the funniest part of the night. That and kicking Spike between the legs because he got too close.”

Piper laughed. “So do you want to try that spell?”

“Sure.” Aya shrugged. “I’ll see if Graham is up to helping.” he said, jumping up. “You do whatever you need to do and tell us where you’re ready.”

“Well this is really easy so I just have to say it to Xander and we’ll see if it works.” Piper said, copying the spell out of the book and followed Aya out of the attic and down stairs.

“Good ‘cause I really don’t want John to kill Riley especially when I think they might like each other once they actually meet.” Aya said, hopping down the steps.

“You mean he didn’t personally threaten Riley and Graham when you left for your vacation?” Piper asked curiously.

“Well, he wasn’t there since we were visiting dad first and John is still a little mad at him for leaving Sunnydale. Well, actually it was more for leaving Sunnydale and taking us with him until we reached high school where we got the choice of where to live.” Aya explained. “So it wasn’t like we were abandoned to live with siblings barely out of their teens.”

“Some people get angry for different reasons.” Piper said knowingly. “And children who lose a parent and gain a step parent not long after, get really angry. Plus you two were born shortly after. That can make any child insecure. So sure he’d be angry with your father for a long time. But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t love you.”

Aya smiled. “I know. A lot of things would never have happened if John and Sam didn’t love us. We’re the terrible sets of twins remember?”

“So you say.” Piper said, shaking her head.

“Don’t believe what he says, it’s all a lie.” Xander joked from where he and Phoebe were playing cards. The two had become the best of friends in just hours, which was both endearing and a little disturbing.

“So Sam and John don’t love us?” Aya asked, pouting.

Xander blinked. “I can’t actually answer that. Remember, you’re keeping my memory loss from them for unknown reasons.”

“Must keep Riley alive somehow.” Aya muttered. “Anyway, we think we might have found something that might help. We aren’t sure because we don’t know what this spell thinks is a memory block, but it can’t hurt to try.”

“Cool.” Xander said, setting aside his cards and stood. “Let’s try.”

“Ok, just stand over there and I’ll cast the spell.” Piper said, holding out the piece of paper.

“Wait!” a man cried, orbing into the room between them.

“Who are you?” Phoebe demanded.

“Um” the man said uncomfortably as he pointed at Aya and Xander. “I’m their new Whitelighter.”

“New Whitelighter?” Aya asked, raising an eyebrow. “As in you’re not the first?”

“Um, no.” the man said dejectedly. “Apparently the last three had to be reassigned for mental break downs. And um…I was the only disposable Whitelighter around because the Elders don’t want to lose any more.”

“That is so sad.” Xander said, shaking his head. “But kinda funny.”

“Yeah, we can do anything apparently.” Aya said smiling. “So why can’t we help Xander?”

“Because his memory has to return naturally.” the man said. “It will in another week or so, I promise.”

Aya and Xander looked at each other. “Ok.” Xander said. “Just remember we teleport too, so if you’re lying then we get to play tag and you’re it.”

The man actually smiled. “Sounds like fun,” he said. “I’m Joxer by the way. Your uncle should know me.”

“Which uncle?” Aya asked curiously.

“Ares,” Joxer said, then explained. “I knew Xena back when I was alive. So I had to deal with Ares every once in a while.”

“Ah,” Aya said with a nod. “The Elders should have just picked you in the first place, would have saved some of their Whitelighters sanity since obviously you would know how to deal with us.”

“Yeah,” Joxer said smiling again. “Honestly, you’re my first assignment. So I’m winging it. Which is fun.”

The twins snorted.

“Anyway.” Joxer said, uncomfortable again. “I should go and like guard from afar or something. You know, lots to do before you guys get back to the Mouth of Hell.”

“I think uncle Ares told stories about that guy.” Aya said, frowning in thought when Joxer had orbed away. “Guy must have mellowed out.”

“Well, a few hundred years as a Whitelighter would do that.” Piper said with a shrug. “Since we apparently don’t need the spell, I’m going to go make dinner.”

“Can I help?” Aya asked brightly.

“Sure.” Piper said and led the little redhead into the kitchen.

“I see Aya’s adopted Piper as a mom.” Phoebe said, sitting down and gathered up her cards.

Xander nodded. “We never knew our mom. Not really. John and Sam made sure we knew stories about her. We were lucky dad didn’t abandon all of us.” He smiled. “I guess the doctor was right, I remember more when I don’t try to remember.”

“Well, that’s how a lot of people remember things.” Phoebe said. “We don’t think about what we remember.”

Xander nodded. “From what I sort of remember about our trip, this has been a nice break and I’ve enjoyed being here. You make a really good friend Phoebe, I’m going to miss that.”

“Well, when you get a grasp of your powers again, you can visit when you want to.” Phoebe said, smiling at the brunette. “And Leo can take me to Sunnydale if I want to visit. Besides, soon enough you’ll have school to worry about. That is a lot of homework.”

Xander smiled. “Yeah.” he agreed. “Can’t wait for that.”

Phoebe laughed.


Three days later Don’s apartment door swung open under the key in Aya’s hand. The little redhead hefted his bag over his shoulder and entered the apartment with Xander following close behind.

“Dad!” Aya called since their father should have been off work by now. “We’re here as ordered to be grounded.”

Xander snorted as he shut the door and headed to where he knew his bedroom was. “I should be exempt from this grounding; I had no control over teleportation at the time.”

“You’re grounded for something else you decided to do during the course of your vacation.” Don said from the kitchen doorway and held out a bottle of soda to his youngest child. “But you might be forgiven since you happen to be on time.”

“On time for what?” Aya asked, taking the soda and held it as if it might vanish at any moment; he only got the soda when he wanted because the sugar kept his weight at acceptable levels.

“For dinner.” Don said. “Angel is taking us to Caritas. They serve food.”

“The demon Karaoke bar?” Aya asked confused. “Why there?”

“Because you’re going to sing.” Don answered with a smirk.



a/n: OMG that’s the end! Don’t worry this is only the end of Weiss Xander, next will be an untitled as of yet short in answer to the Lorne Challenge, then on to the currently titled Sunnydale Aya (although I will take suggestions on titles for both new stories.). The challenge should only be one chapter long, if not then I will finish before I post.

Now a lot of you will be asking how the timeline has changed now that the twins really are twins and they have new family, so I’m going to put all that right here so I don’t have to explain in detail later since the characters aren’t suppose to know. Basically an unnamed woman had John and Sam; they are twins for anyone unfamiliar with the movie Doom. That father died when John and Sam were little probably between six and ten (I’ll work that out in the story). So the mother later marries Don and within a year has Aya and Xander, in this instance Aya is now younger by about thirty seconds instead of being exact. (btw in case anyone wonders how the twins could be born at the same time before all this change since there is such a big time zone gap, I never explained the time they were born so we can assume that it was the exact moment just the clock was different)

Anyway; when their mother dies Don takes care of John and Sam instead of abandoning them, John is still a bit angry but that is normal. When the older twins (John and Sam) go away for school (Sam) and military (John) Don moves to New Mexico taking the younger twins with him- same as Numb3rs cannon. Then when Xander and Aya are old enough for high school Don offers to let the twins live with their older siblings if they want thus most of Buffy cannon happens just with Aya added and the twins knowing of demons and vampires before Buffy comes to town. And after that everything of the road trip happens as it did except Aya was already there instead of appeared.

Other details, like Takatori will be slowly explained in the next story; the only real change is that he is not Aya’s grandfather. And since he would be a grandfather through Aya’s father it does not affect his relationship with Schuldich, since he is Aya’s mother’s brother thus all of the siblings’ uncle.

If I miss anything important please post your question or what you would like explained and if it can’t be worked into the coming story I will be sure to post an explanation. I know I missed a few things in this story, some will be continued in the next, but sometimes life doesn’t give answers to questions and they remain a mystery, thus not everything can be explained. But I will try.

Updated disclaimer: Doom is owned by Universal and id software, and since I did forget Sentinel is owned by UPN.

The End

You have reached the end of "Weiss Xander". This story is complete.

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